tagLesbian SexSuzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 03

Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 03


This story is actually chapter three of Suzie's son-swapping sex club.


After watching all that girl-girl porn with my son, I got really horny to try it with another woman. My thoughts then naturally turned to my tennis partner Marge, who just happened to be the mother of Brad's two friends, the 18-year old twins Jimmy and Timmy--both of whom I'd had the exquisite pleasure of fucking along with my own son of the same age.

My opportunity to try something with Marge came when we both went to a PTA conference out of town. I talked her into sharing the hotel room on the pretext of saving expenses. I also offered to drive so we could save on gas.

For the drive I wore the skimpiest skirt I could get away with: A bright red latex mini with no panties, and red pumps to match. On top I wore simple white blouse—mostly unbuttoned on top. When I arrived at Marge's she met me at the front door dressed almost as sexy: A pair of three-inch white heels matched with a pair of white shorts so tight and skimpy I could see her camel toe. On top she had a skin tight T-shirt with no bra. As she stepped out the door I saw her twins starring at us. I grinned at them and flashed them the okay sign.

I let Marge get in on the passenger side before I strode over to the driver's side. As I climbed in behind the wheel I made sure my skimpy skirt slid up my hips—and felt a nice thrill when I noticed Marge staring at my exposed and shaved pussy.

"Oh, I see you shave." Marge giggled.

I grinned at her. "Yeah. It makes me feel so much younger. Young and Naughty." I winked at her.

As we drove down the highway, I was pleased to note the way Marge kept looking at me, eyeing my thighs, my half-exposed cunt, and my tits almost ready to jump out of my half unbuttoned blouse.

We started talking about sex, and I used the opportunity to tell her about some of the porn I'd been watching—without telling her I'd been watching it with my son. In time I managed to get her to admit that she also looked at porn and masturbated to it. And, as we continued talking about sex, porn, and masturbation I noticed how her nipples grew so nice and erect under her T-shirt.

"All of this talk about sex and porn has made me so fucking horny," I said, "I could almost masturbate right now." I stuck my hand between my legs to rub my pussy. "Ummmm. What I'd give right now to have someone licking me while I drove."

Marge giggled nervously—but couldn't take her eyes off me. "I know how you feel." She rubbed her camel toe. "If we only had a couple of boys kneeling on the floor board between our legs. Yeah, I could dig it."

"Except that we'd probably have an accident when I came." I said as I withdrew my wet, sticky hand from my cunt and placed it on her thigh.

We both laughed. And I used the opportunity to rub my hot hand back and forth on the inside of her thigh.

We arrived at the hotel, checked in, then went to our room upstairs to get ready for dinner. I elected to shower first. I took my time undressing, enjoying the way Marge was looking at me. Standing completely naked in front of her I shook my boobs to make them jiggle, then giggling, I teased my erect nipples with my index fingers while Marge stared open-mouthed. Then I dashed into the bathroom.

When I came back out all squeaky clean and drying myself with the hotel's towel, Marge was already naked. "Oh chucks," I said. "I was hoping I'd get to see you strip for me like I did for you." I giggled.

Marge's face turned bright red, but she also giggled as she took my place in the bathroom.

While Marge showered I dressed myself in garter belt, nylon stockings, and a blue, one-piece mini-dress that had buttons down to the waist. I left enough buttons undone to expose as much cleavage as I could legally get away with.

I was putting the finishing touches on my make-up when Marge came out of the shower all nice and naked. I smiled at her while looking her body up and down.

"Oh," Marge said, "you're dressing formally?'

"Why not? It's a nice hotel."

"Then I guess I'd better too." Marge slipped on a garter belt then sat down on the bed and held up pair of nylons. "Would you mind giving me a hand with my stockings?"

"Love to." I took the stockings from her, laid one on the bed as Marge laid back down on her back and raised her legs high in the air. I took one of her feet in my hand and ever so gently began to fit the stocking over it. I caressed her foot as I smoothed the sexy nylon material over it, then slowly unrolled the stocking down her leg, pausing now and then to smooth the material out and caress and massage her calf, then, the area behind her knee, and then her thigh.

With her stocking completely unrolled, I ran my hands up and down her leg pretending to make sure there were no runs. "I really love your stockings. Such sexy material."

"I love it too," Marge said. "It feels so-o-o-o sexy on my legs."

Let's get the other one then," I said as I reluctantly let go of her nylon-enshrouded leg to pick up the other stocking. I repeated the same procedure as on the first leg—all the while drooling over Marge's exposed cunt staring me straight in the face. I could tell Marge was getting turned on too from the flush in her face and the way her nipples began to grow erect and the increasing wetness of her increasingly swollen pussy lips. I could have just dived in to her tempting honey pot right then and there and began slurping away but I didn't want to push my luck. Better to tease her and lead her on bit-by-bit until she's as horny and as anxious to try pussy as I am.

