I was chatting with my girl (she is near my age, 50s) and it nearing the time she had to go and take her shower, I not wanting her to go just yet, pictured in my mind beads of sweat on her body, and so I started writing my thoughts of them to her here's what became of that.

The name came from her first remark.


I'm picturing beads of sweat running down over you

I do not like to sweat! hahaha

I follow each as its makes it's way down

Slowly it trickles downward

Crossing your pores, and leading my eye

One forms on the tip of your nipple

Bead after bead joins it

Till it falls,

My eye following to where it lands

just above your well maintained bush

to mix with many other beads that beg to be touched

and felt

the lips just below them




I lightly touch them

they close around my finger trapping them

I push deeper

Seeking that spot hidden yet waiting

You explode when I reach it

Your longing plain to see

You gasp for more

and are not disappointed when I give it to you

Your body becomes my playground

And like a child I explore every part of it

Playing here and here, and moving on to the next

I let my lips join my fingers at play

They thirst

and drink

and draw every bead to them

I think my tongue has much for it to drink

As it tastes ever more

Probing deeper

I marvel that your tongue can spark such flames ...

Trying to follow my fingers path

It tries and tries

your slave body pushes against your tongue ...

but alas it is too short and it looks elsewhere

It finds something

A bud

Coming forth from its hood

your touch send a powerful shudder over me

Seeking attention

It gets it

My tongue fly's to it

Kissing it loving it

Welcoming it to come out and play

They play together

purring loudly ... as I squirm and dance for you

Long lost friends

United as lovers

They renew their love

And playfully tease each other

Playing hid and seek


But you always find the same place to hide

makes it all too easy for you to find me

And I always find you and we giggle at the fun

It a sham game of hiding but we love playing any way

yes ... we do

So much so that in the end you shower me with your joy

Other parts of me want to play at this game

I want to hide myself

and so I go about doing so

then come ... there is room

But I sense you looking

and I try to go deeper

Hiding from you

I close my eyes, Master

Yet you seem to know where I am

As you call for me to come out from hiding

but I try to open wider ... deeper for you to explore more

But I just keep seeking a deeper place

Moving about this small tight hot room

Wet with the heat of our play

The beads of sweat make us slippery against each other

And we move faster and faster

I taste other parts of you

I hear you cry out

And it is the sound of pure joy

There are other sounds in the room

It is not the sound children make at play

nor is it the smell


Poor children having to wait so long to learn to play such games

But let them wait for it is our turn in our playground

and play we shall

Till we are exhausted

Sharing the joys loves shares with no other

We lay side by side

We look into each others eyes

We see the things only we can give each other

We move closer

Not wanting to part

Even in rest

Arms about each other

We know we will play often together now we have found each other


This was just a chat, I have simply made a few spelling corrections for clarity, other than that what you see is what was said.

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