tagFetishSwashbuckling Slaves - 01

Swashbuckling Slaves - 01


The smoke from her cigar swirled before her eyes as she followed her first officer into the crowded marketplace in Kingston. It was one of Jamaica's busiest markets and stalls were filled with bananas, coconuts, sugar cane and other native vegetables. Some sold brightly-colored clothing and others sold fine silver jewelry and trinkets. However, none of these interested her. Juan Santiago, her first officer, gestured to a column of smoke rising just behind the sugar cane vendor.

"I think it's over this way."

Indeed, it was. The slave market: a large open area with pens filled with men, women and children, all for sale at the right price. Dirt-smudged faces peered at them from between bars, silently pleading for help. She ignored the women and children. She knew what she wanted. She wanted a male slave. Someone that she could bend to her wishes and desires. A regular mate was too much of a problem. She wanted someone that would be her personal servant and sex slave.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

She ignored Juan's question and headed for the male pens, grimacing at the smell. The men in the young pen leered at her, all sweat-streaked muscle and overactive sex drive. Not what she wanted. The second pen held men around her age, but surprisingly, there were very few and they seemed as eager to bed her as the young ones. Boring. She wanted something to peak her interest.

In the next cell of men, she found what she wanted. An older man with blond hair and blue eyes lounged on a bench, sunning himself. She licked her lips, eyeing his pale flesh.

"Hey!" Several of the men glanced at her but she pointed to the man on the bench. "You there!"

He sat up, yawning and scratching his belly. "Yes, miss?"

"Come here."

He looked around, then back at her. "Me?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yes. Come here." She watched as he walked over. He was a bit short and a bit heavy but he seemed eager. "You know how to please a lady?"

"Yes, miss."

"Do you know that if you lie to me, I could kill you?"

"Yes, miss."

"Would you like to come with me and please me?"

"Yes, miss."

"I'll talk to your master. What is your name?"


"Fine, Colin. Go sit over there and wait."

She went to the master, a tall bastard of a man that gave her the once over like a hide of the finest fur. "I want to test the slave called Colin. What is the test price?"

"7 coins." He replied, smiling and showing his rotten teeth.

"7 coins? For a test?" Juan shouted. "That's robbery!"

The master smiled, sucking his teeth loudly. "Well, if she lets me fuck her, I'll make it 4 coins."

He didn't see the blow coming. Her fist connected with his face and he flew across the tiny space. Once he'd realized what had happened, he staggered to his feet, angrily glaring at her.

"You'll make it 2 and I want a private room."

"I have no private rooms."

She stepped close to him. "Do you really want to incur my wrath again?" He nodded negatively. "Then take him to the room and make sure that you're far away." Juan placed 2 coins in his palms. "My man will provide security."

The master nodded and gestured to a room in the very back of his rooms. She slipped in and sat on the clean bed, untying her shorts and lazily fingering her pussy. In a moment, Juan ushered the slave in, pausing to kneel and give her aching pussy a worshipful wet kiss and deep lick before exiting. The slave sat by the door, waiting for her word.

"Come here, slave." He moved slowly, crawling toward her on the dirty floor. He stopped beside the bed, head down. "Take my boot off." She watched as he unlaced the boot, tugged it off and set it aside. "Now, suck my toes."

He began to suck her toes, his tongue delving between the digits and sawing back and forth. She shuddered uncontrollably from the combination of his sensual touch and his obedience. She pushed fingers deeper into her pussy, moaning.

"May I attend to your ankles, Miss?"

She was surprised to hear his words, but answered 'yes'. "I will tolerate your speech without request this once, slave, but not again. This is just a test. You are proving to me why I should spend my hard-earned coin to buy you."

He thought hard. She would be kind, he thought. Colin bent low to her toes, moving upward to her ankles. He smelled the musky scent of her aroused pussy and hoped that he would be allowed to taste her.

He slowly moved up her leg, pausing to make certain that his actions were acceptable and hesitated at the inside of her thighs, licking and nipping the tender flesh. Her moans and breaths made his heart beat like a drum and he was so pleased to have been the one to give her this pleasure.

"I need to relieve myself. Bring me a pan."

"NO, Miss!" She sat up at his exclamation. "Please let me serve you."

He slid the silver pan under her buttocks and bent to place his mouth over her musky cunt. She tried to protest at first, pushing his face aside, but he grabbed her hips and parted her sticky cunt lips with his tongue. The stimulation was enough to stimulate her flow. A clear yellow freshet poured from her already wet lips, splashing on his lips and swirling over his tongue. He moaned, capturing every drop of her piss and obediently cleaning her pussy before returning to his kneeling position. She sat back, trying to understand what had just happened and her fingers moved back to her pussy.

