tagLoving WivesSwapping Wives Ch. 02

Swapping Wives Ch. 02


Paula was nervous as she pulled away from the house, she could see Carl closing the door. It wasn't that she was afraid that he didn't love her or that he'd want to leave her after this... but she had only been with one other guy before she'd married him. What she was mostly worried about was that Kevin wouldn't think she was good in bed; she KNEW that Miriam was wild in bed and that she really liked to do a lot of things that Paula would probably never consider. Miriam liked rough sex, what if Kevin did to? What if she couldn't satisfy him?

By the time she got over to his house she was feeling almost nauseous with the amount of anxiety that was bottled up inside of her. She wondered what Carl would think of Miriam and vice versa... she knew that they would probably have a great night together, but that Carl would also be happy to welcome his wife home the next morning. Carl truly loved her and she truly loved him... this was just sex. And hopefully she wouldn't be too bad at it.

She was wearing her favorite piece of lingerie, a lacy black teddy that she had hidden under a long coat as she walked up to Kevin and Miriam's house. Her stomach was full of butterflies as she wondered what she would do, how to start this...

Fortunately when Kevin opened the door he looked just as nervous as she did. Of course, he was also already completely naked. Some of their hesitancy flowed away as they looked at each other and realized that they were both feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Hi," said Paula shyly, stepping into the house.

"Hey," he said, "Lemme get your coat." First big test, she reluctantly pulled it off her shoulders and handed it to him. His eyes got big as he took in the sight of her golden skin and blonde hair against the lacy black, and his dick started to harden. The look in his eyes and the response of his body went a long way towards giving her back her confidence.

"Is the camera ready?" she asked, eyeing his growing dick. He was going to be as big as Carl when he was fully hard, and she smiled slightly... maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Chances are, it would be interesting being with someone who wasn't her husband. Who was her friend's husband.

"Yeah," he said, "Let's go upstairs..." As she started to step past him he suddenly reached out and grabbed her, pulling her to him for a kiss. Startled, she almost pulled away but then let herself relax against him... after all, this was what they were supposed to be doing. Their tongues twined and she could feel something else stirring in her belly, something that didn't feel remotely like butterflies.

Pulling away he smiled and took her hand as he began leading her up the steps, "Just a kiss for luck." And he winked at her as she laughed. In the bedroom she stood as he turned on the camera and then turned to her.

"Maybe we should get on the bed?" he suggested.

"Oh yeah," said Paula, feeling a little ridiculous again.

As she lay next to him and he eagerly reached out to hold her and begin kissing her, she realized that she didn't need to feel the least bit ridiculous. Maybe she didn't know what he liked, but he didn't know what she liked either. They could explore together. So she started by moving her mouth away from his and reaching over to nibble his earlobe. He groaned and pressed his hips against her, pressing her further into the bed. As her hips moved back against his she could feel his dick pressing into her crotch.

Leaning back he began fumbling with helping her take off the teddy, and soon they were both completely naked.

"Will you suck me?" he asked, his eyes glowing... but as she hesitated he shook his head, "It's ok, you don't have to."

Paula was relieved, it wasn't something she did often anyway. Leaning over Kevin started to gently suck on her breasts, kneading the flesh with one hand and raising goosebumps all along her body. She ran gently fingers over his shoulders and down to his nipples, squeezing the tiny buds gently in response to the manipulation of her own.

"How do you want it?" he asked, his mouth full of her breasts.

"Want what?" she wasn't sure what he meant.

"What position?" and then his teeth closed over her nipple, although not too hard and she gasped in pleasure.

Realizing that she could choose their position, she immediately said, "You on top!". Carl liked to watch her bounce on top of him all the time, but she really liked the feel of having a man's body on top of her own, pressing her down into the mattress. Kevin just grinned with his teeth around her nipple and continued to nibble. His hand pinched her other nipple, a little harder than she might have liked, and she gasped as he twisted it... she didn't want to tell him to stop, it seemed kind of rude, even though it hurt a little. But as he continued to play with her breasts roughly, it started to feel kind of good. It was definitely sending little lustful messages straight to her dripping pussy.

