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Sweet Ebony


I was pissed off at men. Here I was 32 years old and kept picking the wrong bastard men! This last date was the final straw. This asshole salesman thought he could get a little too aggressive with me and definitely would not take NO for an answer. I kicked his ass out of my apartment and was livid! I was tired of this crap. Out of sheer frustration and anger, I started crying and walked over to my neighbor Tawny's apartment and knocked quietly on the door.

Tawny opened her door, sleepy-eyed, and looked at me in shock.

"Damn, girl, are you ok?" she pulled me inside, "My God, are you hurt?"

Tawny and I had become fast friends after she moved in next door six months ago. She was in her 40s, divorced, and she and I had a lot in common when it came to picking the wrong men. She gave me a lot of good advice and was like a sister to me. She was feisty with a great sense of humor and we always had a great time together.

"Tawny, I'm so sick of this shit. I'm tired of these men who think they can pull this aggressive crap with me. I'm just so tired of it," I started crying again and she pulled me to her.

"Shh girl, it's ok. Don't let the bastards get you down. It was one bad date. Just let it go. Have a glass of wine and you'll feel better," she stroked my back and my hair and I felt very comforted in her arms.

She went into the kitchen and got a bottle of my favorite red wine and poured us a glass. I took a big gulp, wiping the make-up from underneath my eyes.

"God, I look horrid!" I laughed through my tears.

"Yeah, you look like crap, girl!" she teased me and handed me a tissue.

She turned on some soft jazz and we sat and talked and sipped wine. She always knew how to make me feel better and laugh.

I was a feeling a little buzzed and a little silly.

"Well, I think that's it, Tawny!" I announced jokingly, "that jerk was it. I'm swearing off men for good!"

"Yeah right, sweetie, the next big black dick that walks down the street, you'll be all over him!" she squatted my leg, laughing her sweet, tinkling giggle.

"Hey now, that's what big black dildos are for!" I teased back smiling at her.

"What the hell girl? and what do YOU KNOW about big black toys huh?" she looked directly into my eyes, flirting with me.

Damn, did that just really happen? No, it must be the wine. She did not just flirt with me, or did she? I had always been curious about women and had very limited experiences (mostly kissing women in college). Actually, I'd always been very curious about black women. My friends teased me about only wanting black men (I couldn't help it--they always seemed to be attracted to me!), but there was something about a delicious, ebony woman with a curvy, voluptuous body and softness that appealed to me.

I decided to test the waters, so to speak.

I licked the edge of my wine glass and flashed my baby blue eyes at her.

"Ohhhh I know a lot about big, black toys. If you can't get the real thing, a big black dildo is the next best thing!!"

She just shook her head at me and laughed.

"Damn girl, you're nuts!! You always know how to crack me up. I think I need to cut you off with the wine."

"So enlighten me...what do you know about big, black toys, Tawny?" I inquired raising my eyebrows a little, teasing her.

"Girl, don't even go there!" she laughed, "wouldn't you like to know honey!!"

I smiled, a bit seductively, enjoying the sweet, teasing banter between us. I felt a little excited and nervous, wondering where this was headed.

I caught myself glancing over Tawny. I had always thought she was sexy. She was a lot taller than me at 5'8 and had a full voluptuous body, soft curves in all the right places and a nice rounded, full booty. She had delicious honey-ebony skin--smooth and soft, with high cheekbones and full, ripe lips. I almost felt guilty checking her body out at the moment, but I couldn't help myself.

My mind wandered to her lovely curves and wondered what she looked like underneath her cotton yoga pants and her white tank. I shook my head and told myself to snap out of it.

"Hmm girl, you looked a million miles away right now. I hope you weren't having evil thoughts about doing harm to that dickhead salesman."

I leaned a bit closer and smiled an evil grin.

"Oh I was having evil thoughts all right but not about any salesmen!"

"Damn girl, you are bad. Your mind is always in the gutter!" she took my wine glass from me and I grabbed her hand.

"No, please don't take away my magical elixir!" I sighed dramatically

I grabbed at the glass and it slipped from her hands, crashing to the floor. I looked at her and we both burst out laughing.

We both were a little buzzed and we both bent down at the same time to pick up the glass pieces, our heads knocking against each other.

"Ouch! That hurt. Tawny, you have a hard head!" I whined and rubbed my head.

"Awww poor baby, Tawny will kiss it and make it all better," she teased me, kissing the top of my head.

My body froze as I felt her lips brush the top of my head.

"Nahhh it still hurts. Kiss it again," I teased back.

Her soft lips brushed across my forehead and I shivered at her touch.

She pushed me back slightly and kissed my cheek.

"Mmm feeling better?" she whispered, looking into my eyes.

Her sexy brown eyes caught mine and I saw something different in them. I saw sweet, sexy softness and a look of seduction. My God, she can feel it too.

I didn't know how to react so I mumbled that I needed to go and grabbed my purse from the couch.

She caught my elbow and turned me around, facing her. I was petrified. I wanted more than anything for her to kiss me but didn't know what to do or say.

She pulled me to her and pressed her soft, ripe lips against mine. I sank against her lovely full chest and moaned softly as her delicious lips kissed me.

I pulled back slightly, out of breath.

"Tawny, I..." I whispered.

"Shhh, I know. It's ok, baby. Just don't fight it, ok? Please don't say anything. Just let your body feel tonight. Let your mind feel. Just let yourself feel it tonight."

She pressed her lips back to mine and snaked her soft, wet tongue between my lips, sliding her tongue inside. Her tongue felt heavenly. I wrapped my arms around her neck drawing me closer to her.

We backed against the couch and I fell slightly on top of her. Her mouth and tongue were magical and I couldn't resist her sweetness.

