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Sweet In-Law Gushes


The Ross Family was very happy as Harlan Ross III was born. He was the spitting image of his father and grandfather. Grandma Hazel & daughter-in-law Rachel would compare baby pictures to view the amazing resemblance of all three as babies.

One family hobby was golf. Harlan Sr. & Harlan Jr. left Overland Park, Kansas to head for Florida to play in their Country Club’s quarterly tournament. This left the ladies to care for the newest member of the Ross Family, now four months old, for the next two weeks. Hazel decided to stay with Rachel while the guys were away for convenience as the drive was long going back to their condominium, especially at night.

Hazel was amazingly beautiful at her mature age of 63. She had big expressive blue-gray eyes and thick curly blonde-gray hair she had coiffed every week in addition to her manicures to keep her nails even and polished with her favorite fiery red nail enamel. She was a statuesque lady, not fat, but full-figured with her 46DDD cushy breasts that were capped with huge pale pink nipples and wide 48-inch pear-shaped hips with an equally full ass. Her creamy-color thighs were soft and round, accentuating all of her feminine fleshly 5’ 10” frame.

Her hobby was writing. She chronicled events from childhood, becoming a new bride, mother and entering the workforce later in the 70’s when HJ was in high school. She wanted to share the memoirs she had about becoming a mother back in 1961 when she had her son with her daughter-in-law Rachel. Hazel was very happy Rachel decided to nurse her new grandson as she did when she had Harlan Jr. back in 1961.

Rachel was not as statuesque as her mother-in-law, but she was a tall 5’9” tanned beauty. She had just turned 41 on her last birthday and had rich chestnut brown shoulder length hair and her 36c breasts had engorged to 40DD thanks to her pregnancy. Her nipples were a chocolate brown resembling two Hershey kisses. Her 38-inch hips and thighs along with her long torso were slender and well toned as was her golden brown ass. Pregnancy definitely agreed with Rachel, and Harlan Jr.’s frequent fucking made her know she was even more desirable to him in her prenatal stages.

The paper on which Hazel had written her memoirs on back in the 60’s was old and falling apart, so she decided to type them out on the computer in the large family room. Today, she would do this while Rachel would nurse baby Harlan.

As Hazel fingertips and bright red nails tapped away on the computer keyboard, Rachel held little Harlan as she zipped open her terrycloth robe to open her nursing bra. Her full chocolate nipple was exposed and ready for the baby to suck.

At that moment, Hazel’s eyes glanced over her reading glasses to turn over one of the tattered pages of her writings and she caught a glimpse of Rachel’s full tit and nipple before the baby latched on to nurse. As baby Harlan nursed, she could hear Rachel muffling some long deep moans.

Hazel remembered her involuntary but welcomed reactions to HJ’s nursing, and because she was also typing those memoirs at the time Rachel was nursing, she could feel hot oozing that started to lubricate her mature pussy. She continued to type, but she squeezed her full thighs together to quietly stimulate her stiffened clitoris as Rachel’s moans became more intense.

“Excuse me, Mother Ross—I’m going to put the baby in his crib and catch a nap myself” Rachel told her as she carried her sleeping son out of the family room.

Hazel knew Rachel’s pussy was on fire because she recalled what followed her nursing sessions with HJ. She typed a few more words before going upstairs to see if her suspicions were correct. Hazel’s pussy was also well moistened as she stood and walked away from the computer desk and headed upstairs.

Rachel’s bedroom door was pulled to, but not shut. Hazel slowly pushed the door open enough to see her beautiful daughter-in-law on her queen-size bed, her terrycloth robe and bra on the floor beside the bed. Her panties were removed but hanging on one of her toned thighs, and her legs were wide open as she feverishly stroked her burning clitoris, oblivious to the presence of her mother-in-law.

The sight of Rachel pleasuring herself after nursing baby Harlan gave Hazel some hot sensations and memories. When alone, Hazel did this very thing after most of her nursing sessions, and when she came, literal gushes of cum juices would spew from her sizzling cunt. She was too embarrassed to tell her husband about it then, so she would write about it and keep it to herself.

Hazel has a craze for chocolate and sweets, and the sight of Rachel’s erect nipples resembling those Hershey kisses and Rachel’s protruding bronze clitty made her want to join her daughter-in-law for some sweet milky chocolate delights and oral satisfaction.

Hazel always thought Rachel was very beautiful, and had Rachel gotten a hold of Hazel’s memoirs she would have read about Hazel’s afternoon trysts with her neighbor and best friend Maggie, of whom also had a baby in May of 1961 when Hazel had HJ and by coincidence Rachel bore a striking resemblance to.

Just when Hazel was about to go in and help Rachel reach that cum cliff and go over, Rachel let out a soft but audible “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” as her pussy spewed sweet flowing nectar, just as Hazel would back in her little brick house in Pine Lawn Missouri. Rachel, now expended from her self-pleasuring escapades quickly dozed off for her afternoon nap.

Hazel’s soft thighs were now covered with sweet cunt nectar that trickled from her soaking wet panties from watching Rachel’s solo sex session. She went to the guest bedroom, removed her leopard-print caftan and panties (she wore no bra—her boobs swayed freely underneath the caftan), and fingered herself into an electric-charged orgasm, also taking a nap afterwards. Age did not impair her feminine ejaculations, in fact, they actually increased, much to her surprise (and Harlan Sr.’s delight!)

