tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 05

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 05


Sunday Morning Exercises

Ashley woke slowly. Her eyes blinked several times fuzzily, and opened on her sunny room, flooded with soft yellow morning light from the window. She stretched languorously, thrusting her loose fists towards the ceiling. She felt refreshed and well-slept.

She swung her legs out over the side of the bed and placed her feet into the furry pink slippers which lay by her bed. She stood and made her way to the bathroom outside her room, opening her door a crack and peering out to ensure she was alone before scurrying to the bathroom. She didn't want her cousin to see her before she had had a chance to clean herself up and brush her teeth. In fact, she observed, this particular morning she seemed to be more rumpled than customarily. Her pajama was quite creased, and it even seemed to her that her sweat must have left patchy areas of stiffness on it. She did not suspect that these traces had been left by her night visitors, wiping their secretions on her nightdress.

Unbuttoning and removing her pajama top, Ashley, observed herself in the mirror, while at the same time she herself was observed by the hidden surveillance cameras behind it. The camera recorded the swing of her breasts as she soaped her armpits and washed herself, the soapy water coursing down the sides of the burgeoning flesh of her boobs before being flushed away by clean water, in turn dried vigorously in the plush, green, towel.

She brushed her teeth, and combed her hair, the gathered it into a tail behind her head and fastened it with a rubber band from the shelf next to her.

For once Ashley manages to make her way downstairs and out the door without running into her adopted family, and we leave her delighting in the crisp morning air, and the filtered sunlight as she runs through the quaint neighborhood and into an adjoining park. Her breath steams and her trainers pound a rustling tattoo on the path, brittle fall leaves scattering behind the athletic girl's footfalls. She smiles delightedly, enjoying the feeling of her strong body's rhythmic strides cutting their way through the brisk morning, whisking by thick trunked oaks, sporting their winter baldness. We leave her for the moment to herself, dear reader, watching her from behind as she crests a rise in the path on the way to the small lake beyond, and smile appreciatively at the sight of her tense, hard-working haunches, only momentarily disappointed that her rear is covered by her jacket, tied around her waist.

Soon enough Ashley returns to the house where, this time, her Uncle has been waiting for her with well-hidden eagerness.

"How was your run?" inquired Uncle Edward as he opened the door and let Ashley into the warm house. Inside, the air felt distinctly warm to Ashley after the sharp crispness of the outside air. She was still panting softly, catching her breath. She responded,

"It was lovely! I ran down the lane like you said to. There were ducks in the little pond there! The morning is really pretty."

"Good, good girl!" encouraged Edward, letting her into the house. Ashley panted and caught her breath. She peeled off her large sweatshirt, and Edward discretely observed her breasts heaving under the tank top as she pulled the outer layer over her head.

"Now," Edward said, "to continue your morning exercises, I want you to go upstairs to the recreation room. There I will direct you in some additional calisthenics!" Ashley wasn't displeased to hear this. She had admired the rec room with its wall of mirrors, and reveled equally in the strength and grace of her well trained body, as well as in the sight of herself exercising and dancing. She smiled, "Can I get a glass of water first, Uncle?"

"Of course, Ash," responded her Uncle, "in fact get a glass of grapefruit juice from the icebox, and bring me one as well, please. If you would bring a croissant for me, and put it on a plate and bring it upstairs, I think I'll take a bit of early breakfast too! Bring cups and a pot of coffee."

Ashley headed for the kitchen, which was light but somewhat smaller than Ashley would have expected for a house the size of her Uncle's. Like most European kitchens, it had elegant, but compact, appliances. The refrigerator and the stove, while modern and extremely stylish, were smaller than the ones that Ashley had at her own parent's house. Opening the refrigerator, Ashley found a small box of grapefruit juice. She found two glasses in the pantry, and filled them, then took a croissant from the basket of them which had been delivered from the bakery that morning and put this on a flowered ceramic platter for her uncle. She took a sophisticated, square serving tray, with a honey-colored wooden border and wicker surface, from a shelf by the pantry, and placed the little platter on it. Next to this she placed a plate holding a rough morsel of fresh cream butter, and a small crock of raspberry jam.

