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Swedish Sex Habits


The sex life in Sweden has reached bottom.

The sex frequency in Sweden has decreased with 24 percent according to a nationwide study of sexual habits. Especially in the age between 35 to 49 years. The main reason is fatigue, stress or the lack of a sex partner. But according to the sex products company Yachts there are effective means to breathe life into a dormant sex life.

United Minds are behind a study in which 3,000 Swedes participated. In 1996, an average Swede had sex 5 times a month. 1967 the average was 4.2 times a month. Today the figure is 3.8 and 60 percent say they want more sex.

The study revealed several reasons for low sex rate like unemployment, overcrowding, economic concerns, loss of desire, depression, lack of time and stress. Part of the explanation for the sex reduction is also the number of singles has increased with 9 percent since 1996.

Lis Jacobsson the spokeswoman for the company Yachts that helps people to get a varied and comfortable sex life says:

"It is a shame that many cease to have sex just because they do not know that there are simple solutions. We offer sex toys that brings more joy and happiness for all ages. Some products make your sex life more fun and perhaps less routinely. Others facilitate the sexuality of people with disabilities. Many products may also be used without a partner."

Age 18-25 years:

Most live alone but many women have a partner. The pill is the most common contraceptive followed by the condom. The women have their first sexual intercourse at 16 and the men around 17. 1/10 got a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia or genital warts. At the most recent intercourse 3/5 of the women and 4/5 of the men had orgasm/ejaculation. Only 1/3 of the men live out their sexual desires. Over 1/2 the women are satisfied with their sex lives. The couples had 8-10 intercourses during the past month. This group has 3-4 intercourses per month. 8/10 have oral sex. 1/4 of the women and 1/5 of the men have anal sex.

Age 25-34 years:

About 1/2 have children and the women have more sex than the men. Twice as many men as women look at porn. Men without partners masturbates six times a month. Men with partners masturbates three times a month. Women masturbates once a month whether they have a relationship or not. 1/5 of the women have bi sexual fantasies and this is uncommon among men. 1/4 had stimulation with a vibrator. 1/3 of the men and 1/4 of the women have anal sex. Most did not have anal sex recently.

Age 35-49 years:

The majority live with a partner and have children in school. The average age of first sexual intercourse was 16 for both sexes. The men's first orgasm was through masturbation at 13. Women masturbated for the first time at 16 and had their first orgasm at 18. 3/4 of the women have mood swings (PMS) before menses. Spiral is the most common contraceptive followed by the pill and condoms. The men had been in love before their first intercourse with their partners, while women thinks that the love vanished afterwards. Men and women in relationships have sex 4-5 times a month. 3/4 are fairly satisfied with their sex life.

Age 50-65 years:

The majority have older children and stable relationships. Women had their first period at 14. Today's young women have it at 13. 1/10 of the women still have menstruation. Almost 1/2 of the women dont masturbate. 4/10 of the men and 2/10 of the women had been unfaithful. Under 1/5 of the men had paid for sex. Everyone got orgasm/ejaculation in their last sexual intercourse. 2/10 of the women and 4/10 of the men had decreased desire for sex.

Age 66-74 years:

1/3 are satisfied with their sex life. Their first sexual intercourse was at 19 for women and 18 for men. 1/3 of the men and 1/4 of the women have oral sex. The couples have sexual intercourse 1-2 times per month. 1/4 of the men had erection problems at their last sexual intercourse. About 1/14 of the men gave their partner vibrator sex recently. 3/4 of the men think that sex is important but 1/6 of the men rarely feel sexual desire. Almost 1/2 of the womens think that sexuality is somewhat important but 1/2 of the women rarely feel sexual desire.

Facts from "How are others? Sexuality and relationships in the 1990s" by the National Public Health Institute in 2000.

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