tagBDSMSwat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 08

Swat on a Hot Teen Youth Ch. 08


Chapter 8. A long lesson: Spanked into Sucking

Nemorino and Adina exchanged protestations of love amidst glorious music, ending the final act of L'Elisir D'amore. The house lights came up, and the singers took their bows. Ashley had enjoyed the melodic and comedic opera quite a bit, and came to her feet along with many of those seated nearby to give the singers an ovation. She smiled happily. Her Uncle observed the comely young woman, enjoying the sight of her pleasure in the spectacle to which he'd introduced her.

He was also gratified at Ashley's ability to put the ordeals of the day behind her, so to speak. The fact that she was of such good cheer now, forgetting her anal ravishing and punishment earlier in the day, Edward reasoned to himself, meant that Ashley was becoming accustomed to being used sexually, learning to submit decorously to her sexual castigations, while being able to bounce back. All this was very positive in his mind, as it would allow him to incur into further and more extreme adventures with his step-niece, without risking her overreacting or rebelling against him. Not to mention, he smiled to himself, the pleasure it was to see the girl laughing and smiling. Though, he admitted to himself, there was a similar or even greater pleasure in seeing her crying in torment too!

Edward rose and placed his hand gently on Ashley's arm, guiding her out into the aisle of the theater, joining the outflow of the crowd which disgorged into the foyer and then out the large gilt doors into the square. He helped her to secure the lush fur wrap which he had bought her, which framed her dark hair and pretty face with a softening chestnut aura. Bundled up against the cold, Ashley lent into his supporting arm, and let herself be led to the car park, where the opulent Jag lay waiting.

Once in the car and underway, Edward turned toward Ashley.

"Ashley, you seemed to enjoy the opera... Are you tired?"

Ashley, excited by the events of the evening, and not overly eager to return to the hotel for what might turn out to be a private session with her uncle, responded,

"Oh, no, uncle. It isn't very late at all, and I'm not tired!"

"Very well, Ashley," said Edward, "perhaps then we should stop off at my club. I'm sure I could use a drink and some entertainment as well, and perhaps we can use the occasion to edify you in the minutiae of fine Single Malts, what do you say?"

"Oh yes, uncle, that sounds wonderful!" responded Ashley, loosening the fur slightly as the car's heater worked away the chill of the outside air. Edward maneuvered the plush vehicle across town, into an older area off Piccadilly where the streets became smaller, darker, and narrower. Picking up his car phone, he placed a call. Ashley heard him arranging for their arrival, and placing an order for food. Soon after, they pulled up outside an old townhouse, twin carriage lamps flanking its stately oaken door. As Edward engaged the brake of the car, a tall man dressed in an anachronistic coachman's cape mounted to the sidewalk from the stair below the entrance. Approaching the Jag, he held open Ashley's door, assisting her descent from the car, then came around to the driver's side where he took Edward's keys and drove off in the car. Edward placed an avuncular arm around his niece and walked her up the quarter flight of stone steps to the impressive entrance where he rang a small brass bell set into a glowing brass ring. Under the bell, Ashley read the script on a small shiny plaque inscribed "Private Club. Members only."

The door was opened by a stiff postured, formally dressed, butler, who greeted her Uncle by name, and took their coats as they entered the dark paneled, graciously appointed entryway of what had clearly been a grand private townhome, now the seat of some sort of very British, Ashley thought, gentlemen's club. Wood paneling everywhere glowed in the light of golden hued lamps. The entire establishment had a comfortable lack of bright lights, which romanticized the many paintings on the walls. The furniture was all wood and leather, and large oriental carpets covered most of the dark oak paneled floors.

To Ashley's mind, the ambience was that of an old and exclusive club, where the privileges of money had not been changed by the democratization of society outside the ancient doors. She also had a strong sensation that the club was not the sort of place where anyone so young nor so female as herself usually frequented. She turned to her Uncle curiously, and saw that he was watching her bemusedly.

