Swanson Says


Thanks to "Cali Cat", for her editing suggestions and recommendations.

Hi. My name is William Swanson, Will, or just Swanson as some of my male friends call me. Some of my female friends now call me Swanson too, only they say it with an enticing giggle and a flirtatious smile on their face.

It's funny how the human mind works, especially the female mind. Most males will boast and claim they can do or achieve most anything. But when reality hits, all their bragging is only a front. They and all those around them find they are mostly timid followers who would prefer to just sit back and let someone else take the lead.

Women are most different. They seldom brag, but instead prefer to tease and intimidate the male into thinking that they are in total control. I am speaking mainly of the unmarried females, although I have found out in my later years that the same holds true to married women also, but I'll save those stories for another time. Actually, women prefer not to be in charge, but will only allow themselves to relinquish control when their barriers are lowered or taken down altogether.

I, myself, prefer to let someone else take the lead. But time and again, no one steps up to take command. Something inside me says "this is going nowhere", so I insert myself into a leadership role. And time and again I ask myself "why am I doing this and why do these people follow my lead?"

Let me explain what I'm talking about by telling another one of my tales that took place back when I was still a young twenty year old.

It was another Friday night and we had just got off the closing shift from the busy restaurant where we worked. For those of you readers out there who have ever worked the night shift at a restaurant, you may relate the desire to unwind and relax over a few beers with your fellow workers. As we often did, we got together and blew off some steam. None of us had any pending obligations the following day, other than getting a few hours of sleep before the next evening work shift began all over again. Work became rather repetitive, hence the need to drink a few beers and debrief stories with the friends who just shared and survived another night of work.

The nightly gatherings seldom consisted of all the same faces, although one was always present. Doug was the assistant manager in the mornings and it was his place where we usually congregated. Doug enjoyed drinking beer. In fact, he enjoyed beer as much, if not more, than he enjoyed sharing his rental house with the night crew. He would often get little or no sleep before he would have to open the restaurant the next morning, with no doubt, a little beer buzz still in his system. I had to admire him though. He could drink beer all night and he would never show signs of being drunk. He was heading in the direction of being an alcoholic, if he wasn't already. Doug was around 23, slim, about my height of 6'0", and wore black rimmed glasses. He was usually soft spoken and a genuine nice guy. We would all take up a collection of money to give to Doug and he would get the beer before the stores closed. What's not to like about a guy who would give up his home and do the beer run for all of us?

It was really around 2 am on Saturday morning by the time we all finished cleaning our stations. I was usually the last, being in charge of the kitchen.

Sam had just brought back his last bundle of clean dishes. "Are you about finished?"

"Yeah, just about," I responded, too busy wiping down my last finishing touches to bother looking at him.

The waitresses had all changed into their jeans and shirt street-clothes and were counting their tips by the time I took off my apron and washed up a bit. I combed my hair and got into my civilian shirt and shoes.

There was Mindy, who I had previously had a few encounters with, of the sexual nature. I never wanted a permanent relationship with her, although she had lost a few pounds over the last year and was looking pretty good these days in her 19 year old body. Her breasts were still huge for her short stature. Her long blond hair came to her lower back and her pudgy face was looking thinner than I recalled from our first night together.

Donna was flamboyant. She was extraordinarily friendly and very likable. At the same time, she was remarkably naïve and surprisingly gullible for a 22 year old. She stood 5'10" tall, with wavy light brown hair, and held a sturdier farm-girl like body frame. She was definitely feminine, attractive and was flirtatious by her nature. I'm not sure how it started, but we would often tease each other with the tempting phrase of "sheets tonight Will?" or "sheets tonight Donna?" throughout the work shift. We had yet to act upon it, but if either of us ever pushed the idea, I'm certain the results would end up with us between the sheets.

Barb was the serious type. She tried hard to be friendly, and she was, but somehow it never came out quite right. Her efforts seemed forced and she appeared sad beneath her exterior. Maybe she didn't get enough love when she was young and she was missing the attention most kids readily got from their parents. Although she had a beautiful smile, she appeared on the verge of tears when she spoke. Her shape was about 5'6" and very curvy. She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes and not at all unattractive. She was a mature 24 year-old.

