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Swapping Partners

byThe Big Bopper©

My name is Peter and I am married to a lovely attractive woman, Carol. We are both just on the plus side of 30, with a child, a wonderful little 2-year-old boy. We do have a loving relationship and I am almost embarrassed to say it … but we are both slightly bored with the routine of marriage and we have been casting around for something -- or maybe someone - to spark things up.

Carol and I are both pretty much agreed on exploring the prospect of partner swapping. But we're both quite fussy about who we join bodily parts with, so we have not been in a rush to match up with anyone just yet. I work with a guy, Martin … he's about 5 years younger than us at 27 and married to a knockout looking woman, Nicole, a striking brunette with shoulder length hair and a body to die for. They too have one child, a daughter about the same age as our son.

About once a month, we leave the kids with their respective grannies and all four of us get together for dinner at either their home or ours. Nothing has yet been suggested about swapping, so the dinners are quite respectable, just sitting around talking. All four of us get on really well together, but Carol and I wonder if introducing mixed sex between us would ruin the relationship.

Neither Carol nor Nicole goes to work so the two of them also get together for coffee each Wednesday morning at Nicole's house. My lovely Carol couldn't wait for me to get home this recent Wednesday night, anxious to tell me that she had at last introduced the topic of partner swapping and she was stunned that Nicole showed some interest. Only Carol didn't get to it straight away, she played a little teasing game with me first.

"Peter, other than me, which woman do you desire most of all? If you could have no strings attached sex with anyone else, who would it be?"

"Nicole," I answered without any hesitation.

"Damn you Peter, you didn't even have to think about it, did you?"

I gave her only a smug smile … no words were necessary.

"If you are really nice to me Peter, I can grant you that wish, my darling."

She had my immediate attention, "You can … how … tell me more."

"Darling, Nicole has always seemed so very straight-laced," my wife told me, her mouth open, still amazed hours later as she recalled the conversation for me. "But today, she said that she and Martin had discussed swapping a couple of times. She indicated that he was pretty keen while she was only luke-warm about doing it with some other guy. Obviously, she is still a long way from agreeing to do it, but I think I can bring her around. I wasn't as dumbstruck as I am now, I was really cool and I didn't push the subject, just left it up in the air. Of course, I have every intention of bringing her back to it next Wednesday."

"Carol, I would never have believed it. But the strange thing is that Martin has never suggested it to me. You would think if they were that way inclined, he might have put out feelers. Although I am positive that he'd like to get into your pants Carol … there's no risk about that."

"Do you really think so?" my wife asked curiously.

"Come on, you've seen the way he looks at you when we get together for dinner, I dare say he leaves here with an erection."

"Have you noticed the way that he looks at me?"

"Of course, I'm not blind. Martin has the hots for my wife, there's no two ways about that."

Carol gave a satisfied smirk, like my comments were only confirming something she already knew.

I looked for an opening at work the next day, but other than leading with a line like 'Are you a swinger Martin?' I would be forced to wait for a more subtle introduction of the topic. It came Friday night when we stopped in at a bar after work for a couple of beers.

I was getting ready to broach the subject when Martin opened with…

"So Peter, have you and Carol ever thought about indulging in a bit of wife-swapping?"

Whoa, I was taken aback, I expected that I was going to have to raise it. "Funny you should ask Martin, because Carol and I were only talking about that a couple of nights ago. We have both been thinking about it for quite a while, but we have been really careful to find a couple that we would both feel comfortable with."

"And you didn't think of us?" suggested Martin, "After all our dinner parties."

I needed to quickly reassure him that he and his beautiful Nicole would make an ideal partner pairing for Carol and I. "No Martin, don't get me wrong, you were both at the top of our list … actually, you were the only pair on our list. It's just that we never thought that you two would go for it."

"Peter, I have to admit to you that I'm the one who would go for it in a flash … other than my own lovely Nicole, I can think of nobody better than Carol to slip my hard cock up inside."

