tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSweet Catherine at 18 Ch. 02

Sweet Catherine at 18 Ch. 02


The next morning Catherine spent hours by the pool watching for the man from the beach. She had no luck with that but she did meet the other girls from yesterday. Robbie went off with some boys and she went shopping with the girls again.

Mid-afternoon the gang of teenagers were back at the pool swimming and playing around with the boys doing their best to get onto the girls. Finally Catherine caught sight of the beach guy walking through the pool area with a towel over his shoulder. He went right by without looking at her and continued out through the gardens and along a walking track that led to the parkland and towards the far end of the beach.

Catherine grabbed her towel and dragged Robbie along. "Where are we going?" he complained as he got hold of his towel and ran after her.

"Let's go for a walk," Catherine enthused. "Let's see where this walking track goes."

She could see the guy up ahead and she followed along keeping a distance. When the guy stopped at a bench beside the track to talk on his cell phone though she and Robbie were soon walking past him.

She looked quite deliberately and he smiled. So she smiled back and half turned as she slowly and reluctantly walked by.

"How are you?" he asked. He had finished his call and pocketed his phone. "No injuries I hope."

"Only my pride," Catherine responded shyly. She turned back and stepped closer though. Robbie was instantly by her side.

"He saved me from a wave yesterday," she said to Robbie, although she continued looking at the older man as she spoke. His eyes were moving up and down her body and she was arching her boobs forward again.

"So you two are heading up to the north end are you? I guess you're old enough."

"Old enough?" Catherine queried.

"Yeah, I guess you're going up for a look at the ladies are you, son?"

"What ladies?" Robbie asked blankly.

Andy had started off walking again and the young couple were walking with him. "You know it's topless up the north end of the beach don't you?" he asked. "Well it's optional of course but most of the ladies indulge us men and show what they've got."

"The ones with something to show that is," Catherine responded cautiously.

"Well don't underestimate how attractive small breasted women are," Andy shot back. "Isn't that right?" he asked the young guy striding along on the other side of his girlfriend.

"I like small ones!" Robbie answered flatly. He pulled Catherine close to his side as he spoke. It was a claim of ownership.

There was a walking trail leading off through the sand dunes and Andy took that. Catherine followed him and Robbie followed her.

"Well you shouldn't feel pressured to take your top off - er?"

"Catherine! My name's Catherine!"

"Catherine, and?"


"Yeah, if you kids just want to have a look that's fine. There's going to be a lot of older guys like me that will be watching for it but you don't have to go topless if you feel uncomfortable."

"But we could sit with you couldn't we?" Catherine asked excitedly.

"Yes of course you can," Andy grinned.

The sand dunes ended and the trail opened onto a small, secluded section of the beach. There were plenty of sunbathers, mostly men and mostly Andy's age and older. There were a scattering of women but none under about thirty and they were all sun browned and kind of leathery looking. There were lots of men looking up at Catherine and she retreated behind Robbie's arm.

"I don't like the look of this," Robbie said.

"Well, the surf looks good," Andy grinned, and he tossed his towel over by a rock and jogged off towards the water.

"It's okay," Catherine said to Robbie. "Let's just sit over here for a while."

"But everyone's looking at us," Robbie complained as they spread their towels and sat down. Although he could see a few topless women close by and he was checking them out.

Andy returned after a little while dripping wet and with his muscles rippling and defined. Catherine watched him drying off. She squirmed as his eyes moved over her legs and settled on her bikini bottoms for a moment.

"Still here?" he grinned.

"Yes we're still here!" Catherine defended playfully.

"Look at those ones, Robbie!" Andy said. There was a woman up on her knees fixing her towel into position. Her breasts were huge and swaying beneath her slender body.

"See I told you they have to be big!" Catherine complained indignantly.

"No -- yours are nice too. Perfect for your build and age," Andy assured. "Over there too," he said to Robbie.

There was another big breasted woman moving around, though she was quite large all over.

"Big old granny one's," Robbie scoffed, relaxing into the situation as he settled on his stomach so he could watch all around for more boobs.

