tagFirst TimeSweet Boy Ch. 02

Sweet Boy Ch. 02


On the drive back to Louisa's, Steve almost felt drunk. He kept the truck under careful control, of course, but his head spun with how much his life had changed in one short hour.

An hour ago he was just another lonely boy in town, dissed and dismissed. Now he was an experienced lover, with a hot date for tomorrow night.

A date? Heck, he didn't even know the word for Jenna. His girlfriend? She was old enough to be friends with his mother. A teacher? She was sure that. His mistress? Only if she was willing to bed him for flowers and pizza. His lover...his secret lover? Yeah, that fit.

He thought about Jenna's little nipples and still-perky breasts and felt his wrung-out dick start to rise. He laughed and lowered his voice into a Jimi Hendrix growl. "Are you...experienced?" His happy laugh drifted out the truck window and through the country night.

Back at Louisa's, the party was still in full swing. The three women were trying to harmonize to some song he was too young to know, and except for some slurring and being too loud, they were doing pretty well. Still being the designated driver, he snagged a Coke from the fridge, lay back in a chair and let the voices wash over him. He felt good.

"Hey baby boy! How you doin'?" His mother leaned over him and kissed him on his forehead. "Jenna make it home okay?"

Steve gave a thumbs up. "All home and safe, Mom. She's a nice woman."

"That she is, Stevie. I luv'er." The other women laughed and came together for another group hug.

"So you about ready to head home, Mom?"

"Can't...I'm shtill deshignated driver." She stood up proudly, swaying a little. "'Cept I can't drive. So you gotta drive Besshie home."

He remembered Bessie lived over toward Broward, the opposite direction of their home, but hey, it was Friday night. "Okay, no problem. You'll be all right until I get back?"

"I bee great!"

"She'll be fine," said Louisa, grinning over his mom's shoulder. "Just get this lush home safe."

There followed another ten minutes of hugs and kisses before he and Bessie were on their way. Ever the gentleman, he helped Bessie into the cab of Mom's old Chevy truck. "Unless you want to go on the back of the bike?" he teased.

"In this skirt?" she laughed. "You'd really get you a show then! No thanks, this will be fine."

Bessie proved to be the opposite of Jenna on the ride home. Where Jenna sat relaxed and laid back, Bessie bounced and twisted like a little kid, waving her butt at Steve while hooting out the window.

"Hey! Put on some music! Gimme something to sing to! Hey! Where's the radio?!"

"There isn't one. Somebody ripped the one out of the dash and Mom decided not to put a new one in. She says that way they won't smash a window to get at it."

Bessie looked shocked. "Well dang her chintzy soul! Up and make her kids ride without tunes because she's worried about losing her player? Hell, go make friends with your local thief and buy an even better one off of him cheap!" She spun around and put her bare feet on the dashboard, her skirt riding high. Bessie pointed commandingly at her imaginary thief. "Go find me a Blaupunkt baby, and all is forgiven."

She started moving her feet in a dance step back and forth across the dashboard. "You're a teen. You NEED your music."

"You got that right! Bessie, why don't you put on a seatbelt? Uh...what are you doing?" She was pressing her bare feet, wide apart, against the windshield.

She cackled. "Leaving footprints! When Kath sees it tomorrow she's gonna go batshit! She'll be like, "What were you two DOING in there?""

"You're crazy."

"I'm drunk. That lets me act crazy."

He snuck another glance at her as they passed under a light and she glanced back. "Ha! Caught ya looking! You like these legs? Not bad for an old girl, hey?"

"They're great legs." They were. She had big thighs and shins, but they weren't fat or flabby. She looked like she could dance. He found himself wondering what it would feel like to be between those legs.

It was like Bessie could read his mind. "Yeah, they're short but long enough to wrap around yer...uh, just say they're long enough."

"You're going to distract me if you keep that up." He was starting to flirt with her and she knew it.

"Keep it together, boy. You gotta get Miss Bessie home in one piece. I'd neeeeever mean to distract you." She pulled her legs all the way up to her chin, her panties showing plainly. Bessie drew one fingertip teasingly along the curve of her pantied mound. "Oooh. Oh my. I'd never want to do anything to...distract you!"

He had to jerk the truck back into the lane and Bessie laughed and lowered her legs. "Sorry babe, here I am not wearing a seat belt and I'm trying to mess you up. I'll be good." She leaned toward him on the bench seat and put one hand on his thigh.

"That's not exactly helping, m'am."

"I know. If I ever say, "I'll be good," then watch out! I'm just a little hellraiser. Now you take..."

Her voice cut off and she smelled Steve's shoulder. "Hey, I know that smell..." she said suspiciously. "That's Classique. That's Jenna's perfume!" She sniffed again. "Have you been kissing on Miss Jenna?"


