Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 01


After awhile mom sighed, then said, "w-w-w-wasn't there another exercise you wanted to do, son?"

"Uh? Oh yeah," I said letting go of her ankles and calves. "Sit ups, except that my body weight isn't enough so I need a little extra resistance at the top of the move—just like in the leglifts that we just did."

"Okay, you just tell me what to do."

I scooted towards the couch, laid down on the rug and hooked my feet under the couch bending my knees slightly so it wouldn't hurt my back. "Okay, mom, if you'll stand over me now. Straddle my chest with your feet and stand so you are facing my head."

She stepped over my body, her legs spread just wide enough to hike her already short skirt up even a bit higher. I ran my hands up and down her legs and then firmly urged her to shift her position until it was just right. At this angle I could not see directly up between her legs, but it was close enough for my purposes for what I had in mind today.

"That's just perfect, now mom. Just stay right there." I ran my hands up and down her legs a few more times while looking up the length of her body. And, or my, what an impressive sight. He skirt was short enough, and the angle good enough that even though she was not directly over my face, I could still see her panty-covered mound—an increasingly wet panty-covered mound I must say as now the entire crotch of her panties was soaked and I could clearly see her pussy lips. And then up above that there was that tight-fighting, form-fitting cotton T-shirt mini that clung to every curve and seemed to mould to her giant tits as if it was painted on, I could see her nipples tenting the material. From that angle, looking up her body from below like I was, it made her tits seem like a couple of mountains. She was breathing deeply, her chest rising and falling, and her nipples were erect and pointing out through the thin material like a couple of tiny cocks.

And, ummmm, what a lovely sight. I could have stayed there all day. I would have given anything to be able masturbate right then and there while looking up my mom's skirt and looking up her body at her heaving tits and erect nipples. But I had to make it look good. I had to pretend that I really wanted to do this exercise. "Okay, mom, I'm going to do some sit ups and what I need you to do is to use your hands to press and push hard against my shoulders when I am at the top portion of the movement. That'll make me work my abs harder."

"So you wanna work your abs harder, eh?" she said with a funny grin as she licked her obviously drying lips. "Well, then go for it."

So, with my hands behind my head I began to do my sit ups. And at the top of the movement mom pushed back against my shoulders as instructed to provide a little more resistance. And, each time at the top of the movement I started right into her crotch and exhaled strongly just as I'd done with the bench presses yesterday—except that this time my face was only inches away from her panty-coated cunt.

And with each rep, and each exhalation I saw mom's panties get wetter and wetter.

And with each rep she let me get up a little higher, and little closer to her crotch before she pushed me back down.

By the tenth rep my nose was almost in her skirt, and I blew out strongly blowing her skirt away exposing her now totally soaked panties. Inhaling, I smelled the strong tangy sex of her, more powerful than ever before. Mommy is horny, I thought as my cock was ready to explode.

Then, on the 15th rep, I neared the top again, wondering how close she'd let me go. I tightened my ab muscles ready to plunge my face into her cunt even if she resisted me.

Then, all of a sudden she said. "Oh, fuck!" And she grabbed my head and crammed it up under her skirt and hard against her panty covered pussy.

My hands instantly crawled up the back of her skirt to fondle her ass while I nuzzled my face into her panty-coated cunt, inhaling, kissing, tasting, munching on her panties, squeezing her ass tightly. "Oh, mommy, mommy, mommy," I moaned into her crotch. I trembled all over and my hands were almost spastic in their frantic, almost clumsy efforts to fondle her ass and hips all at the same time while I munched on her panties.

"Ngggggggg, fuck!" She moaned again as her hips began to grind as she tried to fuck my face.

