tagFetishSweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym


John walked quietly into the main room of the college gym; taking a look at the clock and letting out a quiet sigh. It was seven already. He knew that he only had two hours to get his workout done before he would have to go back to his dorm room to prepare for his morning class.

"Hey Jenny," said john in gentle voice "just thought I'd drop by for a quick workout before bed."

Jenny giggled from behind the counter, handing him a small sweat towel as was the norm for the campus gym. Jenny is a full time student at the University and works evenings to help pay tuition so she can live on campus. John smiled and took and the small towel from Jenny's hand while he looked her over. She stood about five feet and eight inches tall with a slender build and beautiful long blonde hair.

John had always thought Jenny was very cute, but had given up on seducing her nearly a year ago after realizing how prude she really was after looking past those tight shorts and skimpy tops. Admittedly, Jenny was one of the few things that kept John coming to the gym every day after his pm classes. John walked past the counter and opened the gym doors behind him, taking a moment to look back through the windows at Jenny.

Tonight she was wearing a pair of very thin pink shorts which couldn't have extended more than sex inches down her leg. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail tied with a baby blue hair tie which matched her tank top in color. Jenny's C-cup breasts pressed firmly against her tank top and bounced slightly with every step she made. John paid particular attention to Jenny's long legs, leading into petite size 6 feet wrapped tightly in a pair of pink ankle socks and tied carefully into her favorite pair of pink Nike Shox sneakers.

John loved looking at Jenny during his work outs. He couldn't help but get aroused by her sweaty body; letting his eyes wander down her legs until they fixated on her shoes. He couldn't help but imagine how sweaty her shoes must be since she runs in the same pair every day. John felt his penis growing erect, tenting his shorts as he turned away from the doors and approached his usually treadmill.

John hated running, but loved seeing countless girls running in their gym shoes. It excited him and drove him crazy. John's girlfriend in high school used to tease him with her sweaty socks and shoes and he had loved the smell ever since. Sometimes, he would sneak a smell of a girl's sneakers during his workout since the stretching mats were socks-only and girls nearly always felt the need to touch their toes before leaving.

"Hey John," said Jenny's voice from behind. John jumped slightly in surprise.

"Do you mind if I join you for a bit?" she asked.

"Of course not, you know that" said John with a smile as he turned his head to steal a look at her.

Jenny must have slipped through the main doors while he was thinking about her long sexy toes. This was, after all the only reason why he insisted on going to the gym so late at night. Jenny's head turned towards his, and in a panic, he looked away taking notice of how empty the facility was.

"Wow it's a slow night" said John in a matter-of-fact tone

"Yeah, but it wasn't like this all day... trust me" laughed Jenny. "I've been on my feet all day long and they're so sore."

John could feel his penis twinge to life beneath his pants as he quickly lowered the pace of his machine so he could hide his growing bulge. John turned his head back and watched Jenny running beside him for several more minutes before she stepped off her treadmill, turning to smile at him.

"I think I'm done for the night John. I'm going to go lie down in the back for a little if you don't mind. If I fall asleep, make sure you wake me before you leave please."

"Of course Jenny" replied John with a wink.

Jenny made her way to the padded mats, carefully untying her shoes and removing them along with her pink ankle socks and laying them at the mat's edge. She made her way barefoot towards the center of the mat where she began stretching her legs. John always loved seeing her take stretch because she was one of few girls that cared enough to go barefoot. John's penis was swelling to full size as he stared at her sweaty socks inside her erotic size 6 sneakers, but he didn't have the energy nor the motivation to restrain himself. Not long after, John lost interest and focused himself on finishing his run.

Jenny finished her stretching and got up, walking across the mat into the employee's room. John turned his attention to that side of the room as he heard the heavy door close behind her. Without his eye candy, John decided to finish up for the night as he dismounted his machine and walked over to the mat for a little stretching of his own.

John's heart leapt in his chest as he approached the mat, noticing that Jenny had left her shoes out with her sweaty socks still inside when she went to lay down. John's penis was rock hard with anticipation now, as he sat on the ground in front of Jenny's sneakers. John extended his arm, taking the ankle socks out of Jenny's Shox and smiling as he noticed how discolored the soles were from being worn. He lifted the socks to his face, inhaling deeply and smelling the wonderful aroma of Jenny's sweat and perfume permanently soaked into the think sock. John's cock was rock hard and throbbing from the smell of fresh sweat, begging for John to pleasure himself.

