tagFirst TimeSuzie's Lessons Ch. 02

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 02


This is a fictional story.


As Suzie ascended the stairs to the second floor and her room, her Mom poked her head out from their bedroom door.

"How was everything sweetie?" She asked concerned.

"Just fine Mom, fun actually," Suzie remarked.

"So you had a good time then?" Her Mom asked somewhat relieved.

"Yes, the movie was great. We got a small bite to eat afterwards at the diner and we talked more about my work out training," Suzie said.

"I'm glad you had a nice time. I see you cut your curfew to the minute," she smiled.

"Yes and I have to be up early as Curt wants to start in on my work-out at 7:00. So I better get to bed. Plus I need to call Janie first too," she added.

"Okay dear, sleep tight," her Mom said and shut the door as Suzie walked to her room.

Once inside, she sprawled out across the bed and reached into her pocketbook for her cell phone. She quickly hit the speed dial for Janie and listened to it ring twice before Janie picked-up.

"Hello, Suzie is that you? Where have you been? You sure know how to cut it close," Janie added commenting on her curfew.

"Yeah, right on the dot," Suzie said.

"So tell me! I have been dying here. How was everything," Janie demanded?

"Janie, it was fantastic!" Suzie whispered delightedly. She did not want to talk to loud and be overheard or wake anyone in the house.

"You got to tell me everything," Janie responded.

"I need to go fast," Suzie said. "He wants me up and ready by 7:00 for my first work-out. I'm a bit afraid he is going to demand too much of me. You know what good shape he is in. I am never going to be able to keep up," she said.

"Wow, he is serious on the weight loss and exercise program, huh? And here I thought that was only a ruse to get into your pants," Janie chuckled.

"No, he's damn serious about it and that is what has me worried," said Suzie.

"Tell me more of how things went," Janie asked?

"The movie was great. We saw "The Chronicles of Narnia" and that was quite good. We both enjoyed it. Then we went to the diner for sodas and a snack. His idea of a snack though was us splitting a fruit platter," she said.

"What, how lame is that, oh, I get it, his idea of dieting, huh," Janie asked?

"Actually, it was really good. It came with a scoop of yogurt and the fruit was very sweet and tasty," she added.

"Is that it then? Did you come home from there," Janie asked?

"No, I thought at first we might be as we headed for home in his car but Curt had other ideas," she said.

"Oh, he wanted pay back for the movie and food with a suck job," Janie pronounced? Janie continued, "How could you do it in his car with that stick shift in the way?"

"No, it was not like that," Suzie countered. "We went to his house, but to the Cabana in back by his pool. It is heated you know and has everything like a TV, DVD, a bath room, and plenty of comfortable places to sit," she added.

"Way cool," Janie said. "I should have known Curt would have a plan. He is such a smoothie with the chicks," she joked.

"It was nice and he was nice too," Suzie stated.

"Well, tell me," Janie said! "What happened?"

"We did it," answered Suzie.

"What, you did what?" Janie demanded excited and concerned at the same time.

"I sucked him off!" Suzie squealed as quietly as she could into the phone.

"You didn't," Janie asked? "Really, just like that? He just dropped his draws and told ya to blow him?"

"NO! Not like that," Suzie said. "I thought at first it might be but he was a gentleman about it. He also approached it very much from a training exercise. He was a really good instructor. First, we kissed for quite a while. He taught me what to do. He said I was a great kisser and he could kiss me all night. I told him I could kiss him all night too. He was a marvelous kisser. Actually, Janie, it was hot as hell and I was getting wet from the tongue action we had going," Suzie added.

"My, that sounds delightful Suzie," Janie said. "I'd love to make out with Curt," she added. "Oh my god, that is so hot! What happened next?"

"Janie, he then had me feel it and remove it from his pants. Janie, he is humongous! His dick is huge and his balls are amazing too. He must be 8" long and as fat around as my wrist. The head is like a giant plum. I could have stared at it for hours. It was beautiful," she said.

"Oh fuck," Janie cried! "Are you kidding me? Bob was no where close to that big. How can girls possibly take something that big," she asked?

"I don't know," Suzie responded. "It is unbelievable!"

"So, what happened next," Janie asked excitedly?

"Janie, I need to get to bed. How about I tell ya tomorrow after my work-out with Curt," Suzie pleaded?

