tagFetishSweet Delights

Sweet Delights


It was a hot summer day. I had just come home with the kids and walked in the cool house. I laid my eyes on my gorgeous wife! Her figure immediately aroused me as she walked up to greet us. I waited my turn to embrace her and feel her soft sexy body against mine. We looked each other in the eyes and kissed deeply squeezing our eager bodies together firmly! We had been sending each other kinky messages all day and were both anxiously awaiting the time we could act out our new fantasy!

As I was cooking dinner, I couldn't help but browse through the refrigerator to find items we could use for our little "baking session". Butter, cherries, ice cream, frosting... my dick got hard again thinking of what I wanted to do to her and what I wanted her to do to me. I felt tingles up and down my back and my cock was throbbing! I was daydreaming of my thick cock sliding in and out of her warm moist pussy. Glistening and covered with her sweet juices! Ungh! Fuck I want to bang her until she cums and it drips down onto her tight hot ass! I love that visual!!

Finally, we got our moment early in the night. I got everything we need to play! Raspberry sauce, cinnamon, sugar, frosting, chocolate, cherries, ice cream, and SO much more! We lit our candles and looked at each other. She was aroused looking at my muscular ass and big solid cock! I looked at her breasts, her smoking hot ass, and her tuft of hair just above her moist awaiting pussy. I could smell her sex like vanilla and cherries. Her skin is as silky as the chocolate I want to smear on it!

"Come here!" she said, "I want to frost you!" I laid back on the bed as she frosted my nipples and paved trails down through the defined muscles in my abs. Slowly she licked the frosting. Moaning at the taste and smell of my sex. My cock throbbed and my stomach twitched with pleasure! She smeared chocolate around my neck. Licking it off hungrily as her tits bounced against and caressed my chest!

I groaned and rubbed her body. "It's my turn to make a tasty treat out of you!" is said as I laid her back. I grabbed the raspberry sauce and drew lines along the sides of her breasts, down across her stomach along her glistening milky legs!

I lowered my long eager tongue down to her knees. Licking up, she moaned and wiggled. She wanted my cock SO bad! I could tell she wanted it as her eyes rolled back the closer I came to her soft, creamy, swollen pussy. I glanced at it as I moved up toward her breasts! The smell was so delicious from her gaping wet mound! I pulled out a cherry and ran it over her clit. "Oh fuck baby yeah!" She loved the smooth sensation of the fruit teasing her sensitive and soft skin. I licked the cherry with my tongue fully extended. She bit her lip knowing what that tongue could do. I put the cherry into her pussy as I continued to lick her body slowly up around her breasts. My tongue moved around them feeling her firm arousal as I found my way back down the center of her eager swollen clit! I pulled the now cum soaked cherry out and rolled it around in my mouth tasting the juices of her sex across every taste bud.

"I've got a treat for you!" she said in her dirty sexy voice. She took the melted butter and rubbed it all over my long steel dick. Then she rolled it in sugar and cinnamon. "I'm going to suck the cream out of your enormous churro you fucking hot stud!" She licked my rod slowly up the bottom and shoved it deep in her beautiful red lips. I groaned with satisfaction watching this amazing sight, feeling her tongue licking at the sweet sticky throbbing flesh. Soon, a fire so intense burned in my stomach. My balls tingled and I knew what was coming. I came hard into her mouth! She grabbed a scoop of ice cream and a cherry and looked at me as she swallowed a cum sundae! My mind was blown!! It was the hottest thing I had ever seen!! I smothered her pussy with chocolate and ice cream. I licked her swollen pussy until she was about to cum and I pulled all of her heavenly pussy into my mouth licking her fantastic clit until her juices ran down my throat!

She moaned!! "I need your big cock in me now!!!" I fucked her deep and hard!! Every whine and moan making me bang harder and deeper in her body! Her pussy was like a swollen satin cake of lust! We came together in one explosive moment of passion! I had one final desire for this wonderful night of fucking!

I bent her over. Her exhausted legs shaking as she could barely take anymore! I drizzled raspberry sauce over her ass and slowly licked her ass in short circular motions. Her ass slowly opened up eager for its turn to be pleasured. My tongue slowly dipped into her hot cummy ass! I curved my tongue up slightly to play inside her soft wet flower. "Is that your tongue baby?" She wanted to know what was giving her this ticklish pleasure. "Yeah baby it is!" I said, "I'm going to make your ass cum deep!" She clutched her pillow and enjoyed my tongue licking every inch inside her ass. She rocked slowly back and forth shoving my mouth snake deeper into her welcoming body! She wiggled her sexy ass around taking all she could moaning as I brought her into a deep anal orgasm! Her body was fucked thoroughly and so was mine! We held each other close the rest of the night with our bodies tingling in ecstasy.

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