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Suzy and the Trucker


Suzy's life was going downhill fast by the time she was five. Her dad left after filling their crappy little house with yelling and violence. They never had enough money and her mom had a steady stream of 'boyfriends' coming and going from the house. They moved a lot because they often were broke and skipped out on the rent. Suzy was never in the same school or had friends for very long. Her experiences as a kid told her that when things got difficult you picked up and went somewhere else. Although she was very pretty she lived a lonely life.

Suzy was 18 when one of her mom's 'friends' cornered her. He pawed her breasts and grabbed her bottom, pushing his hand against her asshole. He said he'd like to take care of her, same as he took care of her mom. Suzy wanted nothing to do with this smelly old man but when her mom saw this she took her aside and encouraged her to be friendly with the guy. She told Suzy that all she had going for her was her body and she'd might as well start using it now.

Suzy was sickened by what her mother said to her. Her mother had never been supportive or paid much attention to her, but this was a new low. Suzy felt totally betrayed. She stuffed some things in a bag and was out the door. She was a kid; she didn't have a plan but she knew she didn't want to have anything to do with men like that who just wanted to paw and fondle her body. Suzy was on the street and on her own at 18.

She drifted from job to job, using her natural attractions and native intelligence to convince people, mostly men, to give her jobs. But when problems came up, and they always did, the only way that Suzy knew how to deal with them was to pick up stakes and leave. She had never learned another way.

Suzy used her sex appeal to help smooth difficulties over. She had learned early on that there was something special about her that made men want to look at her and touch her, more than most other girls or women. Her breasts held a special fascination for men and she had learned how to casually unbutton the top buttons of her blouse and lean over, 'accidently' exposing her lovely cleavage. She got a kick out of watching men stare at her boobs while she pretended not to notice. She would look at them out of the corner of her eye while they stared and then, when they looked up and realized that she had been watching them as they stared down her blouse, they'd get embarrassed and look away. Suzy enjoyed the feeling of power she got from those little interactions. It was one of the few things in her life that made her feel powerful.

In Las Vegas Suzy used her good looks to get hired at a few restaurants, as a waitress, as a greeter and as a receptionist. She was smart but she hadn't been able to keep any of the jobs. She didn't understand why, but problems 'just happened to her'. Finally, once again, she gave up and left Las Vegas, the latest in her list of places that "hadn't worked out".

She was at the wheel of her beat up old red Ford 150 pickup, driving east across the desert in her piece of shit truck, not even knowing where the hell she was going.

Depressed didn't begin to express her feelings. She was on the wrong side of 30, didn't have a plan, or even a destination in mind.

Ka-chunk, ka-chunk, bang bang bang, pssssssss from under the hood.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Suzy managed to get her truck off the road but she knew it was a goner. Smoke was coming up from under the hood. She didn't even bother to open the hood; she didn't have any money to fix the truck.

Suzy sat on the tail gate, at a loss for what to do. It would be dark soon, cars were whizzing by, and she had no one she could call for help. She sighed, stood up and kicked at a stone.


Bill was cruising along in his 18 wheeler, hauling a trailer load of furniture from the Port of Los Angeles to a distribution center in Kansas City. He and his wife Vera had saved for many years and finally bought his brand new rig last year. He was still enjoying the pride and freedom he felt as he drove his truck down the highway. He and Vera had agreed that it made sense to get a comfortable sleeper rig so he wouldn't have to spend money on motels or restaurant meals. Bill was beefy, 6' tall, 48 years old. He and Vera had been married for 22 years and lived in a suburb of Kansas City. Their only child, Charlie, was in the military where he seemed to have found a home for himself in Air Force Intelligence. Bill felt good being self-sufficient as he roared along Interstate 40 going east. He made this run once a month, knew how long it would take him and where he would stop to rest.

He saw Suzy's smoking truck a distance off, so he had time to slow and stop. His powerful air brakes whooshed when he came to a complete stop. Bill grabbed his fire extinguisher and ran towards the smoking pickup. When Suzy saw him approaching she unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and neatened up her hair with her fingers as she walked out to meet him. She stopped him, saying the truck wasn't worth saving.

