tagLesbian SexSweet Is The Night Ch. 02

Sweet Is The Night Ch. 02


Sweet is The Night, - The Agonising Awakening.


It has taken me several years and lots of persuasion to write this account; the second part of the first time I made love, not to a male but a female. It is also a noose around my neck, hoping that this story will be well received. However here goes and it starts with the final few paragraphs of sweet is the night.

To those English connoisseurs out there, I know I have mixed my tense up. It is partly deliberate; some of it is what I was thinking, there, then at the time, and what was happening to me. Other comments are me now looking back to almost four years, remembering the significance of this episode in my life. Those who have read Christina's seduction will also know the importance of that mile stone; it is when I was more confident with my own bisexuality, and confident enough to seduce a straight girl. That was also a traumatic few days in my life.


"Thank you." I whispered, through my smile, pulling her close, wanting to hug her, feel her next to me, as we lay, hugging, caressing.

Soon, we were sitting up, sipping wine. I was almost naked; except for my stocking clad legs. However Jane was still fully dressed, as I let my hands slide under her jumper, feeling her smooth skin, and gently pinching.

"It's your turn." I whispered into her ear, kissing, nibbling her lobe. She purred, gently, before moving, standing up. Standing at the base of the bed, she undressed, slowly lifting her jumper over her head, exposing her full breasts, trying to burst out of the bra. Her skirt was soon unfastened, exposing her matching pants, also lace. Slowly, suggestively, she eased her breasts out of the bra, as the bra was dropped onto the floor, her thong following closely. I could not keep my eyes off her; her breasts were full, firm and uplifting, her nipples proud and erect. Her pussy was trimmed, and her hair was let down, long, reaching to halfway down her back. She looked adorable, lovely…

There was a moment of silence, an awkward silence as I stared at Jane, in her nudity. I gulped, several times, trying to say something, but only a sigh escaped. As she approached the bed, climbed onto the bed next to me, I still stared, my mind in turmoil. I had never seen at this close a naked girl. Yes I had seen girls in the changing room of the gym, etc but this was well very different. In the gym, you observe from a distance, as we shower, change and leave. Here, was Jane, openly flaunting her self to me, hoping, wanting me, encouraging me to touch her, feel her, to caress her. I felt my heart beat, the echo of the beat inside my head.

Smiling, she placed my hands on her body… "Caress me, Miranda, explore…" in a soft sensual, yet slightly husky sound.

Slowly I picked up courage… My hands traced the outline of her breasts. Her skin was soft, smooth, not muscular and hairy like so many men. A shiver ran up my spine, as I realised how soft Jane was. My fingers wandered feeling the outline of her breasts, the undersides, her thighs, shoulders, and abdomen.


I looked up, at her lovely face, watching her develop a lovely intent smile.

"You look apprehensive, are you?"

"Yes," nodding slightly…

"Here's some advice. When you have sex, make love to another girl, another female, cast your mind back. Remember what you enjoy, how you liked to be touched, caressed. Remember those erogenous zones you love, and the boyfriend ignores…"

"Yes." giggling softly, remembering how I like to play with my body, where I like to caress, how I like to touch, pinching my own nipples, stroking them, caressing the soft underbelly of my breasts, my inner thighs…

"All you need to do is to reciprocate, and you will I assure you give your partner pleasure." smiling.

I smiled back, moving aside, beckoning her to lie down on her back, kneeling beside her. Running my fingers over her lips, I felt her pucker her lips, to kiss my lips, to take them, suck on them.

My lips found hers letting out a soft sigh. My tongue ran over her lips, feeling the little indentations, the softness, her taste. This was the first time I was leading…. My hands held her cheek as we kissed, softly, tenderly lightly caressing her cheek with my finger tips. I struggled with my courage to part her lips with my tongue, and to brush past her lips into her mouth.

My mind seemed strange, again in turmoil, but why? We had kissed, she had touched me. She had pleasured me unlike any man. Not necessary better, or worse, but a different style, more sensual, more caressing.

Despite the unease I felt, we continued to kiss feeling my tongue brush, slide past hers. As I accepted her tongue, she accepted mine eagerly. The kiss developed in intensity and longing. I cannot recall how long we kissed, or rather I kissed her. It may seem strange, but this detail is important, as it helps me to understand my sexual awakening, up till now, Jane had taken the lead. Whether it was by design, or by fate, I really do not know, but Jane was being submissive… No submissive is the wrong terminology, but she definitely allowed me to be the lead, encouraged me to be more proactive.