"Susannah Johnson, if you hang up on me now, I will never speak to ya again," Janie demanded. "Ya got me hot as a firecracker and you want to leave me hanging, no way."

"Okay, okay," Suzie chuckled. "I will give you the fast version. We can go over the details later, okay," she asked?

"I guess so, but you better tell me every detail before the end of tomorrow," Janie said.

"Janie, he taught me about the penis. He taught me the sensitive spots and how to work his dick for maximum affect. He then taught me how to suck and lick it and play with his balls. He had me licking up his pre-cum and tasting it. He had me sucking on the tip of the head and licking it while it was in my mouth. One time I stuck my tongue into the hole at the tip and he groaned. I did that one on my own and he seemed to love it. He had me work my way down the head until I had the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked on it and bathed it will my tongue.

Janie, it made me feel like I had such power. You should have seen Curt. He was groaning and thrashing around on the couch. I loved doing it to him too. It was fun and his dick is amazing. And his balls are so cool too. I loved fondling them and squeezing them lightly. He made me stop at one point because he was getting close to cumming. He wanted to warn me and asked if I wanted to swallow tonight or not. Janie, I was afraid and all I could think of was how far Bob shot that time with you. I was nervous I would not be able to handle it and might gag or something. But, we talked about it and I agreed to try it. I went back to sucking on his head and rubbing my hand up and down his shaft while playing with his nuts. Janie, he was groaning something fierce. I could tell I was doing him pretty good. I even felt when he was going to explode but he did warn me as well. I sucked him and kept jacking his dick and he exploded in mouth. God, it was like a tidal wave. I felt for a second like I was going to drown. I fought hard not to choke and he kept pumping his sperm into my mouth. He has huge balls and they flooded my mouth with cum. I had to swallow repeatedly just to make room for the next volley. Curt is amazing. He must have pumped out at least a couple ounces. He said later it was one of the biggest orgasms he has had in a long time. Janie, I sucked it all down. I sucked him dry he said."

"Fucking unbelievable Suzie," Janie said jealously! "How did it taste?"

"Well, it isn't ice cream that is for sure. Kind of salty really. A little like bleach but is somewhat bland at the same time. It is hard to describe. It is not like anything else you have ever had. Oh, and the consistency is like paste or worse yet snot. But you know what? I would do it again. It wasn't that bad. I think I could get use to it," Suzie said.

"Really," Janie said. "Not to bad huh?"

"Well it might be an acquired taste, but I think I could. At least with Curt anyway. I am not sure about anyone else though," she said.

"Yeah, Curt is such a cutie," Janie sighed. "Wow, I cannot believe it, your first real blowjob and ya swallowed even. You just jumped ahead of me in the sex experience category. From now on you need to educate me," Janie prodded.

"I can't believe it either. I feel like in one day I have changed my whole life around," Suzie said.

"You certainly have jump-started your sex life," Janie noted.

"Hey can we finish this tomorrow? I have to get to sleep. I'm not even sure I can sleep right now but I need to try," Suzie asked?

"Sure, but call me as soon as ya can," Janie said.

"Okay, good night," Suzie said.

"Night Suzie, you cocksucker," Janie joked.

"Shut up! You're just jealous," Suzie shot back.

"Your right! Night Suzie," Janie said.


Suzie hurried and readied herself for bed. As she brushed her teeth, she thought of the last thing in her mouth besides the breath mint Curt had given her, and it sent an excited shiver down her spine and around into her pussy. My god, she thought to herself, I have sucked my first dick. And, I actually liked it. I must be a cocksucker like Janie said. Curt said I was good at it. Maybe I am.

Suzie finished getting ready and crawled into bed. She turned her night stand light out and tried to close her eyes to sleep. Even though she felt tired, her mind was racing a thousand miles a minute and would not let her rest. Thoughts of the evening and all its excitement kept running through her mind.

This had been the best day of her life she thought. God, I feel so alive. I am glad I took this leap of faith with Curt and plunged into this training. Her hand crept down to her groin.

To get ready for bed, she had just pulled her bra off and thrown her pajama top on. She had not changed her panties. As she moved her hand to her mound, she could feel the wetness she had known was there. In fact, her panties were still practically soaking in the crotch. She reached down and removed them complete and threw them to the floor.

