tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSuzi: Suzi the Glamour Model Pt. 03

Suzi: Suzi the Glamour Model Pt. 03


James woke me up, standing at the side of the bed with a breakfast tray and a dazzling smile.

"Today my slut wife becomes a professional slut!" James grinned, excited at the prospect of his wife opening her legs for yet more cock, but this time on film.

I sat upright in my bed, fluffing my pillows up, my breasts exposed to the elements, as James placed the tray on my duvet covered lap.

"Eat that up and then come into the bathroom. I've filled you a hot oily bath!"

I was smiling at James, sitting upright, with my large firm breasts on display. After all our years together, James was still looking at me lustfully, hungry with desire.

I was still wearing my stockings and garter belt from the previous evening, looking every inch the dirty slut.

"James honey, I can't let you fuck me but you're more than welcome to unload on my tits and face before I climb into the bath!" I smiled seductively, moving the breakfast tray onto the bedside cabinet.

Pulling the duvet back, I revealed my stocking clads legs and smooth hairless pussy to my adoring husband.

"If you get your cock out I'll begin telling you what will happen today!" I giggled, encouraging James to unleash his rampant cock.

James stood at the bedside, stroking his hard cock slowly.

"I'll be wearing a nice tight corset or Waspie with my breasts exposed for the photographer. When he has enough shots I'll slowly open my legs revealing my tight shaved smooth pussy. My legs will spread wider as more of my pussy lips and opening is on display!" I smiled, stroking my smooth slit gently as James continued sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his cock.

"I'll do what I'm doing now, running my finger up and down my shaved slit, eventually slipping two fingers into my slut pussy!" I whispered in a husky voice.

James was looking flushed with arousal, as I dipped my finger into my pussy, giving a little moan for James benefit.

"I'll raise my legs up and place an index finger from each hand inside my pussy and pull my pussylips apart, revealing my wet pink opening to the camera. Hopefully there will be some sex toys there for me to enjoy and I'll put on a very naughty show!" I smiled, my eyes half closing, watching my husband masturbate furiously.

"If his porn stud is there, I may just invitee him over and slip the head of his cock into my open mouth and slowly lick his swollen glans!" I sighed for effect "The camera will catch my slow tantalising cock sucking!"

James would be coming soon due to my little naughty show with my running commentary.

"I'll push the sex toy deep inside my aroused cunt, thrashing on the phallic toy as a gushing orgasm will spurt from my vibrator filled pussy!" I moaned, visualising this scenario.

"Will you let him come in your mouth or on your face?" James questioned through gritted teeth, wanking his cock at rapid speed.

"I'll be his sex object honey and he can come wherever he wants!" I stated matter of factly "He will fuck any hole he chooses and spunk wherever he wants. Today I'm his personal slut!" I giggled, watching James tormented, but thriving as I filled his imagination with my slut antics.

"Would you like him to spunk in my mouth or would it be better to wait until we were recording?" I teased, knowing James was seconds away from emptying his sac all over my breasts.

"Fucking hell Suzi, you're a dirty slut!" James snarled.

"I know I am. And it will be wonderful to swallow his spunk on camera and show my spunk free mouth once I've swallowed!" I giggled as the first strand of spunk left the tip of James cock and splashed across my breasts.

"Yeah baby, come on my tits!" I panted as spurt after spurt of my husbands spunk splashed across my breasts "This is just what he'll be doing to me later and all on camera!" I grinned tormenting my husband.

James continued stroking his spent cock, smiling at me, his face all flushed and satisfied.

"I think I'll get that bath now!" I smiled "You can bring the breakfast tray in for me!" I smiled, climbing off the bed, planting my stockinged feet on the bedroom carpet, then arrogantly swaying my hips as I walked to the bathroom.

Unclasping my stockings, I shimmied and let the hosiery slide down my legs as I kicked them off my feet. I climbed in to the perfect temperature bath and slid into the tub.

