tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSweet Boy Ch. 03

Sweet Boy Ch. 03


Coming in the door at Louisa's house, Steve was rehearsing his excuses for taking so long getting Bessie home. It was well past midnight; hopefully his Mom and Louisa were too schnockered to ask any awkward questions.

At least the loud music had been turned off, the lights were down; he came in quietly so as not to awaken any sleeping drunken women. Like his mother. Boy, she'd never been much of a drinker, but she sure let loose tonight.

Soft music coming from the back, so he guessed that's where his mom was passed out.

And then he heard the moans.

Steve's breath caught at the sound. Low, throaty, feminine with a catch in it that made his heart skip. What on earth? WHO on earth?

He didn't even make a conscious decision; he started easing down the dark hallway. At the corner, he could see the flicker of candles coming from a room, and he heard the voice.

The voice of his mother. Unmistakably.

"Oh my god, Louisa..."

Another voice answered, the words muffled...but the passion clear. The voice of his mother began a series of little cries, answered by more muffled moans from Louisa.

Praying to be quiet, Steve eased his head around the edge of the door and marveled at what he saw; a sight so beautiful it seared itself into his heart forever.

Lit by a half dozen candles, two bodies writhed on a bed, locked in a beautiful 69, tossing so much it looked like they were on the ocean. Facing him on top was his mother's rear, riding the face of Louisa, who had her mouth buried in his mom's pussy. Louisa's hands clutched Mom's cheeks, fighting to hold her in place. One finger was clearly deep in her bottom.

Louisa's big legs were up in the air, feet swaying as his mom's fingers and tongue caressed her friend's vagina. On Louisa's left foot a gold anklet flashed in the candlelight with every thrust of his mom's fingers.

It was so beautiful; the skin of the women, the candlelight bathing their bodies, the swaying motions of his mother and her lover. The scent of sex filled the room and it was as beautiful as the women on the bed.

Louisa's moans became one long undulating groan, shouted into his mother's vagina. As her orgasm swept over her, the soles of her feet pointed to the ceiling and her body jerked in spasms of pleasure.

"Oh my god, Kath," croaked Louisa dazedly.

"Yes, I thought you'd like that," chuckled his mom. "I kinda lik...OHH!!"

Steve was there. He saw it. He was in a perfect position to see Louisa spearing three fingers into his mother's pussy. He couldn't see the fluttering tongue that attached itself to his mom's clit, but he could imagine it from her frenzied reaction.

"Oh! Oh! Ohh! OH! OHH!!" Her love cries began hitting higher and higher notes, like a spring being wound tighter and tighter, until...

"OOOOHOOOOHOOWOOOHOOOH..." Steve thought he and Jenna had been loud. He had thought Bessie was outrageous with her dramatic, full-body orgasms. But he was humbled; he had never heard or conceived anything like the shaking, wailing, orgiastic release of his mother riding the tongue of her friend, an incredible cry that echoed through the house and went on for so long that he feared she had forgotten how to breathe.

Even if it had not been his mother, he still would have been struck to see such a beautiful, powerful release. But with it being his mom and her friend sharing love...well, it touched him to his soul. This was the most erotic thing he had ever seen, and he suspected would ever see. Every porn star orgasm he had ever watched went out of his mind. This was real. This was earthshaking. This was woman.

Exhausted, his mother's wail eased into a series of shaky, little-girl "Oh! Oh!"s. Louisa continued raining little kisses on his mother's lips, inner thighs and vaginal opening.

Shaky himself, Steve took the opportunity of their afterglow to ease back down the hallway to the kitchen. The last thing he wanted to do was to disturb them. After an event like that, an amazing, life-changing sharing of love, they deserved their privacy. He would never tell what he had been privileged to see.

The other reason was that his penis had risen. He thought he was done for, but even after being worked over by two horny women, his exhausted, wrung out cock was as hard as a...well, as hard as a 18-year old virgin's. With his head filled with the shapes and sounds and scents of Mom and Louisa, he dropped his pants and began to unashamedly masturbate.

As he stroked himself, he heard something he did not expect: rising moans and cries coming from the back. God, they were at it again! His hand flew faster and faster and, joining in the passion of the two women, had the best orgasm of his life. Hips humping involuntarily, his lips clenching against the shout of release he dare not make, he fired his sperm into a towel, accompanied by the sounds drifting from the bedroom.

Minutes later, as he slipped out the door, sounds of love were still wafting through the house. He shook his head in amazement and whispered words he never thought he'd say: "Boy, I wish I had a vagina."

An hour later, he was sleeping happily in his bed when the phone rang. He snagged it in the dark without even opening his eyes.


"Stevie, good. I just wanted to make sure you got home okay."

"Yeah, Mom, I'm fine. I went by Louisa's and saw the lights were off, so I just came home. Do you need a ride?"

"No, honey, I think I'm just going to stay here. Is that okay?"

"Sure, Mom. Louisa's a good woman. I like her."

"Yes, she is. I'll tell her you said so. We'll get together in the morning and see what we can do about getting everybody's car back to them."

"I'm picking up Jenna in the morning and taking her to work. When she gets off in the afternoon I'll bring her there for her car."

"Why, that's smart of you. You really are sweet."

"So I hear, Mom. So I hear." Unseen by her, he grinned a huge grin. "I love you, Mom." He never meant it more.

"I love you too, Steve."

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by Anonymous

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by Ezrollin03/13/18

Though not the most erotic, not a criticism, it is well written and interesting enough to keep me reading. I gave it a four.

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by Anonymous10/24/17
by Anonymous10/20/17

more please

would love to see this story continue

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by Anonymous10/15/17

each chapter needed some fleshing out but was good.. until this one..
You hve him go into the kitchen and jerk off and slink away.

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by kplusmc10/14/17

i agree

i agree with Kerry nice story gave it a four.

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