tagLesbian SexSweet In-Law Gushes Ch. 02

Sweet In-Law Gushes Ch. 02


Summers were always so hot in Overland Park. So were Hazel & Rachel. Their mutual female nipple sucking and tongue fucking sessions would occur while Hazel visited her grandson & luscious daughter-in-law in the afternoons while Harlan Sr. played his afternoon golf and Harlan Jr. was at work.

Hazel had her Covington Manor Ladies’ Club Meetings every Thursday. The President announced in the previous meeting a newcomer would be attending to start the initiation process of being voted into their prestigious Club. Hazel noticed a lady sitting in the front row with thick blonde-gray curly hair as she also had, but she did not pay much attention after her initial glances.

“Ladies,” Madam President began speaking, “I introduce our newest potential Member to the Covington Manor Ladies’ Club, Mrs. Gretchen Edinburgh.” When the 60-ish woman turned around, Hazel let out a big but happy gasp as her bright red nails and hands masked her face and she began walking quickly to the front exclaiming “Gretchen, it that YOU?!!” Gretchen was Hazel’s roommate in college and she had not seen her since the late 1950’s. Their names in college were Gretchen Vonderstuck & Hazel Alexander.

Both were curvaceous beautiful blondes in college, many times mistaken for sisters. Now, years later it was still as if both were looking in a mirror. They both had 38-26-40 measurements in college, but now were both statuesque with fuller but no less tantalizing huge boobs and soft bubble asses. Their soft cushy boobs met and mashed together as they wrapped their arms around each other’s mature curvy frames and embraced.

The Ladies in the meeting began to laugh and applaud at the sight of this happy reunion, but Hazel and Gretchen quietly experienced a familiar rush of honey juices moisturizing their hot boxes as their embrace became longer and longer. In college, Hazel and Gretchen would share their most intimate secrets. They would mutually masturbate in their twin beds as they talked about what they wanted to do with their boyfriends. Once when Hazel and Harlan had a terrible fight, Gretchen held her best friend in her arms to comfort her. She softly kissed Hazel on the lips as a friendly gesture, but the kisses got softer and wetter, and before they knew it, every stitch of clothing was on the floor and they launched their secret lesbian liaisons that continued until graduation. They both married and lost touch with one another after college.

Once Madam President understood Hazel and Gretchen were college roommates and had not seen each other in several years, the Club voted unanimously to elect Hazel as Gretchen’s Orientation Sister to their Club. This would give them a chance to become reacquainted and prepare Gretchen for full membership.

Gretchen was widowed about a year before moving back to Overland Park. She hoped the move would help her start her life over again.

Hazel trailed Gretchen to her condominium so they could drop Gretchen’s Jaguar off and ride in Hazel’s Park Avenue to see the newest member of the Ross Family. The ladies did as much catching up on their lives as a 45-minute ride would allow. Then, Hazel told Gretchen about Rachel and their first lady-lady fuck session while the guys were golfing in Florida. Gretchen’s cunt juice mounted as Hazel graphically described her and Rachel’s sizzling encounters, also reminding her of their old college days as they lay in their twin beds taunting each other with their sexy girl talk and petting their own pale pink nipples, squeezing their thighs together or playing with their stiff clitties until they had mutually affirmed bursts of cum pleasure.

“Is she still nursing?” Gretchen asked, wanting to hear an affirmative answer from her old college chum.

“Yes, and after she does, she’s just as I was when I nursed HJ… she gushes pussy pizzazz all over the place—and in my waiting mouth!” Hazel answered, also becoming wetter and wetter as she drove and elaborated. “Rae does a mean tongue-fuck on my large asshole too!” Hazel told Gretchen. They never did this in college, although they would nibble each other’s soft blonde pussy hairs and drip their tongues in each other’s hot juicy pussy holes. The air condition was on full-blast, but the steamy conversation had both mature beauties fit to be fucked lady-style.

Rachel answered the door and had just finished nursing baby Harlan. He was taking his afternoon nap, and Rachel met Hazel and Gretchen at the door in her terrycloth robe, still unzipped and revealing Rachel’s braless cleavage and curvy milk-filled boobs and erect nipples.

“Rachel, this is Gretchen Edinburgh, my old college roomy.” Hazel introduced Gretchen to Rachel. Gretchen could not take her eyes away from Rachel’s bronze engorged boobs as they came toward her with open arms to welcome her to her home. Gretchen’s hands gently caressed Rachel’s back and she could feel those milk-stiffened nipples against her own soft and smoldering boobs. Rachel was amazed how much Gretchen looked like her mother-in-law and she wanted to tear into her gargantuan tits that softly cushioned her hot milk jugs.

Rachel was searing as usual after nursing, and was about to go to her bedroom to take herself over the orgasm cliff. Hazel’s timing was perfect so she would not have to fly solo. She did not know Hazel and Gretchen had talked themselves up and were ready to take the erotic flight with her.

“Honey, there’s no need to waste time with a lot of small talk. I know your sweet clitty is burning, and I’ve already told Gretchen how we have more than cookies and tea in the afternoon. Let’s go to the bedroom NOW before the guys get home!” Hazel commanded, with her pearl buttons of her blouse already unbuttoned, revealing her soft peach brassiere that would soon be history.

