tagFetishSweet Abomination Ch. 1

Sweet Abomination Ch. 1


How quickly a person's fortunes could change. Only ten minutes previously I was sitting in a prison cell, awaiting my execution, and now, here I am standing, trembling before the desk of the Supervisor himself.

The Abomination is what they call him behind his back, though no-one dare say it, or even think it, to his face. They say he can read minds, or at least sense one's hopes and fears and desires, no matter how hard you try to hide them. Can he sense what I am feeling? Part of me hopes so, because I want him, so badly that my legs shake. I am afraid, but it isn't fear that causes my tremor. The burden of hiding my secret is so heavy, that part of me longs for my execution, to be able to finally put it down.

"Your service record is appalling" said Scorpius, his voice cool and musical, "subversive behaviour, insubordination, criticising your superiors, clumsiness so extreme that you've been suspected of sabotage three times, then there's your laziness, persistent lack of punctuality, and habit of forming emotional attachments to your work-mates, in spite of being sent to remedial indoctrination twice.

'I'm due to be executed soon' I thought, 'why did he send for me, to give me a good talking to?'

Scorpius continued, "So many conduct demerits I haven't time to list them all. Why you haven't been executed before now I can't imagine. And I've taken a look at your school record also, you tried to escape four times before the age of ten."

' Almost made it the last time' , I thought to myself with a twinge of pride.

"Anyone reading this would think you didn't want to be a Peacekeeper." Scorpius said, leaning back in his chair. I stole a glance at his face, an expression of mild amusement was on his lean, cadaverous face. From this position I could see the fearsome cod-piece nestled between his long, lean, leather clad thighs, rumour had it that this awe-inspiring construction concealed some monstrous deformity inherited from the Scarren side of his genes. I found myself recalling other rumours, some of them very unpleasant indeed. I dropped my gaze respectfully back to the floor.

"Look at me" his cool voice commanded.

I raised my head and looked straight into his cool grey deep-set eyes, the sockets blushed with purplish red.

"Good" said Scorpius, "There's not many who can meet my eyes, perhaps the prospect of approaching death gives you courage."

I moistened my dry lips, if the rumours of his insatiable sexual appetites were true, maybe I'd at least get a shag before I died. I had never been fond of sex, lying on my back with me legs in the air whils some not-too-ugly Peacekeeper male shoved away at me, whilst I waited to feel something more than mild arousal had proved so frustrating that I hadn't bothered for several years now, yet this.. hybrid with the grotesque face was turning me on, strongly. Something about the stark lines and planes... or was it the shadows around his lovely eyes.. no.. it was his mouth, which parted now to show his serrated teeth, and the shocking pink of the moist flesh, within the thin yet luscious black lips. And, I must be honest, the ripe prospect of his swollen cod-piece.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked, suddenly emboldened.

"I think you have guessed part of the reason" said Scorpius, making me blush. "But only part of it. You see, I have just been given a once-in -a-lifetime opportunity." Suddenly his expression brightened "I've been given my own base."

He seemed to expect some response for me, but I didn't know what kind, so I just nodded politely.

"I have been given complete authority on the Gammak base, including my own choice of personal staff. " Scorpius paused to touch my service record on his desk. "I need personal staff who'se primary loyalty is to me... your record shows that you have great capacity for personal loyalty, and, when you are not being slyly subversive, you are a good worker. "

'Is he offering me a job?' I wondered

"That's right, I'm offering you ...a series of interesting positions. Ostensibly you will be my domestic assistant, your official duties are to prepare my meals, and keep my private quarters in order. In reality, your job will be to provide me with a convenient outlet for my.. excess energy."

'Oh gods!'

Scorpius stood up, black lightning made flesh, the leather of his body-suit creaking ominously as he came around the desk, and walked slowly towards me with predatory intent. He was behind me now, his breath brushed the nape of my neck.

"My work is important, and demanding, it requires that I keep a clear head and if I am to concentrate, I cannot allow my.. animal passions to distract me. "

His hand brushed my shoulder, lingeringly.

"The tales of my capacity are.. slightly exaggerated, but only slightly. Although you are strong, sturdy, and your spirit is stubborn, you may find that what I require of you will be too much for you." He sucked in his breath with a tiny hiss, and his hand slid down to my elbow, then round to cup my right breast, my nipple hardened against his strong gloved palm.