There was Debbie. Debbie was fairly tall with a sexy slim body. She was smarter than most, you could just tell. She mostly kept to herself, while keeping a watchful eye on everyone and everything around her. Her hair was dark brown at shoulder length. She had brown eyes, white paled skin with some freckles, and wore glasses. Debbie was always professional in her demeanor at work and reserved after work. However she exuded a sly confidence, someone to admire but be wary of at the same time.

Then there was Randy. Randy didn't work this night, but knew there was always an after-hour party and usually showed up when he didn't have to work the next morning for his chef position. Girls loved Randy. He was your typical Casanova; muscular build, good looking with part Mexican bloodlines and a short 5'9" height. Randy loved being around people, especially friends he was comfortable enough to just be himself. He just returned with Doug and both had already opened at least one beer already.

"If everyone is done, let's call it a night." John was the night manager who was married and anxious to go home to his family.

Most everyone ignored him, but eventually headed for the rear exit with Doug and Randy in the lead. "Good night John," everyone said in passing before he could lock up.

Doug's house was cozy with no immediate neighbors nearby to complain about the late night party. We all gathered in the living room area which consisted of a couch and several chairs for everyone to sit comfortably. Beers were downed quickly at first to quench the thirst each of us anticipated the previous hour or two. We talked about this customer and that customer, same old same old.

"Hey, why don't we play a game of Charades?" Donna was excited in her suggestion.

"Naw," Sam balked. "That sounds like too much work."

"That sounds like fun," Barb spat out feeling the effect of her second beer.

"I hate that game." Doug threw in. "I never could get it straight what hand signal meant what."

It sounded like the girls were more up for a lively game and the guys weren't, I thought to myself. I wonder...

"Hey... I know what would be a fun game." I let the statement hang in the air.

"What?" Mindy was precious at times like this.

"Yeah. What?" Donna followed.

"What game Swanson?" Randy piped in while slouching on the couch with beer in hand.

"Well, how about a game of Swanson says?"

"Huh?" Barb asked with bewildered interest.

"I'll need three volunteers. Mindy, you're always game." Mindy blushed and covered herself by taking another drink from her beer can.

"Donna, you'd be a good participant." Donna smiled proudly, not knowing what good participant even meant.

"And I'll need one more. Barb, or maybe Debbie."

"Oh, pick me, pick me," Barb said enthusiastically.

"I don't know. I'm not sure you could keep up with Donna and Mindy."

"Aw, sure I can," Barb pouted near tears.

"You don't even know how the game is played," I teased.

"Sure I do. It's like Simon says, right?"

"It may not be as simple as that. You'd have to follow my direction without hesitation and some challenges may be quite daring."

Mindy knew what I was capable of daring and gave me a knowing grin.

Debbie, though not saying a word, looked at me with a quizzical smile.

Donna was up and ready to play whatever the game was.

"I...I could...would follow your directions...every bit as good as them."

"We'll see." Barb breathed a happy sigh of relief believing she would be included in the game, whatever it really was.

"There's really only room for three, but I guess we could make room for Debbie, if you really want to join in?" I stared deeply into Debbie's eyes.

She grinned widely. "No, that's ok. I'll just watch thanks just the same."

"Ok then. Swanson says all three of you stand up here in the middle of the room." Wow. This could be an interesting night. I better take things slow and easy, my devious mind was quickly sobering up the possibilities.

All three lined up in the middle of the small room facing me in the easy chair, Debbie on my left in a dining chair, Randy on my right on the couch and Doug who had gotten off his dining chair to also sit on the couch. Before us, were Mindy on the left, Donna in the middle and Barb on the right; all very giddy and antsy.

"Let's start off with an easy one. Swanson says touch your nose." All three touched their nose with their right index finger, looking around at the others to see if they were each doing it the same. They smiled and giggled and looked back at me.

"Put your hands on your ass." Donna moved her hands to her ass. Barb and Mindy stood still with their finger on their nose.

"Oh nooo," Donna screamed. "You didn't say Swanson says."

"Ok. Ok. Swanson says that I don't have to say Swanson says unless I want to. You will follow my direction regardless. Now put your hands on your ass."

