tagBDSMSwan's Song: The Birdcage Ch. 02

Swan's Song: The Birdcage Ch. 02


She slowly became aware of voices and noises, but none of them familiar. However, she knew something was really wrong by what she felt: comfortable. She was lying on her back on something soft and fluffy, and she was covered by some warm, soft blanket. She didn't let herself move, not wanting to alert the voices that she was conscious. She peeked her eyes open and looked up. She saw a gauzy white material peaked above her, cascading down to her sides. She slowly turned her head to one side and saw that the gauzy white fabric was held to the side by a white beam of some kind creating a kind of wall to the side of the bed she was in. Between this fabric wall and the bed was a white wardrobe against the solid wall that the bed sat against. She turned to the other side and saw the same white wall, and a white dressing table between the wall and the bed. The dressing table had an ornate mirror mounted on it and a matching chair on the floor in front of it.

She didn't hear any urgency to the voices, and she assumed they were still unaware of her. She looked toward the foot of the bed and saw that the gauzy white material hung to create "doors" that were closed at the front of the "room" she was in. Realizing she had privacy, she sat up and took a better look around. Where in the world was she?

She sat for a while unsure if she was supposed to wait for someone to come get her, but her stomach rumbled loudly. She threw her legs to the side of the bed and saw that she was naked. A white silk robe lay draped over the chair. She threw it on, smiling at the feel of it on her skin. Parting the fabric door slightly, she poked her head out to take a look.

Directly across from her, she saw more peaked fabric rooms like the one she was in. They were in a line along a long wall, and they created a kind of hallway that she was looking out into. Every room, or the fabric that formed it, was a different color and textures. There was a red silk room, a green gauzy room, a deep blue velvet room, a black gauzy room, and more that she couldn't quite see from her vantage point. Most of the doors were hung open, so she could see they were similarly decorated to hers. Some pieces of furniture were the same color as their fabric, some darker or lighter, but all coordinated purposefully.

Down the hall from her, the hallway opened up into a great room with some chairs and lounges from what she could see. There were several girls gathered in this area laughing and eating together, the source of the noises and voices she had awoken to.

She stepped tentatively into the hallway and headed toward the great room. One of the girls noticed her and ran over to her, "Oh, you're awake!" The girl grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the other girls. She found her heart racing in nervousness.

"Ok, I'm Cardinal, but you can call me Cardy. This is Blue Jay, we just call her Jay," she gestured to one of the girls in group. She turned to the other two, "This is Oriole, or Ory, and this is Flamingo, but we call her Min because that was the best we could get out of Flamingo."

She was feeling very overwhelmed and had no idea what to say, so she just replied quietly, "Hi."

The girl called Jay stood up. "Cardy, she has no idea where she is, and you go introducing her to everyone. You're going to scare her." Jay took her hand and helped her into a seat. "You're probably starving, aren't you?" She forgot her overwhelmed feelings and nodded emphatically.

Cardy started throwing fruit and pastries onto a plate, and the girl they called Min jumped up to get her a glass of juice from a small bar behind her against the wall. She ate with abandon. Food had never tasted this good, and she was hungry!

"While you eat, we'll give you the rundown," Jay started. "I'll be more helpful than Cardy, because she'd just get distracted and pepper you with questions." Cardy giggled, and Min poked her. "Ok, this," here Jay gestured grandly around herself, "is the Birdhouse. And we," here she gestured to herself and the girls around her, "are the Birds. All of Master Tristan and Master Sean's girls are Birds, and there are now ten of us total—including you. You'll see later why they call and name us this way, but there's no need to get into that now."

"The most important thing you need to know is that Master Tristan and Master Sean are the best masters that a girl could ever wish for. They are kind and love each of us. Admittedly, some of us are more favored than others," here Ory, Cardy and Min all rolled their eyes together, "but none of us is mistreated."

"We live, for the most part, here in the Birdhouse. The staff brings us our meals, and there are a bunch of facilities out that door," she gestured to the opposite side of the room where a set of double frosted glass doors sat, "like an exercise room, the spa, the salon, and even an outside garden. There's even a theater where you can watch TV or movies."

"That's all during the week. Some nights there might be a special dinner or business meeting, but the main events are the gatherings on the weekends. You might be familiar with the gatherings if you come from another Master in the area." She shivered in response to the memories Jay triggered but nodded to have her continue. "Master Tristan and Master Sean are very strict in their rules on how us Birds are to be treated. For the most part, we don't usually have problems with any of our Masters' business partners. In fact, some of us quite enjoy them," Jay said this last line looking obviously at Cardy who threw a pillow at Jay and responded, "James is fantastic, and don't you think for a moment you wouldn't grab him up if he'd have you!"

Jay continued, "Most of us have a few favorites," and she smiled mischievously.

"No matter when a gathering or another event is, we pretty much get pampered the entire day with massages, hair do's, manicures, the works. Which, speaking of, I believe you're due for as soon as you're finished eating. You've been out for two days! But you weren't in great shape when Master Tristan brought you here." Jay and the other Birds looked at her sympathetically. She refused to let herself remember the reason she was in that condition, but she shifted in her seat realizing for the first time that she didn't hurt everywhere like she should.

"So if you're finished, I'll go get the stylists. You need to get ready! You're meeting with Master Tristan and Master Sean tonight."

* * *

She had spent fully the entire day getting ready. She looked at herself in the mirror, amazed at how beautiful they had made her. Her skin practically glowed with all the lotions and soaks she had. Her makeup was very simple and nature, barely looking like she was wearing any at all. They had put her in a simple white silk dress with thin straps. She thought it looked like the most elegant night gown she had ever seen, but the stylist assured her it was a dress. She wore simple strappy heels to match her dress, and they put a silver necklace on her that curved in intricate patterns around small diamonds.