Her knees gave out and the weight of her forced me back down on my back. And what a wonderful way to be forced to fall back down. As her knees gave out, my faze nuzzled up against her panty-covered crotch and supported the full weight of her body—meaning her pussy was smashed all the harder into my face. And then I was flat on my back on the floor with mom sitting on my face, her gorgeous, smooth warm thighs squeezed tightly against my cheeks and the sides of my face, and her wet panties forced heavily against my loving mouth. With my head now up mom's skirt I was in heaven as I continued to mouth her mound, inhale her arousal while caressing her ass, hips and the outsides of her thighs.

And all the while mom's body writhed and moved as if in some sort of dance as she fucked my face ever harder.

But this form of heaven lasted only for a moment, cause she quickly pivoted around so she could plant her mouth on the bulge of my shorts while grinding her panty-covered cunt into my face.

And, oh God, was I ever in seventh heaven now!

She played with my balls while trying to suck the entire bulge of my shorts into her mouth. And I played with her ass while munching her gushing hot cunt through her panties. And all the while I moaned "mommy, mommy, mommy" from between her thighs clamped firmly on either side of my cheeks.

And there we were, as incredible as it seemed. Mom and son sixty-nining each other on the living room floor—while still fully clothed!

I felt her quiver all over as she went into orgasm. And I shot my wad into my shorts at the same time. She sucked at the wet goo in my shorts as if to take it all in, while I did the same with her panties with her gushing panties.

Then we both stopped. For awhile neither of us moved. Neither of us said a thing, as if neither of us could believe what we had just done. A line had been crossed. And now nothing would ever be the same again.

After awhile, she straightened herself up, sitting on my stomach but still facing away from me. She began to gently stroke my now softening cock with one hand and while her other hand gently fondled the bulge in my shorts where my balls were. "You know, Brad, you've been a very naughty boy, getting your mother all hot and bothered like you've been doing."

"Yes, mommy," I said my hands on her hips, fondling. "I just couldn't help it."

"And then there's the matter of the mess you made on mommy's rug. So, I guess mommy's just going to have to punish you for that, now isn't she? Perhaps I should give your bottom a REAL spanking?"

"Yes, mommy. What ever you say mommy."

"Then let's go into mommy's bedroom so mommy can giver her naughty little boy what he deserves."

She stood up then, and helped me to my feet. As soon as I was upright mom grabbed my face with both her hands and mashed her mouth to mine. And this was no motherly kiss. Her lips pressed hard to my mouth, her tongue slithered in between my lips and then she licked all over the inside of my mouth as if she were trying to taste, and lick up all the tell-tale tastes of her own sex that I'd sucked through her panties.

I responded in kind, our tongues fighting each other for space in the others' mouth, and could taste the faint taste of roasted almonds in her mouth that her sucking my cum through my shorts had left.

And then with our arms around each others' waists she led me towards her bedroom. I could hardly believe it. She was taking me into her inner sanctum where she had masturbated yesterday. And that thought made my cock start to grow hard again.

She slipped her hand down onto my ass and I did the same for her.

She paused near the side of her bed and turned to kiss me once again. This time her kisses were more feverish as she fucked her tongue in and out of my lips. Her hands ran up and down my body fondling my ass and the throbbing bulge in the front of my shorts. And my own hands, having a mind of their own reached up under the back of her skirt to fondle her butt as she rubbed her erect nipples back and forth across my chest.

Breaking the kiss off she sat on the edge of the bed hiking her dress all the way up over hips and ass so her panties were completely exposed. Seeing her dress hiked up like that, her legs spread apart a bit, and her panties totally exposed and so sopping drenched from my previous munching on her, and her own sex juices, that they were now virtually transparent allowing me to clearly see her cunt, the fat pussy lips, pulsing and pursing as if saying "kiss me, kiss me, kiss me" that the whole scene made my already throbbing hard cock quiver and jump so, as if I needed to cum into my shorts all over again.

I glanced down at the growing again bulge in my shorts to see the gooey mess I'd made when I came—and mom's lipstick marks all over the bulge, standing out bright red upon my grey shorts. What a slutty little boy I am. And that thought just added to the turn on. Yes, I liked the idea of being a slutty little boy for my sexy mommy. Mommy's little slut boy.

