tagFirst TimeSuzie's Little Sister

Suzie's Little Sister


Remember your first crush? Boy, I sure do. Little Nancy Evans. Sat across from me in grade school. She had a fabulous blond pony tail that she would swish as she walked around school. Well, we were just kids and I never came within a hundred miles of even letting her know I secretly "Liked" her. I still wonder whatever became of her from time to time.

Many years later, I was a sophomore in College and had met a great girl in Music Appreciation 101. Her name was Suzanne. Dark eyed and mysterious, I was smitten! We dated regularly and, when I would come to pick her up at her family home, it wasn't unusual for her little sister to greet me at the door. Her little sister's name? You guessed it! Nancy. And she was a doll! Yes, she sort of looked like little Nancy Evans but she was a high school senior and was a vivacious, outgoing girl. Had that great pony tail too.

Suzanne was a classical musician and we would often go to the Hollywood Bowl to hear the L.A. philharmonic orchestra. Which was fine. Well...OK, I was more of a rock and roll guy but, in college, I was open to any kind of new experience and so I did my best to enjoy the music. But Nancy used to roll her eyes at the prospect of our "Night at the Opera" as she called it. "Oh, just shoot me!" She would say. She did a good job of entertaining me while her older sister got ready for our dates. We became...Pals, I guess you could say. Much shorter and more petite than her sister, she was virtually flat chested which contributed to her resemblance to my grade school heartthrob.

My girlfriend and I had a pretty nice little romance going, I thought, but Suzanne didn't seem to like physical contact all that much. Oh we kissed and frenched on dates. Well, we kinda frenched. If the girl doesn't put her tongue in your mouth or at least wiggle it around when you are in hers, then, I don't think it's really a French Kiss. I loved to press my body against hers when we said goodnight and tried to let her feel my hard on. She just seemed oblivious. I was a virgin back then and I assumed she was too.

We had this big date all set up one time when we were going to see Rudolf Nureyev dance Swan Lake at the Shrine Auditorium. I didn't know the guy from Adam But Suzanne was all excited to see him. Shortly before I was to leave to pick up Suzanne, she called me in a panic. "The curtain is at 7:30 and not 8:00!" She explained. "Hurry, I don't want to miss anything!"

Well I ran out the door and blew over to Sherman Oaks as fast as I could to pick her up. I rang the bell and someone yelled "Come on in..." I let myself in and there seemed to be some kind of commotion in the kitchen. I walked quietly over to the door and saw Suzanne, her mother, and Nancy talking at the far end of the room. Right by the washer/dryer.

"Mom, they'll never dry in time!" Suzanne wailed. "Why did you have to do laundry right now?"

"Listen young lady, you should be grateful that someone goes to the trouble to wash your clothes!" Her Mother sternly replied. "Some day you'll have to do all your own washing and ironing and..."

"Mother please!" Suzanne interjected. "He'll be here any time now. What am I going to do?"

"Well, I haven't started your sister's laundry yet. Maybe you can borrow a pair of hers."

"I'm not wearing Nancy's panties on a date! Mother please!"

"Suzanne, do you want to wear a pair of mine?" Her mother said, playing the trump card.

Then I heard Nancy's voice for the first time. "Here Sis...These might fit you." Nancy took a pair of white panties out of her laundry basket and handed them to her sister.

"But...but they're dirty!" Suzanne complained.

"They're not THAT dirty Sue, for goodness sakes!"

I guess realizing she had no choice, Suzanne took the little white panties from her sister and left the kitchen through the side door.

I didn't want Suzanne...any of them for that matter, to know I'd overheard the conversation so I went back outside the front door and knocked. A short time later, Nancy opened the door.

"Hi Matt!" She cheerily greeted me. "Another Night at the Opera for you guys?"

Somehow, the ponytailed teenager looked a lot different to me right then. I was about to go out on a date with a woman wearing her little sister's panties. Nancy led me into the living room and I couldn't help but notice her butt. So round. So firm. So fully packed! There was some commercial on TV back then that used that expression but it did a good job of describing Nancy's lovely posterior. I found myself wondering if she was as inhibited as her older sister. Her flat chest meant she apparently didn't wear a bra. Sometimes, I could see her nipples pressing against her shirt. She was...Kind of sexy, really.