Catherine settled too, though still sitting and hugging her knees to her chest a bit. They were sitting back against a long, low rock ledge poking out of the sand and a few middle aged men had taken positions sitting up on the ledge looking down. There were also two men now setting up towels quite close in front.

"You're becoming very popular," Andy said under his breath, just loud enough for Catherine and Robbie to hear.

Both men setting up in front laid down on their stomachs facing Catherine. Another one who would have been in his 60's was claiming a spot between them.

Andy grinned and whispered again. "So are you going to give them a look or not?"

"She doesn't have to," Robbie whispered back. "It's not even sunny enough to get a tan or anything."

He was right. The sun had disappeared behind a big bank of clouds and although it was still hot and steamy there wouldn't be much more sun that afternoon, if any at all.

Andy lifted to his side and edged close so he could talk without any of the men gathered around hearing. "You could still do it though. If you wanted to enjoy some attention and give these guys a thrill."

There were more men lined up on the ledge and another two had set up in front facing Catherine. She was looking around at them although avoiding any eye contact. She had lowered her knees.

"Go on. I dare you!" Andy teased.

She smiled and then checked with Robbie. "Should I?"

"You don't have to!" he said again. "They're all old farts anyway!"

It was noticeable that the men leaving the beach were all walking around close to the rock ledge for a look on their way to the trail through the dunes. Another few had stopped and taken a position on the ledge. There were a dozen or so where there had been none prior to Catherine's arrival.

"They're all hoping you take it off," Andy went on encouragingly. "You're not going to disappoint them are you?"

Catherine could feel all eyes upon her, and particularly Andy's!

She turned to Robbie again. "I'm actually the only woman here with a top on. I think I should do it."

"Why? You're not old like them!"

"What -- are you saying I'm not a woman?" Catherine argued. It was an old argument to do with her being a real woman in Robbie's eyes when she agreed to have sex with him.

"No I'm not saying that!" Robbie said a little sheepishly.

"Well why shouldn't I do the same as the other women here?"

"What, and have all these old guys looking at you!" Robbie groaned under his breath, getting desperate.

Catherine had her back up. "So now you're saying it's okay for you to ogle these other women but it's not okay for me to enjoy being looked at by other men? That's not even fair!"

Of the now quite noticeable crowd of men gathered as close as they reasonably could, some were subtle about it - others were quite blatantly staring at Catherine.

"Will you stay here if I do it?" she asked Andy.

"Of course," he returned warmly. "Robbie and I will make sure they keep their distance at least - won't we, Robbie?"

Robbie's face was blank. He looked sick. Catherine was panting a little -- seemingly working up the courage. She turned to Andy with a nervous smile. "Okay here goes!" she said and she reached for the knot behind her back.

The men who were subtly watching were suddenly watching intently.

She loosened that knot then undid the one behind her neck. Her little bikini top slipped and she gathered it and lowered it from her firm young tits. They were pure white against her otherwise golden tanned skin.

"Yeah that's nice. Now lean back so the guys behind can see them," Andy instructed.

There was an "ooh yeah" and a low whistle or two from the guys back there. Catherine's tiny nipples were instantly erect. She laid back just resting upon her elbows and that gave all the men a full on view.

Andy was close enough to see her goose bumps. The milky white skin of her tits were covered in them. As was her belly and the smooth young lines of her inner thighs.

Andy could also see a little camel toe where the soft fabric of her bikini bottoms were cutting into her young slit. He examined his way back up her body and had another look at her breasts. He looked up from them to meet her smile.

"Definitely the best set of boobs on the beach huh, Robbie?" he grinned, looking over at the boy.

Robbie was looking around at the gathering of men. They were all staring fairly blatantly. "I think we should go and get some drinks soon," he said to Catherine.

"That's a good idea -- I'm really thirsty," Catherine agreed. "Could you go?"

"What -- me?" Robbie complained.

"Please!!!" Catherine implored sweetly. "I'll make it up to you tonight."

"Really! How?' Robbie shot back with interest.

"You know how - maybe!" Catherine went on leaning close for a kiss.

"You better be serious this time," he said as he got up to go. He then jogged off and Andy waited until he was gone.

"Do you have any lotion in your bag, Catherine? You know you can still burn when it's overcast here. You really should put some on your breasts at least."

