Swapping Mothers


"You can never do that, aunt Suzie," said Mike, reaching out a hand and groping Cathy's sisters tits through her top, "its great to see you, you're so fucking hot."

"Yeah," said Jake, pleased to hear Mike pay his wife such a heartfelt compliment and mesmerised by the sight of his nephew touching up Suzie's tits, Suzie moaning softly to herself to show her pleasure, "and your mum is fucking hot, too. A couple of right yummy mummies, the pair of them."

"Oh Jake," giggled Cathy, "you say the cutest things sometimes."

Tim was getting tired with the small talk, he was never one to rest back on his laurels and liked to get down to business immediately. He had been expertly educated in all forms of sex from his loving doting parents, the three of them had done many threesomes since Tim turned eighteen when he became old enough to join in, and great as those sessions were, he enjoyed sex even more when he and his mum and dad got together with Cathy and Mike.

"What are we still doing in our clothes, then?" Tim said, before the others could carry on with what, in his eyes, amounted to another meeting of their mutual admiration society, "if I ain't careful, my cock is going to burst through in a moment and ruin a good pair of shorts."

"Get 'em off then, son," said Jake, who had shifted his gaze from Suzie and Mike to admire his son's hard tight arse, "though I'm sure with all the tight shorts you've got, young man, ruining one pair won't matter."

"What will I go home in, then, dad?" said Tim, staring incredulously at Jake.

"I'm sure Mike could lend you a pair," said Cathy, giggling.

Tim didn't wait to hear if Mike could or couldn't, he wasn't going to waste any more time and lifted his T-shirt over his head and dropped his shorts, not caring where the garments landed, and then stood naked in front of his parents and his aunt and cousin. His hard cock was amazing, he had certainly taken after his father Jake in that respect, a fact proved beyond doubt when Jake quickly removed his clothes in his son's wake and turned to stand next to him and they began fondling their proud appendages in their hands.

"Well," said Suzie, "if you can't beat 'em, join em."

"Here, aunt Suzie," said Mike, "let me help you."

"Oh, thank you, Mike," said Suzie, "you are a gentleman."

Jake and Tim exchanged bemused glances, raising their eyebrows to each other and Cathy grinned too, as Mike moved in to stand behind his aunt and unzipped her top, pulling it over her head and allowing Suzie's breasts, almost a carbon copy of Cathy's, to swing free. Then Mike dropped to his knees and inserted his thumbs in Suzie's shorts and tugged them down, flinging them carelessly across the garden with a quick flick of his hand.

"That's better, honey," said Jake, "none of us recognised you with your clothes on."

"Oh funny ha ha!" retorted Suzie, "that one went out with horse-drawn carriages."

"Fucking hell, Tim," said Mike, smiling at his cousin and likewise eager to get on with things rather than listen to a further round of ribald friendly banter, "your mum is fantastic."

"So is your mum," replied Tim, moving in and Cathy smiled happily as Tim declined his head and began to slurp his tongue over his aunt's boobs while Suzie took Mark's hand and lead him over to the sun lounge where, hours earlier, Mike had ravished his mother.

"This is just SO hot!" said Jake, his hand gripped tightly to his fat pole as he stood back and resumed masturbating, his eyes darting about all over the place, not wanting to miss any of the action. He'd had a good fuck with his wife that morning, and he and Tim had fucked each other at another of their daily threesomes the night before, so he was in no hurry at the moment and happy to become a beautiful watcher for the immediate time being, at least. It was just so nice to watch the two young men swapping mothers ...


Suzie lead Mark over to the sun lounge where she planted her arse, lay back and lifted her legs in the air.

"Come and lick me, Mike," she said and the young man immediately dropped to his knees in front of his aunt, his eyes on stalks as Suzie spread her legs so wide, parting her labia with her hands, he could see every single little detail of her fuck hole. Tim was still sucking and licking Cathy's tits, alternating between each one and running his tongue along his aunt's cleavage while Jake was showing off his masturbation technique, his big balls slapping against the insides of his legs as he pumped his prick.

Mike turned his head to smile at his mother and cousin. "Hey, you two," he said, "why don't you come over here next to us?"

"Come on, aunt Cathy," said Tim, "let me lick you where it really counts."

"This must be my birthday," giggled Cathy as she and Tim hurried over to the second sun lounge adjacent to the one that was creaking and groaning under Suzie's weight, not that she was large by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact, almost petite.