Suzanne appeared and was ravishing as usual. We said good bye and headed out for downtown L.A. My girl seemed distracted and I had a hunch why! Her younger and smaller sister's panties had to be doing a poor job of covering her pussy. I cracked up to myself when I found that thought rolling across my mind. Sue would kill me if I so much as hinted that I knew what had happened earlier.

I must admit the Ballet was better than I expected it to be. Nureyev was incredibly graceful and made the other dancers onstage actually look, well, a little clumsy. He was dancing with Dame Margot Fontaine whom, of course, a goofball like me had never even heard of but I guess she's well known in her own right. And the music! Haunting and cerebral...it really got into my head that night. I eventually learned to play the main theme on the piano but nowhere near as well as Suzanne.

We got a bite to eat afterwards and chatted excitedly about the ballet on the way home. At the door, I expected the usual kissing and groping but Suzanne invited me in to listen to Swan Lake on their console stereo. Everyone was asleep so we kept the music down and cuddled on the sofa. Of course, eventually, I kissed my girlfriend and whispered in her ear that I loved her. She eagerly returned the kiss and, emboldened, I gathered her in my arms and really put everything I had into a deep soul kiss.

Right about then, I began to think of Nancy's panties. That cute little ponytailed blond's panties were right there! Just below Suzanne's dress. And I really wanted to touch her little sister's panties...just for a second. Sue had never permitted any kind of serious petting so I knew the odds were against me but I had to give it a try. Throwing more hot kisses at her as a diversion, I slipped my hand down to Suzanne's knee and rested it there for a few seconds. With no rebuke to stop me, I slid it up further...right up to the top of her nylons. I whispered more about how I loved her and then I reached the bare flesh just below her sister's panties!

My cock was so stiff it was poking up in my pants and I thought Sue might see it. She was beginning to mumble a complaint through my unrelenting kisses but I made a mad dash and, gloriously, I was there! I touched Nancy's panties! unfortunately, I also touched Suzanne's pussy, kind of, with her little sister's panties covering it and, of course, then she stopped me.

Well, I tried again and again to get started but there was no way Sue going to let me get way up her leg again. I was twenty years old now. Still a virgin and wondering if I would die an old man without ever having sex with a woman. It sure seemed like marriage was the only possibility for sex with Sue. I listened to the rest of Swan Lake and then kissed Sue goodbye and headed out to my car.

Just as I was opening the door, who should walk up but Nancy! "So, shot down again huh?" She said with a smile.

Had she been watching? Through the living room window? It was embarrassing enough to get rejected by a girl I really cared about, but to be teased about it didn't exactly sit well with me.

"Nancy were you spying on us?" I asked. The pretty blond schoolgirl was still wearing the same shorts and top she'd been wearing when I'd arrived to pick up Sue earlier. The moonlight...seemed to enhance her beauty. I hadn't really noticed her blue/green eyes before. Her friendly smile.

"I was just checking to see if any good luck rubbed off on you."

"Good Luck from what?" I wondered.

She smiled again at me. "You know what! I saw you at the end of the kitchen when I gave my sister my...my underwear."

Now I was really embarrassed. Suzanne's little tart of a sister had known all along that I saw the incident earlier. I quite honestly couldn't think of a thing to say.

"Did you get to at least touch them? Just for a second?" Nancy wasn't going to just let me off the hook so easy.

"Just for a second Nan. Just a nanosecond."

"Well Matt that's better than any other guy has done! I love my sister but she just doesn't know how to have fun. One fraternity boy got "Fresh" with her in his car one night and she called our Dad!"

I wasn't surprised to hear that but it didn't make me feel any better. Maybe I was just attracted to the wrong kind of girls. I was standing there, feeling sorry for myself and looking at Suzanne's little sister when she took a step closer to me. "So...you're heading home now?"

"I...I don't know." was the idiotic answer I blurted out. It was beginning to dawn on me that Nancy was standing right next to me. If she had been buxom, her tits would have been poking me in the chest. Why should I head home now? Her eyes were locked on mine, looking for some kind of sign. Is this where I've been screwing up? I wondered. I finally decided to go for broke and put my arms around her waist.

"I...I've got the Byrds album on my four track tape in the car Nancy." I told her. "Wanna listen to it?"

Then her smile broadened and her teeth appeared! A smile that lit up the night! "Will...will anyone miss you? I don't want to..."