"Mmm," His hand clenched, making me moan and arch back against his body..

"Does the prospect please you?" Scorpius murmured, his voice had a rumbling, purring quality. "I warn you, I am a stern and demanding master, think carefully, if you are not willing to satisfy all of my sexual commands, you can always go back to your cell and await your execution. Do you consent to serve me?"

"Yes," I breathed.

"What was that?. You must answer me properly"

"Yes.. master"

"No need for that, we both know who has all the power here, you must call me Scorpius" he corrected me calmly.

Scorpius released his hold on my breast and stepped away from me. I turned to see what he was doing.. he was just standing, watching me with speculation in his slate grey eyes.

"Do you see that door over there?"

"Yes.. Scorpius"

"Go through it.. Take off your clothes, and wait for me. You'll find a cot if you wish to lie down, and a convenience, should you need it."

I went through, as he commanded, scarcely noticing my surroundings. After using the convenience, I stripped off the horrible green boiler suit that I have always hated, and my heavy boots, then my shapeless, once white underwear. One of the only things that made me wish I had made it out of tech grade and into the military arm was the decent clothing they were issued with. Having to spend a lot of time with other soldiers was the downside. I hated them so much I broke the arm of the last one that struck me... funny how with all of the rumours about Scorpius's cruelty and perversity, no-one had ever seen him strike a subordinate. Amongst a people that held it perfectly acceptable to strike inferior grades, (usually low-ranking techs), that was quite unusual behaviour.

I waited, and waited some more, then sat down on the metal framed bed, little more than a cot, really, with a standard issue grey blanket and pillow. It was bolted to the floor, with bars at the head and foot. It was surprisingly comfortable, much more so than the rough pallet that I had slept on to wait my death. Now I was waiting for something almost as fearsome. I told myself that my body may be still a prisoner, but my mind was free. Yet - Scorpius had such a power around him, in my mind everyone else seemed grey beside him. In my soul I knew that he alone had the power to truly conquer me, between my legs I already felt that he, unlike my previous lovers, could actually make me come.

The door opened and he appeared, making the rest of the room seem so unreal. I jumped to my feet.

With frightening rapidity, Scorpius came up to me, placed one hand between my breasts and pushed me firmly onto the bed. He grabbed my knees and pulled my legs roughly apart. I felt the cool leather of his glove against my thigh, and gasped in shock as Scorpius forced two of his fingers into my vagina. I squeezed my legs together, to try to stop him, it wasn't that I didn't want him to enter me, I just wasn't ready for it so soon.

He pulled his hand away and sighed.

"Are you going to resist me?"

"No, Scorpius."

"Then get on the bed, and open your legs, and keep them open." he said sternly.

I obeyed, and he got on the bed beside me, resting on his side.

Again his hand went between my legs, this time he penetrated me with three fingers, my internal muscles spasmed around him. Scorpius gave a little sigh of pleasure and rested his helmeted head against mine briefly. It was a strange, sweet little moment, and then he said "I intend to pleasure you repeatedly. There was a hint of delicious anticipation in his voice. He thrust his fingers in deeper, i gave a sharp little scream at the sudden intensity of it.

"You may cry out, in fact it will add to my pleasure if you do." His fingers slipped out of me, and presently, without any fumbling about, he found my clitoris with his first two fingers and proceeded to rub it gently. O gods, it was so much better than I had hoped. He paused and got to his knees, moved on the bed to kneel between my thighs, which gaped as I strove to open myself to him. Scorpius thrust three fingers of one hand deep inside me, and returned the fingers of his free hand to my clit, he rubbed slowly, allowing the pleasure to build gradually. The sides of his fingertips made a slight channel, which slid over the sides of my clit, as well as covering the tip, he was stimulating me much better than I had ever done to myself. The cool, almost scientific detachment of his expression was more erotic than any passion than I had seen before, and when he looked at my face and parted his lips slightly, I seemed to feel him looking into my mind, and enjoying the mixture of fear and desire that he found there.

