tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 03

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 03


Chapter 3. Ways and Means

The room into which Ashley shuffled her ill-clad form was filled with light. As opposed to the darker, more formal dining area, the living room featured a large picture window looking onto a lush front garden protected from the street by a high, dark green hedge. Yellow and green light from the flowers in the garden tinted the gauzy, translucent curtains. One end of the picture window was darkened by the shadow of an elm set to the side of the house.

The wallpaper in this room sported the same vases and vegetation motif used in the dining room, but the felt of the pattern was a yellow shade of green, lending the room a more open, summery air. Two large bookcases on the far wall flanked a large fireplace with an organically curved white marble lintel resembling the nacreous limbs of some creature half vegetable, half woman. Two deep, comfortable, striped damask chaises set away from the window were separated by a low round table heaped with books and newspapers heaped and a large vase from which cascaded a selection of white and purple flowers in a formal arrangement.

The floor was covered by a full, white, faux-fur carpet, extending almost to the edges of the room, leaving a wooden parquet border 3 feet wide on all sides. The long hairs of the carpet felt warm under Ashley's bare feet, the furry threads twining softly and comfortably between her toes.

Warmth permeated the room from the large, glowing logs in the fire grate, the palpably warm air soothing on Ashley's exposed legs.

An overstuffed, dark tan corduroy sofa was set on the edge of the carpet towards the wall adjacent to the door. The remaining wall was occupied by another bookcase containing a large television, as well as various shelves of books. Against this wall there was also leather armchair, larger than the other two chairs in the room, and an old, walnut, rolltop desk, its cover open.

The artwork on the walls in this room consisted of a pair of framed watercolors in bright washes of color applied over black ink, reminiscent of Dufy renderings. They both depicted the view from the privileged balcony of a hotel or villa, over the azure bay surrounding an old and established, wealthy, town. The amber shoreline in the painting was dotted with impressionistic black brushstrokes washed in emerald green, which managed, though merely a brief flick of ink and color, to perfectly conjure palm trees.

Above the fireplace hung the largest painting in the room, an early twentieth-century oil in a slim, silver, deco frame. Warm sunlight from above and beyond the confines of the canvas illuminated a sculptor and the statue of a naked and well-rounded nymph he had been carving until the moment when she'd evidently come to life, and bent her head to join her lips to those of her surprised creator. The process of her incarnation was clearly still incomplete as the warm skin tones of her cheeks, upper back, and the one visible side of a perfect breast, had not yet diffused to her full buttocks and thighs, which still evidenced the cool whiteness of her marble origins.

Edward walked over to the chair by the table and sank into it, crossing his legs in the boneless, feminine, European fashion impossible to American men. He gazed benignly at his niece, watching the girl look around the room. Examining the setting, she felt a renewed sense of what she'd first felt in her Uncle's perfectly-upholstered car, a sense of being an intruder in a wealthy, perfect, life containing no elements of disorder. Her current state of extreme dishevelment, both the torn rags barely covering her, and the emotions she felt, were the one incongruous element in the scene. The one part of the tableaux needing work and polishing.

Her Uncle began speaking softly. She stood in the center of the room, and Ralph watched from the vantage point of the sofa's arm on which he sat relaxed. Edward's words, she was surprised to note, focussed on precisely the feelings of inadequacy the girl was suffering.

"Ashley," began Edward sonorously, lecturing, "you are a lucky girl." He paused, while Ashley shifted her weight nervously on her naked legs and felt distinctly unlucky.

"I know," he continued, "that you don't yet know this. You are at this moment afraid; you are ashamed to be standing before us in your current deplorably attired state. You feel awkward and exposed.

"Your current outward situation mirrors, possibly for the first time in your young life, your own inner turmoil and lassitude. You are lucky--not insomuch as you are standing in a room displaying your tartish, next to and soon to be naked body to your relatives--but in that I am an expert in educating young people like yourself, adrift with no sense of their own balance and place in the world.