I must admit I cringed at his words, maybe this was the first test of whether I would be game to embark on swinging. Somehow, I was offended that he was talking about my wife in this manner … 'slip my hard cock up inside.' His words swirled around in my head. He must have noticed that I was distracted … and why.

"I didn't intend to upset you Peter, I was only trying to emphasise that you two would be the perfect couple for Nicky and I to swing with … perhaps I was a bit crude. You're close to our age, we're sort of in the same family state, each with a child. We both love our wives, but speaking for myself, I have a wandering eye that appreciates the beauty of a woman and wants to possess her, if only for one night."

"You're quite right Martin, I do feel that way … and often," I told him.

"Do you Peter … do you feel like that about my Nicky?"

"Oh, do I ever. She is truly beautiful Martin, what man wouldn't want her?"

"Peter, I've always felt that way, but I figured that I was biased because she's mine. Of course, she could still be the stumbling block. I haven't convinced her at all yet. I've tried lots of times … she sort of says she's interested, but I can never get any commitment from her … just a whole string of maybe's."

"Strangely enough Martin, Carol actually raised it with her on Wednesday, right out of the blue."

"Yes that's good, I did get to hear about that from Nicky. That's why I've mentioned it to you tonight."

"Oh that's a good sign that she told you about what my wife said, so she obviously took in what Carol had to say?"

"Yes Peter, she seemed to … but I still don't know if that brings an actual night any closer."

I began to wonder if it was me that was stopping Nicole from agreeing. "Martin, have you actually suggested to her that we would be the other couple?"

"Oh yes, of course!"

"So did she indicate whether she would be okay with me?"

"Come on Peter, stop fishing for a compliment. Yes, I got the impression that if she ever agrees for us to do it, then it would have to be with you two. I do think she likes you a lot Peter, I'm just not too sure if it's a sexual liking."

"Well at least that's a start. Martin, from our side, I can assure you that Carol would be very happy for us to have a mixed foursome with you and Nicky."

"So what should we do, can we arrange it for the next dinner party, that's due to be at your place a week tomorrow night?"

"That's up to you Martin, it would appear that Nicole is the only reluctant starter at this stage. But you can't force her into it, we may have to be patient and wait for the next month."

Martin was eager now that I had confirmed our interest, "No, that's too far away, let's try for next weekend. I'll start working on her more seriously."

"No Martin, I told you don't force her, let her come around to it gradually. Look, I know that Carol intends to raise it again this Wednesday. If there's going to be any pressure applied, it might be better coming from another woman."

Martin looked reluctant, but he agreed, "I guess you're right … okay then, I'll leave it to Carol."

Naturally, I filled my wife in on the developments of my discussion with Martin and she agreed to try to persuade Nicole over coffee on Wednesday.

Naturally, I couldn't wait to get home on Wednesday night to hear whether Carol had been successful. Typically, she teased me again, this time waffling on about some bargains she got while shopping. "Come on honey, tell me, you know what I want to know. How did it go with Nicole?"

"You really are anxious, aren't you Peter? Does it mean that much to you to have sex with her?"

"Come on, stop teasing."

"I could be worried about this Peter, you are acting like you're obsessed."

"No … no, I'm not. It's just that you and I have been talking about the prospect for months and months. And then after what Martin said last Friday night at the bar, I'm pretty excited that this could soon become a reality. Doesn't it affect you that way too? Carol, you've got to admit that you've wanted to have a go with Martin for some time."

"Oh okay, yes you're right, I am eager for it too. Well Peter, I'm sorry to disappoint you…"

My face fell, my jaw dropped, she could see that I was crestfallen.

"Hold on, it's not actually bad news, it's just not certain yet."

I brightened, "Really, tell me more…"

"Well, I raised the subject again and this time I kept on about it, forcing her to discuss all aspects, why she didn't want to swing … whether there was a chance that she might come around to it … and so on."

"Great … tell me more," I told my wife enthusiastically.