"Why that sneaky so-and-so, beatin' me to the punch." She laughed admiringly, then sniffed down his body. "Hey, that's not perfume I smell... What have you two been DOING?"

"How do you do that?" asked Steve. "Jenna said you could smell sex and I thought she was kidding."

"Dang right I can smell it, just ask my ex. Wow...Jenna and Stevie, sittin' in a tree, doing more than k-i-s-s-i-n-g."

"You don't need to be shouting this to my mom, do you?"

"I don't get it. She's the quiet one; she's Miss Responsible. How did she get a shot at you before I could?"

"She left first."

"No fair! That spoilsport leaves the party early and then gets to have all the fun! What about me? I want some fun too!"

Saved by the bell; they pulled into Bessie's neighborhood. "That second house there. Just pull on into the drive, I'm not going anywhere. Because you've got my car back at Louisa's!"

She danced up the steps and opened the door, flicked on the lights. "C'mon in for a bit, Stevie."

He leaned on the fender of the Chevy. "Naw, I better go."

She came back down and took both his hands. "Come on in, Stevie."

He was seriously tempted. "My mom's gonna be waiting on me."

"Come on in, Stevie." She pulled him toward the house.

"I shouldn't..."

"You should." She stood close, grabbed his pockets and gently tugged him forward. "You gotta kiss me good night."

"I should go home..."

"No, you gotta come in," she said. She went up to her door and started waving her butt at him.

"I've got to pick up Mom," he laughed.

"You got to come iiiiin, you gotta come iiiiiin," she sang teasingly.

"WHY do I have to come in?"

"Because I've got your car keys!" she laughed, waving them at him.

"What the..." He felt his pockets. "How did you do that?"

"A boy taught me. Close the door behind you!" She disappeared into the house.

Unlike Jenna's dark house, Bessie's was a blaze of light and color. It matched her personality. She was nowhere in sight. "Where are you, Bessie?"

"I'm playing hide and seek with your keys," she taunted from in back. "Count to twenty and come looking!"

"All right, here I come."

She stood by the bed, wearing as next-to-nothing as you could get. A completely transparent negligee covered her full little body. Covered, but hid nothing. Nice round breasts with big pink circles and tiny little nipples, wide hips and a soft tummy with a faint trail of blonde hair leading down to the shadowy space between her thighs.

She looked huggable and squeezable and utterly fuckable.

"Here they are, Steve. Come and get 'em." She dangled the keys enticingly, and her breasts rocked under the negligee. "I'll leave them right here..." She dropped them on the dresser "...and you can have whichever you want."

Her body started swaying in an erotic little dance. "Me or the key," she started singing. "Me or key, what's it gonna be? Me or key, what's it gonna be?" She turned and crawled across the bed, her cleft winking at him from between her pink thighs. "Your choice, boy," she smiled.

It was no choice at all.

He stripped as only a teenaged boy can: clothes flying in all directions, shoes off, shirt off, pants and shorts and half a sock gone in one crazy movement. By the time his shoes finished bouncing he was nude and ready, a not-quite-virgin penis aimed at her.

"Now that's what I like to see," she smiled, licking her lips. "Now c'mere." She spread her knees wide and Steve started crawling up her body. "No, not with that," she said, pointing at his erection. "With that!" She pointed to his lips. "Before you fuck a girl you gotta kiss her." She grinned and stretched her pussy lips wide. "Soooo...KISS ME!"

Maybe Bessie did have something to teach him, after all.

Compared with making love in the dark with Jenna, sex in Bessie's well-lit room showed you everything. She had two lamps on and a carnival of party lights strung over the bed. He stiffened even more as his eyes traveled up her womanly legs, over her pretty pink skin and even pinker vagina, across the soft expanse of her belly and past her mounded breasts, to where mischievous eyes watched him right back.

Steve ducked his head and ran his cheek, then his lips along the inside of her thighs. Mmmm...so smooth. There was no mistaking that Bessie was no teenager; she had the big legs of a woman. But the inside of her thighs were still as soft as a young girl's. There was probably some kind of a lesson there, but he was busy learning another lesson right now.

His lips glided along her velvet skin, her fragrance already filling his nose. When he came to her open pussy he skimmed across the top, sliding his lips through her patch of pubic hair, then back again.

"Yeah, that's it boy, sneak up on that baby. Easy, easy...yeah, just the tip like that... oooh, just glide acrossOHWOWOW! Jesus! Too much, too much but BOY that was good."

"Sorry..." he said, his mouth deep in her pussy.

"S'all right. Remember how you did that later, just...not yet."

"Mmmmm..." Steve worked his way up one lip and down the other. "How will I know when?"

