tagFirst TimeSuzie's Lessons Ch. 05

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 05


This is a fictional account.

After having oral sex, Curt and Suzie hurriedly got dressed. To avoid putting on their sweaty underwear, Suzie put her bikini on under her sweats. Curt went commando but had to put his sweats on too. He walked her home and they agreed he would pick her up in a half hour at 7:00 for dinner. As they cut through the backyards to Suzie's house, Suzie spoke up.

"That was wild when you pushed your dick into my mouth as you came," she said.

"Sorry about that," Curt said. "You were driving me crazy and I guess I lost my head."

"No, it is okay. It was just that the first shot went right down my throat. I was not prepared for that but it was okay. It actually made it easier to stay with you as you unloaded," she said.

"Really, it went right down your throat and you didn't choke?" he asked.

"No. I'm amazed by that too. I'll have to try it again," she grinned.

"Yes, you will and I can help again," he chuckled.

They arrived at Suzie's back door. He remembered to give her a mint and they kissed goodbye. She hurried inside. She would need to rush if she were going to be ready by 7:00. She said hi to her mom and dad as she streaked in the backdoor and through the kitchen. Suzie rushed to her room and stripped off her sweats. Fortunately, only having them on for a minute had not caused her to need another shower.

She removed her bikini. She replaced it with one of her bra and thong sets. She put out her clothes to wear. Since it was not to school, she figured she could wear one of the low cut blouses with her tight jeans and the short boots. She grabbed her cell phone as she went into the bathroom to apply make-up and brush her hair. She put the phone on speaker and dialed Janie. Janie was home and answered on the fourth ring.

"Hello, Janie," Suzie said.

"Hi, Suzie," Janie repeated. "Guess what! I have news."

"What?" Suzie asked.

"Andy asked me out for Friday," she said. "We are going to the movies. Isn't that cool? Finally another date," she added.

"That is great, Janie," Suzie said. "He is a nice boy."

"He is," Janie said. "I've gotten to know him better the last two days with him giving me rides home after soccer. Last time we sat in front of my house and talked for about an hour. He is sweet and is not weird about his car like you may have first thought. I guess he had just gotten it and was naturally very excited."

"That's great, Janie. Weird how both of us are having our best experiences in a boy's car in front of our houses," Suzie said.

"That's true. You with Curt first and now me," Janie said.

"Well, I even have another to tell you about," Suzie said.

"What's that?" Janie asked.

"Janie, Curt asked me to go to the prom with him today as we drove home from school," Suzie said excitedly.

"That's the coolest, Suzie," Janie said! "Oh, I'm so happy for you. Jealous, but I'm happy for you. So I guess the rumors about him and Becca in his car were false, huh?" Janie asked.

"Well, no, they're true," Suzie said.

"Suzie, he fucked Becca in his car and then asks you to prom. What gives with this guy? Aren't you pissed off about that?" she asked.

"Well, we talked it out," Suzie said. "He was confused about his feelings for me and what I wanted since I was supposed to be going for Sean or Brian. He told me that, after screwing Becca, it made him realize that it was me he wanted all along. He told Becca he could not be with her again and, Janie, he said he thought he was falling in love with me."

"Falling in love with you? Is that what he said?" Janie asked.

"Yes and he told me that he was trying to avoid having a girlfriend before college but everything was changing now. Janie, I really think he is falling for me like I am for him," she said.

"Wow, Suzie, your news is better than mine. And you're right, the best things are happening to us in front of our houses," Janie said.

"Janie, I need to go. Curt is taking me to dinner to celebrate our going to prom together and I guess we are going steady though we have not really talked about that. I've been talking to you on speaker so I could put my make-up on at the same time. But, I'm done now and need to run. I just couldn't wait to tell you the great news. I'm very happy for you though too. Andy is cute," she said.

"Thanks, I'm glad you called," Janie said. "Talk to you later."

"Well, I might not get a chance to call back later. I don't have homework and unless Curt does I intend to spend most of the evening with him," Suzie added.

"You still just doing the oral thing," Janie asked? "You've not gone all the way have you?"

"No, I'm still a virgin. The oral sex is fantastic though. He does me so good and I love doing him but I know he must miss fucking. I don't want to deprive him of anything. I don't want there to be anything he feels he needs as far as sex is concerned. So, I'm thinking about giving him my cherry," Suzie said.