All hands immediately went to their asses. Donna's smile returned realizing she was still in the game.

"Very good. Now form a circle with your left shoulder facing the middle."

They muddled around awhile, keeping their hands firm on their asses. Soon they were in position.

"Lower your hands." They did.

"Place your left hand inside the top of the jeans of the person in front of you and hold tight." Each reached out and grabbed the tops of the jeans of the other, leaving their right arm hanging freely.

"Excellent. Now slowly move forward in a circle." They were almost stepping on one another and were very awkward at first. By the first completed round, they seemed to have grasped the concept and were walking around in unison through to the completion of the second round. They were giggling happily.

"Three times per round, I want you to slap the person in front of you on her right rump. Begin now." With a new exuberance of laughter, they proceeded to slap the one before them and flinch each time they themselves were slapped.

"Double time. Walk faster." They were almost in hysterics, slapping and running around in circles.

"Slap as fast as you can." By now they were a mire of amusement, giggling and slapping and stumbling about. Everyone else in the room was laughing in hysterics along with them.

"Ok, stop." They were out of breath laughing and gasping for air in a heightened state of exertion.

"Line up again." This time Donna was on the far left, followed by Barb and then Mindy.

"Good job everyone. Before we go any further in the game, let's take a five minute break and have a drink, go pee if you need to before the next round of events."

Everyone all of a sudden started talking; to each other, to themselves or to no one in particular.

"That was fun," Donna said.

"Wow," chimed Barb. "What a rush."

"That was hilarious," cracked Randy.

"My hand hurts," Mindy rubbed her right hand, while smiling never-the-less.

"I need a beer." Doug got up and headed to the kitchen.

"What a goofy game. I can't wait to see what Swanson comes up with next." Sam knew from that night long ago with Mindy, what I could come up with. He was the beneficiary of seeing Mindy undress and even got to cop a feel of her right breast. He could only hope for a repeat of something similar, only this time there were three to look at and who knows what else?

Debbie sat in her chair shaking her head, smiling as the three girls headed towards the bathroom. "That was interesting. What are you going to have them do next? I wonder." She said looking my way.

"I'm not sure. I'm kinda winging it as I go along. It's still not too late if you want to join in the fun," I waved my hand at her and towards the middle of the room. Damn, I really would like to get her up there too. Her breasts were small, but she had a sexy body.

She laughed. "Oh, I'm having fun right where I am."

"You sure? I wouldn't want you to feel left out," I bounced back.

"Oh, I'm sure." She looked at the two girls waiting their turn for the bathroom and whispered out from their earshot, "I can guess where you will lead this little game of yours."

"Really? And where might that be?"

"I imagine clothes will start to disappear soon...if you can get them to do it that is," she bantered back.

"Is that right? And you disapprove?"

"Oh, I didn't say that, but...no, not really. This is kind of exciting actually," she gave me a half smile with a noticeable glitter beneath her glasses.

Hmmm. "Swanson says, take off your glasses," I said in a commanding voice.

She stared at me for a moment, then throwing caution away she slowly removed her glasses and batted her eyelashes at me.

Whoa. Was she letting me know that she was game for this too? Or maybe a one-on-one later on? I'd have to find out, sooner or later. "You have beautiful eyes," I said sincerely.

She immediately blushed. A pink hue filled her face. She gave me a toothless smile and put her glasses back on.

"I'm ready for round two," Donna entered the room in a whirl of exuberance. "That was a lot of fun."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Is this better than Charades?" I continued looking at Debbie and then focused on Donna.

"Oh yes!" Donna couldn't wait to pick up where we left off. "What's next on the agenda?"

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"I got my beer. I'm ready for more action." Doug sat down in his couch seat getting ready for the show to start again.

"I'm back," Barb said returning to the center of the room. "So, how was I?" Barb was searching for my approval.

"You were great." Her face beamed with the flattery she received. "Do you think you'll survive another round?"

"Of course," Barb said confidently.

"Is your hand sore?" I asked with an ulterior motive.

"Not so much now. I kept missing Mindy when Donna here kept spanking me so hard," she looked up at the larger Donna, several inches towering her.

Mindy, Randy and Sam all came back and took their same positions.