"Come with me, Ashley, let's find a drawing room," commented her Uncle, leading the girl through a large common area room, strewn with many large, deep, leather chairs, and old dark wooden coffee table piled high with journals, magazines, and newspapers. A large unlit fireplace, with impressively heavy andirons standing by it, occupied a goodly part of one paneled wall. She followed Edward through a double wide doorway, through a bar room and down a corridor. Her Uncle opened a door from the corridor, and held it open for Ashley to enter a room. Inside, a bar graced one wall, and the middle of the room was occupied by a number of the same overstuffed leather chairs Ashley had observed in the reading room. A card table with more upright seating occupied the middle of the room, and along the wall farthest from the door, was a large buttoned leather sofa and matching ottoman.

The fireplace in this study was much smaller than the one in the main room, but it was lit, two small logs burning in it noisily. Edward brought one of the cardtable chairs next to one of the comfortable large chairs, and sitting in the latter, indicated to his niece to sit nearby him on the more upright chair. Ashley lowered herself onto the chair, in three-quarter profile to her Uncle.

At this moment, the butler who had let them in arrived, pushing open the door and wheeling in a small cart bearing a tray of plates, cutlery, and food as well as a variety of bottles and glasses. He brought this to the bar along one wall, and transferred to the contents to the long slab of wood. Edward went to the the butler, and exchanged a few comments with him, which Ashley was unable to overhear. Edward took a small plate and started placing some of the delicacies from the bar on it, then poured two tumblers of liquor. He carried them over to the card table next to Ashley and placed them on it.

An assortment of crackers with cheese, small sandwiches, sections of sausage, and stuffed leaves of radicchio occupied the plate, and Edward encouraged Ashley to try some of these. He took a couple of crackers and placed them on a serviette, then carried that and the tumbler of Scotch with him, as he sat down once more in the deep chair.

Ashley relaxed as she drank the excellent single-malt and her Uncle discoursed on the merits of the beverage. At first, the peaty flavor of the Scotch was not to her liking, but her Uncle introduced her to the more mellow exemplars of single malt. She quickly went through small tastes of Laphroiag, which she didn't care for at all, on to Dalwhinney, Glenmorran, and Lagavulin. The crackers and cheese she nibbled at only partly counteracted the alcoholic effect, which was making Ashley giggle and slump relaxedly in her chair.

Her Uncle was also enjoying himself, and getting somewhat tipsy as well. The warmth of the room suffused their cheeks, and they laughed easily together. In spite of the trials she'd had to bear at the dressmakers, the past few days in London had been quite fun for Ashley, and she felt, thanks to the alcohol, somewhat giddy.

Perhaps it was the Scotch, perhaps the effect of her overstimulated young woman's hormones, but during one of the long languid and relaxed silences she shared with her Uncle, Ashley, without premeditation and for the first time in her interaction with him, prodded her Uncle to action. Later, she would recall this moment as the first in which she realized that she was emotionally and psychologically involved in the amazing transformation her Uncle was orchestrating from naïve and innocent young lady, into a willing and compliant, but sexually powerful woman holding men in thrall to her strong sexual nature.

"Uncle," she began tentatively, "are you pleased with my behaviour? I do feel like I am improving and I hope you think that I have. I would like to... be good... and do what I'm told. I... I... know you're helping me to improve, and I just, I mean, I want to ...do what you tell me to."

Ashley blushed deeply and looked down.

Edward, somewhat tipsy and slumped slightly in the overstuffed chair, smiled to himself. Splendid, he thought. The girl was prompting him now! He'd so established in her mind her subservience and her role as a subservient sex toy, that when a half day passed without requiring anything of her, she would push him to continue! Well, he'd have to take advantage of this. But, as this evening Ashley seemed to be a willing participant, he'd have to vary the tone.

"Yes," responded her Uncle languidly, "I think you have made great progress, Ashley. You are now a much more responsible and obedient girl than when you first came to me. I would go so far as to say that you are becoming more and more a woman, and I am mostly quite pleased with you. You have a ways to go, certainly, and it will be my pleasure to lead you there, but you are making great progress. Why your very posture and carriage are a testament to how much you've changed!

"Why don't you stand up, here, yes, in front of me and let me look at your bearing. That's wonderful. Very nice, perhaps you could take off the scarf. Now turn for me and let me look at you lovely figure."

Ashley stood, just the slightest bit unsteady on her delicate and elegant high-heels from the effects of the Scotch she'd been drinking. Her Uncle observed the well-groomed girl in front of him.