"Darling, it has a lot to do with her Catholic upbringing, she was taught to be a virgin until your wedding day and to respect the vows of marriage for the rest of your life. Martin was her childhood sweetheart, her only boyfriend and the only man she's ever had. Now she finds herself in conflict … her beloved husband who she expected to be her only man through life, keeps suggesting to her that he fuck another woman and that she give herself to another man. Nicole has been wrestling with this debate for longer than we ever expected, apparently they have been discussing it for months. So I gave her the woman's perspective…"

"Good girl, that's a great idea!"

"Easy tiger … anyway, I told her how every woman should experience several men, even many men sexually. I told her she could not have complete contentment with just one guy. I put in a big plug for you, about how kind and caring you are as a lover … and how capable and experienced you are. I promised her that you would give her heaps of orgasms…"

"Gee thanks, now I'm the one feeling the pressure."

"You can do it, just like you do with me. It turns out that Martin is not very experimental and she only ever gets one big moment a night with him. I take it that he thinks he's good, but he comes up a little short. Now I'm beginning to wonder what I've let myself in for, I don't want my first time swinging in our marriage to be a dud."

I needed to reassure her everything would be all right. "Carol, you're the one … you are the sexy one. I reckon you could make him good, you're so hot in bed."

"Oh darling, you say the nicest things, thank you."

I was anxious to hear more, "So where did you leave it with her? Are we on for Saturday night?"

"Well Peter, we could be. Before I left her, I told her that both you guys were eager to have it happen this weekend. She seemed very hesitant and I was afraid that if I pushed her too much, she was going to make it a flat no. So I cut her off by telling her to dress sexy -- and I said I would too -- and that we would just be cool and layback and she what develops."

"Wow, that sounds promising … so she agreed to dress sexy."

"Yes, she did actually."

"Well, that's a start. Shit, maybe it's really going to happen. I can't believe it."

"You better think positive thoughts and be on your best behaviour on Saturday night."

Martin and I compared notes next day at work. He too had talked to his wife on Wednesday night following Carol and Nicole's get together over coffee that morning. His wife had been non-committal on whether she would go all the way with me on Saturday, but he claimed that he got the impression that she was now really interested in trying a one-time swing.

Chapter Two

I couldn't wait for Saturday night to roll around, it seemed to take forever. Around three that afternoon, I went out to the pool for a quick dip and found my wife in one of her brief bikinis sunning herself on a banana chair at poolside. I dived in, got wet and cool and came straight out to lie on a lounge alongside Carol.

"So babe," I asked, "Are you as excited as me about what might happen tonight?"

"Excited and nervous darling. I'm really not too sure what to expect … it may be a case of playing it by ear, just seeing how the evening progresses."

"Do you think you've convinced Nicole to be a part of it?"

"Listen to you, it's all about you, isn't it?"

"Don't twist my comments around, Carol … I was only asking because Nicole is the one person out of the four not yet committed. Martin and you and I certainly don't need any convincing … we're all for it."

"Well, I do have a sort of a plan, but I won't say anything just yet because I am still working on it. We just have to loosen her up a bit, maybe play some harmless sex games … she's always going around like she's got a fucking stick up her arse."

"Nicole's okay, she's just a shy kid. If you would all leave it to old Uncle Pete here, I am sure I could get her swinging."

"Listen to you … can you hear yourself Peter? I am worried that you're becoming obsessed with having her."

I took a shower about five and went out to the backyard to prepare the barbecue … it was my turn to cook dinner tonight. Carol went upstairs to run herself a bath. I warned her that Nicole and Martin were coming around 6.30, but it seemed that nothing was going to speed her up.

Spot on 6.30, our guests arrived and I welcomed them both, daring to give Nicole a lingering kiss on the lips instead of my usual chaste peck on the cheek. Her moist lips hung there with me, offering me some encouragement. Next, I stood back to admire her and became enthusiastic about her appearance.

I have told you previously that she is a strikingly beautiful woman, about 5'7" and a knock-out figure with near-perfect breasts with that neat up-curve slope … such as I had been able to see of them on the one occasion when we turned our dinner into a pool party. She had worn a remarkably brief bikini costume and all night, I struggled to contain my erection within my swimming shorts.