"No, they're expecting you to drive away though so, let's get in the car."

Nancy didn't wait for me to go open the door for her like her sister usually did. She just jumped in and I fired up my '63 Impala and we cruised slowly down the suburban street. I didn't have to find the tape, I rarely listened to anything else back then. Nancy jabbered away about seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders at Topanga Plaza and I told her of seeing the Leaves down at the old Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa. The conversation was flowing so easily. We both agreed that we loved Donovan but we thought the Turtles were...fat! Ha ha!

We drove up Ventura Blvd. all the way into Hollywood and then we cruised the Sunset Strip. It was late now but the Strip was still jumping. We heard "Let Her Dance" as we drove past Pandora's Box near Crescent Heights and then we drove out past the residential part of Sunset. I pointed out where I thought "Deadman's curve" was and Nancy seemed fascinated. I took her up Beverly Glen to the house the Beatles had rented when they played the Hollywood Bowl and we both wished we could have been there when they were.

We continued to talk as we drove up the Glen and the memory of the Ballet, great as it was, seemed so distant to me now. Somehow, I was riding with a girl who seemed to love all the same stuff I did. I didn't have to put on any airs with her. Even her little green shorts and top...so casual. It was like we were best friends.

At Mullholland, I turned left and we drove along looking at all the lights of the San Fernando Valley down below. Nancy was sitting right next to me now on the bench seat of my Chevy. There was a dirt lot right next to a church along there and we pulled in. I left the key on because Nancy wanted to hear the Kinks new album. It wasn't exactly "Mood Music" you know? Not exactly Martin Denny's Quiet Village or anything, but It was what we both wanted to hear.

I put my arm around my girlfriend's little sister and we listened as the tape played. Not much conversation. I think we both were deep in thought...and not about rock and roll!

"I think you'll really dig this last one." I told Nancy as "Till the end of the day" came on. The Kinks rocked on and Dave Davies, or Jimmy Page depending on who you believe, smoked through the guitar solo. The song ended with a series of power chords with vibrato at the very end.

"Oh my god! That's just so great." Nancy said. "I wonder why that one isn't on the radio?"

At that point, I turned the tape off and the radio came on. Bob Lind's "Elusive Butterfly" was the first full song they played. I cuddled Nancy to me and, when I looked down at her, she was already leaning up to meet me, her lips pursed and her eyes closed. We kissed. Oh we Kissed! I stuck my tongue into her mouth and there was no hesitation on her part. She just fired back with everything she had! She was grinding her thighs together as our soul kisses continued and I thought to myself "Wow...Nancy's panties are once again, right there next to me! Will I be any more successful this time?"

Of course Nancy wasn't wearing a dress so It would be a bit harder to get a feel of them. But Nancy wasn't Suzanne, that's for sure. I was ready to return to action but Nancy quietly told me "I have to pee. Excuse me for a minute."

With that said, Nancy opened the car door and moved quickly into the bushes nearby. I must admit, at the time, I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever even heard of! Girls just didn't do stuff like that! Guys did. All the time. But a girl? Peeing in the bushes?

Anyway, pretty soon, here comes Nancy and she just opens the back door of the car and gets in. I had considered getting out while she was gone but I didn't want her to think I was trying to sneak a peek at her so I stayed put. When she got in the back, I followed suit.

"Everything come out OK?" I couldn't help but joke. I don't know if Nancy got the gag or not because she was ready to resume what we'd started in the front seat. I began to kiss her again and she seemed to have something clutched in her hand. She pressed it into mine and I realized it was her panties!

"Here..." She told me. "You were tryin' so hard earlier I figured I'd make it easier on you this time."

To say I was shocked wouldn't begin to describe it. Now little Nancy Reynolds was naked beneath her shorts and her still warm panties were in my hand! We laid down on the back seat and I put my hand right in her crotch. She offered no resistance and I began to feel her up the best I could. After only a couple of minutes, she mumbled something like "Let me get these off" and proceeded to unzip her shorts. We both pulled them down her legs and then she just went ahead and took off her little white top too. Miracle of miracles, here was little Nancy...completely naked in the back seat of my car! Yeah, it was dark and I couldn't see all that well but her little tits were outstanding! Firm little pink nipples atop the gentle swell of her breast. No, they weren't big but they were so fine! I wanted to jump on her and suck those nips, like, right away.