"You sure, miss?"

"Yeah, don't waste your fire extinguisher on that piece of shit. It's gone."

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay ..." Her voice faded off.

"Where are you headed? Can I drop you somewhere?"

As usual, Suzy didn't have a plan but she instinctively fell back on her strengths. She bent down to tie her shoe, letting her breasts hang free, exposing them almost to their nipples. Bill, well, Bill looked. He was attracted to women and here was a good looker giving him a good show. When she straightened up and looked at him she expected Bill to look away, embarrassed, but he didn't. He looked her back in the eye and smiled.

"I'm going east"

"Well, I'm heading east too, going as far as Kansas City. You're welcome to hitch a ride if you want. You can decide along the way where you want me to let you off."

Suzy was truly grateful as she accepted. "Thank you so much. The truth is, I don't really have anywhere to go. Kansas City sounds as good as any place to go."

Bill climbed up into the cab while Suzy climbed into the passenger seat with her bag from her old truck. He put the big rig into low gear and worked up through the gears until he was at cruising speed. This was the first time that Suzy had been in a truck like this one and she was fascinated by the mechanics of the driving and also the luxury of the vehicle. Coming from her junky Ford pickup this was like flying first class. Suzy observed Bill as he drove: short hair, clean shaven, muscular arms, a little hairy, wearing a wedding band, mid 40's.

She felt insecure with Bill; he hadn't responded to her the way other men did and she wanted to get him hooked on her. This wasn't for any devious motive; she didn't want him to dump her somewhere because he was bored with her. Suzy unbuttoned another button of her blouse and casually shifted in her seat to give him a good show. He glanced over but kept his eyes on the road.

He told Suzy the basics of his life, how he and Vera were married, spoke about their son and how they had saved their money so they could buy the truck. When he invited Suzy to tell him about her life she gave him a highly edited version. It was entertaining but he had been around for long enough to know that he wasn't getting the real story.

Truck drivers are required to rest after 11 hours of driving in a 14 hour period and Bill was coming up to his limit. He pulled into the truck stop he usually stopped at to fuel up, use the rest room and catch some shut eye. His cab had a single bunk and as he slowed in the parking area he told Suzy that he was going to get some sleep now and that she should do her best to sleep in the passenger seat.

Suzy was truly confused. She didn't think he was gay but she'd never had a guy ignore her when she offered herself so obviously. As Bill got comfortable in his bunk Suzy came over.

"I really appreciate all you're doing for me. I'd like you to let me show you how much it means to me."

She stroked the side of his face, played with his ear lobe, and let her hand drift down his side. He breathed deeply and moved a little towards her. "This is more like it" she thought. She reached down a little further, intending to lightly brush her hand against his cock. She'd never met a man who didn't like having her pay attention to his cock.

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed.

There was something metallic where his cock should be. Bill chuckled.

"That, my dear, is a chastity cage. I couldn't fuck you I wanted to."

Suzy didn't know what to say but she struggled out "Why? Who?"

"My wife and I decided together that this little device could save us both a lot of headache. I've been wearing one for about five years but this is actually the first time that it's been really useful. I mean, you know that you're a fine piece of ass and you're sort of offering yourself up on a platter. I don't know if I could resist you if not for this steel thing I'm wearing."

Suzy had heard of chastity devices but this was the first time she'd been with a man who was wearing one. She was curious.

"Uh, do you think I could see it? I've heard of them but I've never seen one."

Bill was sort of tickled by the thought of showing himself to this hot young woman.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt nuthin' if I showed you."

Bill pulled down his pants and then his underpants. Suzy saw the ring around his balls and cock that held everything in place and the steel cage that contained his penis.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, well, not usually. Sometimes it pinches a bit and then I have to adjust things."

"Could I touch it?"

"I don't think that's a good idea"

"Please, I won't touch you. I just want to touch it."

Again, it was difficult for Bill to resist a sexy woman who wanted to touch him in an intimate place.

"Well, okay, just for a minute."