Tonight, she had passed on her usual attire of slacks and was in a dress that showed off her dynamic figure. If she was responding to my wife's call for her to dress sexy, she had certainly succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The dress was short, above the knees, it was black, matching her hair, a halter-top with a deep V-shaped cut-out in front that revealed the inside curve of each breast. Her back was bare to the waist. It was obvious that she could not have worn a bra.

"Nicole, you look truly sensational tonight," I told her, a bit embarrassed to be lavishing such praise on her with Martin hovering behind her.

"Thank you Peter, that's so nice of you to say."

"Did you dress for Martin … or for me?" I dared to ask.

"For both of you actually … I know that you both have a keen eye for women."

"Ain't that the truth," I confirmed, heartened that she admitted dressing as much for me as for her husband. The big question still was whether she would undress for me later tonight. As I pondered that thought, Carol made her grand entrance. To say that she too looked sensational would be an understatement. She also had chosen a dress for this special night, was there something significant in both women wearing provocative dresses that showed heaps of cleavage and leg. For Martin and I, wearing a dress signalled that the two women expected male hands to be sliding up inside or down into that garment. Their usual Saturday night attire of slacks and tops had limited access points.

Carol's dress was strapless, in fact it was everything less. The top of the dress was straight and barely covered her nipples. Her cleavage was certainly on display. Carol's dress was a dark blue and it too was short, stopping just above the knees … but what was most significant was the slit in front that revealed her inner thighs almost all the way to her crotch. If she sat down in this dress, surely her panties would be on display. I trust that she is wearing panties.

Martin was enthusing about and to Carol, "My God, you look beautiful tonight Carol, not that you don't always, but tonight it's like it's something special."

"It may well be," I heard Carol tell him and they both kissed on the lips, just as Nicole and I had done a few minutes before. Carol slid over to Nicole and greeted her warmly. For a moment, it appeared to me that maybe these two women knew more about what might happen tonight than they had each let on to us.

After we had all enjoyed a drink and some convivial conversation -- nothing unusual about the night yet -- I adjourned outside to tend the barbecue, leaving the other three to sit, drink and chat. However, after about 15 minutes, I felt the presence of someone beside me as I watched the meat cooking slowly. I turned and was delighted to see that it was Nicole on her own.

"Can we talk Peter?" she asked me quite seriously. I expected that I knew what the topic would be. My wife and her husband had pressured Nicole relentlessly. I was the only person not to ask her to participate in our planned night of swinging, yet I would be the beneficiary of her body's delights if the evening proceeded the way the rest of us wanted.

"Sure Nicole, what would you like to talk about?"

"I would think you know Peter, it's the topic on everyone's mind tonight, but Martin and Carol are tiptoeing around me because they see me as the possible block to everyone getting it off. But I haven't heard from you Peter, how do you see me? What would you like to have happen tonight?"

Wow, she had come right out and put her cards on the table. Did this mean that how I answered her determined if all four of us would be swapping tonight? What pressure I was feeling.

"Nicole, I won't beat around the bush and pretend that I don't know what's going on, although I haven't made a big thing of it. But…" I hastened to add, "that does not mean that I don't want to be a part of this. I just thought I'd hang back and let you make up your mind in your own time. It's true that the rest of us would like something special to occur tonight. By special, I mean that we would like to try an experiment new to all of us. Despite the marriage vows that we have all taken, day-to-day marriage can get a bit boring and routine. Let's face it, a heck of a lot people break up these days. None of us want to be among that statistic. Carol and I have been talking about something like this for months. Then we were both surprised to find that Martin thought exactly the same way. Martin and I -- and Carol agrees -- just think that if we four do this exclusively among our best friends, all four of us could get the spark back when we return to our own spouses tomorrow … or whenever if it doesn't happen tonight."

"I hear what you're all saying and there is some logic in that. It's just that you three have to understand where I'm coming from. I had a very strict Catholic upbringing and Martin is the only man that I've slept with. Carol couldn't get her head around that, she couldn't see how any woman could go through life knowing only one man sexually. But until Martin and Carol began talking to me about swinging, I didn't know any other way, I just thought it was okay to only have one man."

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