"Ha! When I dig my claws into yer hair hard enough to draw blood, jump your tongue onto that little thang!"

Steve explored his way around Bessie's pussy, aided by her profane advice and the stage lighting of her bedroom. While the tip of his tongue journeyed along the upper reaches of her vaginal opening, his fingers caressed their way along her inner thigh and pushed, slow but firm, knuckle-deep into her.

"Oh god! Oh god! Yes! Yes!" With his other fingers he eased back the hooded lips at the top of her pussy and just feathered his tongue across the little pebble exposed within.

"Oh god! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her clitoris was smaller than Jenna's but it sure was sensitive. He stretched the skin back further and traced the tip of his tongue in circles around the clit, just barely brushing the sides. "Oh GAAAAAWWWWD!!"

It was like her body was hit by a tidal wave of orgasm. She thrashed, she howled and Steve enjoyed every second of it. By the time her convulsions subsided his nose was sore, his hair was yanked and he was ready to do it all over again.

"Gawd! Well I gotta say, Stevie, for someone still finding your way around a pussy, that was damn good."

He smiled and wiped his wet face on the bedspread. "So what makes you think I'm new to this?"

"Oh, I heard this lil' rumor from yer mama about how you're havin' dating problems. And I thought to myself, well, a certain little short-legged, big-titty vixen ought'a help that boy out. 'Course, it was nothin' but a nasty thought until I caught scent of a certain friend of mine. Aren't you glad I did?"

"Oh hell yes," said Steve. "Though I may kill Mom later for spreading my being a cherry around amongst her friends."

"Well like I said, aren't you glad she did? And to make sure that virgin status is dead an' gone, why don't you come up here and press that nice dick against yer old friend Bessie?" She spread her legs wide again and her swollen pussy lips did a slow-motion parting.

"That's a great idea, Bess." Steve climbed up and was wrapped in embracing arms and legs. Her negligee had mysteriously disappeared earlier while his tongue had been busy in her.

They kissed while their bodies shifted this way and that, wiggling into a comfortable tight fit. "You're amazing," he said, his palm teasing her nipple.

"Yes," she admitted. "But what makes you think so?"

"When I came in, you stripped and got in that nightgown so quick. But how'd you find time to brush your teeth?"

She laughed. "Practice! And knowing what's important in bed. Whiskey-breath has killed off more than one hard-on." She laughed again. "All the stuff we been doin' tonight and this is the first time we've actually kissed! Ha!" Bessie pulled her knees up to his armpits, tilting her pussy high. "And speaking of hard-ons, why don't we give this one a workout?"

Her hand slithered between them and grabbed him on the shaft. "Mmm hmm..." she murmured approvingly, as he raised his body up. This time he got to watch as his cock worked its way into a woman's body.

"Perfect..." she moaned, as his hips began to pump.

He had to agree. Jenna's pussy had felt tighter, but the pleasure of watching Bessie's body as he fucked her was driving him over the edge. Every thrust rippled through her full body and made her breasts dance, bringing him closer his climax. He made himself slow down.

Bessie could read the signs. "You're having too much fun," she gasped. "Let's roll over and make it last."

"Okay," he agreed, but wasn't sure how to accomplish it. Bessie raised one leg, did some kind of sexual judo and was suddenly on top of him. "Huh!" he grunted. "Did you learn that from boys too?"

"Figured that one out on my own," she said proudly. With him still inside her, she squatted over his body and started ramming her pussy down onto his cock.

"Uh! Is this supposed to slow me down?"

"May not...slow ya' down...but sure make me...come faster!" she gasped, and began a shower of love cries that ended only when his orgasm exploded inside of her.

As she lay panting flat on his body, breasts against his chest, he felt their mingled juices oozing down between his legs, and didn't mind at all.

"Hoo boy, for a cherry you sure are good at this! You welcome in this bed any time!"

"And any time you want to give me some practice, I'll be right over to take...advantage...of you and your kind offer."

"Oh, I'm so selfless! Luring a teenage boy inta my Den of ln-iquity." She squeezed his still-hard cock with her inner muscles. "An' that Den is sure feelin' good right now. So what you think? Think I'm better than that naughty ol' Jenna?"

"It's not a competition," he said wisely.

"Ha! You got that right! Pretty smart of you, Stevie. A lot of boys...heck, a lot of men...still haven't figured that one out."

"Thanks. Hey, look...I don't know how my mom is going to take my going to bed with her friends. Is there a way..."

"Don't sweat it, sweetie. I am like Vegas on two legs." He looked at her quizzically. "What happens in Bessie...stays in Bessie."

When they finally finished laughing, he moved up between her legs to give her one more secret to keep deep inside her.

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