We kissed and we kissed. At times it was short, soft sensual butterfly kisses, me kissing her lips, sucking on her lips her protruding tongue. It was also a slow deep sensual kiss, feeling our lips part, feeling my lovers tongue slide over mine, as if the tips were playing games. It was also a passionate kiss, lips moving, tongues dancing erotically, as if they were partners expressing themselves. If the kiss were to be named after a dance, it would surely be the tango.

I do not recall who broke the kiss, but we both gasped for air, our lungs gasping for oxygen, needing to refill. Jane picked herself off the bed, leaning back on her forearms, arching her head, neck backwards as if it were an offering, a sacrifice.

My lips came to bear, slowly kissing, and licking. Hearing Jane gasp, letting out soft gentle sighs, complimenting me, encouraging me, educating me. I explored, tentatively her body, seeking out her erogenous zones. A nipple came into contact with my tongue. Remembering both what I enjoy and Jane's tender touch earlier on, I licked it, flicked it wrapping my tongue of it; feeling the softness of the nipple despite it being hard. My tongue outlined the curve of her breast, areola, the nipple, the soft underside of her breast.

"Oh God," was all I seem to remember but aware of her hands running through my hair, caressing my back, shoulders, hearing her gasp, sigh, and occasionally tensing. I realised that I could cup her two breasts, bring her both of her nipples to bear, flicking both, nibbling, tugging, hearing her gasp sharply with my touch.

"Oh god, harder yes harder…HARDER."


At some point, I was aware that my exploring tongue had found her belly button, as I kissed, it, flicked my tongue inside. Soon I was aware that as I kissed, it was as if it were her mouth, I sent a slight ripple across her abdomen, making me giggle slightly, I never was sure if Jane realised what I was doing. On looking up, she was on her back, head to one side, eyes closed, her hands caressing her breasts, pinching her own nipples.

The edge of the forest was light to begin with, but, my hands caressing her inner thighs, and my exploration, the forest was the next place on my voyage of discovery. As I went closer to her mound, I felt the forest of pubic hair pick up, and heard her sigh a deeper sigh, aware of her body tensing slightly.

Looking up, her eyes were open, looking down a smile up on her lips.


"Yes?" softly answering.

"Please move between my legs, I want to look down at you, to see you." Knowing how important eye contact is with Adrian, I did as she requested.

I felt my self gulp, as I looked at her fanny, her sex inches from me.

"Gosh." I thought, realising this is the first time I have seen a fanny, pussy, up this close, I have not even seen mine this close…. My mind was again in turmoil, thoughts flashing through, as I looked, stared at her sex. Her fanny was covered in dark hairs, long, but not thick. Her labia, vulva were engorged with blood, swollen, puffy, and glistening in her own juices. My fingers gently traced the outline of the natural folds, feeling her shiver, squirm to my gentle touch. At the top of her labia, just below her clitoris, was an area of bright pink, again, looking moist, deliciously moist I thought? Her clit was exposed, as if it was pushing aside its hood, wanting to be caressed, licked, and touched. I stared further. Looking at the folds of the labia, how they seemed to twist, fold over to protect her.

I felt my heart miss a beat, or was it two? Part of me felt disgusted, hearing voices coming from within; my mind asking "Do you really want to lick and kiss that?" But part of me was being bolder, as it answered yes. "Doesn't it look inviting? Sure it's a girl. But aren't you intrigued as to what it will feel like, taste like, how it will respond to your touch?" But the other voices, were also prominent, "your about to became gay, a Lezo, a label, your family will disown you, as will Adrian. You want to lick a girl's pee hole, and kiss it, you're a dirty cow." I felt my eyes stare; lingering at her fanny, before looking at her, seeing her smile softly as my mixed, confused emotions; my conflict battled it out in my mind. I recall that she asked me something, but I could not hear, I was in a deep trance, mesmerised, hypnotised by her fanny and the conflicts within my self.

"Miranda?" In a slow, almost concerned softness, "Are you alright?"

"Slowly my mind returned to reality, the situation there, present. You know when some how time seems to slow down in your little world, your own bubble, that was how It seemed, with me.

"Yes, I'm fine." I replied.

Slowly, hesitantly I moved my self towards those imposing lips, trying to remember the techniques of my various lovers, including Jane, only minutes before. Tentatively I touched her labia with my tongue, sensing her flinch, hearing her gasp lightly. I felt her hand stroke my hair lightly, as I leaned further forward onto, into her.