Mom then made me stand before her, between her legs. Squeezing her smooth thighs in hard against my legs she fondled my cock, balls, and ass, driving me out of my mind. Then she sucked on the bulge in my gym shorts again until my cock was just raging and I thought I couldn't stand it any more. The wetness and heat of her mouth, even through my soggy shorts, was almost more pleasure than I could stand. All I could do was just whimper "mommy, mommy, mommy," while caressing her hair.

But all too soon the pleasure stopped as she pushed away from me and with a stern look upon her face she commanded, "Now lay down across my lap, son."

I did as she ordered and it made me even hornier, the feel of my bare tummy and chest against mom's bare legs, with the steamy heat from her crotch wafting up to caress the naked skin of my stomach.

She yanked my shorts down below my knees, and as she did so my cock sprung free with a sharp "boing" slapping against the underside of her thigh. And as she pulled my shorts down I could feel those wonderful tits of hers jiggling on my back.

"Smack!" She slapped my bare butt. It didn't hurt but just made a loud sexy sound that reverberated through the room. "Smack!" She did it again. It sure made my ass jiggle.

"Smack!" She slapped me a little harder and it caused my cock to fuck up against her inner thigh.

She continued spanking my ass until it was nice and red, and while there was no pain, it just smarted a little—making it nice and hot.

Also hot was the musky odor coming up out of her mini-skirt. The steaminess of it stimulated my tummy and went right to my cock, making it throb all the more.

She fondled my butt, playing with the jiggling cheeks, then slapped me again a little harder forcing my cock to fuck up harder against her thigh. Then, when my ass was so hot it was almost burning, she began planting cool kisses all over it, leaving her lipstick marks on my cheeks that I could see in the mirror.

"Roll over onto your back," she commanded me. She guided me so that my feet and legs rested on her bed and my head was cradled in her lap. And my cock, all naked and exposed, stuck up like a pillar and waved and pointed at her.

"Such a naughty little boy, my sonny is." She toyed with my erection. "Would you like to play with mommy's tits like I'm playing with your cock?"

By the time I could stammer "s-s-s-sure," she had pulled her tits out from her V-necked dress.

My hands flew to the gorgeous globes dangling so close above my face. As I played with her knockers she said, "suck me! Suck me just like you did when you were a baby." And before I could react she had fed a nipple to my horny lips. I sucked and fondled to my hearts delight first one tit, then the other, while she continued to play with my cock and balls.

Just when I thought I was about ready to cum, she stopped playing with my cock and made me sit up. She then stood up in front of me while smoothing her dress down and said, "Stick your hands up my dress and fondle my ass." She stood right between my thighs so close the strong musky smell wafting out from under her skirt made me high.

I gladly did as she said, fondling her panty-covered ass while she played with her own tits.

"Now rub my cunt and feel how wet you've made your mommy's panties."

As I obeyed this last command she made soft whimpering sounds and tugged on her erect nipples.

"Now, pull my panties down—and be slow about it."

With trembling fingers—and my cock throbbing so bad it hurt—I slowly rolled her soaked panties down over her hips and butt. As soon as her panties cleared her hemline, she moved in closer to me and grabbed the back of my head shoved it into her crotch. Instinctively I began munching on her mound right through her dress and rubbing my nose against her cunt. She began to moan a little louder.

"Time to teach you how to eat real pussy, son. Take my dress off." She turned around shaking her butt in my face.

I stood up to take her T-shirt mini off, then she laid back down on the bed and raised her legs into the air. Instinctively I knelt before her and began kissing and licking the backs of her legs, behind her knees and the backs of her thighs.

She parted her thighs and I kissed and licked the tender, white insides working my way down to her boiling swamp. I slipped my hands up under her ass and dived right in.

