tagGroup SexSuzie Gets More Than She Expected

Suzie Gets More Than She Expected


Summer in college is great. Not so many people, easier classes, less likely they will card you at the bars (which still mattered to me) and it's summer. The students are a mix of people trying to get ahead and dumb-asses re-taking English 101 so its kind of an odd scene. I liked it a lot.

It was maybe the second week of classes and I wanted to go out and have some fun. I had a vague idea there was going to be a party at a rented house on the edge of campus. It being summer I was not too worried about getting in without really knowing anyone. I put on a green tube top and a pretty skimpy pair of jeans shorts with a belt. I really could have used something better for shoes than just plain sneakers, but it was summer.

I went down to Harris St., which is right on the edge of campus and is where a lot of the frats and student houses are. I found a place that was almost certainly not the party I had heard about but had plenty going on. There was not even anyone at the door for a cover charge, and in about a minute I was in a noisy basement listening to good music and drinking bad 'punch'. I danced with a couple of guys, and as I was getting another drink I could have sworn I recognized the guy next to me. I was about to say something when he came up to me.

"Hi, remember me? " He was not that tall, but taller than me, with black hair and a nice if not too handsome face. He was really thin but fit like a cross country runner or something. I had no clue what his name was.

"Um, Yeah, you were..."

"In your Chem class."

"Oh God you saved my life. I never would have made it through that class without you." This was not strictly true, but he had helped me out with an assignment I had totally forgotten about. I had not seen him since Fall.


"Dave." he said

"Right, Dave, I totally would have remembered that." I felt kind of silly forgetting his name, but he was fine with it, and asked me to dance. After that we ended up wondering towards a quieter part of the basement. We chatted a bit, and the 'punch' was starting to go to my head. Dave, I found out later, was getting drunk quicker than I was and was a lot more daring about putting his hands on me and generally checking me out than he normally would have. I enjoyed watching him a lot, since he was not used to just groping every girl who came by. We were standing pretty close, however, and he was taking every opportunity he could to brush his hands against my ass or check out my boobs. He was so cute it was adorable, and since it was a little too bright and loud where we were I maneuvered him into the back stairwell.

Although it was not as loud back there I stayed right up close to him, so that my breasts were brushing his side. He took advantage of the opportunity to put his hand right on them and I didn't move away. It felt good and I moved in closer.

"You know, I never thanked you for helping me out in Chem class." I said, grinning up at him.

"So you let guys feel you up if they pass on a homework assignment?" He looked horrified as soon as he said that and whipped his hand away, looking sheepish and like he was going to kick himself.

The look his face was priceless, and I was not going to let him blow his chance over something silly. I slid my tits up against his chest and put my hand on his stomach "And here I thought I was feeling you up." I rubbed his firm abs and hooked my right hand into the top of his shorts.

He apparently thought better about trying to come up with something clever to say, and just smiled and put one hand back on my tit and put the other around my waist while pushing the door to the stairway mostly closed. He had nice lips.

I ran my hand down the front of his shorts, which was a little bold, and I could feel him getting hard. His ass was already nice and firm and felt good. I didn't think he was going to be real articulate about moving things forward, and I was too drunk to come up with something witty and slutty but not too slutty.

So I just slid right down to my knees. His shorts were easy enough to unbutton, and his cock popped out as I pulled them down. It was standing up straight already, and I licked along the bottom of the shaft. It was nice. 6-7 inches, not real thick, but a just fine cock. I held the base with my hand as I licked it.

"You ok with this?" I asked. He nodded. I think this was about the quickest anyone had ever gone down on him. I got up high on my knees and put my mouth over the tip. It was nice and round and I slowly shoved my mouth down on it, feeling it push my lips apart. His hips shook a little and I think he moaned a little as it reached the back of my throat. It felt smooth and hard going over my tongue, and the head of it filled up the back of my throat. It felt great, and I started bobbing my head up and down on it, holding onto his thighs and ass with my hands. He was leaning back a bit, with his arms behind his back, but I did not need him to do anything. I rode his cock with my head for maybe a couple of minutes, my tits rubbing on his thighs as I pressed against him. .I kept shoving it in deep, going faster as I felt him getting closer, and then holding him in my mouth as he came. I could feel his balls moving as he squirted into me, two warm sticky loads of cum, and then he was done.

He sat back on the stairs, smiling at me, and I finished off his almost full drink as I knelt there. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned quickly. There was a guy there with his pants down around his ankles and his cock an inch from my face. I think there was another guy behind him, and the noise from the party had gone down a lot.

"So, you ready?" he asked.

I'm not really sure why I did not say No. Maybe because I did not want to make trouble in a house full of guys I didn't know. Maybe because I figured if I did him quick I could get it over with before things got out of control. I think mostly though it was that I really like sucking guy's dicks. I liked looking at them, feeling them with my hands, feeling them on my lips, the cum running down my chin, all of it. I think I nodded yes, but he did not wait more than a couple seconds after asking before grabbing my head and shoving it in.

