tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSuzie Meets Desiree

Suzie Meets Desiree


I'd been transplanted, via a broken heart by my cheating ex-girlfriend, to the big city of Atlanta for a good six months when I met Suzie at a new contract my company had me servicing. Plenty of time to have my alter ego, Desiree – The Hot to Trot Transvestite, learn the ins and outs of HotLanta.

My wardrobe had grown a full closet and I spent most weekends strutting my stuff at the gay show bars in Midtown. I'd become a weekend regular at Claire's Wig Shop and Makeovers for my weekly professional transformation. Most weekends proved to be fruitful in my quest to please men and the casual sex, mostly blowjobs, was fun but I still missed having a steady girlfriend.

It was Monday morning when the office girls began a lively chatter about the drag show two of them had gone to see Saturday night. When I heard them mention the drag names Lily, Lauren, and Charlie, I knew exactly where they'd been. Yet, I remained silent and just ease dropped on the conversation.

Angie, a drop dead gorgeous girl with silken black locks flowing over her petite shoulders mentioned she couldn't figure out where they tucked their cocks in some of the outfits they wore. She continued with the notion that perhaps they did pack very much to begin with.

Suzie replied, "Well, if they did, then they'd be the best of both worlds. Girlfriends with a cock."

"How hot was that?", I thought to myself.

I figured Suzie was straight, as she was engaged to Andy, whom I'd met at a party one night. Nevertheless, the thought that perhaps she found trannies and drag queens sexy, was a definite turn on.

After "accidentally" meeting them at their weekend bar, Harlow's, the following weekend, I learned that Angie wasn't interested one bit in me but Suzie actually did quite a bit of flirting, even though Andy was right there with us.

I decided right then and there to start wooing Suzie and for the next several weeks, I anonymously sent flowers and cryptic notes to Suzie at work.

Everyone had a big time trying to figure out who was sending them and when I felt Suzie was definitely interested in finding out who also, I casually deciphered one of the notes. She quickly put two and two together and we started a very romantic affair. Months went by and Suzie had the best situation a girl could ask for. One man on the hook and another treating her like a queen during the week.

Things progressed very quickly. Seemingly, we both were falling in love. She talked about ending it with Andy, saying she felt bad and had begun to treat him badly.

Sleeping on the idea the next night, I felt I had to tell her of Desiree. Afterall, I was still on the prowl for men the weekends that she spent with Andy and I wasn't sure I wanted to give up my desire for cock so early in our relationship. I felt she at least needed to know I loved to dress in women's clothes.

On our next date, I suggested we go to the drag show at Illusions and she was all for it. During the date, I made sure she knew my interest in the beauties dancing on stage really got me hard. When we returned to my apartment, I sat down with her and told her that wasn't my first trip to Illusions.

She replied, "Well, I was wondering about that, since you definitely knew where the bathrooms were, without asking".

With a deep breath, I spoke, "I'm a transvestite, Suzie."

Her jaw dropped in disbelief.

"No way!", was her immediate response.

"Afraid so, I've been one since I first stepped into Mother's heels at the age of four.", I told her.

The obvious questions arose. Was I gay? Had I been with men? Do I go out dressed?

Dodging all her questions, I asked my own, "Have you ever been intimate with someone who cross dresses?"

She replied "No, but I did go out with a black guy who turned out to be gay." She added, "I ended it though, for he liked to suck cock more than eat pussy."

Then the frightening question eked from her lips, "Lemme see you dressed, prove it to me, I don't believe you for a minute."

My heart was pounding a hundred times a minute, my mouth dry as a bone, I managed to side step the inevitable by telling her it took much too long to get ready.

"Ok, then. Let's set a date for next Saturday night. I'll wear that super short white mini dress you bought me last week along with the six inch heels you find so sexy and come over and you surprise me with something equally flirtatious.", she quickly shot back.

"Fair enough, it's a date then. Be here at 8pm.", I sheepishly replied.

We finished of this night of revelation with the most satisfying sex together in our short romance. Suzie couldn't help to tease my anal love spot with her finger while whispering her wonderment if I'd ever been taken there, being I was so into femininity and all. While my hardened cock said otherwise, I assured her she was playing in no man's land. I didn't want to scare her off with my bi-sexuality. One step at a time, I kept telling my self.

Not an evening during the following week did I not spend searching the malls for the perfect outfit to express my true inner self for our upcoming date.

