tagFirst TimeSuzy - The Prison Maid Ch. 02

Suzy - The Prison Maid Ch. 02


David was in the infirmary for 9 days. Because of his youth, and because there was no concussion, nor any internal bleeding, his wounds healed quickly, all except for the cracked (not broken) ribs. He would have to endure the binding bandages and some pain for a while in that regard. He was scheduled to be released relatively early compared to other cases, actually, where the inmates were so badly beaten they needed surgery and considerable time to recuperate.

Because of the nature of his case, David was asked if he wanted to continue being Jason's cellmate. Jason was asked the same, and surprisingly, both men ended up agreeing to go on sharing a cell. For one thing, Jason didn't hold grudges. Once something was over, he quickly moved on. Besides, it was obvious David would not pull another stunt like that again, not for a while anyway, because he now knew who was the stronger and quicker of the two.

Before he eventually agreed to go back to his old cell, however, David had to think it over a bit. If he requested a new cellmate, he might never see Suzy again, not in the specific way he wanted to see her, anyway. Since he was nowhere close to getting her himself, he figured the next best thing was to at least watch her in action with someone else. Besides, if he got a new cellmate, there was no telling if the guy would be a quiet type who minded his own business like Jason did. A different bunkie, for instance, could turn out to be a predatory terrorist like many inmates housed on the 3rd floor of their wing of the building. David was lucky he got a cellmate who was a newbie, actually. Don't even get him started on all the shit that goes on with seasoned, veteran inmates, who had become ruthless and jaded through all their years of doing time. Yes, David concluded, he would like to go back to his old cell and cellmate.

The nine days in the infirmary had David doing some introspection, uncommon for him, admittedly. In addition to asking himself why he always ended up in trouble, and therefore in prison, David couldn't stop wondering what it was that made Suzy choose Jason over him. David would turn 29 in November of that year, and what did he have to show for his life? Not a damned thing. From the time he was 17, he'd been in and out of Juvenile Hall, and then after that, onto the state prisons. In no time, he'd be turning 30, still locked up, still without a job, and most importantly, still without a good woman. "Where had all these years of hell-raising gotten him?" As David asked himself this question, it occurred to him that maybe his approach to life hadn't always been the most constructive. Maybe if he thought of things differently, his life wouldn't have turned out to be so pathetic, such a pathetic waste!

Being incapacitated for nine whole days had put David in quite a vulnerable spot, one in which he was free to fully wallow in self-pity. He suddenly recalled a therapist he had back in his Juvy days. This therapist had actually volunteered her free time to come in and counsel kids like him, trying to set them straight before it was too late. He remembered her sage words, something like, "You can't always make people do what you want, David, but you can at least do what you yourself want, if you stay out of trouble and out of jail."

With the lack of freedom that had been imposed on him off and on since he was a teenager, David came to realize his male pride had often gotten in the way of achieving many goals in life. For example, it had been a while since he entertained the dream of becoming a professional football player, and now he was nostalgically revisiting his old career aspiration again. Also, it had seemed like a lifetime ago since he considered marrying his cheerleader girlfriend from back in junior year of high school, and now he was looking back at it and wondering what went wrong.

Although he still wasn't 100% back to his old self, David was escorted out of the infirmary and brought back to his cell. Hobbling in, he quickly found Jason lying down reading the Bible, which was a common occurrence these days.

"Hey", David addressed his bunkie in a friendly gesture, quite out of character.

"Hey", Jason replied, a bit taken aback, not looking away from the page he was reading.

"Are we cool, bro?" David asked in a serious tone.

"Forget it." Jason said nonchalantly.

And that was that.


Suzy was now receiving so many inmate love letters, that the trash bin in the 3rd floor broom closet was becoming a reservoir for the affectionate declarations of countless men. One letter that got her attention, however, read:

"Dear Suzy- I guess you heard what went down more than a week ago between me and Jason, so I've had time to think a lot lately. I don't know how to explain it, but I can't stop thinking about you. I know both you and me have been here a while now, and I never thought to write you before, but I just wanted you to know my feelings. -David"

Unlike most of the letters Suzy received from inmates, this one, she didn't throw in the trash. Instead, she folded it up and put it in the pocket of her starched maid's uniform. "Well, what do you know?" Suzy thought to herself, "People can sometimes surprise ya." Just when she'd started having feelings for Jason and given up on David, she got a letter like this.

"Boy, when it rains, it pours!" Suzy thought to herself. She'd be lying if she said she didn't still find David physically attractive. Who wouldn't? The man had to be at least 6'2", with piercing blue eyes, a killer smile, and a six pack to boot (when she was off duty in the afternoon one day, she had spied him working out in the yard). Imagining him inside her immediately brought a surge of blood to her crotch, giving her a warm, familiar feeling between her legs.

