Swag Captain #03


#3 Zoe Saldana

I remember when I met Zoe Saldana. We did a movie together called "Autumn Afternoon" which was all about avid college football fans. It was a fun film to make especially because she was so fucking hot in it. We shot a lot of the film early in the summer so Zoe was always in her skimpiest clothing. We hung out together a lot and she was always very flirty. Despite her flirtiness, Zoe had a boyfriend at the time so she didn't fuck me. I never beat off so much in my entire life. Day after day I'd see Zoe Saldana 80% naked and day after die I missed out on every opportunity to be inside her. We went a couple months without talking until she called me up and told me she was going to appear in Sports Illustrated......the swimsuit issue. Needless to say I was excited to jack off to her pictures but I became even more excited when she told me that she wanted ME to be in the shoot with me. I immediately said yes. I couldn't help but flash back to her "Calvin Klein" photo shoot from a while back. I would have given anything to be in that photo shoot. Now I was finally getting my chance.

Zoe came to the photo shoot with a robe on. We exchanged a few lines with each other and even shared a fifth of vodka until the photo shoot started. Once it began, I was in near ecstasy. My arms wrapped around her stomach, fingering her belly button, tickling her tummy, it was perfect for a guy like me. The moment of divine intervention came during one of the last shots of the day when Zoe's hand slipped down to my erection. She sensually whispered into my ear.

"A little hard are we?"

"You tell anyone and I'll kill you" I said jokingly

"My belly button is red from all the tickling" she said.

I laughed but also felt a little embarrassed by her noticing. The photo shoot ended and Zoe unfortunately put her robe back on. I approached her about the possibility of dinner and Zoe was down with it except she felt a little self conscious.

"Chris, I'd love to but I'm wearing a bikini" said Zoe. I quickly thought of a response.

"You know what, I have clothes for such an occasion"

Zoe smiled right at me with a sexy smile.

"I'd love to Chris, I'm really thirsty right now to" said Zoe

"Don't worry" I said. "I've got plenty to drink at home"

We left and headed back to my apartment. We made it there and Zoe immediately ran to the cupboard for a drink. I stripped off her robe and wrapped her arms around her.

"You thirsty baby?"


"I'm gonna give you a drink"

"I wanna taste some good, tasty cum" said Zoe

My cock sprang up and I brought Zoe to the bed.

We climbed into bed, and I pulled her close and kissed her passionately. We made out for a couple more minutes before turning her around. I grabbed her tight ass and felt her smooth skin, while she massaged my hard cock. She smoothly stroked me as she got down on her knees. Without a warning, she put her luscious lips on my cock and I could feel her wet mouth moving back and forth on me. I grabbed her head with both hands and moved it faster. She looked up at me, pleading for me to take my throbbing cock out her mouth as she choked. She took my cock out of her mouth gasping for breath. Still looking at me, Zoe took ahold of my cock and furiously jacked me off.

"Fuck, Zoe, stop before I cum." I said.

She stopped and let me undress her, first taking off her bra, revealing her small but perky tits. I pushed her into the bed as my tongue gently swept over her nipples. She cried out as I bit down lightly. She lifted up her legs, allowing me to slip off her underwear. I moved my hands up her inner thigh and ran my fingers around her clit, softly at first and then faster. She was nice and wet by this time, so, still on her back, I moved on top and penetrated her.

"Oh, fuck me Chris, fuck me hard!" she moaned.

She wrapped her legs around me while I thrusted. My cock felt so good in her soft pussy. I pulled out and turned her over on her hands and knees.

"Give me your arms," I commanded.

She obeyed and I held her wrists together as I fucked her deep and hard. I pulled her arms back and forth, making her fuck me. I let her arms go and pushed her face into the bed while I continued. Her cries were barley audible when I slapped her hard ass. The dark skin on her ass soon flamed red.

"Not so rough, baby," she suggested.

"This is what you get for cock teasing me," I smiled back.

"I had a boy...."

She stopped mid sentence as my hand wrapped around her throat. I leaned into her.

"I'm gonna be as rough as I want and you're gonna like it"

"Yes baby" replied Zoe

"Now ride me"

She got on top and rode my cock. She moved up and down, fucking me, her tits bouncing. I felt up her ass again, massaging it and running my hands up her back. I occasionally slide my hands around her body and played with her belly button. I made it my goal to feel every inch of her smooth skin. I'm pretty sure I did just that as she rocked up and down and slid on my cock.

"Like how this whore rides ya cock?" Zoe said in a thick Queens accent. I didn't think I would enjoy Zoe talking like this but I loved the way she did it.

"I'm ya whore, aren't I" She said sexily as she pulled her hair back. "Ready to make this whore cum?" All I could do was nod as her body started to shake. She let go of her hair and tried to hold still with her mouth wide open. I felt her pussy compress around my cock. It felt like my penis was in a stranglehold, for a moment I thought about doing what I did to Jenna Fischer. Zoe seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to sex though. Despite having just came, she could fell my dick about to explode inside her. She immediately looked straight at me.

"Don't ya dare." She said sternly.

"But I got the morning after pill in my drawer!"

"I don't give a fuck!" Zoe said. "I told you I'm a thirsty whore and I want my cum drink"

She got off and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, placing her on her back. I held her legs up, exposing her hard ass and tight pussy while accentuating her long, dark legs. I plunged my dick into her and she gasped with pleasure and pain. In this position her pussy was tighter than ever and I showed no mercy as I thrusted hard inside of her.

"Don't stop you fucker. I'm so fucking thirsty. My throat is so dry I can barely speak. I need your cum, please baby, PLEASE!"

Zoe was a great actress but when I saw tears stream down her face I could tell she wasn't acting, she wanted my cum more than anything. I could tell I was going to nut soon so I pulled out. I grabbed her by her hair and forced her to the floor. I furiously jacked off until I felt I was going to orgasm. She smiled right before her mouth opened wide. Zoe was ready, she was a cum thirsty slut and she was showing it. I held her face close and and busted in and around her mouth, cum dripping out of her mouth as she looked up at me, satisfied but tired. She swallowed most of it but a few drops fell onto the carpet. I didn't think much of it but when she saw it on the floor, she bent down to lick up the remaining seamen. I tugged on her hair to try to prevent her from sipping my sperm.

"Stop pulling my hair. I need spunk" Zoe said. I let her hair go slightly so she could lick the rest of the cum. She purred like a cat sucking milk from a bowl.

"That's better" Zoe whispered just as she passed out on the floor.

The next morning I made Zoe breakfast. As she sat in her chair and read the paper, she took a drink of orange juice. At that moment she realized what was in the glass. It was her absolute favorite drink in the world. That's right, it was coffee.

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