The ladies had dinner and cleaned the dinner dishes. They talked and laughed about their husbands and the new son/grandson, but both were silent about the mutual but separate cum sessions—until later at bedtime.

Rachel wore her soft teal pajamas to bed. The baby woke for his feeding, and she went to get him so she could nurse him in bed. Hazel heard her going back into her bedroom, and decided to join her daughter in law while she nursed little Harlan. Hazel wore a silky, somewhat sheer lilac floor-length nightgown and no underwear. The outline of her huge creamy boobs could be seen as they swayed from side-to-side as she walked as well as the sway of her enormous hips and inviting round bare ass.

While Rachel nursed the baby, Hazel nonchalantly made idle conversation with Rachel as the baby hungrily sucked on Rachel’s erect chocolate-brown nipple. Rachel would laugh and talk with Hazel, and emit soft, intense moans while she nursed. Hazel’s luscious pussy again began to moisten in excitement of what she knew was happening to her beautiful daughter-in-law and what she would initiate once the baby was asleep. The baby finished nursing and fell asleep and Rachel walked him to his room and returned to her mother-in-law.

“Well Mother Ross, I guess I’ll turn in now.” Rachel now returned to the bed where Hazel was still propped on pillows, totally ready for some hot action. Rachel actually wanted to again stroke herself to cumland before falling off to sleep.

“Sweetie, why don’t you stop that Mother Ross business. I mean I appreciate your respect, but we will be rooming together for the next couple of weeks, and we may as well be as comfortable with each other as possible.”

“Alright. How about Mom Hazel?” Rachel asked as she joined Hazel in the pillow-prop position on the bed.

“Just Hazel or Mama is fine,” Hazel responded now moving a little closer to Rachel. “Here—I have something for you to read.”

Hazel handed Rachel the finished memoirs about her nursing sessions with HJ. Rachel’s mouth opened in amazement as she read about Hazel and Maggie’s nursing of their young babies and then relieve each other by mutual tit nursing and drinking the sweet milk from each other’s fully engorged breasts and move down to their fiery cunts they kept clean-shaven to tongue each other into much needed orgasms. Rachel was also too embarrassed to mention what was happening to her, feeling a little guilty because it was happening while nursing her infant son.

By this time, Hazel had started unbuttoning Rachel’s pajama top. “I saw you when you stroke your lovely thick clit until you spewed your hot honey juices. Oh Rachel…you’re so beautiful…let Mama Hazel share some of that hot chocolate milk and sweet juice…”

Hazel then kissed Rachel’s soft mouth lightly, then a full-tongued kiss was returned by Rachel. They filled each other’s mouths with their soft but stiffened tongues and then Hazel slid Rachel’s pajama top off and removed her nursing bra. She slipped out of her lilac gown and now her luscious creamy white skin was in Rachel’s full view. Her large boobs swelled even more from the hot excitement of this moment and her nipples now bright pink and fully erect. Her blonde-gray pubic hairs were kept neatly trimmed, courtesy of Hazel’s indulging beautician.

“Honey, there’s no milk in them, but Mama will be so glad if you would nurse on them anyway…” Not that Rachel needed the invitation, but she quickly filled her mouth with Hazel’s lusciously creamy boob. Hazel then positioned herself to latch her mouth onto Rachel’s hot chocolate nipple. Her bright red-nailed fingertips gently massaged and squeezed her rock-hard nipples, then she flicked the nipples with her tongue and then sucked the warm sweet milk from her sweet daughter-in-law full tits. They would simultaneously nurse, going from right to left boob, hungrily sucking for several minutes as their cunts mounted with hot juices.

Hazel stopped her sucking and kissed Rachel’s bronze belly, and eased closer to give Rachel’s scorching pussy some hot tongue flicking. Now, she could reciprocate for the warm milk she gleefully drank from Rachel’s boobs. She removed Rachel’s pajama bottoms to reveal her deliciously moist honey hole. Hazel rested her full tits on Rachel’s belly and torso in a 69 position, straddling so that her big creamy ass was in Rachel’s face with Hazel’s sweet juices waiting for Rachel to sample.

As Hazel tongued Rachel’s pussy, Rachel raised her head not only to tongue Hazel’s drenched cunt, but she spread open Hazel’s full ass cheeks to tongue Hazel’s large delicious asshole, also covered with cunt juice. She would also give soft, teasing kisses and tongue laps to Hazel’s soft doughy thighs.

Suddenly, Hazel’s mouth opened and she shrilled “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhoneyyyyyyy! I’m cummmmm…” and then, just like a large waterfall flowing with streams of water, Hazel’s cum filled Rachel’s mouth, almost choking as her swallowed the overwhelming flow. Not long after, Rachel’s pussy emitted those familiar spews and Hazel guzzled every drop sucking her dry as Rachel moaned with delight.

They got under the sheets and cuddled their warm naked bodies together, sharing long deep tongue-laced kisses before drifting off to a relaxing sleep, repeating several post nursing and cunt lapping sessions after Harlan’s feedings into the night and the next morning.

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