She opened a number of drawers until finding one containing silverware, and placed a serviette on the tray, covering this with one of her Uncle's large- proportioned, heavy, silver-plated Sheffield knives. Now all that was needed, she thought, to complete the pretty breakfast tray, was a flower. She looked around and saw a small bud vase on the shelf. She quickly retrieved a small ornamental rose from the bush just outside the door leading to the garden from the kitchen, and put it in the small vase.

Balancing the tray, she headed up the stairs to the rec room where her Uncle awaited.

Edward had arranged a chair so he could comfortably supervise his nieces' exercises, and was patiently waiting for the girl. Although not partial to popular music, Edward put on the stereo a compact disc by Brittney Spears, playing it initially at low volume, to inspire his young niece's efforts. He watched her as she came into the room, balancing the tray with his breakfast charmingly. He smiled at her, "That is lovely, Ashley, thank you!" He stood and took the tray from her, and placed it on the low desk at the side of the room. He sat down on the foldable chair he'd placed by the desk and sipped the juice, looking at his niece who stood before him expectantly.

Ashley was wearing white sneakers, short white socks, black tights in a dun finish covered her legs, delineating them perfectly. Around her waist, she had tied her sweatshirt, as girls commonly do when wearing tights that would otherwise fail to conceal the shape of their bottoms. A good 8 inches of bare midriff showed below Ashley's pink halter, which was designed to tightly contain her large breasts.

"Now Ashley," said Edward, "let's just get you warmed up again a little bit, as you've had a chance to cool from your running. Hand me the sweater. Nothing should be allowed to interrupt the clean lines of a dancer or impede her movements."

Ashley handed Edward her sweater, untying it from around her waist. Edward observed his niece's nicely shapely, flat tummy coming into view, and walked around her. Her proud rump stretched the dun black material of her tights nicely.

"Touch your toes, Ashley," encouraged Edward, turning up the music slightly to get the girl moving of her own volition. "Up, down, up, down!"

Edward positioned himself behind his niece and watched her body bend itself down towards her feet, her hands flattened and pointed like a diver entering the water, as she thrust her upper torso down towards the floor repeatedly.

"Slow and deliberate Ashley, don't hurry"

Ashley bent at the waist, pushing her backside out towards her observant uncle, who carefully watched the tightening of the muscles of her rear and the backs of her thighs. As she reached down and touched her toes, Edward stepped up to her and placed his hand on her head, grasping the girl by a handful of dark hair. Softly, he pressed her head down towards the ground. "Deeper, try to go deeper, Ash!" he intoned. To help stabilize her, he casually palmed her right bottom cheek.

"That's good, hold that position! One, two,..." Edward counted. With each slow count, he, almost as an afterthought to help his niece keep a steady beat, gave her bottom cheek a firm little slap, not so hard as a spank, nor so soft as a caress, but with the character of both.

"Three... smack... four... smack... five... smack... UP!" Ashley straightened.

"Hands above your head," instructed her Uncle, "and down again!" Again, Ashley bent at the waist and reached for her toes. The movement obliged her to push her bottom into the palm cupping it, and the smacking of her bottom cheek and the counting resumed.

"One... smack... Two... smack..." Edward felt his niece's assaulted bottom muscles ripple from the effort and stimulation. He pushed down on her head, using his proprietary grip on the girl's hair for purchase. "The stimulation of your bottom muscles," he explained taking a moment to illustrate his point by gently kneading each of the halves of the girl's outthrust ass, "helps you to concentrate on achieving the correct form, and stretching these muscles evenly."

"Three... smack... Four... smack... Five... smack... Up!"

By now, the girl's bottom had begun the occasional involuntary writhing to which Edward referred as "bottom dancing." A girl's ass started the "bottom dance," he had observed, when the combination of stimulation and humiliation made her muscles react to the contrary desire to perform a controlled muscular task, while also trying to get away from the violation of her private parts by a marauding hand or other instrument. These conflicting goals resulted in deep spasms and involuntary twitches in a girl's flesh, be it buttocks, breast, thighs, or any other fleshy part of her body.