But the most amazing piece of her was her hair. They trimmed her hair, but didn't take any of her length; it remained long, coming down to the lower part of her back. It was styled perfectly straight, which is how it normally hung naturally, but it was now styled absolutely straight without a single hair out of place. Finally, they had used oil conditioners and brushed it for about thirty minutes, so that now her hair shone practically luminescent. Her normal platinum blond color now looked silver with the care and attention she received today.

Seeing that she was ready, her stylist called for the butler. He was an older man, and he had a nice smile and kind eyes. When he arrived, he introduced himself as Hudson. He took her hand and placed it around his elbow, just like Master Tristan had the first night she met him. He led her from the Birdhouse to meet her new masters.

* * *

She and Hudson arrived at Master Tristan and Master Sean's private apartments. "Now, wait here a moment, Miss, while I check to see if they're ready for you. I hate to leave you standing in the hallway, but you are such a vision that I want you to have a big entrance." He smiled at her and ducked through one of the double doors in front of them. She heard muffled voices from within, and in a moment Hudson was back through the door.

"They're ready for you, Miss. I'll open both of the doors. I want you to count to five slowly, and then you can come in. Ok?" She nodded nervously. Hudson opened the doors expertly with one motion, and disappeared into the room beyond them. The part of the room she could see was decorated in soft neutral colors. There was a couch and several arm chairs around a short coffee table, but she couldn't see into the room beyond that yet.

She counted to five a slowly as she could force herself, and then she stepped into the room. She turned and saw the room, just beyond where she previously could not see, stretched back and opened up into a large open area. A small dining table sat to the back of the room opposite a bar on the other wall. In the open area between the dining table and the bar stood Hudson and her new masters. Hudson motioned her in further, and she walked back toward them.

She recognized Master Tristan instantly, her heart skipping beat just to see him again. The man beside him seemed to be Master Tristan's opposite. Where Master Tristan stood dark and imposing, young man beside him was relaxed and grinning at her. He had light brown hair, and she couldn't decide if it wasn't styled at all or if it was styled to look un-styled. He had light brown eyes that sparked. They were both dressed in tuxedos.

Her masters just stood looking at her for a long moment, but the younger man she assumed was Master Sean broke the silence with a whistle that could only be described as appreciative. Master Sean walked up to her and took her hands in both of his. "Tristan's description of you didn't do you justice. You are possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He smiled and motioned for her to turn around, and she did.

"Tristan, you need to get your eyes checked."

"Well, I only got to see her under Victor's care. The man is a fool who had no idea what he had." "I'll agree with you there."

Master Sean moved to the side to let Master Tristan stand in front of her. He gently pulled her chin up to look at him like he did when they first met, but this time he leaned down to kiss her pushing his lips between hers. She could feel the desire behind them.

"Hey!" Master Sean exclaimed from beside them.

Master Tristan ignored him, but explained to her, "Sean and I share everything. Some nights you will have us both at the same time, and we will teach you how delightful that can be." Master Tristan smiled his small smile, but she noticed for the first time how it touched his eyes. "But tonight... you are mine." "Hey, but we haven't named her yet!"

Master Tristan kept his eyes on hers, but answered his partner, "Sean, isn't it obvious?" He stepped back from her keeping her his arm's length away so he could see her from head to toe. "She will be our Swan."

* * *

Master Tristan carried Swan into the bedroom that was through double doors off the living area they were just in. He set Swan down on her feet, and slipped her dress off her shoulders. The silk fell to the floor and pooled around her feet. Swan now wore only her shoes and jewelry; her stylist must have guessed well as to her evening activities.

Swan felt goose bumps spread up her spine, but not from being cold.

Master Tristan trailed his hand from her cheek, down her neck, over her breast and stomach, and linger between her legs. Swan closed her eyes and sighed in delight. He slipped his fingers up and into her. Swan couldn't control her desire, and she tilted her pelvis toward his fingers and leaned into Master Tristan. Her hands found their way to his face and into his hair, and she pulled him down to her mouth to kiss him fervently.

After a moment, he pulled away from the kiss, but twisted his fingers into her deeper. "Who are you now?"

"I am Swan," she answered breathlessly.

"Who do you belong to?"

"My Master Tristan and Master Sean." Swan gasped as he shifted his fingers inside her again, "Oh, I am yours!"

He leaned down and kissed her hard. She was thrilled to feel his desire match her own. Master Tristan broke the kiss and pushed her back on to the bed. He slipped his jacket off, and his shirts quickly followed. When he reached to open his pants, Swan's hands stopped him and picked up where he left off. She pushed his pants down, and his black silk boxers quickly followed.

Swan looked into his eyes and took his hard cock into her hands. She saw fire leap into his eyes, and Master Tristan lost the control he so carefully held on to. He pushed Swan on her back and lay on top of her. She gasped in pleasure just to have his skin on hers. He kissed from her breast, up her neck, and kissed her hard on the lips.

He looked into her eyes to savor the moment, but Swan was ahead of him. "Please," she breathed, "I need you inside me." Master Tristan was more than happy to oblige her, and he pushed in to her. She gasped and cried out in pleasure. He watched her face as she completely lost herself in the moment. She was amazing and beautiful.

Swan twisted her pelvis, her body language begged Master Tristan to move inside her. He pulled out slightly and pushed into her again. Moving in and out of her, he could feel her energy building. Swan's entire body tightened, and he climaxed with her.

They collapsed into each other and simply laid there breathing hard. Swan giggled after a moment, and Master Tristan kissed her gently. He pulled her to the top of the bed and covered the two of them with the sheets. She immediately fell asleep in his arms with a smile on her face.

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