"Yeah," said Mike smiling as Cathy made herself as comfortable as she could, spreading her legs wide as her sister had done, "this is gonna be a great afternoon."

"Sure fucking is," said Tim, "you lick my mum, Mike, and I'll lick yours."

"Yummy mummies," Jake murmured again to himself as he moved in to get a closer look, his mouth drooling as, simultaneously, Mike and Tim plunged their tongues into their aunt's pussies and began to lap at them hungrily and expertly so that Suzie and Cathy's screams filled the hot stifling air of what had become a beautiful day in more ways than one.

The two young men were beside themselves with excitement, they both loved licking their lady kin's love boxes and were determined to give Cathy and Suzie the maximum amount of pleasure that they had in their possession. Tim had spent a good deal of the previous evening and a fair amount of time that morning licking Suzie's pussy, as well as fucking her in both her cunt and arse while his father watched and, as much as he loved and revered his mother and being the provider of so much pleasure for her, it felt really good to get his tongue around his aunt's pussy, as it was for Mike too as Suzie's clit responded to the invasion and began to rise up through the folds of her pussy skin to greet her nephew's hot incestuous tongue.

"We certainly trained our boys right, eh, sis?" said Suzie, turning to smile at Cathy on the adjacent sun lounge.

"We sure fucking did," agreed Cathy, placing her hands on Tim's head to draw him in as close as he could get. Both he and Mike had their noses well and truly buried in the ladies' steaming muffs and were breathing in their heady feminine aroma as their tongues became coated in reams of hot pussy juice.

Birds swooped and dived from the trees and the rooftops, every now and then pausing on the ground around the humans as if stopping to have a look at what was going on, before flying off again to disappear forever into the wide blue yonder. A soft and momentary breeze ruffled the branches for a few seconds before whirling away as quickly as it had arrived but the hardcore family were too lost in a world of sex and love to even notice what the elements were doing.

As Mike continued to lap at Suzie's cunt, Tim released his tongue from Cathy's hole and climbed up over her, straddling his legs either side of the sun lounge and holding his cock in front of his aunt's face.

"Suck on this, aunt Cathy," he said, smiling over his shoulder at his father who was wanking and watching with keen attentive eyes, "this hard-on of mine really needs some expert attention."

"Fucking hell!" said Jake, looking at his son engaged with his sister-in-law and his wife with his nephew, "I've heard of wife-swapping parties but son-swapping parties has gotta be a new one, I'm sure."

"You know us, dad," said Tim, grinning over his shoulder at Jake as he waited patiently for Cathy to start the blowjob, "we're first with everything."

"Trend-setters," said Jake and giggled like a schoolboy at his own feeble joke.

Cathy licked her lips at the sight of Tim standing across her holding his cock in his hand, the glans exposed through his pulled-back foreskin and his balls dangling in his sweaty pubes. It was, indeed, a beautiful cock, Cathy knew, but her bias still leaned in favour of Mike for obvious reasons.

"Yeah, go on, Cathy," said Jake, moving in and stroking Tim's delightfully firm and well-rounded arse cheeks with his left hand while still keeping his right wrapped firmly around his cock. Tim looked again over his shoulder as he felt his father's hand on his bum and leaned in towards him, Jake leaning in too, both father and son puckering their lips before locking them together in a long incestuous gay snog. The sight of her brother-in-law touching up his son's arse and kissing him at the same time spurred Cathy on and she lifted her head and quickly took Tim inside, swallowing her nephew's delicious cock right up to his balls.

"Mmmm, mmmm!" managed Cathy as she all but choked on Tim's fat rod. Jake and his son were still snogging like mad as Jake uncupped his hand from Tim's buns and began to insert his forefinger into the young man's arsehole.

Tim was miles away from the real world now, with his father finger-fucking his bum, their tongues in each other's mouths and his cock temporarily trapped inside Cathy's mouth. Suzie, still with her pussy fully surrendered to the onslaught from Mike's talented tongue, glanced across and smiled at the sight of her husband finger-fucking their son and her sister giving him what was obviously a killer blowjob, judging by the faraway look in Tim's eyes ...


Mike looked up at Suzie and smiled, his face smeared in her juices from his prolonged lapping at her cunt. Cathy was sucking Tim like there was only half an hour or so before the world came to the end and determined to make the most of it until they were all blasted into oblivion and Suzie wasn't going to be outdone, grinning at Mike with a lustful look on her face. Mike had seen a very similar look from his mother too many times before not to realise what it meant and he stood up and moved into position as Tim had done, placing his legs either side of the sun lounge and offering his aunt his cock as he moved in close.