Cache, my favorite store for the sexiest of women's wear proved to be a gold mine once again. I found the sheerest chiffon blouse in black, complete with French cuffs, that would showcase my laciest black camisole, all the while advertising sex with my D cup silicone breasts.

Along with the blouse, I purchased a very short and sexy, mostly white with geometric black angles purposely sewn in to showcase curvature, leather mini-skirt. It was a perfect outfit as I already owned the perfect spiked five inch heels to compliment the look. A wide leather belt sporting both black and white, with gold tone buckle, completed the ensemble.

Saturday couldn't come quick enough. I'd made all the necessary appointments with Claire to have the perfect makeover. New wig, waxing of my legs, underarms, and pubic area. Once the wax job and makeover was complete, Claire showed me her latest strawberry blonde wig. It was gorgeous, long and silky with fluff and bounce in all the right places. It framed my painted feminine face and eyes, dolled with super long curled lashes, with pure raw sultry sex appeal. It oozed sex appeal.

"Sold!", I said with a smile from my hot red wet lips.

Claire led me to the changing room where she helped me tape my male breast tissue together, creating the illusion of ample cleavage. Next came a black lacy bra and my D cup breast forms. A super tight black waist cincher squeezed my mid section into a figure eight presentation of breasts and hips. Over that was the sexiest lace camisole that breathed luscious femininity. Tucking and taping came next with the mere presence of a pee hole only visible to my usual presentation of dangling manhood. Lavishing my legs were Noir Donna Koran pantyhose, sheer to the waist. Each step brought me closer to the woman I wished to be. Donning the blouse and skirt cinched tight was my newfound curvature with the coordinated leather belt. All that was left was to don my new wig, fluff it to perfection and step into my black and white spiked pumps.

The woman in the mirror looking back at me was definitely a head turner and I couldn't wait to sit down and have my nails done, jewelry added and perfume applied in all the necessary love spots.

Claire's nail dresser created me the most feminine set of two inch dragon lady nails, ultra curved in femininity and painted flame red to match my full and eager lips.

All the girls teased me on how much man action I'd be getting as soon as I stepped out. I don't believe they were convinced that it was all for my girlfriend, this time.

With my nails dry, I picked out some large gold tone earrings in a wave shape and also a couple rings along with a wide gold bracelet. As I paid for everything, I felt like a million bucks and bid the girls farewell and to wish me luck for tonight.

And with that, I swished out the door to my car as they all giggled at my feminine ways.

There was just enough time left in the day to stop by a XXX store and pick out a nice lifelike strap on dildo, just in case the evening went as I hoped. I wanted a replica of a famous white porn stars but all they had was Sean Michael's 11 inch, black as the ace of spades, cock. I must say, it's protruding veins, not to mention the length, had me sold upon first glance.

It did prove to be an encouraging venture also, as I was asked to join a man in one of the booths for a movie but I declined with a smile and whisper of, "Maybe next time, Hun."

Upon returning home, I prepared my "G" spot for a possible encounter with Sean via Suzie's thrusts by giving myself a good douching, if you know what I mean. Most men find it unappealing but I have to be honest when I say, I love the feeling of being full back there.

It was close to 7pm when I sat down to some music and a nice relaxing drink. I suppose I'd finished off at least three strong Pina Colada's by the time the door bell rang. My heart nearly jumped from my throat as I stood and checked myself in my full length mirror and quickly gave my lips a fresh gloss over for that sexy wet look. A sprits of Giorgio perfume to the neckline and I strutted to the door, as she impatiently rang again and again.

As I turned the knob, I opened the door and saw my sexy Suzie standing there in her knockout figure hugging white mini-dress and those long legs encased in sheer hosiery atop the sexiest 6 inch spiked heels that I'd secretly longed to be able to master. Her hair was full and flowing down to her cleavage and ample mounds of soft white flesh. I was mesmerized by her and couldn't focus on anything but her beauty.

"Oh, my God! I can not believe it's you!", were her first words out of her mouth.

With the door wide open and neighbors around, I rushed her in and closed the door.

"Well, what do you think? Meet Desiree, didn't I tell you?", I said as I turned around for her to gaze upon my beauty.

"I'm at a loss for words. You are gorgeous. So hot, I can't, for a minute, believe that you aren't gay. God, men will drool over you. I love that outfit and your hair.", were among some of the things I caught from her excited rambling.

I asked her if she'd like a drink and to talk about it.

Suzie replied, "What's to talk about, you look too damn good not to dress everyday."

