tagBDSMSwan's Song: The Birdcage Ch. 03

Swan's Song: The Birdcage Ch. 03


Swan stretched in the gigantic bed and noticed she was alone. Looking around the room for Master Tristan, she noticed that the bed was in shambles: the sheets had come undone, blankets were askew, pillows thrown to the side and on the floor. She smiled thinking of the love they made every couple of hours throughout the night. But now sun streamed in through floor to ceiling windows, and stomach told her it was definitely time to get up.

She put on the white silk robe that Hudson must have brought in sometime during the night. She opened the doors and saw Master Tristan in a robe and Master Sean in his own night clothes having breakfast at the elegant dining table she saw last night.

"Look who's awake!" Master Sean exclaimed. He waggled his eyebrows at her and whispered loudly, "I thought he might have broken you." Swan smiled at him and sat the table. Master Tristan poured her a cup of coffee while Master Sean continued, "I mean, I was surprised he was able to keep you busy all night," here he mockingly glared at his partner, "not sharing you with anyone else who might have wanted to play with you."

Master Tristan's eyes looked toward the ceiling for a second, and Swan realized he had just rolled his eyes. She would have thought her new master—at least one of them—was too dignified to ever roll his eyes. She giggled at them both and helped herself to a pastry and some fruit.

"So, Swan and I get to become acquainted this morning."

"You aren't going into the city today then?" Master Tristan questioned.

Master Sean's tone changed slightly for the serious, "No, but I'll spend the afternoon here. I need to touch base with Don and review the Provenance contract."

"I'll probably do the same. Just join me in the office once you and Swan are sufficiently acquainted." Master Tristan drained the last of his coffee and disappeared into the bedroom to dress for the day. He came out shortly later in khakis and a grey button down shirt. He kissed Swan on the top of her head, and entered through another set of doors in the room that Swan assumed lead to their office.

Master Sean grinned at Swan, "Shall we?"

* * *

Master Sean slipped the white robe from Swan's shoulders and stood back to admire her standing in front of him. "Even without the dress, the makeup and jewelry, you are still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Victor is a fool." He stepped close to her, and his face hardened, "I want you to know that you are safe with me. I will destroy anyone who ever hurts you." He leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. But Swan leaned into the kiss as if answering with her desire that she believed his words.

Her new masters amazed her, and she realized she was fervently in love with both of them despite barely knowing them.

She looked up at Master Sean and began unbuttoning his night shirt, "Allow me."

He smiled at her, "Why you forward thing! Alright, I'll allow it."

She pushed the night shirt from him and flung it to the floor. Then she slipped her fingers under the elastic band of his night pants. She pushed them to the floor as well, letting her master's cock spring free. She couldn't resist taking him into her hands, to feel his soft skin over hard desire.

Swan looked him in the eye and began to lower herself to her knees. His eyes widened a little as he watched her take him into her mouth, all the while keeping her eyes on his. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, smiling when she heard him gasp in pleasure. She took him all the way in until his tip rested at the back of her throat. Then she stroked the underside of his shaft with the tip of her tongue as she pulled away from him slowly.

"Oh god, Swan. That is amazing. You are amazing."

His pleasure only encouraged her, and she repeated the motion: taking him fully into her mouth and stroking the underside of his shaft as he left her mouth. She did this excruciatingly slow several more times before picking up the tempo. As she sped up, she added a swirl with her tongue around his tip at the end. Plunge into her mouth, stroke, and swirl. Again and again until she heard him grunt, "Oh Swan!" She plunged him into her mouth and held him there as he emptied himself down her throat.

When he had finished, she slowly pulled him out of her mouth cleaning him off as she did. He looked down at her with adoration and amazement. Master Sean picked her up by her shoulders and threw her onto the bed, collapsing beside her in a heap.

"That was most certainly not fair of you," he accused her.

"Not fair?" She started to worry that she had done something wrong, but that's definitely not what his body language had told her.

"Yes. I brought you in here with every intention of impressing you with my sexual prowess, and you ambush me before I can even get started." He grinned at her and then kissed her cheek. "But now it's my turn, and prepared to be impressed."