Working his mouth down her body, Kevin arrived at her shaved pussy and sighed happily as his mouth sank into her dripping juices. Arching her back as his tongue touched her and electricity seemed to jolt through her, Paula cried out in excitement. His talented tongue swirled around her pussy, caressing the outer and inner lips and making little circles around her clit without actually touching it. The more he teased her pussy the more her clit longed for contact. Even the pleasure when he stuck his tongue directly into her hole wasn't enough, her clit was burning for attention.

Humping her pussy on his face, she tried to get more direct stimulation, her hands clenching on the sheets. Slowly, oh so slowly, his tongue worked up from the bottom of her pussy through the pink lips and to her clit... when he reached it he immediately sucked it into his mouth and bit down. Paula exploded before she even knew what hit her, her orgasm rushed over her body straight from the teeth that were firmly gripping the little pleasure center. With wild cry her entire body convulsed and shook with passion, her hands dragging on the sheets beneath her while her head thrashed back and forth.

She moaned as her body slowly relaxed, the orgasm had been unexpected and amazing. Closing her eyes she just enjoyed the pleasure as Kevin continued to lick her, drinking up the sweet juices of her pussy. Eventually he moved away from her wetness and lay on top of her, his dick pressing against her thigh. Opening her eyes she saw that he was coming down for a kiss, and the oral sex had been so amazing that she didn't even resist, despite the fact that she hated the taste of herself. Instead, she returned the kiss passionately, ignoring the slightly musky taste of pussy on his tongue, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Moving his hips he rubbed his dick back and forth between her wet folds and she moaned excitedly, her pussy still excited from the stimulation of his mouth. She wondered what Carl and Miriam were doing right now and the sudden image in her head of them fucking just turned her on even more... she wanted to feel Kevin in her, wanted him to fuck her. As if he'd sensed her need, Kevin found her pussy hole with the tip of his dick and started to press in.

"OH GOD..." she cried out as his smooth descent into her body stretched her open, her pussy walls clasping the invading shaft with glee. Arching her hips up she met him as he buried himself completely in her and they started a fast and brutal fuck. Humping furiously he ground himself into her, pressing his groin against her sensitive clit so that her pussy convulsed around him in reaction. Paula wrapped her legs around him as well as her arms so that her pussy was spread wide open for him to pillage, accepting every thrust with a glad cry of passion.

His body was hard and firm on top of her, the thrusts deep and powerful every one seemed to drive her into the mattress. As her nails dug into his shoulders he suddenly grabbed her arms and held them down over her head, placing one hand on her wrists to keep them there. The sudden vulnerability of her position was extremely erotic, the strong and firm way he treated her body made her feel very small, very exposed. Putting one hand on her breast he gripped it hard, letting the other one bounce and jiggle between their bodies. The intensely lustful expression on his face was almost frightening, and the way he pounded her pussy so brutally was an experience she'd never had before. This whole situation, the defenselessness of her position, it was all so exotic and exciting.

Writhing against him helplessly she let out a loud cry as she started to cum again, her pussy clutching him excitedly. Her clit buzzed with stimulation as he continued to pump hard into her, and the pleasurable stimulation became almost painful. She tried to fight against the hands holding her down, trying to escape and stop the overpowering orgasm. Throwing her head back she shrieked as her body thrashed futilely against his assault, and she was sobbing by the time he bellowed and thrust for the final time, spilling cum into her chafed walls.

Kevin collapsed on top of her as her pussy continued to flutter around him, she panted for breath underneath his heavy body. She felt amazing... she didn't even try to move her hands although the grip on her wrists was much lighter. Having him on top of her like this, her body stretched out underneath him, was just still so erotic... and the way that he'd taken pleasure in her, ignoring the tears of her over-stimulated body, it had all just really turned her on even more. It was something completely unexpected for her.