Catherine didn't answer but she found the sunscreen in her bag and took it out. She stayed sitting up and squeezed some into her hand. She rubbed her hands together and started with her arms and shoulders. She then squeezed some more and smoothed it over her belly.

"Play with your nipples a bit when you do them," Andy whispered. "The guys will love that."

Catherine bit down on her smile as she smoothed the sunscreen over her little boobs. She dared to look around and saw that all the men were watching. She felt herself up and squeezed her nipples while they all stared at her hands. She was in a daze and would have done anything Andy said, and she sat still while he squeezed some of the sunscreen into his hands.

Andy was on his knees behind her. He massaged her shoulders for a moment then worked the oily lotion into her back. She was leaning forward with her hands stretched down to her shins. Her little tits were there and available and he smoothed his big hands up her sides and felt them without touching her nipples as yet. He leant to her ear and whispered - "they all want me to feel you up."

"Do they?" Catherine uttered.

"I'm pretty sure they're all hoping for it," he whispered into her other ear that time.

Catherine didn't respond right away but after a moment she whispered back. "You can if you want to."

Andy started at her waist and smoothed up her sides again, that time reaching around further and allowing his fingers to flay over her nipples. There were more 'ooh yeah's' and low groans from the men watching and he swept upward again and that time he felt her tits more fully.

She looked back over her shoulder, arching her back and pressing herself forward against his hands, so he kissed her lips.

"Come on, man -- fuck her," someone called out and that made Catherine moan as Andy kissed her again.

She was completely submissive and he felt he could fuck her right there and then if he wanted to but he wasn't about to go that far. Instead he just had another little kiss and feel of her tits then he released her to lie back on his towel.

"Better not let things get out of hand with all these guys watching," he whispered when she laid back beside him. "Tempting though!"

"Am I really tempting?" Catherine asked sweetly.

"Hell yes! Although I can think of some better options than the beach in front of a bunch of guys. Maybe a nice hotel room and satin sheets."

"That sounds nice," Catherine smiled. And she also smiled up at a man walking past looking directly at her breasts. And as some of the other men were leaving they were all taking the opportunity to walk close by on their way.

Catherine stayed on her back so they could have a good look at her breasts and she looked right at each of them, meeting their stares with a smile of her own.

"This is fun," she said to Andy.

"Well, I guess we'll have to go to the full nude beach tomorrow if you like this so much," he grinned in reply.

"Really? Is there one?"

"Sure! It's just around the other side of the headland. It's a bit of a hike or we could take a jet ski."

"Okay," Catherine uttered softly.


The beach was clearing quickly with the clouds darkening and threatening rain. Everyone was walking close by Catherine for a look and she never put her top back on until after Robbie got back and they were getting up to leave. She then stood facing Andy and smiling at him as he had a last look at her breasts. She covered them once then she lifted her top again, basically flashing him while following his gaze down then back up again.

"Yes -- very, very tempting!" he grinned and she bit down on her smile and covered herself properly.

They hurried back to the resort before the rain started. That night their parents insisted that Catherine and Robbie come out to dinner and a show with them and by the time that was done it was past midnight - which meant there was no opportunity for Robbie to get what he was promised and there was no need for Catherine to find an excuse to deny him.

She would have had to find an excuse too because she didn't want to have sex with Robbie. She didn't understand that herself but the thought of being taken by a mature man was completely filling her mind, and throughout the evening she had been constantly looking across at Mr Dale.

The next morning Robbie was the one leading the way around to the dock where the jet skis were. They were to meet Andy at 11am and they were there early. As far Robbie knew it was to be a bit of fun riding around jumping waves and stuff. He hadn't been told about the nude beach yet.

Catherine ended up sitting on the dock talking with old George the maintenance man while Andy gave Robbie a lesson in handling a jet ski. Then the two guys were zooming around racing and carrying on for ages while Catherine leant back on her hands thrusting her boobs forward for the old man. She had her white bikini top on again and her nipples were constantly hard and poking at it. The old man was sitting beside her on the dock grinning and looking down at them.