He got up on his hands and knees and crawled down the bed watching her like a predator stalking his prey. He grabbed her ankles and pushed them far apart. He stalked up her legs and leaned down over her pussy. He inhaled, like she was a delicate glass of wine and he was appreciating her bouquet. He inserted two fingers into her. She squeaked with delight. He brought his face down, slipping his tongue between the lips of her pussy and finding that oh-so sensitive nub, and made her cry out for more.

Swan had never had anyone pleasure her like this, and she didn't want it to stop. His fingers twisted and poked inside her while his tongue circled and flicked her. Her head spun. She didn't know what sensation to focus on. Her free hands thrashed the bed and gripped the sheets, but she kept her lower half still not wanting to interrupt anything that was currently happening down there. Suddenly she felt all the sensation build at one point in her pussy. Her legs tightened, her toes curled, then she felt like she was exploding into a million tiny pieces.

When she finally found her breath, Master Sean crawled back to the top of the bed and she nestled into the crook of his side. He could feel her energy, and she was practically purring with satisfaction. "I'll assume you are duly impressed. Then my work is done. I'll let Tristan know I'm taking the rest of the day off."

They lay in satisfied silence for a bit, but then Swan turned to look at her master, "No, you need to work, and I don't want to be the one to distract you from it." Master Sean frowned at her, and she finished with a smile, "At least not too much."

"Ugh, fine. I'll do some work, but later. Now, let's have a bath."

He stood and picked her up into his arms carrying her into the bathroom.

* * *

Swan tied the sash on her robe and went to the dining room where Hudson was laying out their lunch.

After a bath and then another—amazing—session with Master Sean, she was famished.

"Miss Swan, can I make you a plate?"

"Yes please, Hudson. I'm starving."

"I figured you might be after all the... activity you've had," Hudson's face remained serious, but she could see a twinkle in his eye. He set a plate in front of her, and she dived in without waiting for her masters. Part of her mind hoped that she wouldn't get in trouble for not waiting, but another part of her mind said her masters wouldn't want her going hungry.

Hudson knocked on the closed office door twice, and after a moment Master Tristan emerged and grabbed a plate as well. Eventually, Master Sean came from the bedroom, dressed and ready for his own time in the office. He fixed a plate and sat at the table with them.

"Swan, you look amazing in that robe. Never wear anything else."

Master Tristan nodded seriously, "I agree. I'll have her stylists create an entire line of robes for her."

Swan laughed at them both and sat back from her lunch satisfied. She opened her mouth to ask a question, but then thought better of it and decided to remain quiet. Her conflict must have been obvious on her face, because Master Tristan put his fork down and looked at her. "Swan, you are always free to speak with us. As long as you're being respectful, there's nothing you could say that would result in punishment."

"It's pretty rare that we or the staff ever have to punish one of our Birds, and it's not something we particularly enjoy," Master Sean chimed in. "And we never want you to feel like you can't talk to us."

Their lunch conversation had taken such a serious turn so suddenly, that now Swan felt silly that her question wasn't more important. "I had just been wondering what I do for the rest of the day while you work."

Master Sean smiled, "Well, anything you want to do. You're certainly welcome to go back to the Birdhouse. But you can also stay here for the day. We have a library through those doors there, you can go into the garden, or I'm sure Hudson can put you to work dusting."

Hudson winked at her and huffed, "I challenge you, Master Sean, to find a single speck of dust anywhere in these apartments."

"Then I'd like to stay here for the day," Swan answered shyly. She liked the idea of being close to Master Tristan and Master Sean, even if they were otherwise occupied.

"I'll bring you a change of clothes from the Birdhouse, Miss Swan."

"No!" Master Sean said as he wiped his mouth with his napkin and stood up from the table. "We declared that she may only wear this robe for the rest of her days." He bent to place a chaste peck on her lips, "I'm off to work," and he disappeared into the office.

Master Tristan, who had also finished his lunch, stood as well. He spoke in a low voice to Hudson, who nodded and left the apartment to obey some order. Then Master Tristan stepped over to where Swan sat, wrapped his arm around her waist, and lifted her out of chair so that she was standing and pressed against his front.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your morning with Sean."