Letting her wrists go and propping himself up, Kevin looked down at her, "You are amazing." he told her, his voice was hoarse. Then he leaned down and kissed her, passionately and roughly. She submitted to the kiss, opening her mouth to let him into another part of her body, just as his dick was still in her pussy.

They continued to kiss until he began to get hard again, his hands traveling softly over her curves and gripping her ass. She could feel it when he started to grow inside her, getting bigger and pressing against her sensitive walls. It hurt a little, she was still so sore from the previous two orgasms. Pulling her lips away from his she decided it wouldn't hurt to ask for a little reprieve... especially because she was wondering how he and Carl would differ in this respect.

"Would you like to fuck my ass?" she asked, looking up at him with wide innocent eyes.

He gasped and she felt his dick twitch inside her, "Your ass?!"

"Yes..." she was a little confused at the awed look he was giving her.

"I've never fucked a girl in the ass before," he informed her, "Miriam doesn't do that."

"Oh well you are missing out!" she told him, wriggling her hips, "Everyone should get the chance to try it at least once!"

Like a little child with candy, he pulled his now completely hard dick from her pussy and bounced between her legs as she laughed and got up onto all fours. Paula loved anal sex, and she was a little surprised that Kevin had never had any, especially because he was very attractive and pretty dominant in bed (so she'd found). Well, if this was his once in a life-time chance to get it, she was going to give it to him.

"Do I need to lube you?" he asked, almost pathetically eager. She found that his uncertainty just made her feel more confident.

Eyeing his dick she could see that it was still wet from her pussy juices. Really, she probably could have done with a little more lube, but the less used the tighter it would feel for him and there was enough there. She might be uncomfortable for a moment or two, but she'd adjust.

Winking she told him, "You're good... now come and fuck my asshole you stud."

Kevin wasn't about to let his chance get away from him. Getting in between her legs behind her he pressed his dick against her willing ass, pressing inwards with gusto. Groaning a little, Paula leaned down on her forearms as he split her ass open, it hurt a little because there was no lube on her, but it felt good too. Working her hips back and forth with him they slowly fed his cock into her tight hole, it adjusted quickly as she'd known it would. For himself, Kevin was in heaven, her ass was very tight and was hot against his dick, a forbidden pleasure that he thought he'd never experience once he'd married Miriam.

Lust overtook him as he buggered his best friend's wife and he started fucking her hard, knocking her body back and forth with every thrust. Paula moaned and pushed back against him as his balls slapped against her clit; his dick felt like it was filling her up, stretching her open pleasantly. The soreness in her pussy burned a little, but pleasantly now that the main attention was focused on another hole. His enthusiasm and hard thrusts were getting to her, she closed her eyes and reached one hand down to begin playing with her pussy, feeling his balls slap against her fingers. Leaning her head down onto her arm, she pressed her ass higher in the air, giving him a better angle to fuck her from. Kevin groaned as his thrusts went even deeper into her curvy ass, he couldn't believe how fantastic it looked when her ass stretched open for him, that tiny hole growing big enough to fit his big dick into it.

They fucked hard, and she was so tight that he knew he wasn't going to last long even though he'd already cum once. So he decided to make it worth it and just really let loose on her ass, fucking and humping like a man with a mission, and she cried out as her ass burned with the brutality of his thrusts. Frigging herself harder, she actually managed to bring herself to an orgasm before him... but only by seconds. As her ass bore down on him even tighter he gasped and thrust instinctively as cum boiled out of his balls and straight into her bowels.

Gripping her hips tightly with his hand as her ass muscles massaged his dick, rippling over the pulsating member, he groaned with the exquisite sensation of release. Afterwards he could collapse on top of her and they'd lay there until his dick was completely soft in her ass.

Turning off the camera he asked her to join him in the shower... where they were very naughty and he fucked her up against the wall as they were drying off with no camera to record them.

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