Scorpius bent over me, and sucked one of my red, swollen nipples, the sensation made me cry out, inspiring greater response from my clitoris, and my vagina, where he continued to finger-fuck me. He grazed the tip with his serrated teeth, and as he moved to plunge down on my other nipple, I noticed for the first time his black gums. It aroused me still further, and I murmured his name as his clever, strong lips pulled over the unbearably sensitive tip. Scorpius's fingers speeded up, inside and out, and he sharply bit my nipple. I came, screaming his name, thrusting my hands against his shoulders, with passion, not resistance. Which he understood, giving me a twisted smile as he withdrew his mouth and looked into my eyes. There was a bead of blood oozing from my nipple, but I just didn't care.

As the incredible spasms between my legs began to fade, Scorpius resumed masturbating me, merciless and insistent, seemingly insatiable for my orgasm, forcing me to two more shattering climaxes, as his fierce hot mouth worried at my nipples, punctuating the relentless waves of pleasure with sharp jabs of equally enjoyable pain. Sucking up the blood that oozed from their tips with obvious enjoyment, though his breathing increased only slightly.

Eventually he let me rest, for fifty microts.

"Now it's my turn to come." Scorpius said, standing up with one swift movement. "Turn round, I want you on all fours."

I obeyed, my legs trembling with aftershock.

Scorpius reached under the bed, and produced a purple glass jar. Then got back on the bed and knelt behind me. I heard but could not see him unscrew the old-fashioned lid of the jar. I felt something cold and gelid being smeared over my anus. Panic struck through me, this was to be no straightforward lovemaking. "No!" I shrieked, and tried to kick out at him, but only succeeded in skittering a little up the bed before his hand grabbed at my pony-tail, and jerked, yanking my head painfully back. I screamed and tried to turn and strike him, but all my efforts earned me was the choking grasp of Scorpius's other hand around my throat.

"You will keep still or I will hurt you" Scorpius growled, his voice suddenly startlingly deep and harsh, terrifyingly different from his usual melodic tones. I froze, and his hand on my throat relaxed enough for me to get some air in to my aching lungs.

Scorpius too drew in a breath, seemed to be gathering himself together. He released my pony-tail, and, still grasping my throat in his other hand, he rearranged me into my former position, pushing my legs open.

"You have consented to relieve my sexual needs, accepted my offer of a better position than you could have achieved by your own efforts, and enjoyed my attentions on your pleasure centre. You will not deny me my fulfillment now." said Scorpius, his voice cool and melodic again. "If you promise not to resist me, I will release your throat, if not....you may return to your former position, which, if I recall correctly, was not as comfortable as this one. Nod your head if I have your promise."

Weakly, I nodded my head. Promptly Scorpius kept his part of the bargain, and I could breathe freely again.

Again his gloved fingers returned to my anus, and, quite gently, I felt his gloved fingers begin to work the gel inside me. As I said earlier, my experience of any kind of sex was limited, I now add, I had never been sodomised, so just the feel of his fingertip pushing its way into my virgin asshole was quite painful, yet there was a tingling there, almost pleasant.

"This ointment contains a mild local anaesthetic," said Scorpius, "I have no desire to cause you more pain than is necessary for the attainment of my pleasure. Fortunately my mixed ancestry renders me immune to it's effects, or it would considerably reduce the sensitivity of my own sexual organs."

I heard the unsnapping of his cod-piece, which capacious object was placed on the pillow in front of me. Oh gods! How big is he really?

He shuffled closer to me, his hands went round my thighs, adjusting my position to better suit his purpose. I felt the tip of something long and thick between my vaginal lips, and was flooded with relief as I realised that he didn't intend to sodomise me after all. Presently I felt something else - what was it? - pressed between the cheeks of my ass. As Scorpius's awesome penis probed at the entrance of my cunt I felt his hand against my buttock cleft, adjusting something, the warm nub of that something now pressed against my greased anus.

He pushed, tilting his hips, and his prick entered me deeper, and that warm something pushed it's way painfully past the rim of my sphincter. It was much too big to be his finger. As Scorpius continued to penetrate me, before and behind, deeper and deeper I finally realised. The rumours about the deformity that his awe-inspiring cod-piece concealed were true. Like his reptilian Scarren ancestors, Scorpius had two penises. And both of them were being driven deeper and deeper inside of me with a steady push from his powerful hips.