John grabs the left shoe sitting in front of him and unzips his pants allowing his penis to stand fully erect awaiting the feel of soft cloth of Jenny's shoe. John's penis twitched violently as his head presses against the damp sole of the sneaker, spraying a small stream of precum into the arch of the shoe. He began smelling the inside of Jenny's sweaty sneaker, noticing how much stronger the odor of sweat was compared to her sock, allowing his penis to twinge in excitement.

John began stroking his penis against the damp sole of Jenny's sweaty shoe, as he continued to inhale deeply; dripping precum from the tip of his penis with every stroke. Within minutes of stroking against the sweaty soles, John found himself inches from a powerful orgasm. As his head swelled and turned a deep shade of purple he forced his penis deeper into Jenny's sweaty sneakers; finding that his long penis could easily fill the small size 6s. John moaned gently as he enjoyed the feeling of his head pressing against the toe of the petite shoe he was violating.

John could feel warm cum beginning to fill his penis, rushing to his head as he tried to pull out of Jenny's shoe to cum inside the sweaty socks. Within seconds he was erupting with incredible force, exploding and sending thick long ropes of sticky cum deep inside Jenny's favorite gym shoes. John smiled in ecstasy as his penis continued to spasm hard. The sound of his thick ropes of cum slamming against the toe of Jenny's shoe seemed to echo throughout the room.

Four streams of cum spurted from John's head and began soaking into the sole of the sweaty, stinky gym shoe. Three more hard shots flowed deep into the shoe and began forming large pools of thick white fluid in the heel. John moaned submissively as his penis continued to squirm sending several more squirts of thick sticky cum into Jenny's shoe. John's penis began to soften from exhaustion and came to rest in a deep pool of cum seeping into the heel of Jenny's stinky gym shoe.

John was overcome with a twinge of panic and passion as he realized what he had just done. He took another moment to admire his cum as he noticed the dark spots on the mesh of Jenny's sneaker where his thick ropes had shot during his orgasm. John tipped the sneaker forward and back, admiring the amount of cum still sloshing around inside the absorbent shoe. He knew he had to dump the pooling cum into the trash.

John's heart leapt again as he heard the door unlatch and begin to open. He hastily set the sneaker down at the edge of the mat and sprawled out across the mat in an attempt to look busy as Jenny walked towards him.

"Well, it's nine John; time to head back to the dorm." Jenny said with a smile as she bit her lip gently.

"Oh is it that time already?" replied John a little too quickly

"Yep, let me walk you out" Jenny whispered in his ear as she walked by.

Jenny walked over to the edge of the mat, pausing before sitting down and slowly picking up her socks. John turned slightly pale as he realized Jenny had left her socks inside her shoes earlier, and breathed a sigh of relief as she picked them up and began pulling them over her long toes. John felt his penis twinge again as Jenny reached for her shoes.

Jenny lifted up the tongue of her shoes lovingly as she elegantly slid her first foot in. John held his breath............ nothing; it had been the dry shoe. Then Jenny pushed on her second sneaker followed by a sharp moan as her socked foot dipped into the sticky cum soaking into her gym shoe. Jenny forced her foot all the way into her shoe almost whimpering as the thick cum squeezes between her toes.

"W-whoa.... My shoes got really sweaty during that run" Jenny said in an embarrassed tone. "I can't believe I left them out here for you to see. I hope you get too close they really stink and I'd hate for you to be distracted during your stretching."

"Oh, um... I didn't even notice," said John a little too fast again.

Jenny blushed and kept her eyes down as they walked out. John's attention was fixed on her left shoe which now had thick white fluid being pressed through the mesh on both sides. When the two exited the gym Jenny turned to lock the door and gave John a quick hug before hurrying off towards her dorm. John's swollen penis gently pressed against Jenny's leg during the embrace leaving him with a smile on his face as he walked to his room fantasizing about Jenny's reaction to all the "sweat" she'd find when she took off her gym shoe.

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