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Swallowver's Travels


Some of you may be familiar with the story of Gulliver's Travels. In that book, the main character narrates his adventures in various lands including Lilliput and Brobdingnag. In Lilliput he is a giant with the natives only measuring a few inches in height relative to him. In Brobdingnag, the situation is reversed. He is only a few inches tall relative to the natives. My story is very similar to what Gulliver experienced in Brobdingnag.

In my story, I travel to the land of Brobdingnag and I am amazed at the sheer size of everything. I sneak around afraid of being captured. Once night falls it begins to get cold so I determine to try and sneak into a house. I am successful and I even manage to get something to eat by climbing up onto the table after the residents finish their meal. I notice that I picked a good house since the couple who live there are both fit and attractive once I get over their massive size.

Later, after they clean up, they retire to their bedroom and, wouldn't you know it, start fucking. This couple is really hot and they like it wild. I can't get over how huge this guy's cock is. Relative to his wife, he is around 7 or 8 inches, but relative to me, he is about 7 or 8 feet long. Now when I am in my own world, I am a guy who loves cock and cum. I get out to the glory holes as often as I can and I have some friends with benefits that double team me once or twice a month. So you can imagine what I am thinking when I see him pull out and witness the gargantuan cream pie that he just made in his wife's 3 foot, shaven cunt. I don't get to look at it for long though because immediately after filling her up, he goes down and cleans her up. Wow! These are my kind of people. Once he is finished and she polishes off the remnants of their union from his softening cock, they head to the bathroom and get in the shower. Now is my chance at dessert. Once the water starts running, I climb up on the bed and go to the spot where she would have drained if he had given her enough time. Sure enough, there was a cum stain on the sheets. What would have seemed a negligible amount of cum to the two who made it was in reality, to me, a gold mine of sweet nectar. I dove right in and it was delicious. There must have been a gallon of the good stuff. What a delight. I have been trying for years, to no avail, to get together a gang bang so I could get that much cum in a single sitting. This was incredible. It was, literally, all I could eat, or so I thought.

While I was distracted by the biggest cum feast of my life, the man of the house came back in the room and saw me. He must have been familiar with Gulliver's tale because he wasn't as surprised as I expected him to be. He did, however, pick me up and at once took me to show his wife. I didn't much care at this point as my stomach was literally bloated with his cum, my face and hands were coated with it and it was all over my clothes. "The little guy sure likes cum doesn't he baby," he said.

"He sure does," she replied. "I wonder what we should do with him. Do you think our friends from the club would be interested in him? Especially considering how much he seems to like cum."

"I am sure they would. We'll take him when we go this weekend. I think he will be a big hit."

I finally came out of my cum stupor at this point and asked what kind of club they were talking about. It sounded like it may be some sort of sex club and I was very interested for my part and I said as much.

"So, you speak our language little man. That will help facilitate matters. Now we can talk about what the rest of your life is going to be like."

"If it is going to be like the last few minutes, I think it is going to be a fantastic life indeed. That was some of the best tasting ball butter I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and, believe me, I have ate a lot. I would love to have some of that straight out of your lovely wife's fuck slit."

"Well, I think we can arrange that a time or two before this weekend, don't you honey?"

"Most definitely," she replied. "By the way, this is Randy and I am Elayne. What is your name?"

"My name is Tom," I replied. "And it is my tremendous pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am exhausted right now though, can we get some rest?"

"I think that's a good idea," Elayne said. You can sleep with us if you want, if you aren't worried that we will roll over on you."

"Sounds good to me," I answered. "Let's hit the hay, all this warm man milk is making me sleepy."

We all went to sleep with thoughts of what tomorrow would bring. I was thinking about how awesome it was going to be to eat that much cum out of a cunt that big and also what it would be like to have a cock that huge jacked off over my face, or even better, several cocks that size.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of fucking. Randy was putting it to Elayne right next to me. They went at it for 15 or 20 minutes in all sorts of positions but it finally came time and Randy grunted as he shot his load all up inside of his hot wife. As he pulled out and rolled off of her, I began to move into position. "Very thoughtful of you to bring me breakfast in bed Randy," I said.

That brought laughter from both of them. "Good one," he said, "now enjoy the buffet my little friend."

I needed no further invitation. I walked up to her freshly used cunt and was nearly overwhelmed by the sweet aroma of their sex. His jizz was beginning to leak out so I just dove right in. I can't even begin to do justice to what I experienced as I gorged myself on her fresh cream pie. In moments my stomach was full to bursting and I was literally covered in fuck froth. It was pure ecstasy to wallow in her slimy slit. It must have been good for her too because she started clenching in another orgasm as I tugged with both hands on her enormous clit.

After she calmed down a bit she noticed that I was sporting an erection and asked if there was anything she could do to help. I thought how awesome it would be to cum in a mouth big enough to eat me and told her as much. She agreed and I moved up to her mouth as she laid her head down on the bead. I was jerking away as she held out here gigantic tongue. After all that I had experienced in the last 24 hours, you can imagine how I had been building for a huge load. I was ready to go and when she said, "Give me your hot cum you tiny stud," it put me over the top and I shot the biggest load of my entire life which had to have covered at least 2 or 3 of her taste buds.

