tagLoving WivesSwapping Wives Ch. 05

Swapping Wives Ch. 05


Carl and Paula had found themselves very excited by each other's adventures with Kevin and Miriam. Both couples seemed pretty mutually satisfied by the experiences, Kevin reported to Carl that his and Miriam's sex life had gotten a lot more varied and Carl was pleased to be able to report the same. After Paula's experiments with Kevin, the night that Carl was taking Miriam's anal virginity, they'd gotten a lot more involved with bondage. She'd even become more enthusiastic about having him spank her! Tying Paula up was one of his new favorite things to do, and finding new ways to do it.

To both couples delight their friendships hadn't been hurt by it either; in some ways it had served to actually make them closer to each other. All of them were able to be completely frank and open with each other, as well as comparing notes and giving new ideas. It made for a fantastically renewed sex life for both couples.

One night, about a month after they'd had their switch with Kevin and Miriam, he and Paula were cuddling in bed after a particularly intense session in which he'd hogtied her, fucked her ass with a cucumber, and then with his dick. It had been amazing sex, something that they probably wouldn't have tried before their experiences with the other couple.

Paula tensed in his arms and he knew that she wanted to talk about something.

"Honey, I've been thinking..." she paused and he waited, knowing that she would just spit it out eventually, "I've been thinking about our swaps, and some of the stuff that we've done with them and with each other..." another pause. "And I was thinking that it might be interesting to all get together one Friday night. All four of us."

"You want all four of us to have sex?" he asked, both surprised and delighted by her suggestion.

"Yes," she blushed prettily and he felt his dick twitch, "Miriam and I have talked about it and we've both been wondering what it might be like to be with two men at once.... and maybe what it might be like to... um." Her blush deepened, "Be with each other."

The little general was standing at full mast now, and rather than giving her hand answer he rolled on top of her and fucked her hard and brutally to climax. As they lay panting at the end of it, his heavy weight still resting on top of her, he told her, "You're a delicious slut."

Smiling up at him, she wrapped her hand around his neck, "I take it that's a yes."

"Oh yes," he grinned, "As long as Kevin agrees."

Of course Kevin was up for it, as they found the next day. Paula and Carl had sex constantly over the days leading up to the weekend, hornier than ever.


Meeting together, all four of them was rather odd at first. They decided that they wanted to watch in person as they swapped wives. Laying down on the carpet next to his wife and his best friend was rather odd, but he did have to say that it turned him on to watch them kiss and fondle each other.

"Hey you," Miriam nudged him, "We're supposed to be doing that too..."

Carl blushed as he realized that he'd gotten so wrapped up in his wife and his best friend that he'd almost forgotten about his best friend's wife. "Sorry," he said, seeing Kevin and Paula smile in their direction out of the corner of his eye.

His dick was already hard as he began to suck on Miriam's nipple, feeling her shudder as his teeth sank in. Very quickly the room was filled with moans, he could see Paula watching him as Kevin fondled her body, her eyes locked on where his mouth was suctioned to Miriam's breasts. Getting an idea, he pulled Miriam up and put her on all fours so that she could watch as well as Kevin lifted Paula's legs over his shoulders and lined up his dick. Paula could watch Miriam's face as her pussy was invaded by her husband, she could see it when Carl began to slide his own dick into Miriam's pussy. Taking Paula's wrists in his hands, Kevin held them above her head as he began fucking her, her body bent almost in half with her torso stretched out in front of him.

Watching was making Carl very hard, he reached around and started tugging on Miriam's nipples roughly, twisting them hard as he brutally thrust into her pussy. His best friend was fucking his wife right in front of him... and he was fucking his best friend's wife. Paula's breasts were flopping all over the place as Kevin pummeled her pussy, her face was screwed up with passion and she was moaning loudly. Those erotic moans spurred him on to treat Miriam's body rougher and rougher - which she enjoyed immensely, her own moans filling the room.

Kevin turned his head to watch as his wife was fucked, grinding his own dick against Paula's pussy, slamming her hard into the ground. Keeping her hands held down with one of his own, he used the other one to begin playing with her breast, tugging on the hard pink nipple and squeezing her tender flesh.

Suddenly Miriam stopped, "Ok... who wants to go first?" she was looking at Paula. Both men looked at each other and stopped thrusting, slightly confused.

Smiling Paula said, "You can go first. I want to watch."

Miriam pulled away from Carl and turned to face him, "Lie down stud." Confused but willing, he obeyed, seeing Kevin and Paula watch as Miriam climbed on top of him, sinking onto his hard dick. When he was buried inside her she leaned over, presenting her ass toward Kevin and said, "Ok honey, now you come over her and bury that beautiful cock inside my ass."

The men gasped and their cocks jumped as the realized that the girls had been serious about taking them on at once.

"What about Paula?" asked Kevin as he slowly pulled out of her pussy.

"Aww, that's sweet Kevin," she said, kissing his nipple, "I'm going to get my turn later. Don't you worry about me."

Assured that he wasn't leaving his partner for the night stranded, Kevin pulled away and went over to where his own wife was being boned. Kneeling behind her, he pressed his dick against her puckered ass hole, pressing in hard. Paula came over to watch the process, her own hand in her pussy as she played with herself, eyes glowing with excitement. Groaning, Miriam quivered on top of Carl as her own husband began to push into her ass; it was a very tight fit since her pussy was already full of dick.