Jake was still fingering Tim's arsehole while the young man continued to get his cock well and truly serviced by Cathy's experienced and very talented mouth but both father and son turned their heads as they heard the gagging sounds coming from the other lounge. Mike had thrown his head back in the air, his eyes screwed tightly shut, as his much-loved aunt Suzie treated him to another of her sizzling blowjobs.

"That's the way, honey," said Jake, "show him you can suck cock just as good as his mum can."

"We ain't in competition with each other, uncle Jake," said Mike, in all seriousness and Jake held up his hands in apology.

"Sorry, lad, you know what I mean."

Mike wasn't too sure if he did but he decided to let the matter pass. Jake removed his finger from Tim's arsehole and signified with his eyes to change position. Thanks to the many threesomes he had done with his parents, Tim was as big a pro now as his parents were, as well as his aunt and cousin, and he knew instinctively what his father wanted.

Smiling at Jake, Tim lifted his right leg over Cathy's face, turning his back to her and spreading his arse cheeks to show his aunt his arsehole and Cathy didn't waste a second in lifting her head and sending her tongue deep into its sweaty depths. She loved rimming, making sure she always licked Mike's hole out whenever they were alone together, usually as a thank you present for him giving her another great fuck. Now, however, the sight of Tim's spread cheeks and his twitching arsehole was just so inviting, Cathy couldn't resist and Tim moaned happily as her tongue worked its way up and down the cleft between his tremendous buttocks.

"That good son?" said Jake, climbing over the sun lounge too and holding his cock in front of his son's face."

"Sure fucking is, dad," replied Tim, enjoying the tickling sensations zooming up and into his arsehole from his aunt's incredible tongue and smiling happily as Jake moved in closer. Again, Tim knew just what Jake was after and he opened his mouth and swallowed his father's cock in one gulp and Jake sighed with contentment, smiling proudly down at the young man who, Jake never stopped reminding himself, had happily and thankfully inherited his own love of hot kinky sex.

Suzie was still gagging on Mike's rod and watching, out the sides of her eyes, her son getting rimmed by her sister while he sucked her husband. The sight of her sister with her tongue firmly embedded in Tim's spectacular arsehole was better than any picture or scene that the family had in their collection of porno mags and DVDs and Suzie's love and pride in her son swelled accordingly.

The family sucked and rimmed together for a good half an hour, Jake moving round next to his sister-in-law to takeover rimming Tim's arsehole from Cathy. Suzie would have liked to have joined forces with her sister and given Mike's arse a lick but she was enjoying having his cock in her mouth too much while Cathy slithered her way down the bed until she was inbetween Tim's legs, looking up to watch the young man getting his hole plundered by his father's hot tongue.

"Grrrr!" grunted Tim as the tip of Jake's tongue felt like a red hot poker in his arse, "I ain't gonna last much fucking longer."

He didn't last any longer at all, in fact. With Jake's tongue still deep in his arse, Tim let out a loud cry and came over Cathy's tits and midriff, coating her in several ribbons of thick white sperm. Suzie was still making love to Mike's cock with her expert mouth but somehow, through the twinkle in her eyes, managed to show Tim how pleased she was that he had shot a nice big load over her sister.

"Ooh, yes!" squealed Cathy, as the top half of her body became smothered in the warm jets until Tim's balls were fully drained, "this is superb."

"Sure fucking is, aunt Cathy," replied Tim, feeling immensely proud of himself as he always did when he shot a nice big load, especially when he came over an equally horny member of his family.

Jake pulled his tongue from Tim's arse to watch his son's spectacular explosion, giving his cock a tug and sending several long hot ribbons of his own over Tim's silky athletic-looking buttocks. Suzie was still gagging on Mike's cock as Cathy gave herself another round of orgasms, basking in the warmth of her nephew's spunk on her tits and cluttering up her navel while Jake's spunk ran over his son's arse cheeks and down his crack to the tops of the backs his legs.

"Over to you now, lad," said Jake to Mike, when he, Tim and Cathy had got their breaths back and they shifted themselves from the sun lounge and gathered round to watch Mike shoot his load over his aunt. Tim and Cathy were still covered in sperm but they made no attempt to wipe it off and Jake couldn't resist another look at Yim's arse to pride himself at having given his son such an enormous helping of paternal cream.