Swan blushed realizing he was implying that he heard her... enjoyment. He smiled his small smile at her blush, and brushed aside a piece of her hair over her shoulder. Leaning down, he kissed her neck, then her jaw, then a long kiss on her lips. She leaned in to him, wanting it to last longer, but Master Tristan broke the kiss after a moment.

"I'll be thinking of you today." He let go of her waist, stepped into the office with Master Sean and closed the door.

* * *

Swan sat out in the garden on a chaise, basking in the sunshine. She never got to go outside much when she was Master Victor's, so the freedom to just explore was exhilarating. The sun was warm on her arms and legs; she only wore a pair of white jean shorts and a lacey white tank. She couldn't decide if she would only ever wear white clothing, or if Hudson was just trying to help her continue to impress her new masters.

She got up from the chaise and walked further into the garden. At first she worried to Hudson that she would get lost, the garden looked as though it never ended. But Hudson assured her that there was a high hedge the bordered the entire estate, and the different gardens around the estate were divided to keep them separate. In short, she wouldn't be able to accidentally wander off the estate.

The garden was beautiful. There were benches, chaises, tables and chairs to be found in many different places. There were also tall statues, fountains and small ponds to be found. She even found a pond filled with koi and a small stone bridge crossing it. The most interesting feature, however, were the birdhouses and bird feeders scattered everywhere: in trees, on high poles, and set into walls. She saw more birds than she even knew existed. They were lovely to hear and see.

As the sun lowered in the sky, she eventually found herself back in front of the French doors leading to Master Tristan and Master Sean's apartment. She was half surprised she found her way back. Wondering if they were finished with work yet, she went inside. Swan noticed that the office door was slightly ajar, and she could hear her masters' voices from with. Their conversation at lunch made her feel bold, so she poked her head through to look inside.

Their office was a long carpeted room with a huge ebony desk on each end. There were two couches and two chairs around a coffee table in the middle of the room, and the walls were lined with shelves holding binders, books, odds and ends. Master Tristan stood with a phone to his ear behind his desk. Master Sean, also talking on a phone, sat behind his desk with his feet propped up on the desk top. Master Tristan noticed Swan and motioned for her to come in.

She stepped into the room, but didn't want to interrupt either of them. She wandered over toward the shelves to look around. Master Sean must have ended his call, because he came up behind her to wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her sun-warmed shoulder. She twisted in his arms and kissed him fervently, surprised by her own need for him after only being apart for a few hours.

He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Do you remember what you did to me this morning? Your ambush?" She giggled silently and nodded. "I want you to ambush Tristan right now." She pulled away from him quickly and shook her head in fear. She couldn't interrupt his work that way, she knew it would get her punished. But Master Sean was still smiling and he whispered again, "No, my sweet Swan, trust me. Ambush him," and with this he smiled wickedly at her.

It was laughable and ridiculous, but her heart was pumping in her chest. Master Tristan flopped down in one of the chairs in the middle of the room, conceivably where he had the best view of his partner. Swan headed over to Master Tristan's desk, where he was still standing speaking on the phone. She stepped up to him, and he smiled at her but continued his business conversation. She was unsure of how to start in this context, so she just put her hands on his chest and gently rubbed circles with her thumbs. She was trying to be subtle. After a moment she moved her hands down to his sides, around his waist. Looking up at him, he continued to speak into the phone, but she thought she saw an underlying question in his eyes. Swan decided to ambush him.

She pushed at his waist until he fell into his office chair behind him. Swan was silently glad that the move did not surprise him enough to interrupt his conversation. She was actually quite impressed at his focus so far. Suddenly she found herself wanting to challenge his focus.

Pushing his knees apart, she knelt in front of him between his legs. She reached for the zipper on his pants, and looked up at his face. His eyes widened slightly at her, but his conversation continued. She pulled the zipper down, reached inside, and sprung his cock free of his boxers and pants. She softly wrapped her hand around his shaft, and she heard him pause in the middle of his sentence. She smiled and looked up at him, catching him in his mistake, but he continued quickly so the other end of his conversation would not suspect anything.