After I finished smoothing out her second stocking, I helped Marge to her feet. As she stood facing me, I helped her fasten her garter belts. This gave me an opportunity to not only touch her upper thighs again, but to place my face up close to her crotch. I inhaled the musky odor coming out of her glistening wet cunt and it went right through me making my own cunt throb and twitch with desire. Marge smelled as horny as I felt.

This could turn into a very interesting evening.

I watched as Marge slipped on a pair of white panties, a tiny red mini and a white blouse on top which she left partially undone—just like me. "Ummm," I said. "Such a nice sexy short skirt you've got there. Just look at yourself in the mirror and see how sexy you look."

I stood next to Marge as she posed in front of the mirror.

"And you too," Marge said as she fingered the hem of my mini-dress. "So sexy in your heels and hose and this bright blue mini dress."

"Let's go down to dinner and see how many eyes we can attract," I said as I put my arm around her waist and guided her out the door.

During dinner we engaged in small talk, then as we were finishing desert I grinned mischievously at Marge and said, "Say, Marge, have you ever noticed they way your two sons keep looking at us when we play tennis?"

"Your son too," Marge said, with a giggle. "You know good and well he often joins my boys in looking us."

I let my shoe drop off of my foot and then rubbed my nylon-enshrouded foot against the chin of Marge's leg. "Yeah, you're right. I think our boys enjoy watching our skimpy tennis shirts flip up and down as we jump and reach to swat the tennis ball."

Marge's face grew bright red but she made no attempt to move her leg away from my caressing foot. Instead, she grinned at me and said, "I bet they get huge hard-ons every time they catch a glimpse of our panties when ever we bend over or jump up for a shot."

"Yeah," I said, moving my foot up a little higher on her leg. "You know how boys that age are. Always horny and always getting hard-ons."

"Even from looking at old crones like us."

"Oh, now. Are we so bad? We both still have it." By now my foot was rubbing the inside of Marge's thigh. "Tell me, Marge, don't you ever get horny from having those two young bucks of yours at home knowing that they've always got those nice fucking hard-ons?"

"Don't I ever. Course, I can't do anything about it. Except just masturbate when I'm alone in my room."

"You know," I said, "all of this talk about sex and our hung sons and everything has got me so fucking wet I'm about to stain the furniture here."

Marge giggled, and placed her own foot just behind my knee. "Me too."

I smiled at her and licked my lips. "Say, Marge, since we're both feeling a bit randy tonight, why don't we go back upstairs and download one of those naughty movies from the pay channels?"

Marge: "Sure. Sounds like fun."

So we paid our tab and returned to our room. We arranged the room's two chairs to face the TV. (At the same time I made sure that our chairs were angled so I could also see Marge's reactions as we watched the movie). The movie we watched had both hetero and some girl-girl fun.

"Oh," I said after the movie ended, "all that sex and now I'm hornier than ever." Still fully clothed, and seeing that Marge was now looking me over, I cupped my breasts and rubbed my legs together making my nylon stockings go "swish," "swish," "swish."

"Me too," Marge said, her eyes bugging out of her head as she watched me fondle myself. "I'm so horny I could fuck just about anything now."

"Even another girl?" I giggled, while still playing with my tits. "I don't know about you, but those girl-girl scenes turn me on almost more than did the girl-guy scenes. So fucking erotic."

"Yeah, fuck," Marge said. "Even sitting here watching you play with your tits and talk dirty is getting me all wet."

I smiled at Marge, licked my lips, then said. "Show me! Let's have our own porn show. Go ahead, flash me. Show me how wet your panties are."

Giggling, Marge lifted up one leg to expose her white, and very damp, panties.

"Ummmm, sexy, sexy, sexy," I said, reaching a hand down to play with my crotch.

"Now you gotta flash me," Marge said.

"Lie down on the floor and I'll give you the naughtiest view you can imagine."

When Marge got down on the floor, face up, I stood directly over her.

While looking up between my legs, Marge had her feet near her ass and with her knees up in the air. This caused the hem of her skirt to puddle around her hips exposing her wet panties even more than before.

Looking at that sexy sight between her slightly parted thighs inspired me to reach a hand up under my skirt to stroke my throbbing cunt through my panties while my other hand played with my tits.

"Ummmmm, yesss!" Marge said as she too began to masturbate herself through her soaked panties as she stared up between my legs watching me masturbate. "Yes, you are nice and wet just like me—with Marge's looking up between my legs giving me even more of a thrill.