Slowly my tongue explored, from the outside, taking it in, watching what I did, and how she reacted. I remember tracing the labia, the contours, moving in a circular manner, feeling the texture of her fanny, her labia, the hairs, and of course her taste, so different to that of a male, not as salty, sweeter, definitely sweeter.

I cannot really recall how Jane reacted, what she said, apart from it was a show of pleasure. As I slowly became at ease with myself, what I was doing and how she responded, I developed a sense of boldness, exploring further a field, licking, flicking her clitoris with my tongue. I tugged it slightly as well, somewhat hard, which resulted in a play full slap; and a loud sigh, a deep moan.

I remember taking my time, partly to repay her kindness, but also I was intrigued, whether I could pleasure another girl, another woman, I think, also deep down if I had rushed it, I may not have had the confidence to repeat it, to make love to either Jane or another girl again; so I stayed there, orally making love to her labia, and her clit, aware of Jane's sighs, moans; aware of her running her fingers through my hair.

Finally I summoned courage, to part her labia, and to start exploring her inside, slowly licking, tasting, her entrance, the contrast of my tongue against the bright pink. I know she exposed her self, with her hands she helped her lips open, my tongue pushing further forwards, inwards, deeper into her fanny, her mound, her inner most sanctuary. The textures were strange new, not unpleasant, but well certainly different. I am not sure how to describe the texture, though it was moist, a sticky moisture, sweetish too. It had a velvety texture, as I pushed further, deeper, feeling her respond.

Feeling her respond, aware of how aroused she had become, gave me what I needed to over come the last of my inhibitions. I pushed against her harder, exploring her inside, aware of my tongue twisting, exploring tasting, suddenly feeling at ease with Jane, the situation, my final inhibitions left me as I started to make love to Jane orally, no longer caring about what was happening, to me, nor that of my surroundings but rather wanting to care for Jane, wanting to pleasure her….. To make love to her as she had to me earlier.

Again, I felt the bubble explode, no longer cocooned in my time distortion capsule, I became aware of Jane, not that I had not been, but I was more focused on what I was doing, the effect of my actions, from my own perspective rather than Jane's. But as the bubble burst again, I became at ease with myself, my new sexuality, and most importantly of all, my current situation, of kneeling in front of an older woman, making love to her, her legs wrapped around my back.

As I became focused, I could hear Jane, gasping sighing, calling out my name.

I picked up the tempo, wanting to make love to her, to pleasure her, Even now, I remember thinking to myself this is a time to make love, you can fuck her another time.

I felt my tongue push harder, my fingers becoming more active, seeking her clit, prominent and erect, with my forefinger, pressing it onto her pelvis slightly, grinding onto it… She flinched, grabbed my hair and pulled me in closer, harder onto her clitoris. I continued, slightly harder, caressing, pressing her clit against her self whilst my tongue worked more frantically than ever exploring her inner sanctuary.

"Oh god, I'm, I'm so close…. Finger me… I want, need your fingers inside me."

I clearly remember looking up. Her eyes were closed; her head arched back, exposing her throat. One hand was on her breast, left may be? Caressing it, feeling the nipple, pinching it, hearing her gasp, sigh. Her other hand moved, towards me, as she called out my name, her fingers found mine and squeezed them gently,

"Please, Don't Stop, oh god please."

My two fingers came together, bent slightly, as if on autopilot mode, I slide them in, deep, but gently, feeling her muscles give way to the invasion. I wanted to seek her magical spot, to touch it, caress it, till she came, gasping shuddering with the intensity of the orgasm. Yet I did not want to be brutal harsh.

"Oh fuck, Oh god Miranda" She yelped, suddenly realising I had found her magical spot.

Realising the effect of those caresses, I eased back, allowing my fingers, slightly bent to caress that spot, lightly gently. My lips, tongue, teeth sought out her clit, slowly kissing. I felt my tongue flick it, and the hood, caressing it as the tongue moved.

I heard her gasp, felt her body shudder, and again, this time the gasp was louder, the shudder, her flinch tighter...

I continued, looking at her in part, or looking at what I was doing, seeing my two fingers inside her. I have been masturbating for a while, and have used a mirror to watch my fingers, but this was different. It was not myself I was bringing to orgasm, but Jane, another girl, becoming transfixed again as I watched, my curved fingers pushing past her labia, reaching deep inside her fanny, touching the spot, massaging, caressing, hearing the squelch, in between her heavy panting, her heavy breathing.