Suzy tentatively poked a finger at a steel bar and then lifted the cage. It was heavier than she expected. She found that she could get a finger in between the bars and touch him. She began stroking him through the bars of the cage and was delighted to see that his cock hardening in the cage. This was starting to be familiar to her. She tentatively touched his balls but Bill pulled away.

"No more. This cage is for me and my wife. No more. Go sleep on the seat."

Bill rolled over on the bunk, turning his back to her.

Suzy curled up in the seat and tried to get her head around what had just happened. In her world men never pushed her away if they were far from their wives. Men would always grab a quick one on the side. But here was Bill, rolled over on his side, snoring softly.

The next morning they were rolling at 8 AM with the sun in their eyes.

"Bill, could I ask you about last night?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"I'm just really confused. I've never met a straight guy who didn't want a little something extra on the side but you didn't. Did I do something wrong?"

Bill laughed. "Honey, you're a sweet, sexy thing and I'd love to share my bed with you but the price is too high."

"Too high! I didn't want money!"

"I didn't mean a money price. I mean that when I'm back with my wife I want to be able to look her straight in the eye. I couldn't do that if I messed around with you. That's the price I'm talking about. When I started driving I was tempted by a lot of women. I never did anything but I was tempted. I talked with Vera about it and she came up with this great idea.

"Since you're worried about your cock straying away from me let's lock it up, she said.

"She'd read up on "male chastity devices" on the internet and thought locking up my cock would be a great way to keep my on the straight and narrow. She showed me some of the web sites that she'd been looking at and, well, at first I wasn't sold."

"But I came around". He smiled.

"It took me a while for me to get used to the idea and to get used to wearing it but now it just feels normal. And last night just goes to show that it was a real good idea. She'll get a kick out of it when I tell her."

"You're going to tell her? About what I tried to do last night?" Suzy definitely didn't think that was a good idea.

"Sure, nothing happened and it'll get her real hot when I tell her about our sexual non- adventure. She'll love hearing about how this little honey of a hitch hiker tried to get into my pants but was stopped by the cage."

"How do you get out of it? It's locked; where's the key?"

"Vera keeps the key. I have an emergency key in the truck but it is only for emergencies. I didn't figure that last night was an emergency."

They drove on in silence for a while.

"Bill, could I ask you another question? It's kind of personal."

"Sure, we've been having a pretty personal conversation already."

"Well, and I don't mean that I think this but do you think that being locked up like you are makes you less of a man? I mean, I think of men as wanting to fuck anything that's still warm and you seem, uh, content to have women off limits."

"Yeah, I guess it could seem that way. No, I don't feel like less of a man. I'm a man who has what he needs and likes what he has."

Suzy played with that idea in her head. He has what he needs and likes what he has. He's satisfied with his life. She had never met anyone who was satisfied with their life.

"Were you always like this, satisfied?"

"Oh lord no. I used to be a young stud, always looking for pussy, always hungry. Probably like a lot of the guys you hang out with. I was just lucky enough to get together with Vera. She helped me get my life on track. I wouldn't go back to being who I was for a million bucks. And, actually, the cage helps me keep my 'wanting' down when I'm not with Vera. Helps keep me from wanting to whack off. And, of course, if I want to whack off I can't anyway."

They drove on for a while until Bill asked,

"Suzy, what are you going to do with your life? It's pretty clear that things haven't been working out too well for you. What are you going to change?"

Suzy didn't answer. She didn't have an answer. She slumped down in the seat, hung her head and put her hands over her eyes.

"Let me ask you a different question. What would you like to be doing a year from now?"

She took a while before she let the words out of her mouth.

"I'd like to have a job in a store, selling stuff. I'd be good at that. I actually know a lot about sports equipment. My brothers played a lot of high school sports. I could sell sports equipment."

"H-m-m-m, I bet you could."

Bill paused for a long time until he spoke again.

"We'll be at the depot in about an hour and a half. What are you going to do when you get out of the truck?"

"Um,m,m I'll look for a YWCA to get a room and then I'll ... look for a job."

Bill thought for a minute. "Hold on there, I'm going to call my wife."

