tagFetishSuzie and Her Big Dick

Suzie and Her Big Dick


It was a typical Friday morning, Suzie laid in bed preparing to start her day, as her hands ran up and down her body, twisting and pulling her nipples, pulling them hard until they felt hard, it was never enough her nipples required constant stimulation and attention. So her fingers went to work, between her middle finger and her thumb, she twisted and pulled, dreaming she had a mouth sucking her nipples, a mouth with an active tongue, and lips that would attach and suck, suck for hours. Now Suzie had a problem, her clit was hard, throbbing, and her pussy had become wet, there was no point in getting up without rubbing herself to orgasm, if she would just ignore her clit now it would rub between her legs all day driving her to distraction. Once again Suzies fingers took control, she hated to leave her nipples, but ran her hands down, down her stomach, as she spread her legs, taking her fingers and sliding them deep inside her wetness to pull them out and run the silk liquid over her clit, around and around in circles then pulling on her clit, then vibrating her finger deep inside her pussy the on the clit.. until...

"ahhh.. ahhhh... ahhhhhhh...oh.my.fucking god... ahhhhhhhhh....."

Her body twitching, jerking, sucking on the hand that was inside her legs. Sweet was Suzie's orgasm, until the knock on her door, she knew her nipples from the twisting session were rock hard, and that it was probably her father making sure she was getting ready for school.

"Hey", Suzie said, "You can open the door."

The door opened and her father was standing there looking down at her, as he was dressed for work.

"Suzie", he said, "Are you getting ready for school?"

"Of course I am Daddy, I need to get up out of bed, put on my clothes and head to the bus stop, unless you want to drive me." Suzie said playfully.

"Baby, you are my little girl, I would love to drive you to school, jump out of bed and give me a hug." Suzie made sure her white t-shirt was pulled down, and her soaking wet panties covered by the t-shirt, she jumped out of bed and stood up, stretching up and wrapping her arms around daddy, pulling him close, his tall frame, he smelled so good, felt so warm.

"Oh Daddy, thank you so much, I could hug you all day."

"Same here Suzie, I wouldn't mind just staying at home and watching a movie with you, on the couch, remember when you were little you insisted on sitting on my lap?"

"Yes, I do, Daddy, I love sitting on your lap, then and always."

The hug seemed a little odd now, arms wrapped around each other, not loosening up the hold, feeling the outline of her breasts and nipples against his chest, and Suzie feeling the hardness in his trousers strain to push against her moist panties.

"Daddy, I better get dressed, you know I wish I had one of those"

She took her hand and gently brushed the hardness in his pants, he gasped.

"Suzie, you shouldn't touch me there." "Oh Daddy, I couldn't help but touch you, it was asking me to, I am sorry."

Suzie laughed to break the tension, and backed away.

"Give me five minutes I will be to the car to get to school."

Suzie watched her father turn and leave the room, she decided to wear the short black skirt, with the black t-shirt, and medium heels. Suzie loved her breasts, about a size b, but it was her nipples she adored, about the size of grapes and always hard. Debating on what bra to wear, her nipples so sensitive from the twisting session, she decided on none, most of the time she could not wear a bra because it was excruciatingly uncomfortable, and she liked to be able to twist her nipples in the bathroom, in the hallway under her books, at her desk as she leaned forward, it was obvious her nipples were erect always. It was time to run to the car, jump in and head to school, yet why did her clit feel agitated again, oh no.... what to do? Once to the car, her dark, loosely curled hair tousled around on her shoulders, she sat down and brushed it back, why was it her nipples tingled and her clit still felt rock hard so she squeezed her legs close together, looking over at her handsome father, he was wearing his darkened sunglasses. He was quiet as he was driving, Suzie had to look down between his legs, she always had to look, and how she envied his thick, eight inch cock. How nice it would be to have one, to feel it grow, to feel it strain against the zipper of the pants, to stroke it, to feel it pump warm cum all over your hand, or stomach, or perhaps even a little self-sucking, Yoga had to be good for something other then being limber.

"Daddy", Suzie said, "Oh my god, your cock is so hard, so rigid, so big, it is throbbing."

She couldn't help it she had to lean over and touch it.

"No Suzie,no you mustn't"

The car seemed to lose control, it spun around and around and around. When Suzie woke up she was at the hospital, and she was trying to figure out what had happened, a doctor came into the room, he held her hand, and looked into her eyes.

"Suzie, I am sorry your father was killed."

Suzie looked down tears running down her face, and realized the doctor was looking at her nipples,

"I am so sad, I love my dad, I am 18 and know that I will be financially cared for, my mother died when I was young."

Suzie took her hand and put it on the doctors hand and guided it to her nipple, he started twisting it, pulling on it, he seemed amazed at the length and size of it erect.

"Oh my god, I have to lick it, suck it, please"

He lowered his head, lifted her shirt, his tongue pointed he traced the nipple in circles, then he softened his tongue and flicked it back and forth, he started moving so he could get both nipples in his mouth at the same time. Tracing his tongue around them, licking them like a dog soft tongue, pushing them together and sucking on them, he would not stop, he could not stop, her nipples were responding, she was orgasming over and over again, wanting to feel him inside of her, his hand moved lower, and he gasped...

"You have a dick."

Suzie took a minute, and said, "No, I don't, I have a clit."

She said it as her hand moved down and she felt the firmness of an eight inch dick, throbbing in her hand, the head was swelling, pre-cum was drizzling off of it.

"Suck it, please." Suzie said.

The doctor looked so shocked and shaken, he leaves the room. Suzie can't stop the throbbing, this big tool under the black skirt she wore.

Yoga, to be more limber, to stretch and bend, Suzie stretches down as she is stroking her large dick, she thinks to herself, I love my big cock, my big, hard, throbbing cock, I can't wait to shoot the seed, to taste it, I know my dad left me the one thing I wanted. Stroking up and down, up and down, up and down, leaning over and licking the head, twirling her tongue around and around, and then pointing it inside the pee-hole and twirling it. She knew the big cock wouldn't fit all the way into her mouth on the first try, but she took the head in her mouth, sucking it, licking it, sucking it some more, moving her mouth on it, up and down, deeper... she pulled on her nipples and could feel it building up... the cum.. oh god.. oh god.. oh fuck.. oh fuck.. oh.. ah.. ah.. ah.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. as her dick pulsated in and out, in and out of her mouth as though it had a mind of its' own. Suzie knew, she had been blessed and cursed with what she had wanted, she knew she would want to suck her big dick all the time, and so no more school, she also knew she could stay at home and suck it on her own personal web-site and charge for it, and perhaps in time find partners to suck her nipples, and while she missed her clit, suck her big dick whenever she wasn't. It was a good thing she loved the taste of her own cum, because as soon as she came, she was getting hard again, but here came the nurse with the blond hair, and the big boobs, with her mouth ready to suck.

Sometimes a dream is fulfilled.

This is my first story.

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