tagFetishSweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 01

Sweet Arm(pit)s Ch. 01


The private Christmas Eve party in Kathy's house was well into the midnight. Kathy and Brenda, in their bras and panties, were enjoying a sweet embrace on the divan after a heavy bout of armpit kissing, getting ready for another game.

Kathy pushed Brenda backwards on the divan, angling for a deep mouth kiss. The sight of Brenda's ripe rounded tanned shoulders and stubbly armpits heated her up. Brenda fell back on the divan, drawing her head up to receive Kathy's kiss, with a wide-open mouth. Their open mouths were instantly glued tight together, tongues exploring the insides of their joined mouths. Kathy felt the juices of her own mouth thoroughly getting mixed with Brenda's, as in a mixer with two blades, giving rise to arousal of lust and heat.

Kathy continued to squeeze Brenda in a lusty embrace, still tongue-kissing deeply, until Brenda stretched up her arms. Poised over Brenda, Kathy broke the kiss to breath, their mouths linked by a big load of saliva.

She glanced down to Brenda's exposed armpits. The wet skin, shining and slick, coffee-brown but with its overgrown stubble were all very arousing.

Almost impulsively, Kathy lowered her long nose to Brenda's left armpit, and sniffed hard. The overnight smell of the stubbly armpit was overwhelming. She shifted her nose to the right armpit and sniffed hard.

"Oh my," Kathy breathed in, "You have such a fabulous smell in your armpits! It's so exciting! Your scent is so sexy."

"What about yours?" asked Brenda.

Kathy exclaimed, "I've been sweating very much, I stink a lot in the armpits! See this."

Kathy lifted her arm up to expose the saturated wet thatch of dark hair under her arm, the extra large semi-circular sweat mark in the armhole of her sleeveless blouse.

Brenda grinned and said, "You're just superb! Those armpits of yours are so exciting."

Their embrace tightened. They were squeezing each other's plump bodies and enjoying the skin touch.

Brenda tenderly lowered her head to kiss the smooth skin of Kathy's upper arm. Kathy gave a sigh, and squirmed a little. Brenda responded with a little lick, and then kissed a little lower, a tortuously slow progression towards Kathy's ripe and wet hairy armpit.

Brenda could smell the aroma of Kathy's body more strongly then ever from the musky scent of her bared armpits.

Another lick, another kiss, Brenda's mouth hovering above the taut muscle directly above Kathy's underarm. Kathy tipped her head back, stretched her arms harder above her head, her nipples poking like stones against the fabric of her sweat-soaked blouse.

Finally, a little lower, so that Brenda's nose hovered above the hairy thatch of Kathy's left underarm. Brenda inhaled deeply the aroma of Kathy's sweat and nervousness, feeling the heat and moisture of Kathy's armpit and enjoying it fully.

She shifted her face slightly, so that the hairs brushed her lips and cheek. Kathy gave a groan of anticipation, feeling Brenda's hot breath on the wet skin of her armpit.

"You smell so good," Brenda said.

Kathy turned her head, so that her own nose and mouth were almost touching her armpit, the wet hairs tickling her lips. She sniffed deeply her own armpit, and then gave another moan; the smell of her own body was so arousing. She could feel herself getting wet between her thighs, her panties damp. She planted her lips firmly in Brenda's left armpit.

"Brenda, you're turning me on again," she admitted breathlessly.

"Keep quiet," Brenda said impulsively. Gently, she ran her fingers down the underside of Kathy's upstretched arm, and into the wet nest of armpit hair. She pinched a clump of hair between her fingers and thumb, tugging gently so that the tight skin of Kathy's armpit was lifted. When she released the hair, her fingertips were already wet, a salty droplet quivering at the end of one finger.

With sensual slowness, Brenda slid her fingers into her mouth, and tasted it.

The taste of Kathy's armpit sweat was salty, musky, acid. She wanted more; her eyes grew dark with arousal and lust, and she squirmed her belly and small breasts against Kathy as she dipped her face again to the wet, hairy inviting sweaty armpit of Kathy.