George was also looking down at her slender young thighs and the view between them when her wrap around skirt would part a little. At one point she applied sun tan lotion and he watched her smooth it over her thighs. In doing that she lifted her skirt and he had a look at her little white bikini bottoms.

"Andy tells me you're heading around to the cove today," the old man said.

"I don't know. Where's the cove?" Catherine asked, although she guessed it was the nude beach.

George grinned. "That's where the clothing is optional and you're going to look good!"

"Oh. Thank you," Catherine uttered shyly.

"Andy said you went topless yesterday. Lots of men watching too."

Catherine just smiled.

"Wish I'd been there to see that. They look nice through your little top there."

Catherine just smiled more. This guy was really old but there were some at the beach yesterday at least as ancient as him.

"Can I have a look now?" the old man grinned cheekily. "No one's watching."

Catherine looked around. There was no one in sight and Robbie and Andy were way in the distance. "Are you really Andy's friend?" she asked.

"Yeah sure! You can trust me."

Catherine bit down on her smile. "Do you promise not to touch?"

Old George had a look around that time. "Yeah I promise," he said, swallowing dryly.

"Okay then," Catherine uttered and she lifted her top.

Her little white tits popped out the bottom and jiggled as she caught her breath. She stretched her top up with one hand and leant back on the other. The old man immediately groped her, feeling her left tit before she had a chance to wriggle away.

"Hey you said you wouldn't," she giggled. He was chuckling and smiling broadly. She pulled her top down and fixed it back into place.

"Well I never could be trusted," George laughed. "But are you going to take your bottoms off today as well or what?"

"Yes. I think so. Are you coming with us?"

"I wouldn't mind -- for an hour or so over my lunch break at least. It's going to be worth my while though?"

"Maybe," Catherine teased.

The jet skis were coming quick.

"You're a hot little tease aren't you?" old George laughed and she just smiled in response.

Andy and Robbie stayed on their skis. George got on another and told Andy he'd be coming along for an hour.

"It would be safer if Catherine rides with me until you've got a bit more experience," Andy said to Robbie and he extended a hand to Catherine. She stepped onto the side of his ski and he guided her to sit in front. "Here -- you drive," he chuckled and he gave her a quick lesson as they made their way out beyond the surf.

The water was glassy calm half a mile from shore and they cruised along with Robbie still playing around doing doh nuts and speeding off ahead.

Andy's erection was pressing against Catherine's back. He was holding her waist and she was pressing back against him. He waited for Robbie to zoom off again and he reached up and felt her tits. She lifted her arms a little to give him full access and he massaged them and tweaked her hard little nipples. She was wearing a shoulder bag and he took that off her and put it on his own shoulder. He then undid her bikini top and took it off her, putting it into the shoulder bag.

Catherine held her breath as his hands closed over her breasts again. She could feel his erection pressing against her back and her legs were tingling because of that. She looked across at the old maintenance man grinning and watching her being felt up. The hands covering her breasts then lowered back to her waist as Robbie swept around and slowed alongside again.

Robbie looked across at his girlfriend's bare tits, wondering what was going on now. She met his eyes and shrugged and smiled innocently. Andy then took over control of the jet ski and headed off towards a small boat that was not far away. Robbie followed and they pulled up alongside.

It was a fishing boat with half a dozen guys hanging over the rail looking at Catherine topless. She was giggling and they were whooping it up. Andy stayed there for a long while with Catherine completely exposed to them then he led off again and Robbie was left behind for a minute.

Andy placed Catherine's hands back on the hand grips and spoke into her ear. "Keep going straight," he said, and he started feeling her up again and playing with her nipples.

"Did you like that?" he yelled into her ear. "Do you want to do it again?"

"Okay," she called back to him.

There was another small boat up ahead with two old guys fishing quietly. Andy pulled alongside and said hello. They both smiled and their eyes levelled on Catherine's tits. She smiled back and sat with her arms down by her sides while they looked at her. Robbie pulled up and she met his eyes again, following them down to her bare breasts then back up as she bit down on her smile.

Andy was chatting with the men and Catherine just sat there smiling and watching them stare at her breasts. "Nice of you to give your daughter a ride like that," one of them chuckled at one point, and that made her blush.

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