As I knelt before her, kissing her swollen lips, nuzzling my nose against her erect clit, and licking her slit, my throbbing cock ached to be where my face was. It twitched and bobbed while I serviced her with my mouth. It was such a kinky, erotic, thing, to be eating out my own mom that I was just too enthralled to move, and change my position—as much as my cock wanted to get in on the action. So I just pressed my face all the harder into her snatch and licked and sucked away and enjoyed the eroticness of it.

Mom moaned and played with her tits as I licked and sucked her which turned me on all the more. She clamped her creamy, white thighs against the sides of my face so hard I couldn't have moved even had I wanted to. She began to thrash and fuck her cunt up into my loving face in her urgency, which only heightened my own lusts and pleasures.

She slapped her feet against my ass as she began to trash uncontrollably.

"Ummm, fuck, yessssss! Eat me! God, my own son, eating me. Fuck! So fucking hot!

And then she came as she gushed a stream of hot fluid into my mouth. She squeezed her thighs so hard against the sides of my head I thought my brains would explode—but I loved the feeling and so did my cock as it seemed to grow another inch in its eagerness for pussy. It throbbed and ached so.

After lying still for a moment mom made me stand up and face her. She scooted to the edge of the bed and began playing with my raging hard-on, tugging it side to side. A glassy-eyed look covered her face. She licked my cock and teased it with a little suck driving me out of my mind. Then she stood up, turned around and bent over placing her hands on the bed to help support her weight. Her fleshy ass stuck up in the air and jiggled provocatively at me.

Unable to restrain myself I immediately began to fondle her ass.

"Fuck me, son!" She almost moaned. "Come on, fuck your mommy doggie style. I wanna feel your hot cock in my cunt. I wanna feel your tight, young stomach slapping against my ass as you fuck me from behind."

Needing no further encouragement, I moved in, my twitching cock slapping up against her ass cheeks. Then I crammed it up under her butt and between her thighs. She reached back, grabbed it, and guided it into her pussy. And then, my God, I was fucking mommy! Fucking my own mom!

"Oh, God, yes!" She moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Pumping away as fast and furious as I could, my hard abs making slapping sounds against her ass, I bent over her back so I could reach around and play with her tits as I fucked her.

Added to her moans, and the slapping sounds of my stomaching pounding her ass, was the "squish, squish, squish" sounds of her sloppy wet pussy as I pumped my cock in and out.

And then I couldn't take anymore. My balls tightened. I shot my load into her hot volcano.

We both collapsed onto her bed.

After resting a couple of minutes she had me stand up before her again. She sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed my ass and pulled me in between her thighs. She began lightly kissing my limp cock as she fondled my ass. It didn't take long for the erotic wetness of her lips and tongue and the way she worked them on my dick for it to stir back to life and began to rise again.

As soon as it became fully hard again, quivering in front of her face, she said, "mommy really loves her little boy's nice big toy." Then she began licking her own cunt juices and my left over cum off of the head of my cock. With one hand on my balls and one hand on my butt, she took me fully into her mouth.

"Oh, mommy, mommy, mommy!" I Moaned as she sucked on me. She rubbed her hard-on nipples against my trembling thighs. I ran my fingers through her hair, and caressed her head—her bobbing up and down head as she sucked me.

Then, when I was trembling so bad I could hardly stand anymore, she lay back down on her bed, lifted her legs high in the hair and split them apart exposing her bubbling hot cunt once again. "Fuck me again, honey. Fuck your mommy. I want to watch your face this time as you fuck me."

I moved up, and leaning forward pressed my anxious cock against her swollen lips. She guided me in again as I leaned against the backs of her thighs and she wrapped her feet around my back.

And I fucked away like a rabbit while she played with her own tits right in front of my eyes. She moaned and licked her lips. Soon she was thrashing and bucking on the bed and slapping her feet against my ass. And then we both exploded.

Before the day was through, ((and we had to break for dinner)) she taught me several different positions—and made me promise to keep our mother-son sex sessions a secret.

A secret I was eventually not able to keep, but that is a story for another day.

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