"Ralph," he motioned to the young man, "kindly fetch the camera and a notebook from the desk." As Ralph moved to the desk, crossing behind Ashley, Edward continued,

"Ralph is a very dedicated photographer. He shall document these training sessions for our future reference and your further education. Ralph, please take as many pictures of these proceedings as you can. I want to have an artistically compelling record of our youngster's progress."

"Look at me please while I speak, Ashley." Edward's voice was gentle, but there was no doubt in Ashley's mind of the seriousness of the orders they dictated, no matter how politely he might seem to be qualifying his demands.

"Why are you and so many young persons like you adrift and shiftless in this age? Why is it in your mind acceptable to entertain a low moral standard, to, for example, come to table dressed in rags. Lack of respect, Ashley. Lack of respect for others, and lack of respect for yourself."

"You don't care how you present yourself because you lack respect for yourself; you don't care how you are perceived because you lack respect for others."

"And, why is that? There is a very simple reason. It is easy to fall into the trap a little at a time. It is easy to relax ones standards for oneself a little each day, suffering only the most minor consequences for each slip of control over oneself. The effect over a short period may not even be noticeable. However, over time, ones standards and ones judgement are eroded to the point that one finds and even accepts oneself in situations which one would have been aghast to have envisioned at the outset of our journey."

"Having understood the process whereby someone like yourself, with no evil intent surely, falls into turpitude, it becomes simple to conceive a method for counteracting this tendency. And this, Ashley, is the cornerstone of the theory for my training program--of your training program for the next months, while you reside here, young lady.

"Instead of allowing the slow slip of standards caused by the normal consequence of small acts of lack of respect for oneself and others, we will magnify the gravity of the consequences, so that even minor acts of defiance, disrespect, dishonesty, and breaches of standards, place the subject in an exaggeratedly disadvantageous state. Rather than being unaware of the small toll exacted by a small loosening of standards, the excessive discomfort it will cause you will make you aware of the seriousness of that downward course."

"Do you understand my point to now Ashley?"

Ashley's lip trembled, and she refrained from answering. Edward waited patiently, regarding the nervous girl, and seeing that her Uncle clearly expected her to say something, she stammered,

"I... I think so."

"Good, good. By the way, Ashley, when you're not being trained, as you are at the moment, you may choose to call me 'Uncle' or 'Uncle Edward,' but while in one of these sessions, you shall please refer to me as 'Sir' and you shall use that title whenever you address me. As in 'Yes, Sir' or 'I think so. Sir', or, should I be requesting information from you and it be appropriate, 'No, Sir.' The latter will not likely be your response when asked to perform some action, though. Please, keep that in mind?"

"Yes, Sir," responded Ashley, feeling quite clearly where control of her current situation rested.

"Good. Hands on your head again, please." Ashley again placed her palms behind her ears. Her shirt, as expected, gapped open, revealing her belly.

"So, you are a lucky girl. Lucky because I know what ails you, and luckier still because I know how to cure you. You will leave this house having acquired a new elegance, confidence, and aplomb. When you complete your training, you will be a young lady who you would now, at this moment, idolize and wish to emulate."

Edward stood, and walked to the fireplace, and rearranged a log in the fireplace using an iron poker dangling from a rough, wrought iron stand next to a small pile of logs. He put a hand on the mantlepiece, and turned to look at the girl.

"What are the elements of my training program? They are simple: self-respect, discipline and obedience, honesty, and language."

"You will be expected to be disciplined and respect yourself and others. You will be expected to be obedient and honest, and to use language precisely and creatively. Conversely, a lapse of any of the above will result in your being quickly and emphatically stripped, temporarily, of your self-respect, of discipline being imposed on you arbitrarily and seemingly unfairly, of your being subjected to cruel, coarse, and denigrating language.

"One of the strongest stimuli I will use to counter tendencies which would otherwise over the course of time cheapen you and your self-worth will be to instead immediately lessen your own momentary self-image.

"This will be done by causing you humiliation and embarrassment. A moment's forced degradation now will prevent you from subjecting yourself to many years of unconscious self-degradation in the future. Your humiliation will be accomplished using language, physical posture, and sometimes a certain amount of pain.