Bill spoke to Vera and told her everything that had happened. He finished by asking her if it would be okay if he brought Suzy home for a meal and to stay the night. Vera was unsure about this but she trusted Bill's instincts and agreed.

"You heard my end of the conversation. Would you like dinner and a bed for the night?"

"Well yeah, sure, thank you very much. That would be great."

Bill dropped the trailer at the depot and rolled into his driveway at around 5 PM. The massive tires crunched the gravel as he came to a stop. Vera came out, ran over to the driver's side and hugged Bill hard as he stepped down from the cab. He hugged her back, delighted to have her in his arms again. Finally, they disengaged and Bill introduced Suzy to Vera. Vera welcomed Suzy with a firm handshake.

Vera hadn't forgotten what Bill told her about the episode in the truck. She looked at Suzy appraisingly, trying to decide if she was safe. She decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"We'll be eating dinner in about an hour. You can both take showers and rest if you'd like. Suzy, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping and the bathroom."

"Thank you so much. Can I call you Vera?"

"Absolutely. We're very casual here."

Usually Vera and Bill were a lot more passionate when Bill returned from being on the road for a week. She would have her key at the ready, unlock him, scoot him off to the shower and then the two of them would be intimate for several hours. Suzy's being there had interrupted that.

Over dinner Vera politely asked Suzy about her life and got the same evasive answers that Bill had gotten in the truck. Vera wasn't sure what to do. She didn't want to make her guest uncomfortable and yet ... she felt a real need there. Vera was about 15 years older than Suzy and felt a bit motherly towards her.

"Would you tell me about your mother?" Vera asked.

Suzy paused and then started spinning some tale. Vera stopped her, gently asking

"Suzy, tell me the truth. What was it really like?"

There was something about Vera question that got through Suzy's armor. Maybe it was her gentle tone of voice, maybe it was the genuine caring that came through. Whatever it was, Suzy started talking honestly about her life. Slowly at first and then, as she saw that Vera and Bill were listening to what she said, in more and more detail. It was the first time in her life that anyone wanted to hear what she had to say. And actually listened.

When she finished everyone was quiet for a few moments. Bill and Vera exchanged a look, nodded and Bill broke the silence,

"Suzy, you've had a real rough time. No question about that. But I'm not going to give you sympathy. Well, maybe a little but not much because that's not going to help you. I'm going to talk straight here, 'cause that's what I do: You've got to change what you're doing, and I know that ain't easy. Now, Vera and I here, we can help you but you've got to do the heavy lifting."

"Whew, what do you mean 'I've got to change'?"

"Honey, it's plain enough that the way you and the rest of the world are getting along isn't working well for you." said Vera. "And the whole rest of the world isn't going to change. We understand why you've gone like you have but, I guess what Bill and I are trying to say is that we don't think you have to keep going on the same way. Unless, of course, you want to."

Suzy sat for a while. She didn't know what to say.

Vera winked at Bill as she said "I think we should all turn in now. A good night's sleep will do us all a world of good."


"Did you miss me, lover boy?" Vera asked as she came very close to Bill. "What was it like sharing the truck with hot little Suzy?"

"Well, like I told you on the phone, she came on to me pretty good when I stopped to sleep. She had her hands all over me and there's no telling what might have happened if 'Mister Bill' (that was their pet name for his cock) here hadn't been locked up. I got real hard inside and all I could think of was how smart you were to have gotten me to wear it. I'm not wearing it now, though."

Bill picked Vera up and carried her to the bed where they made up for the week that they had been apart.

Later, Bill asked Vera what she thought they should do about Suzy.

"It's not like we have to do anything. We can drive her into town tomorrow, wish her luck and be done with her." Vera continued "...but that wouldn't feel right. I mean, it's clear she needs help getting her life together and, for whatever reason, we're with her and I think we could help her. What do you think, Bill?"

Bill pondered. Suzy was with them because of him, after all.

"Honey, you know that I'm on the road a lot. What we're talking about would fall on you more than on me. There's one more thing, and I'm kind of embarrassed to say this but if she's here I think it's best if you keep me locked up in that cage. She's got a sexiness about her that I'm afraid might be a problem for me."

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