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SVU is At It Again


I knew it; damn it was a sight to see. But, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning...

Name's Chance Ronal, I'm 24 years young, and I have a great career in acting; or so I'm told. I entered a contest, had to pay a hefty $350, in order to meet the cast of Law and Order: SVU and hang with them for a whole week in LA! But who the hell am I kidding? I just wanted to see Olivia Benson ass naked and screw her. So, after 3 weeks of jumping over the fence for my mail before anyone else got to it (storm knocked over my shed, had to fix it up), I finally got a letter saying that I had won. I swear, I must've bust a pipe or something because I wet my boxers like there was no tomorrow. I packed up my bags, loaded up on condoms, and left just a week later after I got the letter.

LA is not all glittery like it is on TV. There's trash, and bums, and hookers, and shit, and hookers, and fights, and hot ass hookers; did I mention hookers? Anyhow, I got lost once and had to walk to the studio in the pouring rain. But, hey, seeing Elliot Stabler soaking wet is alright as well. (Did I mention I wanted to fuck him as well?) So, there was Flinn, Olivia, Elliot, and all the others talking as I walked in. The prosecutor chick took my arm and guided me over to where they all were. I shook their hands and said hello; and of course stared at Olivia's ass and Elliot's dick when they weren't looking.

So, we got acquainted, ate an excellent Chinese food buffet, and headed out to the 'mansion' in a hummer limo. Olivia and Elliot were real polite and we chatted, and then I saw the mansion. It truly was a fucking mansion! I thought we were at the playboy bunny house or something.

"Hey Chance, upstairs are the bedrooms and arcade, downstairs has the living room, kitchen, and a few other rooms as well." I must not have paid attention to what his next words were, because then he picked up my two suitcases and started walking upstairs. God how his muscles flexed through his shirt. I walked around the house after I put all my clothes away, and loved the view. Real marble, nice chandeliers, rooms were huge but were nicely arranged. After 45 minutes of walking, I figured I'd 'hit the sack' and take a nap before we went out to dinner. I ran up the 55 fucking stairs and into my room, was taking off my clothes, I sleep in my boxers, and happened to stare out my balcony window. There stood Olivia fucking hot ass Benson in a two piece, blue and white, bikini. I started rubbing through my boxers to calm myself down, but each second staring at her was hurting. I closed my eyes for a second and when I looked out again; she was gone. Needless to say, I dreamt about her the entire time I was asleep.

So, dinner went alright. I can't remember what I ate, but I remember ordering milk as my drink and staring at Olivia's rack when I drank. So, yeah, that was dinner. But, I had a banana split sundae; I imagined it was Stabler's 'banana'. We got back to the house around 11pm and I nearly tripped going through the front door. Elliot must have saw, because he put his arm around my waist to help my walk up those damned stairs. I crawled into bed and tried to go to sleep; hence the word 'tried'.

I stared at my clock and it said 2:02am. Rubbing against the bed to stiff my rock, I decided right then and there what I would do; fuck Olivia Benson. I got up and out of bed, pulled on a condom (got to be prepared), crept to her room, opened the door so slowly, and was ready to pounce until I saw nothing; she wasn't there. So, I walked into Elliot's room, and still nothing. So, I figured I'd go play an arcade game and get back to bed. I had 6 more days to try and screw her.

I walked in and heard a groaning noise. Figuring it was just the generators, I didn't pay attention. But fuck, when I heard moaning, I started snooping around. A moment later, I saw the two of them fucking on the DDR platform. He was laying on his back, kissing her mouth and tits, and she was running her hands through his brown hair and riding him good. When they stood up, and he was fingering her cunt as she rubbed his rock, I figured it was my only chance, and I got up behind her and started humping like a fucking dog.

I was expecting her to slap me, or Stabler to kill me, but no. She turned around to face me and said "Only Elliot gets my ass, you can have my cunt." She laid down where Elliot had before and spread her long ass legs. I got in my spot and started fucking. Whether it be good or bad, was so fucking good for me, Elliot got horny and wanted some action. He kissed Olivia's tits, came over and kissed me with so much passion, and then dove into my ass. I started grunting and gasping for breath since he was pretty big, but Olivia just pushed my head into her breasts and told Elliot to fuck harder. I nibbled and bit on her tits and then Elliot stopped and literally picked me up off of Olivia with one arm. "I want her ass, you take something else Chance." Elliot grabbed her, stuck his fingers up her ass, and the two of them kissed like you wouldn't believe.

I told Elliot to spread his legs as I got underneath him. He stopped fucking Olivia when I grabbed his dick. He stood there for a minute and then pulled me up to my knees. I started licking and then tried to take all 7 inches in. I gagged at first, but then I was alright. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck me. Shit, it was heaven. Olivia came over after 5 minutes, growled at me, and then shoved me off of his dick; which she eagerly took. "Oh yeah Olivia, just like that, fuck it good. Christ, yeah." During this time, I got under Olivia and started licking her until she was soaking wet. "My turn, stand the fuck up." Elliot smiled at me when he said that, so I stood up as he got on his knees. I think he wasn't used to it, it was kinda weird at first; but he became a natural when Olivia shoved her fingers up in his ass.

We all fell into a heap onto Elliot, and we must've laid there rubbing against one another for 10 minutes until we finally got up. "So, Chance, next time; meet us in the kitchen." What a fucking great time I had for those next 6 glorious days.

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