This time, Brenda licked, slowly, deliberately. Her tongue dragged through the resistance of hair, the heat of sweaty skin, gathering the saltiness of perspiration. Her cheek felt the damp fabric of Kathy's sleeveless blouse.

Kathy arched her back. "Oh, my, that feels so good," she purred.

Brenda licked again, long, slow licks like a lazy cat, tasting every aromatic inch of Kathy's bared armpit. Kathy shifted and moaned, her arms turning and stretching above her head. Lightly, Brenda caught a twist of hair between her white teeth and tugged.

"Ohhh, it hurts," Kathy said in pain.

Brenda could see now the globules of sweat beading across Kathy's throat, down the line of her breastbone in the open V of her blouse, and tiny droplets on her lightly tanned arms. She licked Kathy's armpit again, then again, now faster and faster, making sure the flat of her tongue pushed roughly against the sensitive skin, mixing saliva and sweat and matting the hair.

As Brenda licked, the fingers of her left hand slid into Kathy's right armpit, combing through the wet armpit hairs, feeling the heat of the sweaty skin, gathering the perspiration, stroking, caressing, tickling and teasing. Kathy's breathing grew faster, her belly and breasts shifting as the sweat began to cover her body in sheets of wetness, soaking her blouse, her panties and the crotch of her bootleg trousers, varnishing her throat and face.

Brenda was supple like a gymnast, with a soft but firm body, and her shining shoulders and arms were defined by feminine muscles. Her black curtain of hair fell forward of one shoulder, black strands clinging to her bare skin as she licked at Kathy's armpit with her sensuous and long tongue.

Finally she rose up, and put her mouth to Kathy's, thrusting her tongue into Kathy's mouth. Kathy hungrily responded to the kiss, drawing Brenda's tongue almost into her throat, and sucking hungrily on her lips.

She could taste the salt and muskiness of her own armpit sweat in Brenda's mouth. It was incredibly arousing, the taste of armpit. She felt her back arching. She threw her arms tightly around Brenda's soft body.

Brenda drew back from the kiss; her lips were red and swollen from the passion of their mouths, a small link of saliva bridged the gap between them. She gave a small smile, then dipped her head to Kathy's right armpit. Kathy stretched her arms above her head welcoming the tickles and caresses of Brenda's tongue in her armpits.

It was a French armpit kiss. Brenda's mouth worked through the sweat-soaked comb of hair that defined the gully of Kathy's underarm, while her tongue pushed through the hair, tasting the salty-musky skin beneath. Kathy gasped and wailed, her back arching, until it felt as if her breasts would burst the buttons of her blouse, as if her stone-hard nipples would punch through the sweat-damp cotton.

Brenda licked, sucked, nibbled and kissed Kathy's armpit, while her fingers twisted and caressed and stroked in the other armpit. With her tongue, she chased the streaks of sweat that ran down to the open armhole of Kathy's sleeveless blouse, tasting the salt residue, smelling the subtle odour of the garment.

Then she licked again, exploring every furrow and contour of Kathy's armpit, following the slight ridges just beneath the sensitive skin surface; licking up the gully of her slim arm, until all was wet with a mixture of sweat and saliva. Frequently Brenda changed over to Kathy's left armpit, which was equally wet and inviting.

The feeling of Brenda's tongue pushing and probing, exploring wetly intruding into the damp intimacy of her armpits, was sending unbearable waves of sensation up her body.

Brenda gave a smile, then put her tongue flat into the valley at the base of Kathy's armpit; slowly, deliberately, she licked upwards, brushing sweat, saliva, feeling the resistance of skin and armpit-hair.

The heat and contact of Brenda's tongue was more than Kathy could bear, and she gave a cry as the sensation overwhelmed her. Suddenly, her hips were jerking up, as a huge orgasm swept through her body. Kathy's mouth opened wide, her eyes tightly shut, and she gave a loud groan of ecstasy.