"Slave, eat my cunt."

"Yes, Miss."

She gave him the words that he wanted to hear. He ate her pussy like it was a fine dessert. He licked the fat outer lips, then moved inside to the inner lips. She bucked against his mouth, moaning loudly. Then, he parted the lips with his fingers, blew on the engorged clit and licked her slit from base to tip. She arched up off the bed. He grabbed her hips and sucked on her clit, sliding one thick finger into her heated hole.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, slave!" She felt her asshole tightening up, sweet sensations rippling through those muscles and those of her aching pussy. His fingers moved faster, now joined with his tongue. She was shouting now, she couldn't help it. She was going to cum and even Juan hadn't made her cum as hard. Her climax broke over her and she couldn't help but shout again, breath rattling in her throat as her sodden pussy lips convulsed around his tongue.

He gently cleaned her pussy, then watched as she re-arranged her pants and composed herself. She arose and paused at his side. He made the mistake of looking into her eyes and she shoved him back with her hand.

Juan took her hand as she emerged from the private room and escorted her to the master.

"I'll take him. How much?"

* * * * *

While the master prepared the slave, she took Juan back into the private room and pinned him to the wall, her dagger piercing one shoulder of his shirt. "You disappoint me, Juan." She growled, pinching his silk-covered nipple and grabbing his dagger to pin the other shoulder. The Spaniard hissed. "I never expected to see you jealous."

"What did you expect, mistress, especially when you are replacing me?"

"Who said I was replacing you?" She unlaced his breeches, smiling when his rock-hard seven inch pole poked out, the helmet hard and proud. She rubbed the sticky pre-cum over it, giving it a hard squeeze. He hissed again.

"You're a bitch, you know? Making me watch you pick out your newest victim."

She grabbed his jaw, pinching until he moaned in pain. "I think you forget your place, Juan. You are my slave. Your cock belongs to me." She grabbed his cock and gave it several hard strokes. He gritted his teeth, trying not to enjoy it but his body responded, just as it always did. She leaned in and bit his nipple, a smirk on her lovely face. "Do you deny that?"

"No, mistress." His voice was rough. His eyes fell upon her breasts, hard nipples tenting the gauzy material of her top. She cupped them, rubbing circles around the dark nipples, his tongue licking his lips.

"And I intend to use him just as I use you." She moved close to him, pulling an edge of the top down and revealing her eraser-nippled breast. "Do you want this," She raised the creamy globe to her own lips, tongue flicking over the hard bud. "Slave?"

Juan growled, still held in place by the daggers. His exposed prick felt as if it would explode as he watched her suck her own nipple. "Fuck, yes!"

"And do you deserve it?" She moved close enough so that her nipple was just a tongue's length away from his mouth. He groaned, seeing the spit-coated bud so close and imagining how warm it would be in his mouth.

"No, mistress." He gasped as she rubbed the bud across his lips, moving back to deny him the chance to suckle. "But if you would let me loose, I would prove my worth to you."

She chuckled. She knew Juan well. He was so worked up that he would fuck a goat if she asked. But she didn't want that. She would have to spend more time with the new recruit and it was important to her to make sure that he knew that he always came first. She leaned in and shuddered as he licked her exposed armpit, then swooped onto her breast, biting the nipple as his tongue swirled around it. She grabbed his dagger, yanking it out of the wood. "You will always be first, my sweet."

Juan's lust-filled eyes darkened, his voice breaking. "I do not know if I will be able to stand seeing his hands on your skin."

Her hand rested on the other dagger, her nose brushing against his, his breath cascading over her lips. "It is my wish, my sweet. You know what I like."

He looked away, tears suddenly burning his eyes. "Yes. A new slave every six months." He bit back the words he really wanted to say. Why can't you be happy with me? But he'd known her appetites when he'd signed up with her. She liked new flesh, but always returned to him.

"Juan?" The first mate couldn't find the words to speak. When she removed her dagger, he grabbed her, pulled her pants down and plunged his engorged cock into her. She screamed aloud with her pleasure, pressing her cunt onto him. "Ah, yes, fuck me, my sweet slave."

She moaned as his rigid cock seemed to penetrate her senses. She felt every ridge of his thick shaft, the softness of the helmet as he breached her pussy lips and the roughness of his pubes as they met with her shaven flesh. She felt her orgasm rapidly approaching and breathlessly pushed her hips into his thrusts. The feeling seemed to originate from the head of his cock, buried deep in her swollen flesh; a warm eruption that bathed his muscle in pussy juice as she shouted in ecstasy.