"Pain, Ashley, is not something I believe in per se. It will never be the principal focus of your treatment, but will be present only to force you to concentrate on the moment. Pain is evanescent, temporary. while it is being felt, however, it is most efficacious at making us aware only of the present.

"The pain, the humiliation, all will fade quickly. They will be a strong contrast to the majority of your time here, during which you will be treated like the respected and respectful person you will become, and subjected to the kind of life to which you would otherwise only aspire fruitlessly."

Edward stopped speaking, gazed at his tremulous niece, and indicated the desk behind her with a crooked finger.

"Please fetch me the black leather trainer from that desk, Ashley, then resume your current position."

The girl looked around to the roll-top desk, and hurried over to it. On it lay a number of notebooks, a fountain pen, a cigar cutter and a box of cigars. She looked towards her Uncle, shyly questioningly.

"Open the first drawer, Ashley, inside you will find a box. Put that on the desk and open it."

The old wood of the drawer slid smoothly on its well-waxed hinges, and Ashley lifted out an inlaid wooden box a bit wider and flatter than a shoebox, and about twice as long. She opened it. The lid came off entirely, releasing the smell of old, oiled leather from the contents, at which she stared. She stood motionless, looking into the box. She didn't understand what all the items were, but they made her think of horses and riders, and of the traditional hardware that ensured one did the bidding of the other.

From among the belts, cords, silvered clips and other items in the box, she drew out a long, slim wand, encased in stiff leather. It was thicker in the handle, then flattened and tapered along its 18 inches of length. Another last 6 inches were added to it by a doubled loop of pliable leather stitched to its end. This was, Ashley thought to herself, what made the horse go. Her mind seemed to fill with cotton, and only slowly evoked her Uncle threatening her with spanking. A dropping feeling she had in her belly was proof that her body was less slow than her mind was in making the obvious conclusions.

She held this out to her Uncle, and shuffled over to him. She then went back to the center of the room, and slowly placed her hands on her head again.

"Two things Ashley," commented her Uncle, as he walked up behind her. He tapped on one calf with the training whip softly. "Elevated heels serve to lengthen the female contour, bring out the curves of the calves and thighs, as well as thrust forward the bosom, and rearwards the posterior. As such, they improve female posture and self-image. We will be procuring you an admirable collection of these shortly, and except where for one reason or another you are required not to wear them, you will be expected to always do so.

"As you are not suitably accoutered at the moment, please stand on your tiptoes to at least emulate some of the required effect. The girl obeyed, stretching her shoulders and torso upwards, taughtening the back of her legs and rising on her toes.

"Secondly, the remains of this shirt," Edward said as he walked around Ashley, then used the whip to trace one inner edge of the gap in the pajama shirt, its leather tip softly scraping down the inside of Ashley's partly covered breast, "are an insult to your looks and to those of us who are observing you. Please remove it."

Ashley gasped and made no movement, as if by pretending she hadn't heard this she could prevent the order from having been given. She blinked her eyes humidly.

Edward watched her for a moment, then he held the baton up horizontally and placed it slowly in front of her mouth. He gently pressed the center of the whip against Ashley's lips. Without conscious thought she opened her mouth and allowed her Uncle to rest the baton on her teeth. "Hold that please, and don't slobber on it," he instructed.

She brought her teeth down on the whip softly, tasting the leather and feeling the stitching on her tongue. Edward disappeared from her viewpoint and she turned to look. She watched him looking into the box on the desk, and selecting what looked like a long flat ruler. It looked twice as wide, perhaps two inches wide, as a normal ruler. Edward looked up at her. She quickly looked forward, and heard him come up next to her.

Edward held the wide ruler at one end, and swung it back. He looked down at the girl's pantied bottom taughtened as she stood on her toes, selecting his target. The lower leg seams of the girl's lacy underwear left a few inches of springy buttock flesh uncovered, facing back at him, below which her bottom cheeks curved under to merge with her thighs.

It was this part of Ashley's uncovered bottom cheeks onto which Edward brought the wide ruler smacking down. He slapped the whippy wooden slat across his niece's jouncy ass three times in quick succession before she fully registered even the first blow.