Swan leaned down just touching the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock. She looked up at Master Tristan and watched his face as she swirled her tongue around his tip. She saw his breathing change a bit, but no other change. She slowly took him into her mouth entirely, until her lips were at the base of his shaft. Then, like she did to Master Sean that morning, she pressed the front of her tongue to the underside of his cock and stroked it slowly as she pulled him out of her mouth.

She heard her master stumble on his words. He cleared his throat and said to the other end, "Why don't you give me the rundown of the schedule." She could hear the muffled words from the other end of the phone as whoever it was started just reading through the schedule. Master Tristan tipped the phone away from his mouth as his breathing became heavy.

Swan swirled her tongue around his tip again and then plunged him deep in her mouth. She heard his breathing hitch as she stroked that sensitive area slowly. Again, she attacked him bringing him to the back of her throat. Once more, and then she picked up her pace. She stroked with her tongue faster and a twist of her tongue between strokes. It wasn't long before she hear him grit his teeth and toss the phone onto his desk top. His hands tangled in her hair, but they didn't force her head. She thrust him into the back of her mouth and held him there, stroking the orgasm out of him with her tongue.

Her master exploded in her throat, and she could feel his pulse with her lips. She started to pull away simply because she needed to breathe, but she could feel him still throbbing with his climax. She just pulled him to the front of her mouth, swallowing his deposit, and cleaning him with her tongue. He finished, and she tucked him back into his pants. She zippered him closed and sat back on her heels as if nothing happened at all.

Master Tristan picked up his phone, cleared his throat, and simply said, "Jones, I'll have to call you back tomorrow," and he hung up the phone. He looked at Swan, and she suddenly felt as if she couldn't read his face. Her heart started to race. Was this a mistake? Was he furious with her?

Breaking the silence, Master Sean burst out laughing. He laughed so hard that he looked like he might fall out of his chair. Master Tristan leaned over her and asked, "Did he put you up to that?" Swan's head spun. What was the right answer? Would she get Master Sean in trouble if she said "yes?" Would she be in trouble if she said "no?" Finally, she just nodded a tiny nod, as if not wanting to admit the truth.

Master Tristan stood up from his chair and picked her up by the shoulders as he did so. He bent and kissed her hard on the lips. "That... was amazing."

Master Sean finally got his laughter under control, "I've seriously never seen you so distracted. It was amazing, right? I told you so."

Swan looked from one of her masters to the other. They had talked about her? She assumed they would have been focused on their work, but apparently they had talked together about her. No matter. She breathed a sigh of relief to know her actions hadn't been a colossal mistake.

Master Tristan kissed her again, and Master Sean mused, "Seriously. Amazing."

* * *

They ate dinner together, but then the Masters had to go to a late business meeting in the city. They called Hudson after dinner, kissed her goodbye, and sent her back to the Birdhouse.

The Birdhouse was technically her home, but it still felt foreign to her. She entered the great room and noticed that there were a lot more Birds lounging around than those she had met when she first woke up here. Jay and Cardy noticed her, and Cardy yelled, "Oh my gosh, she's finally back!"

Cardy rushed over to her and attacked her with a hug. Swan had a feeling that she was going to be Cardy's good friend whether she wanted to be or not, but she did like her. Jay and Min came over to her as well. "Have you been with Master Tristan and Master Sean this whole time?" Min asked.

"Well, yes. I mean, they worked in their office this afternoon," Swan answered. The tone in Min's voice made her wonder. She sounded almost incredulous.

Jay threw the next question at her, "So you just, like, hung out in their private apartment?"

"Um... yes?" It came out as a question, because Swan couldn't figure out what was going on.

Cardy seemed to be the only one who was picking up on Swan's confusion. "Swan, all of us have been with Master Tristan and Master Sean at least a couple of times. But only a couple of us get to be with them regularly, and only rarely in their private apartments. No one here has ever just spent the day with our Masters."

Swan started to understand their tones, but now she was almost confused more. Why would her Masters pick her to be with them like this? Why her?

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