The tightness of her muscles quickly brought him to the brink and he came with a snarl, her nipple in his mouth, filling her overheated cunt with his jizz. Her cries were music to his ears and the reaction of her body to his made him cum harder. He lowered his mouth and caught hers, willing his emotions into the kiss and hoping that she would feel them. She wrenched her mouth away, her body language telling him that she was upset with the contact. His semi-flaccid penis slipped from her hole and she pulled her pants back on, just as a knock rang on the door.

The master stepped in, deeply inhaling the scent of sex and bowed to her. "He's aboard your ship."

"Thank you." She turned her back to him, looking at Juan. "We'd better get back."

* * * * *

Colin shifted his weight onto his knees when he heard footsteps in the outer hallway. He had been washed, dressed and escorted to a cabin on her ship. He knew it was her cabin because of the feminine items scattered here and there. He bowed his head to his chest and hoped that his instincts about her were correct. The oak door swung open and he saw two pairs of boots enter, one scuffed and the other well-oiled.

She looked down at her slave, pleased to see that he was ready for service. She sat down in her chair. "Slave, remove my boots." He moved forward and removed her boots, unlacing them and setting them aside.

"May I wash your feet, mistress?"

Juan shot the new slave a look but remained at her side. She gave Colin a small smile. "Yes. That would be nice." Then, to Juan, "Do you have the ropes ready?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Good. He also needs a collar. Find one for him."

"Yes, mistress."

Juan left the room and Colin crawled forward with a basin of water and a rough square of cloth. He took her right foot and began to clean her toes, noticing with surprise, how delicate they were. He stroked gently between each, then ran the cloth up the length of the foot, cleansing the instep before circling the heel. She gave a deep sigh as he released it. He repeated the same action with her left foot and glanced up to see if she was pleased. A smile lit her features, her hands grasping her heavy breasts and squeezing roughly.

"You've done a good job, slave."

"Thank you, mistress."

"You must be thirsty by now, yes?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Come closer and I'll quench your thirst." Colin leaned forward, the musky scent of her snatch filling his nostrils. He inhaled deeply, watching as she removed her pants and moved forward on the edge of the chair. She had the sweetest pussy he had ever seen and it reminded him of a beautiful flower. Thin blondish-brown covered pale lips that opened into a beautiful pink throat. Shiny fluid coated the bottom of the slit, some of it sliding onto her pink asshole. "Like what you see?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Put your mouth on it." She pulled his head down, adjusting herself until his lips were where she wanted and leaned back, her finger lightly rubbing her clit. The tip of his tongue touched her core and she released her flow of pee, pushing his head down. His groan hummed through her and she felt his lips working, suctioning her hole and swallowing every drop. "Like that, slave?"

"Oh, yes, mistress!" He licked his lips. "May I have more?"

"Later." She smiled, patting his head like an animal. "Make sure I'm clean."

"Yes, mistress." The slave bent to his work, cleaning her glistening pink pussy until she was squirming. She grabbed his head and pressed his face into her cunt, grinding and rotating her hips until her climax hit.

"Fuck, that was good." She breathed, pushing Colin back with her foot and closing her eyes as aftershocks racked her.

Juan knocked, then entered at her response, pausing to take in the scene. "Breaking him in already?"

"Mmm, yes, and he was perfect."

"Perfect? I'll show you perfect!"

Without waiting for her answer, Juan dropped to his knees, pulling her ass forward and bending to lavish her super-sensitive pussy with his attentions. He knew what she liked and he knew how she liked it. He started out with flat-tongued licks, lightly tracing the edges of her puffy lips and sliding slowly into her juicy hole. Her loud inhalation told him that he'd gotten her attention. He moved in a little farther and rubbed his silky mustache across her fat clit while his tongue still stroked slowly. She moaned, arching back in the chair.

"Oh, yes, slave! Make me cum!"

Juan ignored her pleas, taking his own sweet time in building the sexual tension again. He moved his right hand down and let his thumb rub around the hole, then let it gently slide in alongside his tongue. She arched up again with a deep moan, her juices coating his chin as he fingered her toward a huge climax.

"Do you want to cum, my bitch mistress?" She moaned in response. "Do you want to cum hard?"

"Fuck, yes!"

He lengthened the strokes he was giving her pussy with his thick thumb and watched with a smile as the sensations wound her tighter and tighter. Just as she was about to slip over the edge, he rammed a finger into her asshole. She came with a gut-wrenching scream, her ass muscles clenching his finger as his thumb continued its stroking until she lay limply on the chair.

"Oh, fuck." She whispered softly. Juan removed his thumb, sucking her juices from it as if it was a lollipop, a smirk on his lips. "So was that perfect, mistress?"

"Mmm, yes." She cooed, trembling. "Absolutely." She took a deep breath. "Now dress me. We need to get out onto the sea before it gets too dark. I have plans for my new slave."

"Yes, mistress."

Juan just smiled.

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