tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 01

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 01


Chapter 1. A New Life

The dark room at the end of the corridor in the old house in Oxfordshire had a new occupant. For many years it temporarily housed the occasional maid or nanny, none of whom remained in the position for more than a few months. The room's newest occupant didn't have even the degree of choice that these other girls, poor though they may have been and consequently motivated to try to endure the taxing working conditions they encountered in the house. Those girls, the nannies, housekeepers, and French Maids, who'd spent a anywhere from a few days to a few months living in this room while working for Mr. Edward Weston, and his nephew, Ralph, had all eventually exercised their choice to leave their employ. Their departure usually indicated an act of rebellion against the strange requests and requirements from their employers.

Ashley Bancroft didn't have such choices. Her mother had recently remarried after divorcing her father, and her step-dad and mother had decided that they needed time alone together to start to enjoy their new marriage. The presence of the eightteen-year old Ashley, who'd just finished high school in Boston, her mother and step-father felt, would distract them from one another, and the newly found passion that they were enjoying discovering. Casting about for a suitable place to park the girl for a while, they had chanced upon the idea of sending her abroad to work for a year. From an unexpected quarter they had received an offer which resolved many of their problems at once. Ashley's stepfather's brother, her now Uncle Edward, had proposed that Ashley come to stay with them. He needed, he explained, help around the old house in Oxfordshire, as well as company for his 18 year-old nephew, Ralph. In exchange for some housework duties, Ashley could stay with them.

This arrangement seemed idea to Ashley's parents who realized that they would be freed of both the girl and her upkeep while she stayed at her new Uncle's house. Without inquiring much further into details, Ashley's folks packed her and a suitcase of her belongings off to England, where Ashley was met at the airport by her new family.

The lack of care with which Ashley's mother organized her daughter's new living situation was characteristic of her general lack of warmth and concern for her daughter. Ashley's mother, in early forties, was a handsome woman and had been when younger almost as attractive as her young progeny was now. As her daughter came into the female fullness she'd inherited from her, Sarah Bancroft's resentment of the natural passing of beauty's torch from one generation to the next grew commensurately with her daughter's maturation. As a consequence, Sarah's treatment of Ashley became colder and more severe as her daughter grew older.

Ashley's character, as a result of her mother's disregard and temper, became diffident and meek. She did try to please her mother, in spite of the impossibility of doing so. At school she had friends and was popular, but she had never developed an ability to defend or speak up for herself at home.

Sarah's new marriage, and the evident fondness that her new husband didn't avoid showing for the lovely teenager, was the final catalyst for Ashley's effective banishment. Ashley was unhappy to have to leave her friends, but many of these were off to college in the Fall, and she didn't have prospects of spending much time with them during the Summer. So it was with relief and excitement that she embarked on the adventure of going abroad for the first time.

Her first glimpse of her new family at the airport was reassuring. As she came out of customs, a man approached her and called out her name. Her Uncle Edward had seen her pictures, and recognized her from them. He was about 50, his balding hair was mostly gray as was his beard. Slightly overweight, he had a kindly look and soft eyes which charmed Ashley immediately. She also liked his patrician English accent, and the gentlemanly way he took her suitcase from her and welcomed her. He also had a certain formal stiffness that reminded Ashley of some of the British characters she'd seen in movies and TV shows.

Her uncle carried her two bags for her, and led her towards the parking garage, while they chatted about her flight, about herself a bit. He asked after his brother, her step-father. Before long, they arrived at his car. Ashley was impressed by the shiny, dark green, Jaguar. It was not the latest model, but a somewhat older one evidencing more of a patrician, classic design. The chrome shone. She stood at the door, and he asked her, smiling, whether she intended to drive. She blushed and went around to the left side of the right-hand drive, British car. When he opened the passenger side door for her, she climbed in and sank into the soft, impeccably maintained leather interior. She felt like a character in a PBS television special, or an actress in a commercial.