"This has been fucking brilliant," Suzie said as she released Mike's cock from her mouth, "sucking and getting cummed on by my fabulous nephew."

"Yeah, mum," said Tim, wanking his cock again even though he had shot his load barely two minutes earlier, "it was a great idea Mike and me swapping mums, eh?"

"Bloody well was," said Cathy, kissing her nephew on the lips, "and we ain't through yet. My pussy needs another good seeing to and I'd be only too happy if you'd oblige."

"I sure will, aunt Cathy," said Tim and Jake clapped his son round the shoulders and kissed him again on the lips.

"Good one, son," he said, "and you can fuck my arse too later."

"I'd be proud to, dad," said Tim.

They turned their attention back to Suzie and Mike. Suzie, as Cathy had done, was in the throes of her orgasm while, seconds later, Mike again threw back his head and let out a loud groan to signify his own approaching orgasm. Notwithstanding that he had already shot a gargantuan load in his mother's pussy earlier that afternoon, his balls were now sufficiently replenished to treat his aunt to a vast helping as well.

"Yeah, give it to me," Suzie said, scrambling to her knees on the sun lounge, her pussy still dripping juice, "I want to feel every drop."

Mike gave one further tug to his cock and then came in another rich load which, if anything, was even more plentiful than that which he'd given his mother earlier. His aunt rubbed her tits together as the long thick rivers of gooey sperm splodged down on them, lifting her head to take a few more spurts on her face, and Cathy, Jake and Tim applauded Mike for his once again magnificent cumshot, Cathy shouting and clapping the loudest, as pleased as punch that her son had given her sister so much spunk ...


"Really great you guys called today," said Mike as he rested back on his legs moments later with his spent cock in his hand, his drained balls taut in his pubes, "it certainly spiced things up, eh mum?"

"Certainly did, sweetheart," said Cathy, "not that we can't spice things up together on our own, of course."

"Of course not, mum," said Mike, grinning.

They went inside as much for respite from the hot Australian sun as to relax from their physical high jinks, Cathy handing round ice cold drinks from the fridge which they all sipped gratefully. Cathy, Suzie and Tim headed for the bathroom to clean themselves up while Mike and Jake collapsed into the comfy atmchairs of a revently-purchased three piece suite.

"Don't forget I want you to fuck me, Tim," said Cathy, twenty minutes or so later when Suzie and her son and sister had returned from the bathroom and they had all relaxed sufficiently, "you too, Jake."

"Oh good," laughed Jake, "I'm glad I get to have a bite of the cherry, too."

"You'd both better be gentle with her," said Mike, folding himself into Cathy's naked arms on the sofa, "mum is the most precious lady in the world."

"We'll be gentle, all right," said Jake. "Won't we, Tim?"

"Of course we will, dad," replied Tim, "and Mike better be gentle with mum, too."

"I will be," said Mike.

"Come on, then," said Jake, "let's go outside again, then you boys can swap your mums all over again."

"Yeah," said Cathy, "and when we've done that, if you men have still got enough energy left, my sister and I would like to watch you in action, wouldn't we, Suze?"

"That's right," said Suzie, and then, speaking to Cathy as if the men were deaf, "Jake and Tim can fuck whenever they like but Mike doesn't often get to take cock up his arse, I'm sure, nor get that lovely big cock of his up another man, neither."

"You're right there, aunt Suzie," said Mike, making it clear he and the other men had heard, "those fucks Tim and Jake gave me a couple of weeks ago when you last visited were superb."

"As was the one you gave me, Mike," said Tim, patting his arse to draw attention to it, just in case anyone should be in any doubt what he was on about.

"Superb to watch too, sweetheart," said Cathy, as a mental image of her son getting fucked by her nephew and brother-in-law one after the other came to her.

"Thanks, mum," said Mike, "I'm glad you enjoyed the all-male fuck show."

"We sure fucking did," said Cathy, "eh, Suze?"

"Bloody right we did," enthused Suzie in full agreement with her sister.

"Yes, well we'll see what we can do," said Jake, impatient to get on with round two of the day's activities, "but you ladies were both gagging for a fuck so why don't we get on with that first?"

"Lead on, MacDuff!" said Suzie and everyone laughed.

Still laughing, the five family members joined hands and Jake lead them out into the garden where the evening shadows were finally starting to close in on what had been a glorious day. Suzie sucked hard on Mike's cock for a good five minutes while Cathy went down on Tim, the young men smiling at each other as their aunts went to work again.

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