Ya know, I'm attracted by a lot of different things. The smells in the air, the way sunlight glints off of your hair and the curve of a well rounded ass, just to name a few. But, one of my all time favorites, is sweat. I love the way it feels on me. I love the way I feel inside when I'm doing something that illicit that response from my body. But most of all, I love the things that it does to the appearance of a certain woman. I love the way that it clumps your hair, when down, into those spindly strands. I love the glow that it gives to your face.

And last, but not least, I love what it does to the way you smell. That's when I feel that I have access to your essence, to what and who you really are. Oh shit, I forgot...I love the way it makes you taste. Mmmmmmmm, the salt, the minerals and oils all mixed together and you underneath. OH MY GOD! Not to mention, the way sweat mixes with your pussy's flavor, I could just die. Now that's something I truly love. Hell, love's not even a strong enough word, but it'll have to do, cause I can't think of anything else right now. That's not entirely true, but I don't know if I feel up to the running list I would have to come up with to do it justice. Anywho, when I saw you running toward the house this morning, I have to admit, I saw an opportunity to enjoy two of my favorite things, your sweat and your sex.

I was driving home from a thankfully long and uneventful shift when I saw you. Your hair was braided, bouncing along behind you with each stride and thanks to the lovely cloudless sky overhead, even this early in the morning, you were covered in sweat. I smiled, stepped on the gas and made a dash for the house. I didn't think that you saw me, not that it would have really mattered other than then you would have known that I was going to be at home waiting on you, but like I said, I didn't think that you did.

Best I could figure, I had about five minutes before you walked in the door. You were near the end of your run and then you'd walk for a couple of minutes before heading in and making a bee line for the shower. That's why I had to be here first, I didn't want you anywhere near that shower, not for a while anyway.

When you walked in I was just coming out of the kitchen. I met you just before the hall. "How are ya sweetie?" I asked. You took the Gator Aid that I'd poured for you and made short work of it. "Good fire fighter, thanks. How was your night?" I told you all about the how we hadn't done a blasted thing and how I'd slept like a baby. Then, before you could say another word, or make a single step toward that shower, I pulled you to me and kissed you. You didn't protest, at first. Then, as the kiss continued and my hands took to caressing your arms and side you pulled back. "Fire fighter, I'm nasty. I've got to get washed up." I held on to you, smiled an impish smile and reminded you, "Baby, you know how I feel about you and sweat. Besides, as good as I feel this morning, I just don't think that I could let you go now if I had too."

I pulled you to me again, kissed you deeply and slid my hands over your bicycle shorts and grabbed a double handful of ass. Your lips left mine and a wonderful little grin had over taken your lips. "Fine, you want me... you got me." With that you stepped back, told me to strip and pulled your shirt over your head. I have to admit this caught me half a step out of sync. I expected to have to work a little harder than this, but I got back up to speed in just a second as I watched you bra go flying. My uniform tee was gone in nothing flat and my shoes followed. I honestly don't remember taking my pants off, even though I know I did, because I was too taken with the vision of you walking away from me with those bicycle shorts twirling around your right ankle as you went. Your ass was a hypnotic orb leading me where ever you wanted me to go. Strange, but what had been my idea, now suddenly seemed yours. Oh well, as long as it was somebody's.

I walked down the hall removing my socks as I went. I turned into the bedroom and you were no where to be seen. I suddenly had the feeling that I'd been had and strode toward the bathroom. I'm still not exactly sure where you came from, but I was shoved and landed on the bed. I rolled over and managed to find you looking at me from the foot of the bed. "This is what you wanted, right big boy?" Just to keep this fire going, I replied, "Yes Ma'am." Your head dropped slightly and you cut your eyes back up at me. I smiled and caught you as you leapt toward me.

You'd been in long enough that the liquid that had covered your body had begun to dry. You were now this wonderful, sticky, salty morsel for me to enjoy. As we fell back toward the bed I managed to get my mouth to your shoulder, God, I love the way you taste. I was like a junkie who had just stumbled onto a two kilo bag of smack. My mouth couldn't pull hard enough, my tongue couldn't move fast enough and my lips couldn't decide which way to go.