When I had finished, she swore she could taste my load. I thanked her for being kind but told her it was unnecessary. I said I was just elated that I could even have the pleasure of being immersed in her swollen sex, and the opportunity to cum on her tongue was truly an amazing honor.

This scene repeated itself in one way or another over the next few days as we waited for the weekend. I was nearly mad with anticipation. My mind was reeling with the idea of having several of these giants jacking off all over me, literally showering me with gallons and gallons of thick, hot cum.

The big day finally came and we arrived a little early to meet with Adam, the host of the sex club. He had been rather incredulous about me and had said he would believe it when he saw me with his own two eyes. Well, seeing is believing and he was happy to find that I was for real. He explained the rules and asked if I would abide by them. I agreed, realizing this was a formality as I was completely at the mercy of these behemoths. Not that I minded, it really turned me on to know that there was nothing I could do to protect myself.

Adam led us into another room and introduced us to the 10 other guys who would be participating in out little adventure. They were already naked and all had nice cocks. Without further ado, the guys all started in on Elayne. The plan was to have her suck on them and let them fuck her hard for her part and then, instead of taking the facial for herself, all the guys, all 12 of them, would pull out and jack off on me. My position was to sit in a bowl placed on her tummy and pubic mound and watch all the action from close up.

The action was hot and heavy for quite a while with Elayne taking 2 and sometimes 3 cocks at a time. Mostly she was taking one in her mouth one and up her fuck slit. It was awesome to look down and see her taking an 8 foot cock in her cunt and then to turn around and see her taking a 7 footer down her throat until the guy's medicine ball sized nuts were resting on either side of her nose. It seemed that shaving was the order of the day in this world too as all the participants were delightfully smooth just like I like it.

After about 30 minutes of continuous hard fucking, Adam cued the other guys that it was time for the cum show. I almost lost my nut right then, knowing that my dream cum true was about to happen. I was going to get a true cum shower. The guy fucking her starting grunting and said he was ready. I stood their about 10 feet (or inches in their terms) away and he pulled out and pointed that monster cock right at me. He cock slit was 6 or 8 inches tall and leaking some tasty looking clear fluid. His head was enormous and dark purple. Then he let fly. The first squirt took me full in the chest and was so hard it literally knocked me down. That one spurt had me covered in more cum than I had ever experience in my whole cocksucking career. But that wasn't even close to the end of it. He was good and didn't miss with that or any other spurt. By the time he had shot his wad, I had about a gallon of cum all over my body, including my head and face. It was so hot on my skin. I barely had time to enjoy it though as the next guy stepped up and began adding to the already enormous amount of cum covering me. I didn't even bother standing up since I knew what would happen. When he finished, I was literally covered in cum, not one square inch was without a cum glazing. I was in ecstasy!

The next few minutes were the most exquisite of my cum loving career. By the time all 6 guys had dumped their thick loads on me, I was not only completely soaked in cum; I was lying in a pool of it about a foot deep. Adam picked up the bowl I was in and put me on a table nearby as Elayne and the guys took a breather. I was left to my own devices lying in a bowl of cum. What more could I ask for? While they cleaned up and talked amongst themselves, I rolled over on my hands and knees and started gulping down as much of that delicious, thick, hot nut butter as I could manage.

It is impossible to adequately describe how I felt as I knelt in that vat of creamy ambrosia; swallowing so much cum that I felt like I had eaten 3 Thanksgiving dinners in a row. I just couldn't stop myself from eating that cum. Think back on occasions when you have been extremely thirsty. Perhaps after jogging or playing basketball. Remember how you gulped down the water? That was how I was swallowing the cum I was swimming in. And the best part was, I could still roll onto my back and submerse myself in it (which I did). So now I was not only completely covered in cum, I was completely full of cum as well.

By now, the others had picked up on what I was doing and had come over to watch. They were cheering me on but I had swallowed all I could handle for the moment. I told them to wait a few minutes and I would go for it again. They went back to their conversations and I just lay in the bowl and reveled in the feeling of being submersed in cum while digesting about a half gallon or more of it at the same time.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was being awakened by Elayne with a request to gulp some more cum while the group watched. I did the best I could, probably taking in another couple pints. They loved it.

Finally the fantasy was over and it was time for Randy and Elayne to leave. I made as if to go with them and Adam asked me what I was doing. I responded that I was leaving with my friends and he proceeded to clue me in. I was to stay with him and be the star attraction for the indefinite future. My sole sustenance was to be thick, hot, and creamy cum. That is all I would get to eat and drink while I was with Adam. I thought that was a great idea.

All this took place over 4 years ago. Since then, I have had the indescribable pleasure of living out this dream of mine on a nightly basis. I have made Adam a rich man and he has made me a very happy one. I have found that cum is all I need to survive; indeed, it is all I really want.

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