I was so grateful for the anaesthetic that he had given me, otherwise the pain would have been unbearable. As it was, I felt that I was being torn in two. Scorpius gave a soft grunt as the flesh of his lower stomach settled against me.

"Please, please be gentle" I begged him.

"This time" he said "I am being gentle, when I cease to be, you will know it"

"I've never done this before" I said.

"I know, and I find that fact most stimulating." purred Scorpius. He jerked his hips and I shrieked.

"Poor child, yet I shall have some pity upon you." Scorpius said, and his fingers came round, pushed their sweet way between my fur and found my clit. He stimulated me a little, and leant over my back, till I could feel his breath on my neck. This caused his penises (peni?) to pull out of me a little, but only briefly. he gave an experimental thrust and I shrieked again, not entirely with pain this time.

Scorpius crooned and stroked between my shoulder blades, and then began to frell me with deep, regular rhythm. I couldn't help but cry out again, and again as Scorpius took his pleasure inside me. How he was pleasuring me! I'd never felt such intensely before, those clever fingers, those terrible, delightful organs of pleasure and pain that he was thrusting into me! And those sharp, deadly teeth, now buried into my shoulder! I would carry the mark of them on my flesh for weeks to come, on my soul forever.

I came, and Scorpius thrust the fingers of his free hand into my mouth, partially stifling my frenzied cries. I heard him give a deep, rumbling groan, felt it in the muscles of his slightly convex belly. I came again as his breathing increased, he gasped, I was making him climax, and found pride in that too . His hips pounded, he was loosing the rhythm as he found greater strength, and he came, growling fiercely. warm streams jetted from his two stiff cocks, flowing inside me and spilling out of me.

Suddenly Scorpius flung both of his arms around my waist, pressed his crotch into me as hard as he could, prolonging his orgasm. His slick black leather fingers continued to finger me, and I could only gasp, and come again, knowing how the spasming of my vaginal walls made him feel. Suddenly I was grateful for that something extra inside my ass, because, in a very true sense, Scorpius had just taken my virginity away, I had given this wonderful, dreadful creature something that no-one had ever had before, and never would again, I vowed.

Paradoxically, I began to cry.

Scorpius's now limp peni slipped from me, facilitated by his copious, clear semen, and he laid himself down beside me on the bed. I collapsed and turned beside him, and he gazed with curiosity into my face as I continued to cry.

"Why the tears?" he asked, "You are not sorry that I took you" it was a statement of fact, not a challenge or a question.

"I'm sorry," I said, trying to control my sobs, "it's just .. too intense."

Scorpius gave a swift smile of understanding. "I understand, an involuntary discharge caused by an excess of pleasure. Something similar happens to me when I overdo it. I expel my cooling rod. It's a safety measure, designed as an emergency discharge of heat when I drastically overheat."

He talked about this unique peculiarity as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

"You will have to learn to change the cooling rod for me, Niem, my nurse will show you how. It's quite easy" said Scorpius. "Until then, I shall have to be careful not to let that happen, so I will only frell you.. twice more on your first night. There are a number of variations I would like to try, and a few refinements that I would like to teach you. The way that you resisted me was.. charming, but if I have to break you in every night, I will become a little bored."

Scorpius patted my belly, almost affectionately, "And now, I am becoming aroused again.. I will require you to make sheaths of your hands to begin with."

I looked down and saw his peni for the first time, my tears rendering me unable to see clearly before. They were beginning to rise again, blushing a pale lilac, his dark blood under the creamy blue-white flesh. The upper part of this fearsome set of weapons was smaller than the one below, by about two inches, moisture oozed slightly from the darkened slits that tipped the ripe fruit of his two glans. I wondered what it would taste like. Then, with a shudder of lasciviousness, I realised that if he frelled me face to face with his lower one, the upper would rub against my clit, giving me even greater pleasure than before. I found myself hungry for him again. As my hands closed about his now hardened sex organs, Scorpius asked "Do you know you have a very pretty mouth?" and smiled a twisted smile.

It was at that moment that I realised that Scorpius intended to kill me.

Fortunately, he had decided to frell me to death. It could take some time.

Oh my dear Master, oh, my sweet abomination!

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