Edward climbed in opposite his niece, started the engine, which emitted a well-mannered, but powerful, growl. They drove out of the garage, and onto the motorway. Ashley and her Uncle continued to exchange tidbits of information, getting to know one another. Edward drove quickly but solidly along the initially crowded motorway. Beyond Ashley's window, the traffic and development of the airport area quickly thinned to verdant farming communities, and the occasional, picturesque, small town. The overcast sky darkened as they drove, and Edward cautiously turned on the car's headlights well before it was completely dark. The interior of the car was warm and relaxing, fragrant of leather and privilege.

During the drive to his house, he had asked her about her interests and her school, and she had talked freely, quickly becoming comfortable with the avuncular man. He had explained to her that she would be meeting his nephew Ralph the next day, when he returned from an overnight trip with friends. Arriving at the house in Oxfordshire, Ashley felt quickly comfortable with the plush, somewhat old-fashioned, very British, feel of the old home. Edward explained to Ashley that she would be required to work for her keep, but that none of it would be too taxing. Light housekeeping, serving at meals, and running errands would be most of what she would be required to do. In addition, she would serve as a companion and helper to Ralph.

As it was almost 8:00 in the evening, and Ashley had been travelling a long time and was consequently tired, Edward suggested a light snack, and that she then retire to bed, so as to be fresh for the next day. Ashley was grateful, as she was jet lagged and almost unable to keep her eyes open. Edward prepared a sandwich for her, as well as some cocoa, telling her that there would be time the next day or two for her to learn where things were and to start to cook for him and his nephew.

Ashley sipped her cocoa in the living room, while Edward told her stories of his family and entertained the quickly tiring girl, until he suggested that he show her to her room and that she get some sleep. He led the girl up to the room at the end of the hall on the second floor, next to his bedroom, and indicated to her the bathroom down the hall.

Closing the door behind her, Ashley opened her suitcase and unpacked her few belonging into the four-drawer, antique oak, dresser. Looking into the mirror by the dresser, she observed her own features, tired from the long trip. Quickly undressing, she put on the cotton boy's pajamas she had brought, and walked to the bathroom, where she showered and made ready for bed. Almost sleepwalking, she returned to her room, encountering her uncle in the hall as she exited the bathroom, and sleepily and respectfully bidding him goodnight.

In the darkened room at the end of the corridor, Ashley slept profoundly. She lay on her stomach, her arms under the pillow cushioning her face, her shoulder length brown hair splayed decoratively over her the pillow. She was partially rolled onto her left side, with her right leg bent at the knee and hiked up, as if readying herself to climb onto the pillow she embraced.

She did not stir when the door opened and the light clicked on. In the room at the end of the corridor, a ritual was to be enacted just as it had with the arrival of each new girl in the old house. Edward walked confidently into the sleeping girl's room, carrying a clipboard, a pen, and a small wooden box.

The intruder walked up to the bed and gazed down at the young girl, and said,

"Ashley, wake up! Ashley, do you hear me? Hello..."

There was no response from the slumbering girl, to which Edward showed no surprise. He then said, speaking to himself,

"Well... my sweet little niece, you sleep rather soundly! No matter, don't trouble yourself, a little sleep will be good for that fair complexion and your girlish bounciness...which we will have many an occasion to bounce in the coming months!"

He chuckled, and, carrying the chair from the desk over to next to Ashley's bed, sat down next to it. He petted the girl's brunette head, and gently pushed back the hair that covered her face, pulling loosed a few strands which had caught in Ashley's puffy lips.

With evident deliberation and slowness, he put the box down on the night table next to him, took up his pen and began the ritual catalog he created for his charges on their first night in his house, speaking aloud as he wrote,

"Ashley, you seem to have a sweet tooth which comes in very handy when feeding you drugged cocoa, don't you? Now, little one, you're eightteen, I would say 1 metre 60, and about 50 kilos. Not an insignificant part of that will be in those well shaped titties, I'll venture. Why is it American girls so often have such pouty, puffy, lips, I wonder.

"I suppose," he continued, "that we should just be thankful without inquiring too deeply into what makes those twin erection nuzzlers billow! For my money, and I am not a betting man, Ashley, the puffiness of your pretty mouth is probably echoed in your other soft tissues, isn't it? Do you have big puffy nipples, for your new family to play with, and is your cunt also nice and plump?"