Under her tights, the lines of a pair of classic, full-reared panties showed clearly. Edward made a mental note of this. Soon, he smiled to himself, the presence of her modest panties would be the reason for testing that very modesty. Similarly, Edward observed to himself, the jogging bra top Ashley wore was far too sturdy a construction for his taste, as it foiled his ability to see her breasts respond naturally to their displacement as she moved. Its lack of transparency was also a fault, in his expert opinion.

"Ashley," pondered her Uncle, as he held the girl's thinly covered rump, "I don't think you're quite getting the level of energy which I expect from you."

"Your energy must come from your middle, your center..." he moved his other palm to rest on the girl's belly, just below her navel, and caressed her there.

"Perhaps these constraining clothes prevent you from moving as freely as you ought!

"Go into the bathroom, where you will find some gymnastics apparel which I think will work better."

The girl let her arms fall, and moved towards the half-bath at the rear of the large room. In the mirror, her worried reflection looked back at her. She closed the door of the small room which contained a sink, a small table and a toilet. The sink was a lovely, russet-flecked, yellow marble, and Ashley looked at her reflection in the large gilt framed mirror above it. She gleamed with perspiration.

Looking around, she found a thick towel folded on the table. On it was a small purple box with a white ribbon. A card which had been slipped into the ribbon bore her name in large calligraphy. She slipped the ribbon off the box, and opened the box. Parting the tissue paper inside it, she pulled out two matched pieces of clothing. This was what she was to change into! Both items were made of a delicate pearly white, flouncy, material. The material when Ashley placed her hand behind it was opaque, but didn't block the light behind her hand. It was almost like a rich gauze. From the feel she could tell it was finely worked silk.

The two-piece outfit was fluid, with no support or stiffness to it. The borders below the breasts and at the waist were edged in gold. Under the outfit, the box also contained a gossamer pair of panties, made in a matching, but even more delicate material. These were like a cloud, soft and almost transparent. The rear of the panties was not a thong, but was abbreviated, so that when Ashley pulled it onto her hips, her bottom was covered only in the center, leaving an even sized portion of flesh all around the backside of the panty.

She pulled the tap pants over the panties, and finally cast off her stiff jogging bra, and dropped the flimsy top down over her head. It seemed to float into place, and she arranged the cloth over her breasts. Her breasts were totally unsupported in this top. Her nipples darkened the material slightly, and the lines of her breasts as they shifted under the material were barely concealed.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The exquisite material made her into a Greek goddess of the boudoir. It was only with extreme reluctance that Ashley cracked open the bathroom door and shuffled out of the room.

Waiting for her having a cup of coffee with her Uncle, was her cousin Ralph. He was very well dressed in cream linen pants and a white shirt which showed his golden tan to advantage. Ashley blushed at his presence. She wanted to impress him. She was unaware of it, but much of the chagrin she felt at wearing the revealing and beautiful outfit transformed into an eagerness to have Ralph see her in it.

"Good morning, cousin!" intoned Ralph enthusiastically, coming over and giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek. Ashley smiled and said, "Hi!"

"I hope you don't mind, Uncle has asked me to sit in on your morning exercise," he continued.

"Ok." Ashley's response was demure and somewhat frightened. She saw Ralph's ubiquitous camera on the table next to the breakfast. She shuddered imagining the embarrassing images of her that she feared would shortly be captured there.

"Now, Ashley," said her Uncle, once again raising the volume of the music, "show us some of your dance moves."

The next ten minutes or so were the most enjoyable time Ashley spent that morning. As the two men watched, sipped coffee, and Ralph took pictures, the barefoot girl in her diaphanacious top and shorts, danced vigorously and alluringly to the pop music on the stereo.

Losing herself in the music, closing her eyes and feeling the beat, Ashley almost forgot where she was, and swayed and jumped, twirled and lunged to the heated beat. The men watched her carefully, observing the free and carnal moves of her pendulous breasts under their thin covering, her naked thighs stretching and tensing as she danced. The gyrations of her full bottom were enhanced by the floating pearly material and the flashing sparkle of the bands of gold decorating her trim waist and the swaying curve below her breasts.

Too soon for Ashley, the third song ended, and her Uncle turned down the music. She stood waiting nervously, panting, her outfit sticking to her damply in places, as her Uncle strolled towards her.