"You have to...you know, do it too." She pointed out. Oh. It finally dawned on me. Yeah, I have to get undressed. Here. In the back seat of my car. It wasn't easy either. Fumbling with my shoes and socks, getting out of my tight fitting slacks. But I did it.

By now, I was thinking "No way could Nancy be a virgin." I mean, she's made the first move every step of the way. Not that I cared really. I was just overjoyed that we had had so much fun together tonight and now we were apparently going to have more!

There was more kissing and now I was feeling between Nancy's legs. Her pussy, of course, had hair on it but the lips were oh so smooth. She began to gasp and pant as I stroked her pussy. She reached out and grasped my penis which was rock hard now as you might imagine. "Ooooh!" She exclaimed as she got a good feel of me. I moved my mouth down to her little nipples and really enjoyed giving them a good sucking. I could smell her feminine scent wafting up from her stimulated vagina now and I felt it was close to being "Time."

Nancy had found her white panties and was using them to tease my balls while she stroked my cock with her other hand. She sure seemed to be experienced that's for sure. I tried to push my finger right into her wet little pussy but, Man, it was tight!

"Go slow!" She pleaded. "It's...it's my first time."

I suppose I should have confessed my inexperience to her but, well, guys never do that. I was twenty for God's sake! Everyone I knew had already been laid, some of them dozens of times. Here I was, hopefully about to get lucky with my girlfriend's little sister whom, I assume, was hoping to achieve the same thing at the advanced age of 18!

So I moved between Nancy's legs, Missionary Position of course and fumbled with my penis, not sure exactly how this was supposed to work. Nancy finally chuckled and took hold of me and put my cockhead right at the now well lubricated entrance to her virgin pussy and then laid back on the seat. The moonlight was streaming in onto her tiny little tits and bathed her beautiful face with a romantic luster. I don't think I'd ever seen a woman so beautiful before.

But I was having a hard time penetrating her tight little virgin pussy. I was so excited and kept stabbing at her and tried to get some spit to wet her a bit more but my mouth had gone dry from the excitement. I was getting frustrated.

"Here...I can help." Nancy finally said. For a minute I thought she was going to give me a "Blow Job" but I realize now she probably didn't even know what that was. Hell, I barely knew! Sex wasn't all over the place like it is now. Anyway, I watched as Nancy took her little panties and began to tease her pussy with them. Her legs were now well apart and my eyes had adjusted to the dim light and I could see her pussy! Two smooth pink lips! So simple and pure. Just a vertical line at the base of her belly. She was just barely touching herself with her white panties then smoothing them over her thighs. Then she smoothed them over my penis which was a thrill for me! Then back to her virgin pussy.

"Do...do you have a rubber?" She innocently asked. Oh hell! I almost always had one. Not that I ever needed one! But, tonight...I didn't. I hoped I wasn't out of luck.

I shook my head No. "OK, well, when you're ready to...to finish up, take it out so I don't get pregnant. OK?

I nodded my head eagerly, relieved that we were actually going to go ahead with it. Nancy took my cock and brought it once again to the tight little groove of her pussy and moved it around to get it good and slippery. The pretty young blond then put her hand on my rump and began to slowly urge me in.

"Go ahead now Matt. That's it. Go slow please...Just like that...Not quite so hard Matt..."

I was doing the best I could not to just squeeze my butt cheeks together and load my cock all the way to the balls with one big push. But I let Nancy show me the way. I loved to hear her sweet voice as she quietly gave me directions.

"Just a little further Matt...Oh, it's starting to feel nice now! Push it in a little deeper now...Oh, that's it...It feels so nice in there. Don't move it now...let me get used to it a little."

So we laid there. My cock buried all the way in my girlfriend's little sister's pussy. Right out here on Mullholland drive next to some kind of church! I don't know if Nancy was quite ready to start the actual fucking but I sure was! And I did! I started to move out of Nancy's pussy and she actually said "Nooo!" As if I was going away forever! Fat chance of that! I got most of the way out and then shoved it back even deeper than I'd been before. Two or three more strokes and I was balls deep in little Nancy's pussy...and she was going for it too!

"Oh...Oh Matty! Oh come on now! It feels really good! give me all you've got now. Put it...Put it all the way up my p...pussy!"

It was as though she couldn't believe she'd said that nasty word: "Pussy."

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