"Hazel eyes, I recall, chocolate brown hair, long limbs," he continued, "but we'll have to make sure, won't we, Ash?" he continued, as he wrote. "Let's get a little more detailed now!"

Edward stood and grasping the covers from where they bunched at Ashley's neck, he slowly peeled them back, pulling them all the way off the girl's sleeping form. The unconscious girl presented a charming sight, wearing the tightish boy's cotton pajamas which were stretched a bit across the parts of her anatomy which were distinctly un-boyish, her thighs, breasts, and buttocks. Edward examined the sleeping girl, letting his eyes wander over her relaxed form freely. His moved his face closer to her body, first up to her face where he inhaled the warm, soapy scent of the just washed teenager. He placed his nose at the juncture of her jaw and ear, using it to part her hair and nuzzled the ear playfully. Pulling back his head, he examined the swelling of Ashley's covered bosom, then followed the depression caused by her waist and back up the hill of her hips, finally letting his stare slide down her legs to her sleek, naked ankles and feet.

"Can't expect...", murmured Ashley's uncle, "this old PJ to withstand the pressure of covering such charming swellings too well, Ashley. I can't imagine that it will hold up too long."

Suiting actions to words, he reached down and hiked up the tail of the shirt Ashley wore from where it lay at the waistband of her pants. Pulling it up, he bared a good portion of her upper midriff, to just below her ribs. The pants' waistband pressed into her soft belly flesh above her bellybutton. Edward reached for his box, and extracted from it a pair of small scissors. He stood and walked around the foot of the bed, watching the girl intently all the while, then advanced on her from behind, gazing smilingly at her bottom, tightly encased in the old cotton pants, thrust out by her bent leg and jutting hip.

He opened the scissors and holding one small cutting edge in one hand reached out for the girls waistband and grasped and pulled a gap open between waistband and flesh. Deftly he cut a small hole in the back of the top of her pants, and slit the elastic inside, releasing the soft tension around Ashley's belly. Inserting the index fingers from both hands in the little hole, he pulled and widened it into a 4 inch vertical tear above the girl's bottom along the seam of her pj bottoms.

"Much better," he sighed, "tight clothes should not be worn in bed by young ladies!"

Coming back around to the other side of the bed, he again sat down, and reached over and pushed down the now loose waist of the girl's trousers to bare her bellybutton and the gentle swell of her belly. He pulled down in front until he had bared the top of her pink panties, and reached over the girl's hip to do the same in back, pulling the pants down further there, to where they tightened over the swell of her panty covered bottom.

Reaching into his box, Edward pulled out a tape measure. Jamming one hand underneath the girl's belly, he inserted the tail of the tape under her, and brought it up around her back to measure her waist. He made some annotations on his pad, and gently pulled the tape out from under her, using his index finger to tickle and explore her navel while the tape slid from under her prostrate body. His fingertip continued probing the girl's small belly indentation. Ashley, in her sleep, squirmed slightly, to which the man responded by pushing his finger harder into her bellybutton and smiling.

He then slipped the tape measure around Ashley's cotton covered thigh, high up her leg close to her crotch. Ashley's trim but plush thighs came under Edwards examination as well, as his palm encased and squeezed the flesh at the back her leg. Again, made annotations on his pad, got up and walked around behind Ashley carrying his scissors and tape, and commented,

"Ashley, you have good thighs, just a hint of plumpness without being at all fat! It will be very pleasurable finding ways of making you show them and the stripes they will be receiving. Now, very important, niece, we need to attend to your posterior charms, where so much of our attention will be spent in the next months don't we?"

Edward knelt behind the girl's out-thrust bottom, pulled on the pants at her hips tautening them across her rump, and, using one side of the scissors, carefully cut every third thread in the seam of her pants. He used the tape to measure across the seat of her spread backside, letting his fingers graze the outline of the panties under her pj's. Then he placed his open palm against the lower curve of her asscheek, squeezed her there, then pulled his hand back slightly and smacked his palm down on the proffered cheek.

Ashley whimpered in her sleep and shifted around, which Edward took advantage of to grasp her shoulders and start her turning on to her back. The girl, unconsciously protecting her smacked backside, completed the turn on her own, and came to rest lying on her back face up, belly bared.