"Think, Ashley, how you've changed in the short time you've been here. From the slovenly slattern you appeared you have become quite a lady! I hope you are proud of your progress. It has not been an easy transition, and I am sure that you will require firm guidance in its continuation, but we can be proud of how far you've come.

"In fact, tonight, I think we will reward you a bit for your good work, even if it will require some effort on your part to earn the reward. Will you obey, and make the effort that I will ask of you, Ashley? Do you intend to be a good girl this evening? The pleasures that you've tasted until now tonight will continue, if you are amenable."

Ashley, was unsure what her Uncle had in mind, but entering this strange new ground where she was a willing participant in whatever adventure he had in mind, made her heart beat faster, and the blood suffused her cheeks.

"Yes, Uncle," she softly responded, "you know what's best for me."

Edward smiled, and went to the door. He pulled a cord by the door. Shortly after the butler knocked and entered. Edward referred himself to the servant, "Clyve, please take Miss Ashley into a room where you may assist her to hang up her pretty clothes, and help her to put on the items she will find in the box I left with you earlier this evening? Thank you.

"Ashley, please follow Clyve, and I would appreciate very much if you would change into the clothes I have brought for you, which will be more appropriate for our subsequent activities. Clyve is an expert in the fitting of such items, and will help you with them."

The Butler turned away and headed towards the door, and Ashley nervously followed his stiff steps. He stood and opened the door for her and she stepped out into the corridor. Wordlessly, he picked up a large elegantly wrapped box which Ashley recognized came from the shop they'd been to earlier, and led her down the hall from where her Uncle waited for her.

Holding open a door, the butler ushered her into a the small room, evidently a sort of expanded cloak room, containing one overstuffed chair, a small sofa, a small boudoir table with a large mirror above it, and a coat closet. Placing the package on the table, the butler opened the ribbons and lifted the top off it. He parted the delicate tissue wrapping inside, and Ashley observed a beautiful bundle of black ribbon and lace nestled in an erotic tangle in the lavender tissue . Clyve began removing the garments from the box and laying them out. Ashley turned away, embarrassed that this stranger should be aware that she would soon be modeling such provocative intimate apparel for her Uncle.

Clyve turned to the girl, and said, "Miss, please remove all your clothes and I will hang them for you, then I will assist you in fitting these garments, as per your Uncle's instructions. Do not be shy, miss, in my work I am often called on to assist with young ladies' educations, and your fine, ripe, femininity makes it that much more pleasurable work for me."

Ashley demurely started reach for the buttons behind her dress but Clyve approached her and deftly and carefully undid the buttons, baring even more of her back. He then slid the straps off her rounded pale shoulders, and bade her step out of the dress. Ashley did so, and stood confusedly in her lacy panties and half bra while the butler hung her dress. He returned and said, "Now, please take off all the rest of your clothes, young lady, including your shoes. You need to be totally naked." In a matter of minutes she was, and the butler watched her shield her pudendum with her hands, but she was sharply admonished and made to put her hands at her sides, baring her light fleece to the man's gaze.

"Please turn around for me, miss," instructed the butler, "your prominent breasts and full buttocks will be well complemented by your new outfit, young lady. But first, I think we need to make some minor make-up adjustments. Your nipples for example, are nice and fat, but they are perhaps a shade too dark for the color of the bodice you will be wearing. Perhaps a bit of powder there is indicated? Please step over to this mirror."

Ashley walked naked to the mirror and watched in it as the butler reached into the boudoir and came out with a box of make-up. Pulling out a stiff brush, the butler came up to Ashley and started flicking her nipple with it. Her dark, large areola responded by tightening, and becoming slightly glistened by the moisturizing cream on the brush. Her other nipple came under the same treatment. Clyve observed them, then put down the brush and delicately but firmly grabbed one of her nipples in each hand and gave it a tug, causing the nude girl to flinch and gasp. He then loaded a circular powder puff with a pale powder and lightened her areolas slightly with it. He dabbed the same puff over her large breasts, as well, delicately blending the pale color on her bosom.

"Turn around, young lady!" he ordered, "and bend over, elbows on the table."