"Wonderful, Ashley," he exclaimed, smiling. "You are a marvelous and talented dancer. We must do everything possible to encourage and nurture this talent of yours!"

"Now, let's continue with some calisthenics.

"Ralph, please bring over one of the mats. Ashley, lie down on your back. I want to see some sit-ups."

Ashley lay down on the mat, and while the men watched, repeatedly pulled herself up, her arms locked behind her head, to a sitting position, and then let herself back down. Each time she did this, her breasts heaved and swayed under her loose top. The muscles in the front of her thighs strained visibly. Ralph photographed her, getting multiple close-ups of her breasts shifting under the gossamer top and her thighs straining to lift her to a seated position.

"Now, Ashley, please, turn around. Get down on your hands and knees. I want you to do twenty push ups. I know that standard push-ups, with your body suspended between your arms and your feet, will be difficult for you, given your slender arms and large chest. Instead, I want you to keep your knees on the mat, and push up with your arms. Let yourself down onto the mat, but do NOT let your full weight rest between push-ups. Understood? Now, please commence!"

Ashley took a breath and placing her hands some inches further forwards on the mat, lowered herself towards it. Her breasts came to rest on the mat first, relieving her of some of the weight, and she continued the dip, raising her chin. The sun shone into the room and danced off the mirrors. She strained upwards, pushing her hands into the softness of the gym mat, and raising her shoulders. Her thighs pushed forwards. Her knees pushed against one another, sinking into the mat.

Again, she dipped her upper torso, relaxing her thighs. This wasn't so hard! She could do quite a number of these, she thought. In response to her Uncle's command, she shifted each knee outwards a bit. The slow cadence of her dips as her Uncle counted them out was relaxing. Her body dipped and strained, fell and rose, in time to her Uncle's leisurely count.

Edward and Ralph observed the young girl diligently performing exercises as commanded. The swell and strain of her haunches shifted and swayed the brief white cloth of her tap pants. Her parted legs allowed their gazes to travel into the gaps which opened and closed as the cloth of her shorts swayed against her buttocks and upper thighs, affording rhythmic glimpses of the gold trimmed crotch of her panties. Her long bare thighs, smooth calves and pretty feet were also scrutinized languidly by the two voyeurs. Ralph took photograph after photograph of his cousin's well delineated rear, under its thin covering of material, as well as series of photos taken from between the girl's legs, showing the lower curve her breasts naked and hanging free framed by the darkness of her crotch under her panties.

"Ashley, put less of your weight down on the mat when you descend," corrected her Uncle. She attempted to obey, trying to limit the dip of her torso as she lowered herself towards the mat.

"Ralph," said her Uncle, as she tired, "could you help Ashley, please? Sit in front of her, and let her dip down into your hands, then encourage her to hold herself off the mat and start the next push-up by providing some support and resistance."

The young man, sat casually in front of his cousin, and placed his hands under her body on the mat. As she lowered herself towards the ground, Ashley couldn't avoid delivering her breasts gently into her cousin's palms. She felt his palms cup her though the gossamer material, and press into her soft titties. Her nipples responded, hardening and poking themselves firmly into his hands.

As she dipped, her cousin's hand's pressure on her breasts mounted, as he helped her to raise herself into the next push-up, mashing her breasts towards her chest. This did make it easier for Ashley to continue her push-ups, as Ralph's grip on her bosom took some of the weight from her tiring arms. She repeated this a few more times, but started to fall behind her Uncle's count as her arms really tired.

Standing at the wall, Edward opened a drawer and pulled from it a section of leather belting, about 4 inches wide and a foot and a half long. He walked towards the exercising girl.

"Good girl, Ashley, the last ones are most important! Just five more!" Ashley strained.

As she struggled to start another dip, Edward slid his left hand up both her rear thighs, gathering up the loose material of his niece's shorts, and pulling it up over her outthrust, hard-working bottom. He half uncovered her rear quickly in this way, leaving her bottom bare from her thighs to the middle of each plump cheek, from where it the full globes were more decorated than covered by the abbreviated, gauzy white panties she was wearing.

"One!" he barked, and aimed a casual swipe of the belt across the tensioned naked lower curves of his nieces quivering backside. A loud

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