My self analysis, the analysis of the situation was again shattered, again, my bubble, my time warp bubble was brought to a sudden demise.

Jane swore, cursed, and temporarily believed in a greater being as she reached orgasm, To this day, the sight was special, IS special. Her body convulsed, her wrists, fingers tugging at the duvet, gripping it tightly, her legs moving, kicking, thrashing, my fingers still inside, feeling her muscles tighten, grip around my fingers…

Slowly she recovered, the two of us hugged, kissed, caressed. To this day I have no recollection of time that evening; neither did Jane. We just lay there, hardly speaking a word, for different reasons. What had happened between us that night was something for us both to savour, if not for the rest of our lives, for a considerable time. It was at that point I became aware of how hot I was, we were, our bodies, glistening from the perspiration, in particular our breasts, from the subdued lighting.

I lay there, feeling hot, but so content; I guess I was slowly drifting to sleep. I can remember thinking how moist and wet I still seemed to feel between my legs, inside my fanny.

"Shower time!"

I looked up, to see Jane smiling, hearing the shower in the bathroom next door. I smiled, looked at her, standing, her breasts sagging ever so slightly, feeling the duvet being removed from my body. Even though Jane was totally naked, I felt slightly uncomfortable, at unease. Deep down there was still some conflict stirring, part of me, my sub conscious was unable to accept the fact, that I have just had sex, made love to a female. Either that, or more importantly I had enjoyed it both being pleasured and giving pleasure.

Blushing slightly, I tried to cover myself with the Duvet, but Jane would have none of it.

"For fuck sake Miranda, your body is lovely, be proud of it, let me see in, please allow me to indulge."

"Sorry." I replied sheepishly.

She pulled me up, and wrapped her arms around me, pressing; deliberately it seemed her breasts onto me, onto mine, her hands enveloping me as we embraced hugged.

"You're still slightly unsure aren't you my sweet?"

I just nodded, and felt her give me a reassuring peck, and a friendly hug. Even now, more than any body else I know, Jane can hug me as a friend… and other times in a more sexual context. Strange, very strange.


Before I had time to answer, she had taken my hand, and led me to the bath room, her fingers gently caressing the back of my hand, so sweet, tender, reassuringly. Her shower consists of an electric power shower, but as in many places, feeding a bath tub, rather than a shower tray. However as we stepped in, it dawned on me that there were two showers. In addition to the electric shower, there was a shower from the bath taps, allowing us to shower together with minimal loss of water pressure.

It felt weird, but also pleasant, as we both allowed the water to moisten our bodies, using the spray to refresh our bodies.

"Want me to wash you?" I asked, feeling myself swallow on air, alarmed, surprised by my own aggressiveness.

Her sweet smile answered my question, as I reached for the shower gel, pouring into my hands, before I started to wash, lather her body. I started from the neck, and covered all of her body, Jane lifting her arms, or what ever appropriate to allow me access, as the water poured onto us. Washing her breasts, her nipples, I felt them stiffen, to my touch, and a giggle.

Giving her a quick rinse, I sat on the edge of the bath, my hands pulling her towards me. As the water cascaded over us, my mouth sucked on her nipple… feeling her hands run through my wet heavy hair, as it clung to my neck, my body. I engorged, fed on her breast, her nipple, my hand caressing, stroking her body, feeling her wince, gasp as I caressed between her thighs. I felt her legs part, and she took a small side step, inviting wantonly my fingers. I am not sure to this day how she did it, but she engulfed my caressing fingers, feeling her muscles grip them.

"Oh Fuck Miranda, do you know how good that is?" I heard her gasp loudly.

Her hands reached down, calling me softly, asking for me to stand up. Our mouths met, collided in the heat of passion, our lips, tongues and mouths making love to one another. I felt her grind onto my fingers.

"Oh God." I gasped.


"Fuck me, oh fuck me; use me."

Our mouths entwined again, my fingers inside her, deep, exploring, teasing her magical spot. I felt her fingers part my lips, shifting my position to help her, feeling her fingers slide up, almost brutally, in comparison to earlier. We then proceeded to fuck, finger fuck each other. I felt my muscles trap Jane's invading fingers, trying to grip them, control them, for my pleasure. My pelvis rode on her fingers, grinding against them, trapping my clit between my pelvis and on her hand. I remember Jane doing something similar, my fingers deep inside her, stretching her, exploring her, fucking her. The sounds of us gasping, moaning was hardly audible over the running water.

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