"Wow, you are?" Janie asked. "Suzie, are you sure you should so soon?"

"There are times I want to do him as bad as he probably wants to do me, so I think I'm ready. I also think Curt is the one I want to give it to. Janie, I truly think I'm falling in love with him. And if he is falling in love with me too, then he should be the one. I've been thinking I'd hold off till prom but give myself to him on prom night. That way it will be special for him and me," Suzie concluded.

"My God, that's like so cool, Suzie," Janie said. "You'll be a woman then, before me."

"Yeah, I'd not thought of that but you're right. I'll let Curt make me a woman. It could be scary though," Suzie added.

"How so?" Janie asked.

"Well, remember how big I told you he is. I could have started with a smaller one instead of jumping right to the major leagues. He'll probably tear me apart, Janie. I'm actually scared to do it with him," Suzie said.

"Your right! From what you told me of his monster dick, he could be a lot to handle especially for your first," Janie stated.

"Yeah, imagine sticking your fist into your pussy," Suzie said. "That is probably what this will be like with his big dick in me."

"I can see the news now, woman dies from having a battering ram driven up into her pussy and out her mouth," Janie laughed.

"Funny, you comedian," Suzie laughed too. "You'd be nervous too if you were about to be probed by a fence post."

"Remember to bring one of those well lubricated condoms we learned about in sex ed," Janie chided.

"Good idea," Suzie chuckled. "Janie, I really got to go. I'm going to be late now," she said.

"Okay, have a good time and we can talk more tomorrow," Janie said.

"Good night, Janie," Suzie said.

"Night, Suzie," Janie replied.

Suzie quickly dressed and ran down stairs. Curt was talking to her mother in the hallway.

As Suzie joined them, her mom said, "Not too late now, you two. After all it is a school night."

Suzie grabbed a light jacket and they headed out the door. They got in the Torino and backed out of the driveway. Suzie fastened her seat belt but turned to him.

"I wish this shifter wasn't here," she said. "I'd like to snuggle closer to you."

"Yeah, that would be nice," Curt agreed. "But it wouldn't be the same car then."

"Where're we going?" Suzie asked.

"What do you feel like?" Curt asked back.

"I'd go for sushi again if you wanted," she responded.

"That's a good idea or how about that new Italian place that just opened?" he asked.

"That'd be fine too but probably not as dietary," she said.

"Right you are but you deserve a break from all this being good," he said.

"Funny, I don't feel like I've been a good girl lately with you," she said joking.

"Oh, you've been a very naughty girl, but still good too," he said laughing as he responded.

"How can I be both naughty and good," she replied. Suzie laughed back.

"You're very good at being naughty," he quipped and laughed.

"Oh, funny," she said. "Well, I'm glad you like my good naughtiness," she responded.

"Do I ever," Curt said. "You're the best naughty girl of all time."

"You mean I'm the head naughty girl," Suzie said joking.

"You're the naughtiest head girl of all," he responded with another joke back.

"I can't help it," Suzie said. "I just love your head so much."

"You love to kiss it," Curt said.

"You're right and to lick it too," Suzie stated with a smile.

They kept this up all the way to the restaurant and they were laughing hysterically by the time they arrived. Curt had gone to the Italian place. They had a lovely candle lit dinner and good conversation throughout. As they left the restaurant at 9:00, Curt asked what time Suzie needed to be back.

"I'm okay," Suzie said. "Unless you have homework, I can stay out till 11:00."

"No, I knocked it out in study hall today, so I'm free," Curt said.

"How about we go back to the cabana," Suzie smiled at him.

"That sounds great," Curt replied.

"Curt, do you still have that other porn?" Suzie asked.

"Oh, shit, yes, I forgot to return those. We can watch the other one, "Sisters Suck," if you want to?" he asked.

"That sounds great," Suzie said.

"Trying to learn something," Curt joked.

"Maybe," Suzie smiled.

They arrived back at Curt's house and made their way to the cabana. A light was on in the cabana and as they entered they saw Curt's little brother Chad watching TV. They both said hi to Chad but you could tell Curt was mad he was there. Chad invited them to watch TV with him but they decided to leave. They were talking about what they would do now as they walked back across the yard, when Curt's mom came to the backdoor.

