tagLesbian SexSweet Ebony Ch. 02

Sweet Ebony Ch. 02


Sorry, this has taken me so long...here's the second chapter of Sweet Ebony (by popular request).

Tawny licks her neighbor's lips and wraps her arms around her warm body. Tawny tastes her musky, sweet juices on Georgia's lips.

"Georgia, honey, now it's my turn. I've wanted to devour your body for months, especially that sweet, succulent pink pussy." Tawny whispers into her sexy neighbor's ear.

"Mmmm, I can't wait to feel your tongue and lips on me, baby."

"Move back, hon, and get comfortable. Spread those sexy legs wide open for me. Damn, I love your legs, girl."

Tawny glides her soft palms over Georgia's creamy, milky soft skin. Georgia gasps as Tawny's sexy nails drag across her upper thighs. Tawny drags her full, heavy breasts across Georgia's legs, moving her head to Georgia's stomach.

Tawny trails her sexy, full lips right over Georgia's belly button. She flicks her warm, wet tongue over her stomach and kisses around the belly button.

"God, Tawny, that feels amazing," Georgia sighs as Tawny drags her warm, wet tongue down her stomach.

"Baby, show me. I want to see your beautiful pink pussy. I want to see how wet I'm making you, hon."

"You mean like this, Tawny? Do you want me to open wide and show you my creamy, hot center?"

Georgia teases her and spreads her legs wider for Tawny. She draws her pink petals open, showing off her juicy, pink center to Tawny.

"I love your dark, hairy pussy mound. I love how your sweet pink pussy opens like a juicy flower for me. God, you are so wet, baby." Tawny leans over and nuzzles her face against Georgia's curly brown bush.

"I'm so wet for you, Tawny. I gushed while I ate out your sweet, sexy black pussy. Eat me, Tawny. Show me good it can be, hon." Georgia looks into Tawny's sexy brown eyes, begging her with her baby blue eyes to take her pussy right now.

"Oh Georgia, I am going to eat your sweet pussy until you can't stand it, lover. I've been aching to taste you."

Tawny slides her sexy lips over Georgia's dripping, glistening pink lips. She laps hungrily at Georgia's pouty and very swollen lips.

Georgia sighs and brings her hands to Georgia's head, playing with her hair, guiding her closer to her creamy-wet cunt.

"That's it, Tawny. Don't stop, baby. Your mouth feels so good. Eat me baby. Eat this pretty pink pussy. Mmmmmm." Georgia grinds her gushing pussy against Tawny's mouth, aching for that delicious release that she knows will happen very soon.

Tawny moves back to examine Georgia's sweet, swollen pink pearl. It looks so delicious and it makes Tawny's hot black pussy throb and gush.

"God, I love your clit, Georgia. You need my mouth right there, don't you? Tell me what you want. Let me hear you." Tawny whispers against Georgia's dripping mound.

"Suck me, lover. Suck my fat, pink swollen clit. Tug it. Lick it. Fuck me, Tawny. Damn, I need that so badly," Georgia whimpers tugging Tawny's face closer.

"Mmmm music to my ears, sweetie. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Your black lover is going to eat that sweet pink pussy and suck that hot clit until you scream,"

Tawny flicks her wet, pointed tongue over Georgia's swollen clit, capturing the sweet bud with her full lips. She suckles like it's a nipple--suckling it hard between her lips. She nips and tugs at it. Georgia moans loudly, gripping the sheets.

"Oh fuck, Tawny, god suck my clit. I love that. It never has been this good--oh baby, YES!" Georgia screams and thrashes on the bed as Tawny attacks her clit. She sucks harder and slides two fingers deep inside her juicy, pink cunt.

"Cum for me, baby, cum now! All over my face--I want it all, you sexy woman!"

"Oh baby, I'm going to cum so hard for you. Keep sucking my clit. Please now, I'm going to cum so hard for you. Tawny! Yes, baby here I cum!" Georgia screams, arching her back, pushing her cunt hard against Tawny's sexy ebony face, soaking her with her sweet pussy cum.

Tawny sucks Georgia's clit hard, biting and nibbling, as Georgia thrashes on the bed, her body convulsing as her pussy spasms against Tawny's face.

"Ohhhhh God, Tawny, I'm cumming so hard, for you baby. Goddddddd!"

As Georgia's body starts to come down from her orgasmic high, Tawny licks and laps at her sticky juices flowing from her pussy. She gently licks at her swollen clit and swollen lips.

"Girl, you taste heavenly. I love your pussy. You taste delicious. So much cum, so wet and hot. Mmmmm."

Georgia sighs and massages the top of Tawny's head.

"Thank you, honey. That was amazing. I've never felt so good in my life. Your tongue and mouth felt so beautiful," Georgia smiles up at Tawny.

"Mmmm that's just the beginning, sweetie. I have a lot to show you," Tawny winks at Georgia as she crawls up next to her and kisses her sweet, sexy mouth, sharing Georgia's juices with her.

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