tagErotic CouplingsSweet Dreams, Hon...

Sweet Dreams, Hon...


Once again, I’ve been forced to stay late at work. This is becoming far too much of a routine and has impacted our lives to include our lovemaking. These thoughts dance across my consciousness as I commute home, hoping you’ll understand.

However, the lateness of the hour has obviously driven you to bed. Only the outside light by the front door and inner kitchen light are illuminated as the car turns into the driveway. Once the car has stopped, I gather and pack my work papers into the carry bag (because there’s still more work to be done) and enter the house quietly not wanting to disturb you.

You’ve left a note for me on the kitchen table that details a dinner is waiting for me in the fridge. You’re always so good to me, I think, as I remember all the little ways you’ve taken care of me...

Walking upstairs, I find that you're lying in bed fast asleep with the covers pushed to the foot of the same because it’s been hot and humid as of late. Once again, I had forgotten to call the contractor to repair the air conditioning! I don't want to disturb you because I know you've had a long day, but your curves are readily apparent through the thin nightgown you're wearing.

I remove my work clothes and pull on a pair of worn, dark shorts and white t-shirt and approach the bed. Surprisingly, I notice that the fabric of your nightgown does not reveal the white, cotton panties you typically wear to bed. My thought is that the absence was caused by the day’s (and now night’s) heat. Assuming that this absence is unintentional (or intentional?), I ponder how this absence might be exploited. I wonder silently if I could make you orgasm, while you slept. You’ve treated me with such kindness and understanding during this difficult time at work that you deserve an equal (if not better!) level of kindness and love.

Continuing to wonder, I cast my eyes upon your resting form. You're lying on your right side with both arms tucked under the pillow. Your left leg is bent slightly at the knee and lies over the thigh of the right leg. My sight follows the slow curve of your hip as it slopes from the waist to your buttocks.

My cock begins to harden at the sight before me and at the thought of going down on you as you sleep, but I know that this is your night and your pleasure... even if you don't remember it...

I settle gently upon the bed beside you and trail a hand along your left leg. Starting at the round of your ankle, my hand moves along the muscle of the calf to the hollow of your knee. Continuing upwards but pausing briefly at the hem of your nightgown, I push the material forward as my hand moves higher and then inward along the smoothness of your inner thigh. A second hand joins the first to push and alternately pull the nightgown upwards until its fabric is bunched above your waist.

My careful efforts were not in vain because they have revealed your mons with its dark, soft curls. As I gaze at the valley formed by your womanhood and smooth thighs, you roll unexpectedly onto your back. One hand remains near the pillow by your head, while the other comes to rest alongside your left hip. I can see the labia of your sex before me now.

My face and mouth descend to softly kiss along your inner thighs. As my lips barely brush the warm skin beneath, my tongue lightly flicks the smooth flesh, leaving a wetted path of scattered kisses across your thighs. Stopping alongside your mound, my lips seal to the swell of flesh just before the neatly shaven boundary of your curls. My lips press and seal against your skin as my mouth sucks strong and steady for several seconds. Startled by the soft moan that escapes from you (sweet dreams, Hon?), I pull away from the sucking and see the dark red mark I've left on your otherwise flawless skin. If I’m lucky, you'll wonder tomorrow where that mark came from as you shower...

A quick glance reveals you’re still sleeping but you've opened your legs... just slightly, though. This must have happened during the moan. Quietly removing myself from beside you, I nestle between your opened legs. Resting upon my stomach and pressing my decidedly hard shaft into the mattress, I slowly and deliberately spread your legs apart even further. The lips of your pussy part to reveal your wetness (sweet dreams indeed, Hon!). Captured by the beauty of your sex, my lips for an "O" and blow a warm, steady breath over your lips. Another but deeper moan escapes from you and your labia swell in response to the attention. I glance upwards from your womanhood to view your sleeping form. You look so beautiful, peaceful, and… desirable.

Needing to taste you, my mouth lowers to brush your swollen lips. My tongue flicks along the edges of your labia, starting along the thickened, left side traveling to the thinned top and then descending to the right side. Stopping towards the bottom, my tongue enters the slit of your cunt and runs the length of the opening from bottom to top in several, slow strokes. On each pass, my tongue intentionally crosses your clit as it completes the stroke along the slit. I watch as your body shivers, nipples tighten, and the hand that was laying by your hip crosses your tummy and moves upwards beneath the nightgown to caress the mound of your breast and pinch and pull at its hard tip.

Aroused (and pleased) by the response my actions have elicited from your body, my lips close on your labia and suck, pulling the tender flesh upwards and away from your sex. Your hips follow me upwards and both of your hands come to rest upon my head, pushing my mouth against your pussy… and enclosed but swollen clitoris. Releasing your reddened lips, I look again upon your face from between your legs as my tongue stiffens to probe the hood that houses the center of your womanhood. I wonder whether or not you’re still sleeping…

My mouth opens to cover the hood with my upper lip resting in your now wet curls. Your scent is intoxicating as my tongue rolls and plays with the bud that is your clit. Once again, your taste is salty-sweet as your pussy deposits its dew along the length of your opened slit. Hearing the muffled sucking sounds my lips and tongue are making on your labia and clitoris, I want to hear you moan again. Therefore, I gently bite your smooth yet hard bud... Your hips thrusting upward rewards my action, as your hands push my face downward and into you.

You release another but deeper moan as you grind my face into your cunt. Your steady hands guide my head (and mouth) from side to side across your swollen clit in slow passes. I'm hoping that you'll continue to use my face and mouth as your fuck toy until you cum. But to make certain of the later, I insert and then invert a finger between the lips of your pussy. The walls of your cunt reflexively grab my finger and pull it inward, tightening as if they formed a warm glove. You gasp, and your hips begin to buck against my finger and face. As I start to fuck you with my finger by pumping it in and out of your tight (and wet) cunt, my lips, close, seal, and suck on your clitoris.

Your body is forced to respond to the sensual assault caused by my finger and mouth, as your pelvis begins to move rhythmically. My finger and hand are covered by a steady trickle of your juice as you frig the same in hard, controlled pumps. My tongue is playing with your engorged clit by alternately flicking and circling it in tight swirls. Your breathing has become increasingly ragged and your nipples very erect with the nightgown pushed above the tit where your hand had strayed earlier…

A series of broken breaths and clipped moans, accompanied by a whispered, "I'm cumming," signal the start of your orgasm. Your hips loose their rhythm as you slide your slick pussy across my face, fucking it in animal-like lust. Your back is arched; and your hands no longer hold my head steady, having dropped to the underlying bed sheet… clenched into fists. My face is quickly covered with the results of your cumming, and I watch as several waves of pleasure appear to ripple cross your body, starting from your sex and moving outwards toward your extremities. Fascinated, I watch from above your tired and reddened sex as your body relaxes, indicating the slow end of your most recent sexual peak.

Not quite done with you, I lick the accumulated dew that has covered your thighs, labia, and anus in broad passes of my tongue, carefully avoiding your sensitive clit which is slowly softening. I clean all of your juice, loving the heat and smell that are thrown off by your pussy and its salty-sweet juice. Once I've had my fill of you (if possible!), I look at your face... You are not only sleeping but smiling now... I pull your nightgown down to cover you but check to make certain that my mark from earlier is still present near your mons, which it is!

Before I leave your sleeping form to attend to the ever-present work, I whisper softly to you, "Sweet dreams, Hon..."

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