When she recovered enough to catch her breath, Kathy lay on her back, arms stretched above her head, her wet hairy armpits bared open to the view. Brenda lay beside her, head propped on one hand.

"That was incredible," Kathy admitted.

Brenda leaned in to put her mouth against Kathy's again. They locked each other in a tight embrace and kissed, angling and rolling their heads to get the deepest penetration of tongues, exploring and searching.

Kathy could still taste her own armpits on Brenda's tongue, and it was the sexiest taste she'd ever experienced. She wanted to suck every drop of it from Brenda's mouth.

When the kiss ended, their mouths were just a little apart, and they shared their breath in a newly aroused intimacy.

"Sniff and lick my armpits ," Brenda pleaded. "Please."

Kathy nodded.

Brenda scrambled up to her knees and released the shoulder straps of her dress, letting its upper half drop to her waist. The top was tight fitting, and ringed with dark sweat circles under each arm. Her slim body was almost serpentine, her breasts small and tight beneath her figure-hugging top. Her coffee coloured skin, her shining bare arms and shoulders, were irresistibly sexy, even to Kathy. There was the flat, firm belly between the tank top and her loosened trousers.

Flicking her hair over her right shoulder, and still kneeling upright, Brenda raised both arms over her head. In the soft light of the room, the shine of sweat in her armpits was arousing. The stubble was a dark shadow across the soft contoured skin. Brenda turned her own head to look at her own armpit.

"Aren't they cute? You should see the way men look when I lift up my arms and show them my underarms!" she said.

Kathy was looking at Brenda - and Brenda's armpits - with a new sensation. She had never seen a woman's armpits with such an intense desire, but with Brenda it was unmistakable.

"They're nice and beautiful," Kathy admitted. "Let me taste them."

Brenda smiled and lowered herself over her lover. As Brenda brought her armpit close, Kathy's eyes drank the details of her armpit surface. The soft skin, creased, dotted with the dark hyphens of stubble, glossed with the drops of perspiration.

Kathy lifted her nose to Brenda's underarm and sniffed slowly, fully expecting the sharp, sour rush of odour. She was not disappointed. She sniffed again, her nose almost touching Brenda's armpit.

"I know, it's smelly," Brenda confessed with a sigh, "I sweat too much, never touch deodorant.

Kathy inhaled again. The scent, although subtle, was incredibly hot. She extended her tongue and lightly licked the wet hollow of Brenda's creamy armpit. The combination of hot, wet flesh and the slight resistance of soft, feminine stubble were an intoxicating texture. Brenda moaned, and Kathy licked again, first slowly and then faster and faster. They fell on the divan.

"Oh!! don't stop that," Brenda breathed huskily, lowering herself over Kathy like a cat, her head dipping to kiss Kathy's bare and shining shoulder. Kathy cupped her free hand over the back of Brenda's shoulder and began kissing Brenda's armpit with growing passionate fervour. The saltiness and sourness of Brenda's underarm sweat was the essence of her womanhood, the taste of sex, and Kathy found herself drinking it thirstily.

Each pass of her tongue discovered a delicious abrasion, the fine dark stubble of Brenda's armpit which was soft, completely unlike any Kathy had felt before. And to Brenda, the ticklish wet heat of Kathy's tongue moving gently in her armpit sent thrills of arousal down every nerve of her body, until she was tingling between her legs.

"Go on," she whimpered. Kathy's left hand slid up the damp, sweat-marked side of Brenda's halter-top, then to its soaked area just below her armpits, the top was saturated with sweat. But she let her fingers creep higher, until she came to the edge of the top, and felt Brenda's hot, bare skin. With her growing expectation, Kathy pushed her fingers into Brenda's right armpit. In an automatic response, Brenda raised her right arm, opening up the humid recess of her armpit, letting Kathy's fingertips slide inside.

Kathy caressed the smooth hollow. With lips and tongue, she kissed and licked the bristles of Brenda's right armpit stubble with hunger and lust, her fingers teasing and stroking Brenda's left armpit.

( ...Continued to Ch.2 )

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