Ashley turned and bent over the table, supporting herself on her elbows. Her breasts grazed the tabletop, and the butler could not resist reaching below them and caressing the pendant, heavy underside of her heavy teats.

"Best to moisturize the skin to ensure elasticity where there is likely to be some chafing, miss," the butler said, opening a jar of light cream on the boudoir. He dipped a hand in it, and then his hand came back to the undersides of her breasts, this time sliding the soft lotion on her flesh, his fingers working the moisture into her breasts, plying the bouncy flesh of her tits. Her glistening breasts swung back and forth as he massaged them, swaying slickly over the wooden tabletop. Ashley observed herself bent over towards the mirror, her breasts bulging and swinging as the man's fingers clutched and manipulated the soft heavy globes.

After thoroughly working her breasts, she observed in the mirror that he took a handful of the cream and she felt the butler's moist hand apply the lotion to her naked posterior. He freely explored her out-thrust bottom, working the lotion into her bare rounded cheeks, then dipping between them into the cleft of her bottom. Ashley tried to lift herself up in surprise when she felt the butler's hand first introduce itself between her bottomcheeks, but his other hand gruffly pushed her head back down and she quieted and submitted to his groping.

His hand, freshly apportioned of lotion, then came down on her inner thighs, which she parted in response to the pressure of his palms pushing her thighs apart, and he worked the lotion into her inner thighs, making his way leisurely but surely up to her vaginal lips. Ashley felt the man's hand slide over her cleft between her parted legs and massage it with the lotion. More lotion followed and his hand expertly worked at her moistening genitals, his fingers strongly kneading the front of her nearly hairless mount and her sensitive clitoris. Ashley closed her eyes as the sensation grew, and moaned softly when the other man's hand joined the first on her genitals, this one approaching her cunt from the rear and pulling her cunt lips apart to stroke the widening opening there. She felt her legs tremble slightly as the stranger stimulated her expertly.

As quickly as he'd started though, the butler stopped his ministrations, and bade her stand up. He then proceeded to help her dress.


Edward sits in the overstuffed leather chair, quietly smiling to himself. He's looking forward to his nieces' return eagerly. A small, contented smile plays at his lips. He sips his scotch.

At last, a knock at the door signals Clyve's return.

"Come," intones Edward, and the door is opened. Clyve holds open the door, and Ashley steps into the room, eyes demurely downcast. She walks in slowly, her pace slowed and her elegance enhanced by the precariously high heels she is wearing.

"Come in, little one," Edward tells her, then directs her with his gaze to walk over towards him. Ashley, by now accustomed to her role, naturally stops at the center of the large Persian rug as if on display. She clasps her hands before her, and glances up nervously at her uncle, her cheeks suffusing with color as she feels his gaze rake over her.

Her hair has been meticulously combed to a lustrous sheen, and falls around her face in a flat, chestnut mane, accented by a white lace bow attached to a skein of her hair in the rear. Clyve has expertly applied cosmetics to her lovely face, her eyes widened and tinted green, her lips a deep pale pink.

Ashley is a vision in frothy white. She wears a lace corset which pushes up her youthful, full breasts. The lace frames the large, round boobs, affording a only slightly obscured view of her wide, dark nipples, under the stretched lacy materials.

She ambles in, eyes downcast, obedient. Edward observes her, and is aware that she's given herself up to obeying for this evening.

She steps in, her long legs encased in beautiful white stocking, with bows at the lace tops at her thighs. Wide white straps attach to the tops of her sheet white stockings, and travel up the front of her taut upper thighs, then at the top juncture of her leg, slide under a satin, frilly edged panty, with narrow sides over on her jutting hip. It is low cut and the straps re-emerge a few inches higher from her panties and travel up her flat belly to the lacy bottom edge of her corset.

As she walks slowly towards her uncle, he gazes contentedly at her crotch, where the satin has conformed itself and delineates clearly her pussy lips. The narrow dark fold as the panties split her vulva sways softly as she transfers her weight carefully from one leg to another, balancing precariously on her high-heels.

Her shoes are a platform with a 10 centimeter heel, and a simple set of double narrow white straps which cross over her delicate feet and travel up her ankle, each wrapping it twice then clasp at the side of her lower calf. A small, soft bow matches the bows on her stockings.

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