Swag Captain #01


Growing up I did two things, think about movies and masterbate, usually to celebrities. High School was always rough for me, during high school though, I wrote a script for a "Green Lantern" reboot. After months of being heard "no," the script got submitted, with me as the green Lantern. I became Hollywood's breakout star. I met hundreds upon hundreds of famous people, many of them the same people I masterbated to when I was younger. Very few of them I ever actually fucked. Actually, I fucked none of them. After "Green Lantern" came out more and more celebrities came out of the woodwork.

On my 25th birthday I went to a premiere for a movie called "Starlet" with former star of "The Office" Jenna Fischer in which she played a stripper. Immediately two memories came to mind. The first being her corset scene in "Blades Of Glory" and her bikini shoot for "Shape" magazine. I never considered Jenna to be one of Hollywood's elite hotties, but after seeing her move her sexy ass body, show off her nice big tits, I made sure I was going to fuck her.

After the movie, the fuss was crazy, I barely got a chance to see anyone until way later, the after party crazy as well. Near the end of the night more and more people started to disperse. Jenna was alone. I approached her and she looked at me surprised.

"Hey, I know you, you're the Lantern dude."

"You could call me Chris also," I responded

"We really loved your movie."


"Well, me and my husband," She said kinda rejected.

"O, well thank you so much, I really appreciate that," I said. "Where is your husband? if you don't mind me asking"

"It's fine" she responded. "He doesn't like it when I show my body in movies, he left the theater during blades of glory"

"Wow, he must've loved that shape magazine cover then?"

"O yeah, big fan," she said sarcastically "I can't believe you remember that."

"How could I forget?" I said "it brought me into manhood." I was over exaggerating but I wanted to be inside her so badly. We talked and mingled for the rest of the night. She got progressively drunker and started spelling information about how much her husband was never home and how weak their sex life was.

"He'll take me home and just smother me. I haven't cum in months. I really want him to make a kid but he's really against it. You know I've never had cum in my pussy?"

"Really?" I said.

Jenna waited a couple seconds then smiled.

"You're hard aren't you? You don't have to answer, I can see. Where's your room?"

"Marriot 213."

"Perfect, see you there."

I went back to my room and sat in anticipation with a dick that was harder than I ever thought it could be. When my door knocked I opened it and she was there. She had put on a super unrevealing article of clothing. She walked in the room and pushed me on the bed. She unzipped her jacket to reveal a super sexy corset.

"I went out and bought it just for you"

"Thank you so much" I responded "Can I just say that it is so unfair that you haven't cum in months. You need release. I wanna make you cum."

Jenna used her sexy, smooth voice

"Shouldn't take long, I'm really wet."

"Come here, sexy."

Jenna ripped off her corset and put her sexy little cunt lips right down to my mouth, I licked and licked away. It was some of the best pussy I've ever had, she tasted like sweet honey. She started to lose it.

"Yes, yes, yes, Chris, Chris this feels so good. Make me cum with your tongue."

I felt up her amazing, large breasts, occasionally licking them.

"Jenna, I know this feels good but I NEED to get off with my cock"

"I understand, I need that nice, big cock inside me. Can you ram it in my mouth first?"

"Of course babe."

I shoved my cock in Jenna's mouth, she took everything, licking the balls, gagging, coughing and loving it at the same time. She finished her blow job and breathed heavy with a sexy smile. She then said...

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy until we both cum"

I stuck my cock inside Jenna's pussy. Oh my god, what a feeling! It felt so warm and sexy. Jenna felt the same as she moaned in ecstasy. I started to rub her tummy. She saw that I was getting off on it and she commented.

"Like my tummy, huh? You like my sexy toned belly, yeah, rub it baby, pull out and put it on my stomach."

I did what she commanded. I don't know what it is about stomachs that I love so much. When a hot girl either says tummy, belly or stomach I just get hard. Jenna was no exception, though her belly wasn't the best part of her body, it was still amazing and even she seemed to enjoy watching me enjoy it. After I while though, she wanted me inside her.

"Please Chris, I'm so wet right now. My pussy is fucking crying for your cock, just stick it inside me, please!"

I put my cock back inside Jenna, making her squeal. After a while, her body started to shake, on the verge of orgasm.

"Holy shit, Chris this feels so good, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna squirt all over your dick. Holy shit, I'm fucking cumming. Oooooo!"

Jenna's eyes rolled as she came all over my hard cock. It covered my dick. Jenna rubbed her belly as she relaxed. She saw me loving her action and she gave a sly smile. Then said the unthinkable.

"She this tummy Chris?"

"Of course baby."

"How about you fill it up?"

"What?" I said in shock.

"You heard me," said Jenna"Cum inside me. Please cum inside me! Fill up that tummy! I wanna have a baby, and I want you to fill me up with spunk!"

I couldn't control myself, I came inside her. I unloaded everything. All my man juice deep inside her cunt. Immediately she realized her mistake and she flipped out.

"O, God what was I thinking? I just met you and let you cum inside me."

"I'm sorry baby but you said could," I responded

"I know, it's not your fault, I just shouldn't have told you. I can't have a kid, I gotta go to the store, I need the morning after pill NOW!"

"No need," I said. "I got some right her."

I bought some morning after pills right after the premiere in hopes Jenna would let me cum inside her or heaven forbid, I would have an accident. Jenna snatched one up and swallowed it right away, without water or anything. Her phone rang. She answered and talked to her husband just as she was fingering my cum out of her pussy. Eventually she relaxed and sat on the bed. She spent the rest of the night pushing out cum and swallowing while I rubbed her tummy. The next day, we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I got on a plane back to New York when I noticed a test she sent me that said,

"Thanks for letting me be your cum slut. Love, Jenna."

That night changed my life. It was the first time my life that I went from feeling happy to feeling awesome. I was "The Swag Captain."

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