"How's your hand Mindy?" I asked my obedient ringer.

"Better," she rubbed her right palm to be sure.

"Alright then. Swanson says, line up. This time let's keep the line-up where you are now, Mindy, Barb and Donna on the end. Left shoulder to the middle in a circle again." They all took their direction without hesitation.

"We are going to change things up a bit. I don't want to risk hurting your hands again. So, this time I want you to undo your top button on of your jeans, unzip your zipper and lower your pants to just below your rumps."

"Ugh." Barb froze. Mindy and Donna followed directions although very slowly. They popped their button. No one was wearing a belt. They unzipped their zipper. "But...," Barb squeaked in a high tone. Mindy and Donna slowly lowered their pants just barely below the curve of their lower butt cheeks.

"Ah...ah," Barb placed her hands on her top button and reluctantly and managed to get it un-done.

I glanced over at Debbie and received a sly grin.

The room was silent, waiting as Barb lowered her fingers to the top of her zipper, while staring at Donna's panty-covered butt, covered by a shirt –tail. "Ziiiiip," she did it.

Not wanting to back out, Barb found her courage and lowered her jeans over her shapely hips until the cool air was felt on all sides of her panties. "Woo," she exhaled.

"Ok. Very good. Now grab the top part of the jeans in front of you with your left hand."

Donna had to bend over slightly to grab Mindy's jeans, showing more of her white panties. They were all quiet, only Randy, Doug and Sam had to adjust their seating positions. I, too, felt a discomfort in my own jeans, but I wouldn't allow myself to show I was getting a semi-erection.

"This may be more awkward than the last time. Let's try walking forward slowly."

Donna took a step jerking and dragging Barb's hand. Mindy walked forward, but Barb was caught off guard and didn't move fast enough. Instead of keeping a taught grip on Barbs jeans, she allowed slack Barb's jeans to drop lower around her thighs. Barb gasped and tried to move her legs forward with great difficulty. The effect of Donna pulling made Barb lean forward, bent over, as her jeans dropped even lower, showing a great sight of her white-panty covered ass. She lost her balance and fell forward, keeping hold of Donna's jeans for support. Donna's jeans came down to just above her knees, until they crashed in a pile. Not a one of them let go. Amazing, I thought. What determination!

The shock of the calamity, filled with nervous laughter from the guys, and the semi-exposed pile of women on the living-room floor, was too much to keep quiet. Everyone started laughing at an increasing decibel rate. Even I couldn't hold back any longer.

Barb looked shocked, looking up at me, then at everyone laughing, and finally she began to laugh along with the rest of us. Donna and Mindy were sprawled on the floor, still holding a firm grip to their designated jean handle, and pulling down even further in-between fits of hysteria.

"Ok...ok," trying to control my own laughter. This obviously isn't working out quite right. You three release your hold and remove your jeans." This brought the laughter quickly to a halt. "Take your shoes off first."

They released their grasps and sat looking around at themselves. They were sitting with their pants halfway down their legs and feeling pretty silly looking I imagine. Mindy proceeded to take off her shoes and Donna followed suit.

"My pants?" Barb spoke out at no one in particular. I sat quiet watching.

Mindy and Donna were finishing the removal of their jeans and sitting casually. Then they and all the rest targeted their eyes on Barb. Barb noticed the stares and didn't want to have direct eye contact with anyone, so she looked at both Mindy and Donna waiting patiently, then at her shoes.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" She suddenly went to work removing her shoes.

Sam blurted out, "you're always the last to move, like standing still causing that spill we just saw."

"Yeah, but that was pretty funny, you have to admit," Randy said with a chuckle. Everyone else chuckled a little and the mood eased up.

Not feeling so self conscious, Barb dutifully removed her pants as well.

"Ok ladies," I began. "Set your clothes against the wall and let's try this again." They set their jeans and shoes aside and stood up, forming a circle again.

"Where do we put our left hand?" Donna was so innocent.

"Swanson says, grab the shirt tail of the person in front of you and hold tight." They reached for the girl's shirt tail in front of them and showed a beautiful set of panties. Barb in white, Donna in white, and Mindy had a skimpy pair of pink panties.

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