"Hi, Curt. Hi, Suzie. Have you two seen Chad? Is he in the cabana?" she asked.

"Yes, mom, he's in the cabana watching TV," Curt said.

"Curt, please tell him to get in here now and do his homework," she said. "You don't have homework do you?"

"No, mom, I did mine at school," he said.

"Suzie, I'm so glad you and Curt are going to the prom together," Mrs. Clayton said.

"Oh, thank you, Mrs. Clayton, I'm glad too," she said as she smiled at Curt.

They turned and went back to the cabana.

"Mom wants you inside right now to do homework," Curt told Chad.

"Oh, hell," Chad said. "It's only math. I can do that second hour study hall."

"I don't think she wants you to wait. You better get in there," Curt said. "You can leave the TV on. Suzie and I want to watch."

"Crap," he said as he got up to leave.

Suzie sat on the couch as Curt went to the refrigerator for Cokes.

"I'll bet you two are just going to watch TV." Chad joked as he opened the door to leave.

"Get out of here," Curt said as he made a move towards the door. Chad was gone quickly.

As Curt sat down next to Suzie, he spoke.

"I think we better wait a few minutes to make sure that little creep goes inside."

"Okay, don't hold it against Chad. He's only acting like a typical eighth grader would." Suzie said, not wanting him to get mad at his brother.

"Oh, he is just a pest sometimes," Curt said.

They watched TV for about ten minutes until Curt got up to make sure the coast was clear. When he was sure Chad was inside, he retrieved the second porno and popped it into the DVD. He dimmed the lights and they sat back on the couch together. The first scene after the ads had this pretty young girl sucking a guy's cock in the back seat of a car. They looked to be in a park or forest preserve.

They watched as the girl gave a good blowjob performance, licking the guy's head and throating his big dick practically all the way. She sucked on his balls and pumped his shaft. Within minutes he was groaning and soon fired a big load into her mouth. She swallowed some but showed him her mouth full of his cum before she swallowed the rest. She licked him clean as his dick softened.

On the screen, the couple talked about the upcoming big football game. He was the quarterback and wanted to make sure all his players were ready. She wanted to know what he was worried about since they were undefeated. He told her this would be their toughest game before the state final and he wanted to make sure the guys were relaxed.

In the movie, they talked about if she would be willing to help relieve some tension with his teammates. She wanted to know what he wanted her to do and he asked her how about sucking them off. She didn't what to as that was 25 guys, way too much cock and cum for one girl. He wanted to know if she could get someone to help. She told him that her older sister might help and she would be home from college that weekend for break. It was agreed they would try that and the movie progressed with them setting up the plan for the next weekend. They chose a house where the parents were away and planned a party of 25 guys and two suck sisters for entertainment.

Suzie whispered to Curt as the movie continued, "I can't believe they can think about doing that many guys at once. My mouth would get tired," she chuckled.

"I guess they love their work," Curt joked back.

"I love my work with you," Suzie laughed.

She had been leaning against him but now slid down his chest to his lap with her upper torso. She moved her hands to his bulge and she knew right away the movie was making him hard. Suzie reached up and pulled his zipper down. She snaked her hand in and retrieved his cock from its confines. Cyclops was half hard and looked inviting to Suzie. She stroked Curt's cock lightly and licked its head. It was working to arouse Cyclops but she wanted to go slow so they could watch the movie together. With her eyes on the screen, she licked his dick and played with his balls through the opening of his pants.

The movie continued to the party. Everyone arrived and beer was flowing liberally. Most of the guys were big especially the lineman and some were black. There was a pool in the backyard and most had brought suits. They did not bother with dressing rooms, changing into swim suits right in the secluded backyard. Music was blaring and the outside lights were turned on as night fell.

The quarterback got things started. His girlfriend was in his lap in one of the chairs around the pool. He eased her off onto a towel on the concrete pool deck. He lifted his ass from the chair as she pulled his trunks to his feet. His cock was not fully erect, as she sucked it into her mouth. He soon lengthened to his full impressive seven inches and she went to work. She had good skills and deepthroated the cock repeatedly.