On the outside world, David could be an actor, a model, an athlete. He could get any girl he wanted just by snapping his fingers. His aggressive, alpha male nature made him the classic "bad boy", who had girls falling over themselves to get to him, if only for one night. And now Suzy realized that David had finally taken notice of her.

This surprising turn of events now had Suzy in unchartered territory. Even though Jason had never written her a letter, he definitely liked her, right? Wait a minute. Suzy thought about it for a while. It was a good thing Harvey let her in on some of the events going on between the two men that eventually led to the fight more than a week ago.

Suzy decided to put herself in Jason's shoes when David threatened to extort him for the $100 to give to Harvey. Jason had refused to give in to David's threats, but was it because he didn't want David to get the money to see Suzy, or was it simply because he refused to give money to an extortionist? What's more, what about the fight in the cell? Harvey told her David started the fight so Jason would give up his rights to her. But what if Jason fought back simply to defend himself against a menacing bully?

All of a sudden, Suzy was confused. Perhaps she was just doing some wishful thinking; she assumed Jason liked her because he stood up against David. But to be honest, Jason had never said he liked her. He had never said he wanted her to continue coming to his cell; and even if he wanted her to keep coming, did that really mean all that much? Thinking about it a little, Suzy came to the easy conclusion that any young, virile man locked up in a cell would want her to continue "visiting" him. Who wouldn't? After all, Jason had no other looming prospects for sex.

Suzy then turned her thoughts to David. He did take it upon himself to write her that letter, and in it, he seemed sincere about his feelings. Also, he did try to show her he was sexually attracted to her, because he was willing to fight his own cellmate in order to fuck her. Lastly, he did try to relieve her of the burden of having to work a month for the bribe money. He proved this by carrying out his extortion plan, meaning he was at least thoughtful in doing something for her benefit, never mind his plan having gone awry. In his letter, David wrote that he couldn't stop thinking about her, and now Suzy was a little more inclined to believe him.

Once doubt entered Suzy's mind, it was damned near impossible to get rid of it, unless an event occurred to immediately dispel it. Suzy was now thinking about both Jason and David. Was David indeed sincere in his letter, or was he just telling a girl what she wanted to hear to get into her pants? Moreover, did Jason really like her, or did he just want pussy, any pussy?

Two weeks had passed since Suzy's last visit to Jason, and they hadn't fucked just yet. So far, it had only gotten as far as a blow job. A virgin's first blow job! He was not likely to forget it! But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that any virgin in prison wouldn't in his right mind turn down a girl offering him oral pleasure, no matter what she looked like. She could have been Medusa, for God's sake, and he would have still wanted the blow job!

The more time she had to think, the more frequently Suzy's opinion alternated between both sides of the pendulum. For example, what were David's true intentions with that letter? Words were just that: words; they carried no weight unless they were backed up with actions. But then again, the reason she decided to visit the two men's cell in the first place was to get David's attention, which she actually succeeded in doing. She was being a little unfair in doubting him, wasn't she? That is to say, what else could the man do to impress upon her that he was interested? He already gotten himself beat up, and he had also poured his heart out to her in writing.

Unbeknownst to Suzy, she WAS on Jason's mind. After all, she was the only girl he had ever touched, because his shyness throughout high school had always hindered him from getting anything close to dating a girl. That last night when Suzy had visited the cell, she was dressed in bright red lingerie, and whoa, did she look amazing! Jason's eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets that night.

Every time he thought of Suzy, Jason felt himself getting hard. Suzy's long dark hair had felt incredible on his hands, and her white skin felt so smooth to his touch, as if he had never felt anything so soft before. Suzy's voice was the sweetest, most feminine sounding voice that he had ever heard. And her perfume, he still couldn't get her exotic perfume out of his senses. In fact, so many of Jason's waking hours were spent dreaming about Suzy, that it seemed he was perpetually murmuring, "Suzy, where are you? I need you. My cock needs you."

As always, Jason was tight lipped about his inner desires, and no one in the prison ever heard him utter a word about Suzy, even though they all knew she had visited him twice now, and, craziest of all, she had paid to do it!

More weeks passed, and Suzy was working away like a diligent maid, doing her best to scrimp and save up another $100 for a visit. This time, it took her a little less than a month to get the money. As before, she made a special trip to the prison building that afternoon before her shift, and informed Harvey about her plans for the night; all set up.