Panting a little, her pussy squeezed his dick hard as Kevin pressed in; it was an odd feeling because he could actually feel his best friend's dick sliding in, almost as if it was right next to his. When Kevin was fully inside Miriam's ass, she gasped and ordered, "Now fuck me, fuck me hard... OH GOD!" she squealed as they followed her orders, moving their dicks in and out of her holes.

Sitting on the sidelines, Paula's was completely engrossed in the way her friend's body just swallowed up those meat shafts, how big they looked going into those holes. Carl was delighted, Miriam's pussy felt incredibly tight and it was constantly convulsing as she was fucked by two dicks at once. After all the original fucking when they'd first started, it wasn't very long until all three of them were building up to orgasm.

Carl went off first, he couldn't help it, buried in that fantastically tight, gripping pussy. Kevin followed only a few seconds later, and having two throbbing dicks buried deeply in her body was more than Miriam could take. Crying out wildly she came, clenching down hard on both of them as they spurted cum into her. Paula watched with wide eyes, her own pussy dripping and burning with need... but she wasn't quite ready to cum yet.

The men went to the bathroom to quickly wash off their dicks before returning to the girls. When they did, they got a huge surprise. Miriam and Paula were on the floor kissing, rubbing each other's breasts and pinching each other's nipples. Groaning, the men sat down to watch as their wives played with each other.

Looking over at them, Miriam winked, "We think you guys will be ready to pleasure Paula after a bit of this."

As she leaned over to actually suck Paula's nipple into her mouth, the other woman groaning erotically, Carl said, "I think you're right."

Miriam worked her way down Paula's body, moving towards that pink pussy, while at the same time turning herself around so that her sloppy pussy was above Paula's face. The guys groaned, their dicks partially hard already as the girls began to eat each other out. Carl couldn't believe that Paula was actually licking the cum out of Miriam's pussy - and with a lot of enthusiasm! It was turning him on incredibly, his dick was already hard - and so was Kevin's actually - but he wasn't about to stop the show.

Paula came first, mostly because she hadn't cum yet, and the guys got to watch as she moaned and screamed into Miriam's pussy, making the other woman shudder with pleasure. Then, as Paula came down from her orgasm, she licked Miriam to orgasm as well, giving the guys a great show.

Smiling, Paula turned to the husbands, "So, think you're ready?"

"They look like they are!" giggled Miriam.

Eagerly, Kevin jumped up and lay on the floor, Carl watching as Paula climbed onto his dick. Damn but her pussy looked good wrapped around a cock, even if it wasn't his. But her ass was going to wrapped around his own anyway. Getting into the same position Kevin had, he began to press into his wife's ass. With a moan, he pressed harder... it was even tighter than Miriam's pussy had been when both he and Kevin were in it. There was just something unusually tight about a woman's asshole, no matter what. Of course, it wasn't as soft and wet, but damn was it tight.

The men were now used to fucking in unison and they banged Paula hard, Miriam getting to watch from the sidelines, seeing exactly what it looked like to be that stuffed full of meat. It looked extremely hot, and she found herself getting horny again. This time Paula came first again, sensitized from her last orgasm - and since the men had already cum once. They continued to fuck her hard until Kevin spilled into her pussy... Carl continued fucking her ass for almost another minute, causing her to orgasm again on Kevin's softening dick before he finally came in her ass.

Preparing to go to bed, Carl offered the guest bedroom to Kevin.

"So, who's sleeping where?" asked Paula, she and Miriam were hugging each other and giggling as they looked at the husbands.

"Let's let the girl's decide," suggested Kevin, since neither of the men wanted to make a mistake.

"How about the wives switch for the night and then in the morning we return to our husbands?" asked Miriam, and Paula nodded.

"That sounds like fun." she said.

"Is this going to become a regular thing?" asked Carl... sharing his wife had been fun but he didn't want to do it ALL the time. Kevin also looked a little anxious.

"No," Miriam shook her head, "But we might as well make the most of tonight!"

Paula grinned, nodding her head, "It might be fun to swap once or twice a year as long as everyone's ok with it."

"Christmas," chimed in Miriam, "Birthdays."

"Bank holidays?" asked Kevin, holding up his hands as the two women looked at him, "Joking! Joking!"

"Let's just get to our rooms then." Suggested Carl, not wanting his friend to dig himself deeper.

That night both couples fucked several times, spurred on by the strenous efforts that they could hear going on in the next bedroom. Still, the next morning when Paula returned to him, Carl definitely had enough energy to remind her just who her husband was. He could hear Kevin and Miriam next door, having their own reunion.

Sighing, replete inside her, he whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too," she kissed him gently as the sounds next door started up again.


author's note: and that concludes this series for me. Thank you for those who gave constructive criticism (and compliments!). I'm hoping that I'm improving when writing in this category. Thank you for reading!

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Story was okay...for what it was...

To the author: This is one well written story, well thought-out plot, well executed as is written! Good job! I hope you won't quit writing, and post more stories here!

I agree with last comment here,more...

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This type of thing is OK in storyland, but in reality at some point the green eyed monster would raise its ugly head.

Some party would get pissed off at another. Next thing they start arguing.

They aremore...

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Great storytelling. Keep it up please.

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