My body was tingling and I felt liquid heat creep between my legs. I wanted my hands all over her. I wanted everything with her tonight.

"My God, Tawny yes," I moaned against her lips.

She pulled away from my mouth and told me how long she had wanted this, how long she had wanted me but wasn't sure how I felt--not until tonight.

I responded to her hungry mouth and opened my mouth wider to receive her tongue. Our tongues snaked and intertwined together, and we sighed and moaned softly as we kissed deeply.

"Tawny, please. I want to see you, baby. Show me. Please let me see your sweet, delicious smooth body. Your sweet curves. Your beautiful body. Mmmm please," I begged looking into her eyes.

"Mmmm let's go into the bedroom, sweetie, and I'll show you whatever you want," she winked, teasing me and pulling my hand to lift me off the couch.

I sprawled back on her bed, just watching her.

"Tawny, please take off your clothes for me. I want to watch you, hon."

She smiled at me and tugged off her white tank top. Her beautiful honey-brown breasts were spilling over her lacy white bra. Her hard black nipples were clearly visible through the lace and my pussy ached as I watched her unsnap her bra for me.

She slowly took off her bra for me, revealing the most delicious full, heavy round globes topped with firm, hard long black nipples. Her breasts sagged a little from the weight--full womanly tits.

"Tawny, your breasts are gorgeous," I sighed, admiring her sexy tits.

She closed her eyes tugging on the hard, black nubs. She twisted them gently, tweaking them for me between her fingers. I could feel the wetness leaking and my pussy felt overheated. My own pink nipples felt tight, pressing hard against the confines of my bra.

She tugged at the drawstring of her grey yoga pants, pushing them over her hips. Her curvy hips and thick thighs came into view. She was wearing a pair of sexy white bikinis and I could make out the outline of her pussy mound through the material. I could see the tiny curly hairs through the cotton.

I reached down and lifted up my skirt, hiking it past my hips. I pressed my hand to my mound and pushed my palm against my panty-clad pussy.

"God, you look so hot," she whispered as I ground my hand against my panties.

She tugged off her panties, revealing her dark, curly bush and sweet, plump ebony pussy lips. Her stomach was rounded and womanly and loved her thick, delicious thighs.

"Please show me, honey," I moaned as I pushed my fingers inside my panties.

She placed one foot on the bed and spread her dark mound open for me. She was creamy hot inside--her juices running down her pink folds. I could smell her musky cunt from across the bed, and I wanted to be closer to her.

I moved down to the foot of the bed, lying on my stomach, just mere inches from her gorgeous cunt.

She looked down at me, pure lust and sweet tenderness filling her eyes. She was so hot, so open, and so ready to give herself to me.

"Baby, please. I've wanted you for so long. You've driven me crazy in my dreams. Please baby. Make love to my pussy. It's all for you," she spread her pink lips wider and her dark pussy fur was now matted with her sweet, cunt cream.

"God, Tawny, you are so beautiful, so hot, so ready. I want you so much. I want to make love to your gorgeous black cunt, baby."

"Mmm, I have no idea what I'm doing but I'll give it my best shot," I teased starting to lightly stroke her juicy, swollen lips.

"You'll do just fine, baby," she spread her lips wider, opening her pussy even further for me.

I inhaled her fragrance, nuzzling my nose against her pussy hair. She smelled so lush and ripe. My tongue dipped out, tasting the salty-tangy juice running along her labia.

I gently sucked on the swollen lips, lapping softly at her sticky folds. Her beautiful brown lips were so soft and creamy.

Tawny groaned and pushed one hand into my hair. Obviously, I was doing something right.

I flickered my tongue gently--up and down her swollen lips. I pushed my nose into her hole, smelling her sweet, gushing center.

"Mmm Tawny, you taste so delicious."

My tongue found her hood, and I circled it, teasing her with the very tip of my tongue.

"Oh baby, yes that's how I like it. Tease me with your sweet tongue. God, I love that," she moaned rocking gently against my mouth.

I found the hard, swollen button and flicked it with my tongue. She tensed slightly and groaned her approval. Her clit felt so big and hard as I licked it gently and then tugged it between my lips.

"God yes, baby, my clit, my sweet fat clit, it's all yours, lover! Oh baby, work that clit. Eat my sweet black cunt, lover! Yes!" she exhaled naughty, delicious words as I loved and licked her hard, fat clitty.

My mouth captured her clit and suckled her like a baby. I moaned against her dripping cunt as my teeth bit her clit gently.

"Oh my god, damn girl, you're going to make me cum, baby! Don't stop, don't ever stop!!"

I kept at her clit, sucking harder, as two fingers slid inside her gooey center. I gently slid my fingers in and out as I sucked her rock-hard clitty between my lips.

"Oh God, baby I'm going to explode for you! Make love to me! Yes, suck my clit. Suck my clit baby--you made it that way--now make your lover cum!" she leaned her head back and erupted, screaming my name into the room, her screams bouncing off the wall.

She rewarded me with her sweet juicy honey, coating my face and lips and fingers. I lapped and lapped, drinking her sweet cum, my first woman's delicious cum. My sweet Tawny's juicy cunt cream.

I kissed her lovely ebony pussy, licking off every sticky drop.

I kissed her pussy fur, licking my way up her body, passing my lips over her voluptuous tits, up to her chin, kissing her with my sticky lips.

"My God, woman, are you sure this is your first time?" she chuckled, kissing me so sweetly.

"Mmmm, yes your sweet delicious black pussy was my first and I'm going to have it over and over and over again," I whispered.

"Well, first I want that sweet pink pussy on my mouth and then you can eat me again, lover," she whispered back, our mouths pressed together.

To be continued...

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