"I wonder who the wettest is?" I said. "Why don't we take each other's panties off and compare to see who's the wettest?"

"Sounds like kinky fun." Marge said.

"Why don't you go first then. Take my panties off, but as you do it, be real naughty with me to see how wet you can make me. Just imagine we're in a porn movie and millions of people are jerking off watching us play."

"Okay, you asked for it," Marge said as she readjusted her position so as to be kneeling in front of me.

Marge ran her hands up and down the backs of my legs while rubbing her huge tits and erect nipples against my thighs and blowing hot air against my crotch. Then her hands were up under my dress, fondling, playing, rubbing. While Marge fondled my legs, ass, and cunt, I pulled my tits out of my unbuttoned blouse so I could tease my nipples better.

I almost gushed an orgasm before she pulled my panties down. She stood up next to me with my panties in hand, and we both examined and sniffed. "Pretty wet," she said, "but I bet mine are wetter." She touched her index finger against one of my erect nipples.

"I guess I'll just have to see for myself," I said as I knelt down before her. First I fondled her legs and blew hot air on her crotch as she had done me. Then I did her one better. I stuck my head up under her skirt and kissed and licked her cunt through her panties until she began to moan. Only then did I roll her panties down her legs.

As we stood together examining her panties, we both agreed that hers were wetter than mine—but mostly because I had licked and sucked on her through her panties.

"Since you're the winner," I said, "I think the winner deserves a nice big kiss." I took her face between my hands and brought our faces together. Our lips touched ever so gently. The first time I've ever kissed another woman with sexual intent.

Our kiss grew more passionate and then before I knew what was happening her tongue slipped in between my lips to invade my mouth and I felt bolts of electricity course all through me—just like the first time I got naughty with my son.

And then our hands were all over each other, fondling tits, hips, butts, and crotches as we made out. (One thing I've always wanted to do is rub my nipples against the nipples of another woman or girl—and now I had my chance.)

I unbuttoned Marge's blouse the rest of the way and exposed her luscious tits. Then we rubbed our erect nipples together while we each had a hand up the other's skirt to tease each other's steaming wet cunts.

I pushed Marge down on the bed and climbed on top. At first it was face-to-face as we face fucked each other some more. I rubbed my tits against hers while fucking my crotch into hers—my wetness mixing with hers.

Then I flipped myself around to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs while at the other end her hands played with my ass and pussy.

We both still had our skirts on, but that didn't stop us from taking the next step. Marge raised her legs in the air, her skirt puddling around her hips, her thighs parted enough to expose her throbbing pussy, her horny clit sticking up out of its hood.

I kissed and licked my way down her thighs feeling intoxicated by the musky aroma wafting up out of her cunt. And then my lips were upon her fat, swollen ones. And then I was eating cunt for the first time in my life. What a slut I am, eating pussy. And, oh, what a wonderful feeling it was to have my face between Marge's warm thighs, my mouth on her most private parts, my lips against her steamy ones, my tongue exploring her, tasting her horny nectar—knowing that the heat and wetness of her cunt made her as much of a slut as I am.

Marge didn't waste any time either. As soon as she felt me go down on her she moaned and grabbed me by the hips and pulled my crotch down onto her face.

And then, we were both eating pussy like old pros, our bodies humping and thrashing as our lips and tongues strived to give maximum pleasure to each other.

As Marge ate me out, she moaned in pleasure into my cunt muffling the sound. But the vibrations of her vocalizations sent me to new heights. And then we both came together bathing each other's faces in warm, sticky, female sex juices.

"God, I've wanted to do something like this for so-o-o long," Marge said after we had both cum and were laying side by side on the bed.

"Me too." I began to nibble on her earlobe. Her hand went to my pussy and began to diddle making me horny all over again. I fondled her tits while kissing, licking, and nibbling all over her ears and the side of her face.

"Let's fuck our cunts together," Marge said. "I've always wanted to trib another woman."

For an answer I kissed, licked, and nibbled my way down her neck and then sucked on her boobs and played with her pussy while her finger fucking of me intensified.

"Come on, Suzy, fuck me. I'm too horny to wait any longer."

And so we sissored our legs together and humped the piss out of each other while nibbling on each others' feet.

"Ummm, fuck yes," I said. "Fuck me Marge, fuck me!"

And then we were both moaning, and thrashing our orgasms again as we ground our pussies together.

We fucked and ate each other out several more times that night before falling asleep in each others arms. When the conference was over we both had to admit that it was the most interesting PTA conference either of us had ever attended. Needless to say we promised each other that we'd have to get together rather often in the future—and not just for our tennis matches.

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