It was around midnight when Suzy got back to her apartment. She took her time filling up the bathtub with bubble bath and hot water. When the tub was almost overflowing, she turned off the faucet, unwrapped herself of the terry-cloth towel, dropped it to the floor, and slowly stepped into the tub. The water was hot, but she would soon get used to the temperature; holding her breath, she immersed herself into the tub neck-high. With her left hand, she reached at a nearby bath rack for a fluffy sponge and proceeded to caress each open area of her skin; from her neck, down to her breasts, further down to her thighs, and finally all the way down to her toes.

The steam of the bath water filled her senses, relaxing her muscles, and mentally easing her into the idea of what was to come later that night. While she was rubbing the fleshy areas of her body, and then the intimate parts, Suzy imagined her lover's face nuzzling her neck, his muscular thighs rubbing against hers, and his strong hands squeezing her soft breasts. She could almost feel his tongue pushing into her mouth to play with her tongue, and his long fingers reaching down to playfully tease her pussy. Maybe it was the fruit-scented bath water seeping into her brain, or the slippery feel of her skin reacting to the soft caresses of the sponge, but mmmmm, was she looking forward to enjoying herself tonight!

Suzy poured some strawberry shampoo onto her wet hair and slowly massaged it into her scalp, before rinsing it all off with the now warm bath water.

After draining the bubble bath and rinsing off the suds from her slick skin, Suzy then filled the tub again, this time with tepid water. While it was swiftly filling up again, Suzy poured in some jasmine-scented bath oil. Suddenly, the bathroom was filling up with the sweet fragrance of a tropical flower. Incidentally, on her walk back to the apartment after finishing her shift for the night, Suzy had passed by a little flower bed blooming with real jasmine flowers, and she couldn't help but pick a handful of the dainty little buds and put them in her purse. So it then seemed fitting that if she smelled of jasmine tonight, she should look it, too. After she stepped out of the bathtub and dried herself off with the white terry-cloth towel, Suzy fished in her purse to retrieve the fresh white flowers she had picked earlier. She used some bobby pins to put some of the jasmine's white petals behind each delicate ear.

Suzy applied a fresh coat of pink nail polish for her special rendezvous. She then added a top coat of shiny gloss to get the full effect.

Tonight, she planned to expose her entire body to her lover, stripping down completely to be his eye candy for the night. As a nice added bonus, she even gave herself a bikini wax, making sure she was totally bare down there, in case her man had special cravings. Suzy wondered if he were the type to eat a woman clean? Some men were just natural eaters, needing to be promised nothing in return for the pleasure of eating a woman out. Other men needed a little cajoling to do the job. Suzy assured herself, "We'll find out soon enough which kind of eater she was dealing with".

Suzy would wear her simple white cotton bra and panties tonight. She also donned a pair of white, feminine-looking bobby socks to complete her ensemble. Again, her long coat would hide the delicacies her body housed, until she finally found the right moment to expose herself to her lucky lover.


The moment Suzy stepped into their cell, both Jason and David could smell the sweet scent of jasmine on her. Jesus Christ, she smelled so nice...

Suzy first fixed her eyes upon Jason, who was now sitting up on his bed.

Was it her, or was Jason's chest actually getting broader? And was it her imagination, or had he grown just a little taller since her last visit? And seriously, was his face sprouting a little more stubble compared to last time or what? After all, Jason was still a teenager, still growing and developing. He was in that in-between stage of being a pubescent school boy to being a full-grown man. Whoa, was he growing into a fine looking specimen!

In his corner of the cell, Jason felt his cock stiffen up before Suzy could even approach him. He was now gearing up for his third special visit from her. "No girl, and certainly no woman, had ever been so nice to him", Jason thought to himself. He was still puzzled as to why she chose him out of all the others to visit, but "Hell, who the fuck cares at this point?" he reasoned. His Dad had always told him, "Things always happen for a good reason, son", and Jason figured this was a good example of what his Dad was trying to convey.

Still standing next to the cell door Harvey had just shut and locked behind her, Suzy then looked over at David's side of the cell. He, too, had sat up on his cot, and was staring intently at her. He still sported injuries from the brawl that he had started because of her, but David was damned if Suzy should know this.

Suddenly recalling that she had David's letter in her coat pocket, Suzy reached in, pulled it out, and unfolded it in front of the two men. Although David instantly recognized it, Jason was clueless as to what the piece of paper contained, and what it had to do with her visit to him tonight. All Jason had on his mind was that, although he was not told she was coming this particular night, he was completely ready for her. He was prepared to properly make love to her before the night was through. His strong hands, his muscular arms, his voice, sounding lower and lower lately, all were proof he was coming into his own, and so he felt he could now satisfy a woman the way she ought to be satisfied.

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