Swag Captain #02


Thank God for Jenna Fischer, that girl knew how to please a man. Despite her own talents though, I can't help but feel a sense of pride knowing that I made her so horny. Why do I know this? Well, because she still sends me nude photos. I'm worried that the next time I see her, she might cream herself. I really developed a new swagger since the Jenna incident. After that night I started to think to myself, 'If I could get that girl to fuck me, imagine who else I could get?' The possibilities were endless, I just needed to wait for the right moment. That moment began about 2 hours into the first Grammy's that I ever attended. Nicki Minaj was about to preform.

For the longest time I never thought much of Nicki. Sure, I thought she was attractive with her big boobs and giant ass, but I didn't find her amazing. That was until I saw the music video for her song "Super Bass", that's when I took notice. I knew then that the girl has real potential. Then I saw music video's for "Starships" and "Beez in the trap" and I became a huge fan. Nicki constantly flaunted her amazing ass in tight little bikinis. She was amazing, and when I found out she was performing at the Grammy's I was excited.

The crowd was huge at Nicki's performance, but I managed to get an alright seat where I could watch her do what she does best, shaking her beautiful ass and tits. Her rapping was sub-par, but that wasn't what I was concerned about. She came down from the from the stage to perform in the audience, and walked right near my seat. I got a perfect view of that tight, juicy ass in her skimpy bikini. My cock stiffened a little in my pants but that was for later. My mind raced as she walked by my row, and I knew then, that she was the next girl I would fuck. She was also going to be at the infamous after party, which I made a point to get into.

The after party atmosphere was pretty laid back except for Miley Cyrus, who was snorting coke in the bathroom. Small amount of applause lit up the room as Nicki Minaj entered. She smiled and waved. I was waiting for what seemed like ages to talk to her. She seemed to be annoyed by everyone in the after party. After a while, she finally made it to the bar.

"One martini please." She leaned on the bar, confident and sexy, bent over slightly. I approached her and said,

"Long night, huh?"

"Yeah, typical for me though, it's no big deal." She downed the martini quicker than I expected. This was my chance, I thought.

"You want me a to buy you a drink?" I offered.

"That's nice, you're so sweet." She smiled so sexy at me, and I knew she was mine. The rest of the night we discussed music and film over numerous drinks. I could tell she was buzzed, she laughed a little louder and we started to flirt.

"When you were performing you walked right by my row and I couldn't get over your great ass, Nicki," I complemented.

"I just couldn't take my eyes off you the entire time."

"Well you aren't the first one!" she laughed.

"I have guys come up to me and say these things all the time, but your different front the rest. I think I want you." I casually replied,

"Whatever you want, Nicki."

"You know, I've never fucked a film director before," she whispered.

"Well,tonight's your lucky night, babe." I whispered back, and we headed back to my hotel room.

We got to the room and she was turned on and ready to fuck.

"I want you to undress me, I have an surprise for you," she said seductively. I obeyed, and slowly stripped her of her dress, while kissing her soft lips and neck. Her skin was warm, and with the dress off, it revealed a light blue bikini over her dark, ebony skin. She turned around quickly and started booty dancing. Her amazing ass rolled and rolled. She'd bounce her ass around and look back at me as she shook it. I thought my cock was going to pop out of my pants. I literally crawled to the end of the bed where I wrapped my arms around her waist, squeezing her ass checks in the process. My hands went high and grabbed hold of her breasts. Her ass pushed me back on the bed. Nicki crawled onto the bed. I took out my cock and put it straight toward her face. "

You want me to suck off this fat cock?"

"More than anything, Nicki"

"You better make this wet pussy cum." Nicki bounced onto the bed and sat her pussy down on my face. My tongue came out of my mouth and circled Nicki's pussy. She squeezed her boobs together in ecstasy. She occasionally rolled her ass around. Nicki talked dirty to me.

"Yeah baby boy, eat this pussy out. Come on sugar, show this pussy who is boss." As I ate her out, I spanked her fat ass.

"Ow!!" she cried. It hurt but i knew she loved it. By now, her body shook with pleasure as she neared an orgasm.

"Oh my god! Fuck!" She screamed with joy as she reached her climax. Now she fell to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around me as she moved her head quickly back and forth. She sucked until I was rock hard.

"Fuck me." she said forcibly.

"I want it in my ass." She climbed onto the bed on all fours while lubing her asshole with pussy juice.

I mounted Nicki, who was bent over with her ass out. I slammed my cock into her ass. I reached my hands over her shoulders and squeezed her boobs. Her ass was so tight. Her muscles seemed to squeeze around my cock.

"Treat me like a whore" Nicki requested. I did just that, I pulled her hair and yanked her head backwards.

"You like treating me like a whore, don't you you sick fuck?" I was tired of Nicki's disrespect and so I spat into her wide open mouth. The more I pulled her hair back, the more her asshole squeezed. I wrapped her hands around her body and hugged her tight. Her body tensed up and she seemed to feel real pain as my cock went balls deep inside her.

"Take it out baby, it hurts, take it out." I pulled my cock out and I asked Nicki what she wanted.

"I wanna bounce on that cock." I flipped her over and she did just that.

"I'm in control baby" she said. This pissed me off and so I slapped her on the ass repeatedly

"that all you got?" she said. I slapped harder than ever. Smacking and smacking until her black ass became red. She jumped off my cock and I crawled behind her and kissed her ass cheeks, which were in clear pain.

"This is the fucking best sex ever." said Nicki. I didn't even think as I fucked her ass hard as possible. I pulled her hair again and she looked at me and talked.

"Cum baby, cum in my ass, give this black whore an ass full of spunk." That put me over the edge. Cum shot out of my cock into her ass. I pulled her hair back and shoved my cock into her throat until she gagged and swallowed my remaining cum. Spunk started to drip out of her ass.

"Get dressed and leave, like a good whore," I ordered. She hurriedly put her bikini and dress on. Her hair was messy, slutty. It looked she just got through with a good and rough fucking.

"Thank you, Chris," she said shamefully. As she walked out, and I smacked her ass real hard one last time, shutting the door after her.

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