Then she stopped and covered her mouth, "Mumbling, oh my God, I forgot......." and rushed to the door.

"Come on in guys.", Suzie said.

With that Andy appeared first, followed by a black man I'd never met before.

"God, Desiree, I hope you don't mind if I made this a double date. I was scared to come alone, asked Andy if he would be up to it and that's when he suggested we bring Clark too.", she quickly explained the presence of two men in my apartment.

"Clark is that guy I told you I dated a few years back. Clark meet Desiree", as she gently pushed me towards him.

By this time, I was so flustered and somewhat shamed that I could do nothing more than smile and say hello. I felt betrayed but being the happy go lucky slut I was, I showed little trepidation.

I could see Andy and Suzie grinning as Clark gave me a gentlemanly hug and kiss on the cheek. I merely batted my long lashes and returned the kiss with an upward tilt of my heels to reach his lips.

"Oh my God! This is going to be one helluva night Des.", said Suzie.

I only smiled agreement with a wink of my lashes, as I poured everyone a drink.

We sat down and no sooner than the first sip touched Suzie's lips did she start in on my sexuality.

I explained to her that I was bi and that in fact my first sexual encounter was with a man and from that moment on I enjoyed being with both men and women.

"Well, a nice hard cock is hard to deny.", she responded.

"Let's all go out to Harlow's and do some strutting", she added.

With that, we all piled into Andy's car and headed to the nightclub.

Nothing about Clark was slow, that's for sure, as he had his hands all over my silken clad thighs. Felt good too and I responded to his affections with a long deep French kiss. It wasn't long until his manhood was hard and long and I freed it from it's enclosure with my left hand and as soon as my nails found hardened meat, I slyly bowed my head and engulfed his throbbing cock.

"Check out the slut in the back seat Andy!" I heard Suzie squeal.

"Work that black meat bitch, you cocksucker you", she chided.

Not needing any directions I feverously worked what I savored out of his cock head in no time and was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet and salty man juice.

With a moan of satisfaction, Clark smothered my head completely to the base as I swallowed every last drop.

With a kiss and a twirl of a tongue I bid farewell, until later, to his quivering cock.

Smiling, "Like watching that Suzie?", I asked.

"Yeah, baby! You're a talented cocksucker, no doubt.", she teased back.

The remainder of the evening was spent dancing and drinking and I got plenty of offers from other men for a dance but remained with Clark.

Suzie and I had several bathroom chats about us and she informed me that it'd be best if we just ended our affair and became best girlfriends. She said she didn't have a problem with my sexuality but preferred fucking real men. She did say she looked forward to our friendship though and couldn't wait to share "girl secrets" about our men.

We closed out the bar that night and Andy drove Clark and I back to my apartment. They both said goodnight as we got out of the back seat.

I countered, "Aren't ya'll coming in? Suzie, I bought a special strap on for you to deflower me with."

"Desiree, I expect that flower has long been bloomed but I'm game if Andy wants to watch.", she shot back.

"Watch, hell! She can give me one of those long slow blowjobs while you fuck her", Andy answered.

With that we all proceeded to the bedroom where silk sheets and a sexy short baby doll nightgown awaited me. Underneath was the likeness of Sean Michael's cock already placed in her harness, complete with the lube, ready to apply.

I slipped into my nightgown, donned some thigh high stockings while everyone else got naked. When I saw Andy's cock dangling so freely off his thigh, I mentioned to Suzie I could see why she was engaged.

"Go ahead and get him ready, fluff girl", she laughed.

I wasted no a moment and dove in on his cock. Very fat it was and I found my cheeks full of dick. It wasn't long until my other set of cheeks also felt fullness, as I saw Suzie don her manhood.

She spared not a motion in filling my "pussy" with her newfound hardness while all the while belittling me with names such as slut, cock sucker, whore, bitch, sissy.

It wasn't long until Andy exploded a wad of sticky cum all over my face. No way could I swallow it all with his thickness between my lips. Suzie ordered me to lick up every drop and I did so without fail or hesitation.

Once she'd had a good workout on my bum, she pulled out and told Clark I was all his now.

She and Andy dressed while Clark christened by backside until he exploded love juice deep within my inner love canal.

As we cuddled together, Suzie lent down and gently kissed by cheek and said, "Goodnight, Sweetie, enjoy your new love. Call me tomorrow. OK?"

I smiled and drifted off to sleep in the tightness of my new man's arms.

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