"Tits!" murmured the girl's step-uncle, which would have been unnecessary explanation of his goal to anyone who might have observed him, as his gaze was riveted on his niece's breasts. With no preliminaries, he cut two buttons from her shirt, leaving only a top one above his target area, and another in the rucked up lower part of her shirt. The shirt sagged open over the girl's breasts, rewarding him with a view of the plump flesh on the inside of each of her breasts. Her nipples indented the parted cloth of her shirt, and Edward ran a fingertip over one of her cloth-covered, nubs.

Even in her sleep, the contact of his finger against her nipple caused Ashley's legs and torso to shift and her boobs to sway under her shirt.

"Sensitive nipples, my filly, aren't they? Excellent!" exclaimed Edward. Unbuttoning the remaining top button, he slowly peeled aside the shirt's two halves baring Ashley's firm young breasts.

"Large mamm's," he said, "C cup, firm and high, with high, up-thrust nipples, big areola." With the motion he would have used to flick a crumb away, he snapped his index finger across one of the naked nipples roughly. Ashley's chest heaved, and her nipple poked out and reddened. The other one reacted in the same way when it, in turn, was snapped. Ashley whimpered in her sleep, and her breasts shivered. Sleeping, she arched her back, thrusting her breasts towards her tormentor. Edward smiled broadly.

Licking his index fingers, Edward touched the wet fingertips to Ashley's nipples and coated the hardened central nubs with saliva. He repeated his ministrations of her nipples, smearing his spit over her nipples. As his thumb and index finger coated her plump nubbins the second time, Ashley's back arched strongly, and her hips lifted slightly. The third application of saliva to her tits caused her thighs to start to quiver. Edward grinned.

"I think," he whispered, "that you have very sensitive titties, Ashley, and I'm going to design a special training program for them. I wonder how they'll like the feel of the ruler, or clothespins? Hmm.. Ashley, how will you like having these big boobs of yours milked with all kinds of toys, squirmy girl?"

"You're a good tweak and pull-toy, little niece," he said following his own advice and grasping Ashley's popped out eraser-like nipples, tweaking them between his thumb and index, and then giving them a long, slow, pull, stretching them out so that they pulled up her entire breast elongating it and making it into a cone whose apex was her imprisoned tit tips. Ashley's mouth opened and she panted lightly, as her entire chest heaved up to accompany her stretched out boobs, and when he released them suddenly her chest fell back. Edward watched greedily as waves of flesh rippled in her breasts. He inclined his head to her chest and gave each big nipple a long, slow lick, leaving a wet trail across each plump breast.

He stepped back and watched the girl, giving her time to relax. Few of the girls whom he'd stripped and palpated unbeknownst to them on their first nights had reacted so strongly to stimulation. His least favorite type would lie dead to the world, totally insensate to the indignities performed on her helpless flesh. His darling young step-niece, he hoped, would be that other kind, diametrically opposed, who although rendered unconscious by the drug, and remembering nothing the next day, baffled at the soreness of her body, would nevertheless while under his ministrations squirm and cry out as if the indignities were being perpetrated on her in her dreams. With luck, he hoped, she could be made to feel guilty for what she imagined she had dreamt.

Again, Edward used the tape and annotated various of his niece's measurements, freely handling her as he measured the distance between her nippies, and the diameter around each breast. "You're going to help me, Ash," he murmured, "to measure your bust, by thrusting your chest forward for me so I can slide the tape in." His mouth went to the nearer tit and fastened on her nipple. Back and forth his tongue laved the morsel imprisoned in his teeth, alternating hard flicks of his tongue with strong sucks. Ashley, once more reacted to her nipple's stimulation by whimpering and, after another nip of Edward's teeth, arching her back. "Good girly!" said Edward, sliding the tape beneath her body, and back over her bust. He added this very satisfactory measurement to the ones he had already taken of his victim.

"Sigh," he said, "goodbye for now, my new playmates." He withdrew the tape, and brought the shirt's halves together, closing the two remaining buttons of Ashley's pajama top.

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