Did I mention that his was bigger? Dave's was fine. This guy had a big piece of meat. 8 inches at least, and thick. He grabbed my head in both hands and drove it in deep. I gagged a little and he pulled back and started giving it to me with long firm, strokes. He pressed me back up against the wall, and I could feel his fingers on my head as he pumped cock into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see maybe a couple guys watching but mostly I concentrated on keeping my balance and not choking on his dick. I had my hands on his thighs, but he was way stronger than me and I would not have been able to push him away if I had tried. He pinned me back and kept pushing it in deep, my mouth stretching to take it all in. He paused for a few seconds and looked down at me breathing, which his cock still in my mouth, then drove it in as deep as he could holding me pressed up against his body and then started pumping again. I closed my lips hard, and tried to run my tongue along the bottom of his shaft, but he was doing all the work. He did me for a while, no idea how long, till I felt his thighs start to tighten and I knew he was about to cum. He mumbled something, and then he pressed my nose up against his hair as he came in me, a long thick stream that almost gagged me. He groaned as he released my head and I fell backwards. I was trying to swallow a mouth and throat full of cum, and a drink appeared in my hand and I drank it down. More of that punch, and at least half vodka. I thought it was from Dave, but he was gone. I found out later that he had wondered off to decide if he was so drunk he needed to puke.

As I finished downing the drink a pair of hands pushed me back onto the stairs pulled down my tube top, my tits flying out as he did. He stood over me and started unbuckling his jeans. I started up at him, not saying anything, maybe because of the booze but also because I had never been in this position before. He was pretty tall to begin with, and looming over me like he was 7 feet at least. He had taken his shirt off and his body was amazing, like a cross between a GQ model and an NFL player. As he pulled his pants down a big, thick cock came out. It was maybe the same size as the second guy's, but darker, smoother and it looked huge from down here. He knelt over me, his huge thighs right in my face and slapped the side of my face with his dick.

"Time to open up slut. Or do you want me to force it in?"

I arched my back and looked up at him like I was not intimidated, although I was getting worried. That was apparently enough for him. He lowered himself onto me and pulled my head back by grabbing my hair. I opened my mouth as he rammed it in.

The last guy had given it to me hard. This guy was face-fucking me. My head was pinned back against the stairs, and his hips were driving his cock deep into my face. I tried to breath through my nose, since unlike the last guy he was not letting me breath. When I tried to push him off he pulled it out and slapped my face a couple more times as I gasped, then grabbed my head and put it in again. He did it maybe 4 or 5 times. His cock was thick and hard as it hit my face, and his balls were huge as they slapped into my chin. Each time he drove it in hard, stretching my jaw and driving it deep into my throat. He was grunting as he thrust like he was lifting weights or something.

Finally I could feel his balls tightening. He pulled his cock out and rammed his hairy sack into my mouth.

"Read to taste it, bitch?" He pushed his cock back in deep and pinned my arms back. He started to cum after only a few thrusts, but he pulled out can came all over my face and hair and tits. He came a lot, so much that I almost thought he was spraying me with water. It was all cum though, milky runny cum, and it was everywhere. Then he was gone, and I was sitting in the stairway of a strange house covered with cum from two guys whose names I did not even know.

I tried to at least wipe off my lips. Someone handed me a drink, and I startled a bit. It was Dave, back from not puking and handing me my own drink which he had picked up off the floor. He looked a little worse for wear. So did I. There was nobody else there. I guess people must have cleared out while the last guy did me.

I reached up and took a sip.

"I look like a mess." I said.

"Um, sorry, I should have stayed I guess."

"It's fine" I was not sure that was true, but I did not want to discuss it. "God, how will I get out of here. "

Dave perked up. "C'mon, I'll help you." He took off his own shirt and put it on me and led me up the back stairs. His room was on the second floor, and I don't think anyone saw us go in. He gave me some water to rise with and a towel. I looked at the towel and at him and he said "use it" and I wiped off. I brushed my teeth with his toothbrush, which he then tossed in the trash.

"So, I'm sorry about all that." he said.

I was still a little shocked, and a lot less drunk, but I was not mad at him.

"Hey, I had some fun with a cute guy, so it was a good night." I said. "What happened after is not your fault. Not like I have not done it before anyway."

He looked a little shocked at that, and it was not really true, but I wanted to say it.

"Could you do me a favor?" I said


"Neither of those guys did anything for me, and it would feel nice. I'm not really in the mood for sex, but .." I took his hand and put it on my belly and slid his hand down a little.

He slid his fingers down to my pussy as I loosened my belt a bit. He held me in his arms as he slowly fingered my clit, making circles and occasionally darting down to my slit. I leaned back into him and he went very slow, with me holding onto his arm. I spread my legs a bit as I got wetter and wetter, and finally came, a slow, deep orgasm. I kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks, that was a much better ending."

He smiled.

"I had a great time with you." he said, and he seemed to mean it.

I borrowed one of his shirts and he walked me home, and gave me a kiss on the lips as he dropped me at my dorm, just like we had gone out to the movies. I thanked him and went upstairs, showered, brushed my teeth again, and was in bed by 10:00 on a Saturday night.

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