They went to Rachel’s bedroom and Rachel stepped out of her terrycloth robe and drenched panties. Her nipples were still very erect and small droplets of her sweet milk drizzled from her chocolate nubs. She lay on the bed, with her arms extended the full width of her queen-sized bed with her legs wide open, displaying her well-moistened bronze pussy and swollen vulva lips. Hazel and Gretchen removed everything except their large cotton panties. They were amazed how they still looked alike after all of these years, including the large pink-tipped nipples that stood at attention, their soft doughy thighs and creamy milky-white asses.

First, Hazel and Gretchen’s soft red lipstick clad lips met for a fiery, wet kiss. Once they kissed, they mutually tugged at each other’s panties and left them on the floor as they together headed for Rachel, who was turned on by watching the mammoth creamy boobs, soft rounded bellies, and thick delicious thighs mesh together as she watched her mother-in-law and Gretchen share a hot lusty kiss. She gently massaged her drizzling nipples and allowed the milk to flow down her bronze tits.

Rachel was in a very coy, playful mood, and as Hazel & Gretchen were about to take a nipple apiece and nurse like two starved little puppies, Rachel squeezed both of her nipples and squirted each of them in their faces with her warm milk.

“Ooo, you naughty little lactating bitch!” Gretchen replies and smiles as Rachel is endlessly giggling. “Hazel, what are we going to do about this?”

“Mama says we turn her over and spank her naughty little ass!” Hazel answers as she grabs Rachel by the waist to turn her over, winking at Gretchen.

Rachel had never been spanked before during sex. Harlan fucked her in her luscious ass and his huge balls and muscular thighs would rhythmically smack her ass as he thrust his 11-inch cock into her tight anus, but the combined pain & pleasure was yet to be experienced by the milk-toting beauty, courtesy of the creamy-assed twins.

Gretchen helped Hazel turn Rachel onto her stomach and then demanded, “Raise that damn smartass of yours and get up on all fours! We’re going to spank the shit out of it!”

Rachel’s bronze cheeks turned deep burgundy as each of her firm asscheeks were fervently smacked by the brazen mature hotties. Her pussy lava flowed down her toned thighs, heading for her knees. She thought she would be in pain, but the matronly pair gave her sweet ass whacks that intensified her already highly aroused state from nursing her son earlier. She felt a pleasurable tingle on both cheeks and suddenly Hazel announced, “Now, we’re gonna have some chocolate milk!”

Gretchen pressed Rachel down by her tingling asscheeks. Hazel and Gretchen assumed the doggie-style positions as they got up on the bed by their knees and bent over to mount their hungry lustful lips to Rachel’s fully engorged nipples.

Sucking as if it were their last meal, Hazel and Gretchen drank from the endless supply of sweet warm milk, flicking Rachel’s nipple with their large hot tongues. Hazel’s cleaver red-nailed fingertips found Rachel’s tortured clitoris and just a few strokes made Rachel give off twice as much cunt nectar from being so fully aroused by the mature pair. Hazel knew her daughter-in-law’s trembles right before spewing her delicious juices, and as Gretchen continued to suck hot milk, Hazel quickly darted her blonde curly head and clamped her mouth onto Rae’s swollen pussy lips and now had a delicious mixture of milk and pussy juice flowing down her throat.

Rachel decided to take command and while Hazel was still licking her pussy dry, she told Gretchen, “Alright you creamy-assed old bitch, sit on my face NOW and let ME have some of that cream of pussy and asshole!”

Gretchen knew turnabout was fair play. Before she mounted Rachel lovely face pussy/ass first, she hung her creamy jugs over Rachel face to nurse her stiff pink nipples. Rachel mouth was wide open like a hungry little baby bird and her mouth devoured each gigantic tit and nipple, going from one to the other.

Gretchen turned sat on Rachel’s face so she could watch Hazel continue to lick Rae’s sweet pussy like a lollipop. “Hey, I want some of that cunt-candy!”

“Be my guest!” Hazel replied. Gretchen lunged forward, putting her and Rachel into a sixty-nine position and held on to Rachel’s firm thighs and lapped her cum-moist pussy. Rachel performed her infamous tongue fucking of Gretchen asshole. It also was nice and large like Mama Hazel’s, so Rae could do her numerous tongue-fucking acrobats. She interchanged from ass to pussy until the hot mature lover of hers also released her joyful cum into Rachel’s mouth.

Hazel then had a playful pout on her face. “Mommy wanna cum too!” Her doughy thighs were glistening with cunt cream, and she was more than ready. Rachel and Gretchen moved from the bed so the queen of female ejacs could have her overflowing fountain emitted. Gretchen positioned herself so she and Hazel could jointly nurse each other’s creamy soft boobs. Hazel opened her humongous thighs wide open so Rae could eat out her mother-in-law’s pussy and awaiting asshole. Her soft tongue slathered Hazel’s pre-cum cream and teased her moist thighs and landed with her full mouth and tongue on Mama Hazel’s pussy lips while Gretchen tongue-flicked Hazel bright pink erect nipples. Within a few minutes, the fuck fountain flowed cum juice down Rachel’s throat, and then Gretchen playfully shoved Rachel away to taste her old college chum’s pussy lava.

They all collapsed on the bed. Each head would turn and give one or the other tongue-laced kisses and hands wandered randomly all over the creamy and bronzed bare skin. The air was filled with the pungent, but welcomed fragrance of female fucking as each hot honey found a spot on the bed bare-assed to drift off to sleep.

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