Suzie's Son-Swapping Sex Club 05


Climbing off of Suzy's lap I got down on my knees in front of Marge. My first time eating pussy! My temples pounded with excitement. My hands trembled with as they caressed her thighs riding up under her skirt. I pulled her panties down her legs and off her feet then held them to my face, sniffing and licking the wet spot on her crotch—just to get a preview of what eating pussy would be like. Then I tossed her soaked panties to the boys so they could sniff too.

"Freddy?" Suzy said, "come up behind your mommy and reach your hand up under her skirt so you can play with her pussy through her panties and make her feel real good while she eats out Marge."

Freddy got right behind me so close his refreshed hard cock lightly grazed the cheeks of my ass as he reached his hand between my thighs and up under my skirt to rub my panty-coated cunt while I kissed and licked my way up between Marge's thighs.

After making Marge cum, I had to eat out Suzy and Kathy as well while my son continued to tease my pussy as commanded by Suzy.

"Okay, Freddy," Suzy said after I had eaten out all three women, "come and stand here before me. There, that's a good boy." She fondled his hard-on.

"Cindy, stand just behind your son."

"Now, Freddy, dear," Suzy said, still stroking his cock, "turn around and kneel down before your mommy and show us you know how to take her panties off."

"Ummmm, yes, Freddy," I said as I fondled my own tits, "stick your hands up mommy's skirt. That's a good boy. You can rub mommy's pussy if you'd like, see how wet I am."

Suzy leaned forward so she could still fondle Freddy's balls and cock as he knelt in front of me. She rubbed her tits back and forth across his back.

Freddy's hands all over my ass and cunt while all these women and their horny sons watched was so-o-o-o fucking hot.

All too soon his hands stopped playing and he rolled my soaked panties down my legs.

"Okay, Freddy," Suzy said, "give me your mommy's panties." She took my panties from him and sniffed them. "Ummmm, Freddy, you've really made your mommy horny. See how horny Freddy has made his mommy," she said to the other two women who then leaned in to sniff my panties.

"Oohhhh, yes," Kathy and Marge said together. "You've really made your mommy hot and horny, Freddy."

"See how hot and horny your mommy is, Freddy," Suzy said as she rubbed my wet panties on my son's face making him sniff and lick at my wet goo.

As my son sniffed and licked my panties, Kathy and Marge played with his cock and balls making him whimper with need.

"Freddy," Suzy said, tossing my wet panties over to the other boys, "you've been such a good boy by making your mommy so hot and horny, why don't you sit on my lap so I can give you a nice big kiss."

I lifted my skirt and masturbated as I watched the other three mommies work my little Freddy over. It started with Suzy French kissing him and placing his hands upon her tits to make him feel her up, while the other two women fondled his cock, balls, and ass. Then they made him rub his naked body against each of their fully clothed ones. They wrapped their nylon enshrouded legs around his body and rubbed as if they were masturbating his whole body. They tongue kissed him and fondled him until he was ready to explode.

Then Suzy made him sit on her lap again—but this time face out, towards me. The three mommies continued to fondle him while making him watch me masturbate over his fun, while their four sons, all naked now, grouped around me played with my tits and ass.

While Freddy sat on Suzy's lap watching the other boys fondle me and take the rest of my clothes off, all three women continued to fondle him. Four young bucks, all sons of the other moms, and all sporting such delicious hard-ons as they fondled me and removed my clothes made me feel like I was in heaven. Completely naked I knelt down before them. They stood in a close circle so my hands could play with two cocks while I sucked a third one. The other boy rubbed his eager cock against the side of my face. Having a cock in my mouth bulging my cheeks out while another cock fucked itself against the outside of the same cheek was a delicious thrill.

After each of the boys got their chance to fuck my mouth I laid down on my back and spread my legs open right in front of my son.

"Now go fuck your mommy," Suzy said to my by now sex-crazed son. "Show us you know how to fuck your mommy and make her feel real good."

Freddy, on his knees, his face staring between my raised and spread legs, said, "Can I mommy?"

"Of course, sweetie," I said, "mommy wants to feel your nice big cock fucking her hungry cunt real good."

Freddy scooted up between my thighs and pressed his trembling hard-on against my soaked and throbbing pussy while everyone watched. Feeling delicious naughty thrills rush through my body causing goose bumps to erupt on every square inch of my skin, I guided him inside me. Oh God! I'm fucking my son!

"Oh, mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Freddy said as he began to pump me.

Meanwhile, the other four boys rubbed their throbbing cocks all over my tits and face, while my hands fondled butts, balls, and cock. And I was in pervert heaven.

Freddy and I were both so fried by this time that we came in minutes. But one cum wasn't nearly enough for me, so after Freddy withdrew to rest his now shrinking cock, the other four boys took turns fucking me every which way while their mom's watched.

While Suzy and the other two moms watched their sons fuck me silly, they began to fondle my Freddy. Then they took turns sucking him until he got nice and hard again.

And while their sons continued screwing me, the three women took care of my Freddy making him fuck each of them in turn. And then they taught him to eat pussy.

After that all nine of us ended up in one big pile of incestuous flesh fucking and sucking each other until we all fell asleep exhausted.

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