There was an intensity to this, more than just me, I suddenly realized why you hadn't fought me over this, you wanted this as bad as I did. Your mouth was on my neck, my chest, my arms, you were everywhere at once and I loved it. I moved around to your neck and then followed the heavier residue down, over your chest and between your breasts. Your lifted up and over me. Your breasts now hanging in my face, my tongue licking around and over them. You stayed over me for a few minutes, watching me. You took one hand and lifted my head, held it against you, helping me satisfy my craving. I was lost in your flavors, perfectly happy to continue to feed. Then you pushed me down, pinned my arms with yours and stared into my eyes. "Let's see if we can put that tongue to good use somewhere else." With that you began to crawl.

You placed your knees on either side of my head, reached down, held your pussy open to me and lowered it to my mouth. I was in heaven now. I lapped at you greedily. I had a hunger that I thought was being feed only to find that what I really wanted, no, needed, had been withheld and was just now being offered. I was ravenous and you had brought me a feast. My tongue swirled in the sweet briny mix, taking as much of you in as I could. You released my arms as you climbed up me so now I took them and replaced your hands with mine. As I held you open I bathed the inside of your lips with my tongue, retrieving their own special taste before diving back into the abyss. I buried my face in your soaking pussy.

I felt you catch on the stubble of my cheeks and I felt your clit as my nose slid over it. My tongue was inside you, licking, digging, flicking, probing and tasting every inch of you that I could reach. My hands were on your ass, pulling you to me and trying to shove myself inside you. I felt your finger brush at my nose and I looked to see what it was you wanted. What you wanted was for me to get out of the way, so, I lifted you a little higher by your ass and allowed you access to your clit. You rubbed it hard and fast right from the get go, this was not fore play, this was lust, pure and simple. Your reaction to this clitoral abuse was instantaneous. I was awash in a flow of your juices which I drank in, trying to never miss a lick as I did.

I looked up to watch as you disappeared into your own enjoyment. Your finger was a blur across your clit, my tongue was lost inside you and your head was back with your eyes closed. Suddenly you squealed, your hands flew to your tits and the flow that I had been enjoying became a deluge. You sank down onto me and ground your pussy into my face. I withdrew my tongue and started sucking on you for all I was worth. Your squeal turned into a scream and you fell forward onto your out stretched arms. Your hips jerked against me as each wave passed through you and I did what I could to hold you in place and keep you going with my mouth. I heard your voice change again; a long, slow call of "Oooohhhh" filled the room as I kept on licking. Your eyes shot to mine and a lost and bewildered smile overtook your face. Your hips returned to a regular rhythm and the 'oh' turned to a repeating chorus of, "Yes...yes...yes...yes."

I decided to waist no time since it seemed that you were headed for back to back orgasms. Wanting to help all I could, I took your clit in my mouth and sucked it in and out between my lips which I had pulled tight over my teeth to add pressure for you. It worked like a charm. Both of your hands dove into my hair and held tight. You pulled me up toward you and continued to fuck my face. My hands which had free roam of your ass, legs and back, now concentrated on your ass. As I pulled your button in and out of my mouth as fast as I was able, I slipped a finger between your cheeks and flicked it playfully across your asshole. This light touch added something to the mix and the hitches and the jerks returned in force. The sounds from your mouth became incomprehensible, your breathing so fast that I worried that you might black out but you continued as the waves crashed inside you again. Then you stopped, your thighs locked against my head and I could feel your pussy pulsing as it lay on my chin. I attempted to continue my barrage of oral attentions, moving between licks and sucks on your pussy, then flicks and pulls on your clit, but you had other plans.

You slid down till you were sitting on my chest, bent down, took my head in your arms and held me to you as you caught you breath. After a moment, you moved down more and released my head to give yourself access to my mouth. The kiss that ensued was soft yet forceful, tender yet aggressive and, it seemed, an attempt to consume me. As this all encompassing kiss continued, I felt my cock in your hand; being guided to, and then slipped inside, your depths. You allowed yourself to drop over my full length and then settled there. I felt you throbbing around me as you started to move. You had positioned your feet so that, when you were ready, you could lift off and drop on my dick at will. The will came quickly, as I feared I would under all of this decadent attention. You placed your hands on my chest and dug in for balance as you raised and lowered yourself on me. There was nothing slow and sweet about this, you were out to fuck me down.