Ashley's mind first heard the loud splat of the rod against her flesh, followed a split-second after by a burst of stinging sensation in her bottom, which, due to the measured force of the blow, was intense but superficial. The two more slaps which followed the first almost without a pause deepened the sting considerably.

"Oowwww! Fuck!" exclaimed the girl, and brought her hands down quickly from her head, to clutch the lower cheeks of her posterior. As she shouted she dropped the training whip from between her teeth.

Edward quickly took hold of her slim wrists with his free hand and held them together easily. "Ashley, there are many rules you will need to be taught," he said, pulling her arms back and up by her wrist, forcing her to bend forward slightly and thrust outward her bottom. "On your toes!" She tried to rise on her toes from the awkward slightly bent position, which caused her weight to shift forward so she was balanced only by her uncle's pull on her arms.

"You will be allowed, even encouraged," explained Edward, "to moan and cry..." He thrashed the ruler across the naked lower slope of Ashley's naked right bottom cheek violently, making it shake with the impact, "but you will NOT be allowed any exclamations, especially any foul language. Any violation of this will immediately entail additional and severe punishment." A strong ruler spank across the left followed, and Ashley suited action to his indication by panting exclamations, "Ah... Ah... Ah..."

"You'll have far greater temptation, I assure you, to use profanity than you've been given in this initial little bottom warming, young lady! Your pudgy backside has only acquired the first shades of pink which will be warmed to a nice red glow by the end of this session, I assure you!

"You're also," SMACK!!! went the ruler, "NOT to let anything drop which you were told to hold, whether it is between your teeth," one quick flick of the ruler landed on each thigh—Ashley whimpered and wiggled under the lashing, "or," continued Edward, "between your round bottom cheeks, or your big, hanging boobs!

"Hands back on your head! Resume your position!" ordered Edward, releasing Ashley's hands. She rubbed the pinched flesh of her wrist quickly and stood upright, placing her hands on the sides of her head, in the original positions she had held. Her quivering thighs strained as she again came up on her toes.

"That's right," Edward commented, taking the whip from the floor and using it to once more trace the contours of the girl's open shirt , "you'll learn to be obedient, slut! Your body, so long as you don't treat it with the respect it is due, will be subject to the most base treatment and description. Now, as I ordered before, you are to remove, immediately, this sorry excuse for a shirt"

Slowly, but without wanting to appear to hesitate, Ashley, unbuttoned the remaining two fasteners on her shirt, and pulled the cotton shirt open. Her large, pale breasts came into view, and her silver dollar sized, deep red-pink nipples were exposed to the observation of Edward and Ralph. Edward pulled the shirt the rest of the way off her torso, leaving the girl totally topless, with her breasts hanging before her, taughtened by her outstretched arms perched behind her ears. Her slim naked belly rose and fell with her fevered breathing.

"Well, Ashley," commented Edward, running the tip of the whip along the outer curve of her right breast, "you seem to be pretty well endowed—your tits are full and fat, and those big, dark, nipples of yours are going to definitely need to be tugged and pinched to encourage your behavior!" The whip gently slid over the full, white, flesh of her right breast, and the leather loop at its end softly indented her areola, bending her nipple over, before it sprang back into position facing slightly upwards.

"So, our little Ashley is, as you can see Ralph, bountifully hung with good sized boobs. Which as we've seen she seems to want to take every possible occasion to show off in skimpy, inappropriate dress! Don't you, Ashley? Like to flash those tits? Tell us, now, what size are they? What size bra do you wear, when you do wear one, which you evidently don't seem to want to do around us?"

Ashley's lips trembled with shame and shock, as she stood on her tiptoes, displaying her naked chest to the two men. Her uncle's raw comments on her body, and the way that she was being forced to display it, made her want to sink to the carpet and cry. But she didn't dare move. She knew she had to answer. "I... I wear a 34 C... I always wear a bra ...Owww!"

This last yelp was caused by the training whip swiping through the air and landing on her panty covered bottom cheek. "Ashley, if I want elaboration from you, I shall ask for it!" commanded her Uncle sternly. "Ralph, please go to your cousin, and stand next to her. I shall be needing your assistance with some preliminary training."

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