The camera panned the crowd and showed her sister talking to several big guys. When the other partygoers noticed the action with the quarterback and his girl, the sister took the hand of one of the guys she was talking with and led him to a lounge chair. He sat back in the lounge chair as she sat between his legs on the end. He had removed his trunks before sitting down and the sister started sucking his equally massive dick. It panned back to the quarterback just in time to see his girl swallow his load.

The scenes progressed from there with both girls naked and sucking one guy after another. The quarterback fucked his girlfriend and the sister took guys in her cunt as she sucked cock as well. Most of the guys finished in one of the girls mouths but several blasted their cum all over their faces and tits.

Suzie continued to leisurely play with and lick Curt's dick. Occasionally, she would suck the head in and pop it out which caused a groaning reaction from Curt, who was now fully hard. When the movie showed the black guys with huge cocks getting sucked and fucking the girls, Suzie was amazed. She had never seen a black man's dick before. It fascinated her with its brown head and shaft.

The movie came to a close with both sisters on beach towels next to each other on the lawn. They were stretched out side by side but up on elbows. Their faces were painted with cum as was their upper bodies. Several guys had cum at least twice and the girls had huge smiles as they showed cum in their mouths. They swallowed the cum they had in their mouths and wiped more from their faces to their mouths as the movie ended.

"My God," Suzie said. "That was hotter than the other one. Those girls were really into it. Can you believe they did that many guys and some several times?"

"It was wild, wasn't it?" Curt agreed.

"I wonder what its like to suck that many cocks at one time," Suzie asked.

"I won't know," Curt said. "But they sure seemed to get off on it."

"They did," Suzie admitted. "And they seemed to love doing it with those big black guys too," Suzie added.

Curt said, "Not all black guys are hung like those guys in the movie but they were big, weren't they," he admitted.

"They were huge," Suzie agreed. "Those girls could not take them all the way down their throats and they seemed to bottom out in the girl's pussies when they fucked."

Curt flipped off the DVD with the remote and he adjusted the TV channel to MTV for music. Suzie took the hint and started sucking his dick with more purpose. She stopped though after a minute and asked Curt if he could take his pants off so she could get at him better. He agreed if she did the same.

They both stood and stripped off their shoes, pants, and underwear. Then Curt sat back down and Suzie resumed her position leaning into his lap. She started sucking his cock again. Her left hand squeezed and stroked his cock while her right caressed his balls. She was enjoying a taste of pre-cum he had emitted when she felt his fingers land on the strip of hair above her cunt. He played in her blonde pubic hair before descending to her gash. Suzie knew he would soon discover how wet she was.

Between the porn movie and now sucking his dick, she was about ready to burst. Curt easily eased a finger into her pussy. He worked it around slowly teasing the opening. His thumb came down on her clit and Suzie had to slow her own movements on his cock as she moaned.

As Curt increased his speed Suzie knew she was close. She went back to bobbing on his dick and working it rapidly with her hands. She had noticed in the movie, when the girls wanted to get the guys off quickly, they used an aggressive hand and mouth action. She tried to employ this on Curt to see if they could come together but it was too late for her. Curt forced a second finger into her hole and she went off. She had to back off his cock for fear of biting as her orgasm racked her body. Suzie moaned loudly as Curt sawed his two fingers into her pussy. She shuddered several times before her orgasm started to wane. As she recovered, she turned and kissed Curt.

"That was marvelous," she whispered to him between kisses.

"Glad you liked it," he said.

"I was hoping to get us both off together but you beat me to the punch," she said.

"Oh, sorry about that," Curt said.

"Well, we'll just have to try again," she chuckled. "How about I work you slowly until you build me up again," she asked?

"That is fine with me," he said. "But I'm not that far away myself. You better go slowly."

"I will," Suzie said.

Curt had kept his fingers in her twat and he slowly started working them again. Suzie began licking his head and drilling her tongue into his hole. She squeezed his cock trying to milk pre-cum from him and was rewarded with a large drop to her tongue. She slid her tongue down his dick and sucked a ball into her mouth. She washed it with her tongue and lightly pulled it away from his body with her lips.

Curt groaned as he moved his fingers in her cunt. His thumb was massaging her clit and he could tell she was already beginning her climb to another orgasm. Suzie sucked Curt's other ball for a while then licked back to the head. Her fingers resumed playing with his saliva-soaked nuts as she opened her mouth and descended on his cock. She took him to the back of her mouth.

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