I found one benefit from the first part of our encounter...I was hard as a rock. I felt you around me, but it was not the normal sort of feeling. I was not as aware of each and every sensation. I felt somewhat disconnected. This was a wondrous discovery. I decided to test the limits of this new found gift and moved my hands to your thighs to assist as I thrust up to meet each of your descents. My hope here was furthering your pleasure and there by aiding my own. It seemed the more I concentrated on you, the more detached from my groin I became. I was slamming us together with each opportunity. More sweat was flowing down your body now and falling onto me. Of course, thanks to all of this 'exercise' I was doing, I was covered in a sheen of my own making.

As I fucked you toward your next climax I felt like a man possessed. I ground into you, I tried to drive through you and I changed angles when ever I could. I never left being inside you and I don't think that you would have let me if I'd wanted to. You were driving down onto me as you attempted to impale yourself on me. Your pussy was sloppy with your cum and the noises that were coming from our union were electrifying. We oozed and squished as we slapped together over and over again. As I felt your time approaching I noticed a change of my own. My sensitivity to your presence had returned. I felt you as you tightened around me, trying to hold and squeeze me all at once. As your pace became erratic I felt my own stirrings begin. I allowed my own pace to quicken. I wanted this to be perfect, us, together, in the most intimate way possible. I cringed as your nails dug into my chest and yet this pain seemed the perfect compliment to the incredible pleasure I was enjoying. I felt your pussy grabbing for my cock. I watched as you face contorted and I felt the rush of cum flowing down and over my balls. That was all I could stand. I pulled you down onto me and started grinding you back and forth over me with my dick buried deep inside you. I felt you tense each time your clit was drug across my now matted hair and over the rigidness of my pubic bone. It was too much, I launched shot after shot of my own cum into our now potent cocktail. I continued to move as best I could until the feeling was more than I could stand. Then I managed one last plunge into you and I held you there as I throbbed out the last of my own orgasm. You collapsed onto me and our mouths commenced kissing, tasting and caressing the other's body.

I felt you begin to move before I realized what was going on I guess. You never lifted off of my dick, rather, you simply began to move down my body again, kissing and nipping as you went. "What are you doing?" I asked. Your reply was concise and completely overwhelming. "Well, they say you can't ever have just one, ya know?" No, I didn't, but I soon found out.

You slid your belly, ribs and then your tits over my now semi flaccid member. You kept right on sliding leaving a trail of wet kisses as you went. Then your mouth was at the base of my dick as your traverse of my body came to an end. You laid your cheek against my almost spent cock, made sure that I was watching and then turned you lips to it. I felt your tongue between your lips as they moved together out to the head of my dick. They slipped over to the tip and then you inhaled me.

What followed was nothing short of remarkable. One of your hands came to the base of my dick as your mouth moved skillfully pulling it in and out. While your other hand began to play with my balls. Occasionally a finger from my balls would stray to my asshole and a ticklish jolt of pleasure would shoot through my groin. All of you attentions had but one goal in mind. I too was going to have back to back orgasms. I felt your tongue move around the head of my dick inside your mouth. As I began to regain some of my previous rigidity your hand moved just ahead of your lips, ensuring that not a millimeter of me was overlooked. My balls became your play things. You pulled at them, rolled them and even squeezed them from time to time. All of this served to let me know that whether I was ready or not, you were pulling another load from me. Then felt it begin, the itchy sort of pull from the head of my dick, down the length of my shaft and into my balls. I felt myself swell again and I guess you did too. Your attentions became more rapid and forceful. Your head was bobbing up and down on my cock and I thought that I was going to die. As I felt it begin I attempted to thrust myself down your throat, but you pinned me down, took in all of me that you could and began to swallow. I felt as if the head of my dick was going to be ripped from its station. I also felt the throbbing as I began to unload. You didn't stop until my reserves were gone and I tried to pull away from you because the wonderful sensations were turning to painful tickling sort of stings. However you didn't fully release me, no, you held me in your mouth. Occasionally caressing me with your tongue as I withered away.

You crawled back up to me, laid your head on my chest, your hand on my stomach and you leg over mine. I ran my hand slowly up your spine brought my fingers around to my mouth and tasted you one more time. God I love sweat.

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