As Suzie readjusted the covers her hand once again went to her mound and the other to her left nipple. She teased her nipple as her other fingers came to light on her slit and slowly inched a finger into her recesses. Of course, she had masturbated many times before but somehow touching herself now took on a whole new meaning.

Suzie no longer had to guess about things like how a cock would feel or taste. What a guys balls were like. What it was like to lick and suck a dick. But the real thought that made her shiver again with excitement and jam her finger into her pussy, was the thought of a cock exploding in her mouth. A guy unloading his balls completely into her mouth for her to swallow it all down. It was strange but it excited her more than anything else.

Suzie had felt so much in control. She could make a big strong man like Curt wreathe and moan from her manipulations. She would have their complete attention and the power to bring them the ultimate pleasure, to climax and to ejaculate in her mouth. As she thought about these things her hand began to plunge in and out of her pussy. She tweaked her nipple harder and brought her other fingers up to find her clit and massage it lightly. It made her shutter and groan.

Suzie built quickly towards and orgasm faster than ever before. It also was coming on with surprising intensity. She slides her hand from her nipple down and into her pussy. She sinks two fingers into her tight twat as she increases the motion to her clit. She grits her teeth as the two fingers begin to saw in and out of her tight hole. Her orgasm comes on like a freight train out of control. Her back arches on the bed with both hands dancing on her sex. She lets out a loud gasp followed by a huge shutter before the orgasm explodes in her brain. She moans like a true bitch in heat and the orgasm hangs with her for longer than normal.

Finally, her back settles down to the bed as her orgasm subsides. Only now does her mind clear to the point she can fathom what has just happened. Wow, she says to herself. My god that was fantastic, maybe the best I've ever had.

Her hands are soaked in her sex. She feels wetter than she can ever remember before. She feels the bed beneath her pussy and it is indeed wet too. My god, I am soaked she thinks. She reaches to her night stand for tissues aided by the red light from the digital alarm clock. She notices that it is 1:15 in the morning. She dries herself as best she can, tosses the tissues to the floor for now near her panties, and rolls over into a fetal position. It was good she masturbated because now sleep comes quickly. She is exhausted and 10 minutes later she is dead to the world.

The music on her alarm clock startles her awake at 6:00. No it can't be already she gasps. She hits the snooze and is back asleep within three minutes. It is once again a rude awakening when the music sounds just seven minutes later. Her foggy brain realizes if she does not get up now she will never be ready in time for Curt. As it is, she is going to have to rush a shower, throw on some quick make-up, and probably tie her hair back into a ponytail. She has not worn her thick blond hair in a ponytail for quite sometime but there is no chance she will be able to get it fully dry in time. Besides that, she has no idea what she is going to wear.

Suzie wills herself out of bed and into her adjoining bathroom for a shower. Her sister Beth can also access this bathroom from a door on the other side. She closes Beth's door and turns on the shower. She brushes her teeth while the shower warms up. Suzie sheds her pajama top and enters the shower and closes the door. The hot water feels delightful and she basks beneath the water for a minute. That is all the time she can allow herself to enjoy the heat and feel of the water before she must begin soaping up. She shampoos her hair quickly and skips the conditioner.

Fortunately, Suzie shaved for her date with Curt so she can skip that today. As she rinses her hair and body she looks down at her pussy. Her blond bush is darker now with wetness from the shower water. Suzie thinks I must remember to shave down here too. She shuts off the shower and dries as quickly as she can.

Suzie brushes her hair while she looks for the right work out clothes to wear. She puts on panties, bra, t-shirt, shorts, sweat pants and matching sweat top. She has nice colorful socks to match. A quick glance at the clock shows 6:45. She is down to fifteen more minutes.

Suzie rushes to her mirror in her room and starts applying her make up. As she looks at herself in the mirror she thinks, boy I do look tired still. How am I ever going to handle this work out session with Curt? A knock at the door startles her but she reacts quickly to find her Mom standing there with a hot cup of black coffee for her.

"Oh Mom, thanks so much. Boy do I need this. I look terrible don't I," Suzie added? "You do look tired dear. Are you sure you are up to working out right now? Call Curt and have him come over later," she said.

"No, I can't do that; he will think I am wimping out already. I need to go through with this," Suzie lamented.

"Do you want something to eat? I can make you something quick," her Mom said.

"No thanks, I don't have the time besides I hate working out with food in my stomach," Suzie said.

