The thing about having a cock in your mouth is that it's really difficult to ignore. Even if you want nothing to do with it - because not only don't you know whose it is, you don't even know where the fuck you are or how you got there - you have this reflexive need to swallow the saliva in your mouth, and that's almost impossible without inadvertently sucking the cock that's in your mouth.

It certainly doesn't help that the cock in question is warm and gently pulsing, as if it is attached to a real live human, as indeed it may well be. (Smells like it.) Nor does the occasional seepage of fluid help, distinctively salty and not unpleasant but adding to the compulsion to swallow.

There might be a fleeting impulse to bite it, either to sever it cruelly or just to make it bloody go away, but it's pointless to try. There's a steel ring holding your jaw open just enough to prevent that, and actually that's more annoying than the cock it admits.

It's not a huge cock, and doesn't penetrate your mouth very far, but all that's irrelevant. There's a cock in your mouth without your consent. It's been there for ages, barely moving. Surely a real man would have grown bored and done something by now?

You would be bored too. There's no one to demand answers of, at least no one you can hear, and you can't see anything. And you can't really talk anyway, not without engaging with the cock in your mouth. You can't move your arms or legs either, since they're tied to the chair.

It's a comfortable chair at least, or would be if it weren't for the devices. One is delivering the very gentlest of vibrations to your clit, not enough to truly excite, but too much to be ignored. Like the cock in your mouth, it's an uninvited intrusion into your personal space.

Another presses gently against your ass as if desiring entry through that tight ring of muscle. It's not painful, though it's certainly unwelcome. The worst thing about it is the way it vibrates for a few seconds every time you touch the cock in your mouth, as if to reward you, or torment you.

Just as your need to swallow is involuntary, so also is the way the muscles in your sphincter clench in response to the stimulation. Unwelcome it may be, but it feels... good. Is it bad that you wish the vibrations would last longer? Is it bad that you're increasingly tempted to suck the cock to see what happens?

Of course it's bad, although maybe you take an extra swallow or two, so that you can enjoy that unwanted vibration. Maybe, as you try to adjust position on the seat, the few millimetres that you can move at all, you try to increase the pressure there.

Although you suspect, after a while, that the device is itself projecting higher and higher. The tip penetrates your ass now, and there's no comfortable way to avoid it. The vibrations against your clit seem stronger too, though it's hard to say.

You really don't want to suck the cock, because that's what they want - whoever they are. But you can't help squirming on the seat. You can't help wanting more. More vibrations. More penetration.

The seat's wet too, a sign of your increasing arousal. It's humiliating. No doubt the man attached to the cock is enjoying your gradual defeat. Well, you won't give him the pleasure.

Although you still have to swallow, and the vibrator is penetrating your ass deeper and deeper. Only an inch or two, probably, but you can feel it stretching you wider and wider, which really shouldn't feel as good as it does, and the vibrations are so good.

The clitoral stimulation is definitely intensifying, though still not in a useful way. You're swallowing more often too, and taking less care to avoid the cock. The vibrations in your ass are almost continuous, the sensation of being stretched and penetrated no longer unwelcome but rather an aching need for more.

You can't deny it any longer. You are sucking it. You no longer care who it's attached to. Just so long as those vibrations coursing through your ass and clit continue to do so, and so long as that wonderful stretching and penetration continues...

... because you can feel your climax building as you suck and lick at that cock. You can feel yourself about to melt into ecstatic relief. You're so close. You're so close. You're -

You're there! Fuck! Fuck! Your ass is clenching hard about that anal intruder and it's like nothing you've experienced before. Waves of pleasure radiate out from your untouched vagina while vibrations target your clit. This is your reward for sucking the cock.

You know you should be angry that this has been done to you, and angry that you participated so eagerly, but that can wait. You're happy to continue sucking until your orgasm has passed.

The cock jerks fiercely all of a sudden, filling your mouth with cum. There's more and more of it, and you can't help swallowing some, but you can feel it running down your chin and dripping onto your breasts.

Until it's all abruptly gone. The cock. The devices. The vibrations. Leaving you feeling empty, used and abandoned, the taste of him in your mouth, that is still wedged open by steel. You can feel where your skin is wet from his cum, and from your own excitement, and from the tears that roll down your cheeks.

But then another cock pushes through the ring, and the whole process starts again: the vibrations, the nudging penetration, and you know there's no point in resisting...


