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Sweet Dreams


This is about the first girl I ever loved as more than a friend. When I first met her she would beat me up. Eventually though we became friends. We were friends for a year and then one day, something strange happened.

It was last period on a Friday. History class. The most hated class in our school. I leaned back in my chair and tuned out the teacher. I glanced down at myself, judging my appearance. My skin was strangely clear for a 18 year-old's and was a soft caramel color. C breasts and a thick middle. My long arms and legs ending in large hands and feet. I wasn't bad looking but I was awkward. Then again most teenagers are. But not my Shaniqua. She was beautiful.

As a warm spring breeze drifted through the window I could smell her sweet scent. I looked in her direction. She was writing again. She was always writing. I loved to watch her write, concentrating hard on the paper with her long black hair dangling down. It left just enough space for me to see her long, soft eyelashes move up and down as she momentarily glanced at the board. My eyes moved down her body, noticing her beautiful legs and cute figure. She was undeniably Hispanic looking and just a little bit shorter than me. Recently, 18 too, but 3 months younger.

I sighed and put my head on my desk. I loved her. And not just as a friend. I'd thought of her night after night, lusting and yearning for her touch. Wanting her, needing her, but lacking her. But she couldn't know how I felt. She was determinately straight. Still I couldn't help but want her.

She glanced over at me. I pointed at myself, made a heart shape with my hands, and pointed at her. "I love you." She smiled and nodded. She knew. I put my head back down and sighed again.

After school, I trudged home. My mood hadn't improved much. I'm not a crier, generally, but I could help myself when it came to Shaniqua. I know I was just 18, but I knew she was the only girl I'd ever love. I got home and collapsed on the couch. Silent tears slid down my cheeks, I closed my eyes and slipped into senselessness, just thinking about Shaniqua.

I hadn't even heard the door open.

"Jenny? Are you OK?" I sat up at the sound of her voice.

"Shaniqua." I said, "What are you doing here?" She walked over to the other end of the couch and sat down next to my feet. She looked at me and I could see the concern in her eyes

"I followed you home. I thought you looked really sad in class today. I didn't want you to do anything stupid." She said, knowingly. I'd been known to behave hurtfully to myself when I was upset. She put her hand on my ankle and leaned closer. I looked away." Have you been crying?"

"I don't know" I sighed.

"What is it? Tell me! Jenny" she whined. "Don't you trust me?" She pouted. She knew my weakness was pouting. She was just too cute.

"I don't know. It's just..." I struggled with telling her. She looked at me with those beautiful, loving brown eyes. I had to look at the wall. "It's just, lately, I've been feeling like I'm in love with you? I'm so sorry. I just can't help it. You're so beautiful and wonderful and-"

"Jenny," she cut me off "don't worry. It's okay "

"Really? I mean, I know you don't like me back bu-"

"Yeah. You know," She moved her hand further down my leg. "How do you know I don't?"

"C'mon, Shaniqua." I said, getting nervous, "You don't like me like that."

"Really?" She said. She moved her hand up and down my thigh, sending a shiver up my leg and making me inhale sharply. "I don't?" She pushed against my thigh and moved over my body. She looked deeply into my eyes. She brushed my long dark brown hair out of my face and sighed, "Because I think I love you like that too"

I looked at her a second, in disbelief. She closed her eyes and let herself fall into me. Her lips softly pressed against mine, unsure and scared. I slowly kissed her back melting into her softness. I put my hand on the back of her neck, caressing her slowly. She moaned softly into my mouth and continued stroking my inner thigh. The kissed evolved as she slightly parted her lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth, playing with mine. We explored each other with our hands, enjoying the kiss with new freedom.

Maintaining the kiss, I moved my hand to the small of her back, and pushed slightly, sitting up and allowing her to gracefully put her legs on either side of me so that she was sitting on my lap. We rocked back and forth slowly. She moved her fingers to my back and slowly moved her hand up my bare back lifting my shirt up slowly. She undid my bra on the way up and tossed it aside with my shirt. She slowly made her way down my neck with her mouth as I did the same to her. She nibbled at my shoulder, making me moan loudly. I leaned over, causing her to cling to my neck for support. Slowly I kissed her neck, moved down her collarbone, and kissed her right breast, supporting her with just my right arm as I caressed her left breast with my other hand. I moved my mouth over her nipple, slowly moving my tongue in circles around it. She moaned with pleasure, as I teased her nipples into erection and gently nibbled them.

I moved back wards and allowed her to lay down. I gently lifted her hips and removed her jeans and panties. I slid my hand over her midriff and onto her slit, feeling her wetness; I caressed her, and she squirmed, aroused. Her breathing became uneven and her moaned a loud "Ay!" as I slid my fingers fully into her slit and moved them down toward her clit while removed my own pants.

I lowered my head down into her, gently licking her inner lips. She shuddered and crossed her legs over my back, pushing me in for more. I teased her, circling my tongue around her clit, getting closer with each rotation. She rolled her hips in time with me, moaning, her hands wildly exploring her chest. I dove my fingers in to her hole as I finally took her clit fully into my mouth. I liked and fucked her with my fingers. Her breath became short and rapid. She cried "Uhn...Uhn...Dios Mi-AH!!" arched her back and came.

Panting, she clung to me, and I kissed her neck softly. I gently put her back down and lay my head next to hers. She kissed me, passionately as we lay entwined in the warmth and love each other's bodies. The kiss ended and I said

"Shaniqua, I love you but I don't want us to not be friends later and if this is going to end our friendship I mean I c-" She stopped me with another kiss and stroked my head to quiet me.

"I will always love you." She said and kissed me again. I kissed her fore head and drifted off to sleep in her arms, happier than I'd ever been.

I woke up alone on the couch with my clothes still on. I sighed. It had all been a dream. I reached up to rub my eyes and when I got my fore head there was a post it stuck there. "I will always love you." Was it really a dream?

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