The thick globules of spunk rose from my flesh, floating in the water, as I ran the warm liquid over my breasts, rinsing the residual spunk away. I scooped a handful of water and began to pour it over my cheeks and chin, removing all traces of my husbands orgasmic fluid. I looked at my husband as he carried the breakfast tray into the bathroom.

"Look! I've no more spunk on my face!" I stated "Well not yet anyway!" I teased, alerting James to the fact that his slut wife will be getting fucked on camera which will inevitably lead to a large volume of spunk hitting my face for the money shot.

James gulped as his face flushed, wounded by my words but aroused at the same time.

"You like it when I suck a guys cock and let him come in my unfaithful mouth, don't you?'" I smiled, enjoying the teasing and tormenting I was inflicting on my husband.

"I love to do it. It excites me when I cheat on you and let some random guy do whatever he wants to me and makes me his slut. It's making me so wet at thought of that big porn stars cock sliding into me today!" I smiled, as I stroked water off my erect nipples and large firm breasts.

"Do you like to see me shroud my made up lips, over a hard cock and swirl my tongue around the head, tasting all of his pre-cum seeping out?" I quizzed James, who stood there nodding approvingly.

"Do you like it when I hold myself wide open, showing my pink wet opening to my lover?" I continued, speaking in sexy whispered tone "Or do you prefer when he dips his cock in my wet pussy, then pulls his lubricated cock out of my pussy then feeds it into my unfaithful asshole? I think that is one of my favourites!" I giggled, enjoying James enduring his sexual torment.

"The only thing that tops that, is feeling a hard cock squirt his seed inside me!" I grinned. "Doesn't really matter which hole it is, mouth, pussy or ass. As long as the hard cock is emptying inside this cheating slut, then I'm delighted!" I smiled watching my words torment my loyal husband.

James stood before me, his face flushed and his hands shaking with sexual excitement. My tormenting had been successful on James and also on me. My pussy was tingling with sexual arousal, almost as if a bath bomb had been placed inside me, the fizzing sensation was so strong.

I soaped my soft shiny skin, rinsing water off my body to remove any suds as James ogled my wet shining breasts.

"I'll travel to the studio in a loose fitting jogging suit, and get changed into whatever kinky outfit they want whenI arrive!" I stated, standing up. In bath as the warm water cascaded over my aroused tingling pussy. James handed me a large bath towel, which I wrapped around my shoulders. My ass and pussy were clearly visible as I leant a giants the bathroom wall, pushing my naked ass out.

"Open my butt cheeks for me James please!" I asked in a demanding tone.

James did as I instructed, placing his hands on my firm cheeks and spread my ass, revealing my shaved slit and puckered asshole.

I half turned my head back to him and smiled as I began to twitch my pussy and asshole.

I could feel my wet inner labia begin to open as I continued to twitch both of my holes.

James moaned then sighed, a sure sign that my little show was hitting the mark.

"Do you like that honey?" I questioned, smiling at my cuckold husband "Do you like seeing my holes twitching, waiting for a strange cock to slide deep inside me!"

I could see James' mouth drying up, making it obvious when he swallowed.

"Do you think the photographer and my porno stud will like it?" I tormented James "He knows he is going to fuck my ass and on top of that he is getting paid to do so! How raunchy is that!"

This was becoming too much for James as he buried his face into my ass, tonguing the tight opening, pushing the tip of his tongue into my squirming asshole.

"Oh fuck babe that's so good!" I moaned "I'll let you do that to me when I come home later filled with spunk!"

James groaned with pleasure and pushed his tongue deeper into my ass.

"Come on James I'll need to get dried, ready and head to the studio!" I said ending James rimming session "My pussy and ass are needed by others today, but you can kiss and lick them better later and I'll tell you all about my sexy cheating spunk loving slut afternoon!"

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Need more stories in this series

Well I have been following the journey of Suzi and frankly it's one of my favourites.
I would really love to have more stories as Suzi ventures in the glamour world

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