"Okay," her Mom said. "I'll go down and watch the door for Curt so you can finish up."

"Thanks Mom. And thanks again for the coffee," Suzie said.

Suzie sipped her coffee and had just finished her make up when her Mom knocked on the door.

"Curt is downstairs Suzie," her Mom said.

"Okay Mom, I'm coming right now anyway," Suzie said.

Suzie followed her Mom back down stairs. She quickly threw on her tennis shoes and coat while saying good morning to Curt. They said there good-byes to Suzie's Mom and exited the house. Suzie expected to see the Torino in the driveway to drive to a work out place. Instead it looked like Curt had walked on over.

"Where are we going," Suzie asked?

"We're going to start by walking to the JR. High we both went to. I was thinking we'd use the track there for our work out," Curt said.

"Isn't it a little cold out yet to be working out outside," Suzie questioned?

"Not really," Curt said. "Once you get heated up you'll be fine," he added.

As they walked the mile to the JR. High, they talked about sleep, or lack there of in Suzie's case. They also talked about working out. When they got to the track, Curt took her through a series of stretching exercises. Then they did jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups. When Suzie stopped after three men's push-ups, Curt asked her what was wrong.

"I can't do any more of those," she said gasping. "My arms are too tired and weak."

"Only three," he asked?

"How many did you do," she asked?

"A hundred," he said.

"No way could ya do a hundred that fast," she said.

"Want to bet," he responded.

"What would we bet," she asked?

"If I lose, you can take a nap after we finish the work out," he said.

"That's no bet, I was going to do that anyway," she said.

"No you weren't," he added. "I have other plans."

"Really," she said. "I bet I know what that would be." Suzie giggled.

"Not sure you do, but is it a bet," he asked?

"What if I lose," Suzie asked?

"Then you have to do something for me," he said with a grin.

"Oh, I see now," she said. "Okay, I bet ya cannot do a hundred more push-ups," she said.

"How do ya want them," he asked?

"What do ya mean," she asked? "Normal men's style push-ups of course," she added.

Curt said, "Well I could do a hundred regular style or military style. Or I could do 25 one handed push-ups or 25 with you sitting on my back," he added.

"Wow, I didn't realize there were so many choices. What is military style," she asked?

"You clap your hands together on the up push," he said. "Like this," And he demonstrated.

"Cool," she said. "But let's try the 25 with me on your back."

"Okay," he said. "But the 25 one handed would have been the hardest to do."

Curt got down in the push-up position and Suzie sat down lightly on his back and then added all her weight. He didn't buckle or even move. Wow she thought. Then he went down and back up. He repeated the process until he had done all 25. "I can't believe you could do that Curt. You're even stronger than I thought," she added.

"It'll be easier after you lose 10 pounds," he chided.

Suzie playfully slapped his leg while he was still on the ground. "I won the bet," he reminded her.

"I guess ya did," she admitted. "So what now?"

"I'll let ya know what I want later," he added.

"I bet ya will," she said.

Curt chuckled as did Suzie and they went back to a few more exercises with Suzie following Curt's moves. Next, he had them run sprints until Suzie was nearly dizzy from lack of air. He was ready to go jogging after that but she begged a rest. He told her she could walk the track until he ran around it four times. She agreed thinking that would give her time to recover.

Unfortunately, with Curt as fast as he is and in as good of shape, he ran the mile in just about five minutes and even covered the distance Suzie had walked in another minute. She was forced to start jogging after only six minutes rest which seemed to her like a minute. Within half a mile she was huffing and puffing. He told her to walk again and he ran another mile like before. She jogged another half mile with him after that but that exhausted her completely and she crashed onto the grass on the infield of the track. Curt sat down to rest beside her.

"What's the matter," he asked "Worn Out?"

"You're killing me," she gasped.

"Okay we're done for the day," he said. "Actually, you did great. I pushed ya to see what ya could do and you went further than I thought you might," he added.

"Really," she said?

"Yeah, you did well," he said.

"Thanks," Suzie responded.

"Now, do you need a rest or are ya ready for the next lesson," he asked?

"What do ya mean," she responded?

"My plan is for us to go shopping for you for clothes after we shower. But if you need a nap, I could pick you up later," he asked? "Shopping for clothes," she questioned? "What are you talking about?"

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