Sweet Candy For Daddy


She moaned and said; "Now Daddy please put your dick inside me and let's fuck."

I spent a few minutes licking and sucking on her clit and then took her legs and pushed them up toward the top of the bed. I put the head of my dick into her pussy and felt the tightness and gently pushed, Candy's wet pussy swallowed up my dick and I pushed it deep inside of her. She responded by lifting her hips to meet my strokes. I began to pump, slowly at first and then harder and harder. We were in perfect rhythm meeting each others movements. She raised her head off the pillow wanting to watch my dick slide in and out of her wet pussy. I was pinching her nipples and she groaned with pleasure. I was moaning and groaning just thinking of having my Sweet Candy lying there with my dick giving her such pleasure.

She slid her hand under the pillow and pulled out a soft-silk bathrobe belt and rapped it around her neck. She told me to choke her with the belt. I did as she instructed pulling the belt tight around her neck. She began to pump against me even harder and I met her stroke for stroke. I smacked the cheeks of her ass hard and she reached behind me and began slowly pulling the beads out of my ass. I felt her legs began to quiver and as I released the pressure on the belt around her neck. She gave a quick jerk of the beads and began to yell, "Cum with me Daddy, cum with me." Her finger nails were plunged deep into my shoulders and upper back and the pain made me push my dick hard into her pussy as I felt my cum squirting deep into her pussy. I pumped harder until all of my cum had emptied into her hot pussy. I rolled off of her onto my back and we lay there panting to catch our breath.

Candy rolled on her back and spread her legs wide apart. She said, "Daddy you cum is oozing out of my pussy and running down my legs. I want you to wipe it up and let me suck it off of your fingers." I began to wipe up my cum which was mingled with her pussy juices and she licked my hand dry swallo0wing the slick liquid. She said, "Yummy, your cum is sweet too Daddy." She put her mouth around my dick and cleaned all the cum and juices off of it. I knew she was getting hot again and I felt my dick quickly respond to her licking and sucking. I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that it was recovering and getting so hard that quickly. Candy said, "Daddy, I just can't get enough of you."

I said, "I know sweetie, I want to keep eating and fucking you until I pass out from exhaustion."

She reached into the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a six inch long candy cane and shoved into her dripping pussy. She offered the pussy juice soaked candy cane to me and said, "Sweet Candy for Daddy."

I began to suck my daughters' juices off the candy cane and said, "Your pussy juice is what makes this candy so sweet."

She said, "Daddy I love to swallow your hot sweet cum as much as you love to eat my sweet pussy."

Candy said, "Daddy do you think my ass taste as sweet as my pussy?"

I responded," Yes It does honey, but let me take another taste just to make sure."

She said, "Yeah, and bury your nose into my ass to see if it smells as sweet." Her asshole was soaked with cum and pussy juices and I licked and tongued her as she moaned and squirmed. She let out another long wet fart and began to laugh and giggle. She said, "More sweet Candy for you Daddy." I breathed her fruity fart smells into my nostrils and felt the blood rushing back into my hardening dick.

She reached into the nightstand drawer again and pulled out another small bottle of lubricating gel. This time the flavor was chocolate and she squirted the crack of her ass full of the slick-slippery liquid. She said, "Daddy, I need you to fuck my ass." She turned onto her stomach and I took one lick of the chocolate running down the crack of her ass. My dick was fully erect again and I placed the head against the opening of her small tight ass hole. I gave a gentle push and Candy screamed out, Oh God that hurts' Daddy." I pulled back and she screamed, "No, no, Daddy, I meant it hurts real good, shove your hard dick deep into my ass." I made another attempt to put my dick inside her and this time the full length of my dick pushed deep inside of Candy's tight ass. The tightness was hurting the head of my dick and I knew it would be bruised, but I knew our pain only served to provide us with more pleasure and excitement.

Candy pushed herself up onto her hands and knees forcing me to stand on the floor behind her pulsating ass. She was furiously rubbing her clit and inserting a dildo into her pussy. She was yelling, "Fuck me hard Daddy, harder, deeper. I grabbed a hand full of her blond hair and began to pump harder into her ass. She yelled, "Ride my ass like a fucking horse Daddy, ride me." I began to slap the cheeks of her ass hard and saw them getting red and that excited her and me even more. She was yelling, "Whip my fucking ass Daddy, ship me harder." I reached around under her and began squeezing and rolled her hard nipple. Her ass was pounding against me with my entire dick meeting each stroke. I felt her body begin to quiver and shake and knew she was just about to cum. She screamed at me, "You're going to make my ass and pussy cum at the same time, Daddy" She was shaking violently and continuing to scream "harder, fuck my ass harder Daddy." My dick began to jerk inside of her and I exploded, all of my remaining cum squirting deep into my daughter's tiny ass. She yelled, "Oh God yes cum in me Daddy, cum in my ass, cum with me." As her waves of orgasms subsided she flattened out onto her stomach and I followed with my dick still inside her ass.

As I began to pull out of her Candy said, "No Daddy, let me feel it as it gets soft again. She flexed her ass muscles tightening around my bruised and sore dick head. She turned her head to me and we kissed hard and deep as my dick softened and then slipped from her sloppy wet pulsating asshole. I wiped the cum from her ass crack with my hands so Candy could lick it off my fingers. "Sweet cum Daddy, I love to swallow your sweet cum."

Candy said, "I knew that I was doing the right thing waiting for you Daddy. I don't want any other man to make love to me, only you Daddy."

"I said, "And baby you are the only woman I ever want to make love to. I love you so deeply.

She said, "I know Daddy, I felt your deep love and I love you twice as deep as that!"

Candy turned over on her left side as she had done so many times when she crawled into bed with me at night and I knew that she wanted me to gently scratch her back until she fell asleep as I had done so many times before. I lay there as satisfied as I had ever been, and with the smell of Candy's pussy and ass and my own cum filling my nostrils with every breath, I began to drift off into what I knew would be the most pleasant and peaceful sleep I had ever had.

I whispered in her ear, "Good Night Sweet Candy."

She said, "No, Great Night Sweet Daddy and there will be many, many more!"

Just before we fell asleep Candy said, "Daddy you know that this is my first time to have sex, so I know that you have questions about where I learned about all of the things I did to you and had you do to me." Mom and I are going on vacation in Europe for two weeks, but when I get back I will explain all of it to you. I have a collection of home videos that I have collected over the past few years that will put pictures to my explanation. I think you will enjoy it and find it real interesting. I think you might get turned on. She giggled and gave my soft dick a quick tug.

I said, "Sweet Candy, I can't wait!"

She said, "You can Daddy, and believe me it will be worth the wait!"

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