There is no cock in your mouth. Did you sleep? You don't know. Something else is different. The steel ring is gone. A relief.

But a cock is there. You can smell it. Sense it in the air. You lean forward and immediately your lips find it. You retreat swiftly.

How many cocks did you suck before? Ten? The taste is gone now, but not the memory of it. The smell of cum is particularly vivid. The texture, too. Slimy. Gooey. There had been strings of the stuff dangling from your chin, and oozing down your breasts. Horrible. How much did you swallow? Is it still inside you?

After that first one, you barely resisted! You were sucking cock like an amoral slut, just so you could feel those vibrations again. So you could feel your ass being stretched. Don't pretend you didn't love that.

What's one more cock? What's ten more! You're no more free than you were. It's either that or sit bored out of your skull for who-knows-how-long - or they find some other degrading pleasure for you. Better to suck willingly than have another ring in your mouth.

Isn't it?

You have no ring in your mouth! "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

No answer.

Not that you expected any.

It's just you, the chair, and an endless parade of cocks.

You lean forwards again, parting your lips in anticipation. Soft lips pressing against soft flesh.

Something hard and familiar nudges lightly at the ring of muscle it had stretched so delightfully before. No vibrations, but a welcome touch nonetheless. So light, though! It's teasing you!

Or... You experiment, leaning further forward, taking more of the cock into your mouth. The head, and a little more. The device matches your movement, penetrating deeper, thickening too, so that it's suddenly too much. You dare not go further.

How devious - you are in control. The more cock you take in your mouth, the more your ass is penetrated. You'd prefer if it were vibrating, but it's still exciting. Just by sucking on the head of the cock and bobbing gently, you satisfy yourself as well.

It's easier without the ring in your mouth. You can use your lips properly, as well as your tongue. It's fun also to see how much you can take before the pleasure of being stretched turns to pain. You wonder if there's even an end to the cock - the man, if there is a man, never makes a sound.

You take more and more, though slowly, as that tight ring of muscle relaxes and learns to accept the ever thicker penetration. It's wonderful. Your movements are no longer gentle, but are increasingly rough, three maybe four inches of shaft gliding swiftly through your lips as the tapering device fucks your ass.

You wish you could take more.

The cock stiffens and spurts cum into your mouth. You've been trying not to swallow, but sometimes it's difficult not to. Like now. It's filling your mouth, and you swallow reflexively - and the device bursts into life, sending glorious vibrations out through your ass.

It's wonderful.

For a few seconds anyway, before they fade abruptly. Quickly you swallow more cum, and the device soars into life again. If only you'd known! You wouldn't have let so much spill from your lips.

Because too soon there's no more. No fresh cum flowing into your mouth. No more vibrations. The cock has finished its victory dance and is withdrawing from the arena. "No!" you cry softly.

But then there's a new cock. A different cock. Thicker, and veiny.

You wrap your lips around it with enthusiasm, and take it as deep into your mouth as you can. The device in your ass matches the move, but it's the vibrations you want. It's cum you need.

You're long past caring who the cocks belong to. You just want to fuck your throat with them and make them cum as quickly as possible. You tighten your lips to increase the friction, tease them with your tongue, and suck on them impatiently.

You wish your throat would open up so you could take them deeper. You've heard somewhere that some people can do that.

You try - but it chokes you, and you almost want to throw up. But it passes.

You try again, more prepared now for your body's reaction to having a thick cock invading your throat. You control the reflex this time, while marvelling at the further penetration of your ass.

It takes some practice, but it gets easier and easier to take the cock into your throat. You work it with long strokes, loving every inch of the device that's fucking you.

You feel the cock stiffen, the only warning you get before cum floods into your mouth. You swallow it hungrily, and glory in the vibrations, though you wish they were deeper. In one swift move you take the cock into your throat, so deep that you can no longer breathe around it, and the answering thrust of the device, deep into your ass, stretching you wider than ever before, painfully so, deliciously so, sends you over the edge.

Wave after wave of blissful pleasure washes through you as the device vibrates fiercely in your ass, and the thick cock filling your throat fills your belly with its cum. You would scream in ecstasy if you could, but no way are you releasing that cock until the very last of its cum is in your belly.

Which is all too soon. You gasp for breath as it slips out of your mouth.

"Next, please," you whisper.

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