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Sweet Italian


Why do we run when we are so conflicted? I was running hard after my last try at a lover. It was no good, he was a nice man, but never would release me. we would kiss even have oral sex, but he would not go any farther. A quiet sensitive man whom I thought would turn around. I just could not get him to. It was his family that pushed me off. They thought I was to much, to fast, and well a bit of a tramp.

I left. Up and left. A passport, some cash, and a change of underwear with my ticket to Europe. For cash reasons I landed in France the cheapest place and walked around. This my first time the Europe I was very overtaken, and just wanted some peace. A Friend told me to get a rail pass and see the continent. Another told of a small farm where I could work and stay. So off to the train The ride to Italy was long but not to dull. I stood out as an American, but then there were other backpackers, the biggest thing is no french, but I was trying; that is better then others.

The land going by the people drifting on and off the train, I start to relax, to forget. Each mile each stop he is gone, but another thought, could I ever be with another man? They had always been so well off. Most were just interested in the short term or what my body could offer them. Never what my mind could. I was a writer, or well trying to be one. I got in trouble because I liked to write erotic stuff. But through it all I was still a virgin, what ever that meant.

It was dark when I got to Italy, the farm was near Turin, but darkness made me look for a hostel. The room was small and I would share it with another girl, but I had my own bed. Sleep was nice, the bed soft and morning meal of bread, cheese and milk filled me again. Though I just made the train I needed, off to work in the Veneto, what ever that was.

The stop was outside of Verona, where I was told, of sorts by a local that a bus would get me to the farm. I never made that bus. I was walking around when I found you sitting in a small café. Sitting with a coffee, long hair up in a high ponytail, could I talk to her, hell yes, well Italian would be poor.

"Hello?" My voice is not that strong I am very nervous you in that strong blue silk suit, rich white blouse. "May I ask you a question?" Still shaky you just floor me with the clean response.

"Please sit down, your Italian is not like my English. My Name is Julia, my I ask yours?"

I sit and stammer out "I am Michaela."

"How can I help you?" Your voice is so sweet, soft and wonderful. But what the hell why are these feeling this woman she...

"You wanted to ask a question? You seem troubled, Miss Michaela." Thoughts soft eyes, and smile hold me.

"Yes, I was trying to get to this little farm where I could work and stay."

"Have you called ahead?" Julia asked again and sipped more of her coffee.

"No, I was hoping they would have space." My eyes watched the hot drink.

"You want something to eat?"

"I would but I have not a lot of cash, just the bus fair I think." Really I am not shore of that, but what the hell, this is new.

"I will help with some food. The bus I think you want is not running today. But it is more impolite to just show up with out calling." That smile and calm voice, I just look into her face.

My food and drink did come along with some wine, a whole carafe of the house stuff. She just watched me eat, what was in her mind, why keep looking at me?

"I am glad you liked the food. You looked to need it." Julia sipped her wine and had a little bit of bread. "Michaela, why are you looking for a farm that dose not know you are coming.?"

I just broke, that voice, eyes, suite, all of her, I broke and told all, with tears and sniffles. She watched and offered a tissue across the table. Load nose blowing and more sobs, I get myself back together. Now with makeup, smeared, I always had to much, we look eye to eye again.

"Your makeup is all smeared." Her smile is penetrating.

"Let me help." Julia's soft quiet voice floated as she moved over and wiped away my running eye liner and the rest. With some water from my class I watched her napkin go from white to streaks

of blues, blacks, and my red lip stick, it was the cheep stuff. She sits back in her chair and admires me. "You look better with out the makeup Michaela. Softer, sweeter, less sorry, wanton." Her voice was different, but what.

WE continued to talk, Julia just had moved to town, a professional in sales, she is opening up a small book store, of her own. I just found myself walking with her to her little flat. Not much, but it looked out over the city, and was over the shop, that was to open in a month or so.

"As a writer you have come to a good city." We walked, together side by side, I felt safe with her, it was different. I did not know what.

"Yes Verona is nice for a writer, I am a little lost though, trying to get to know what I want to write."

"Tell me what you write?"

"Well...I like fiction, erotica, a little have never been real good with it. Some poems." My words were not strong, I had goose bumps.

We kept walking, just as before, but her hand was around my waist. I moved a little, she removed it, but I herd my self say that it was ok, I liked to be close. Still I was all out of sorts, even more, but we walked into an old looking door and up some stairs, she led the way, and I followed. Not to close or I would be looking up her skirt. We stop at the second landing, and stop at a door.

"This is my place." She says inserting a key. Opening the door she lets me in, is she watching me pass her?

Inside was a large room, a sparsely decorated, with a few chairs, love seat, low table, and a tv. To the right the kitchen, looked cosey, but better then I had ever seen. My mind was still trying to process that I liked her touching me. Liked being that close to a woman! Michaela, Red or White?" Julia's voice was soft and from the kitchen. I smiled, "Red..." Now looking left. Three door frames were there, but no doors, just some sheets.

"Michaela, have some wine." Julia handed me the wine, nice large glass, with a dark blue stem. I looked at her smile.

"To the left is the bathroom, the center my bedroom, and the right a large closet." Julia was still beside me, again her hand just touching my waist, and hip. Her perfume was light but present. I watched her point out the three spaces.

"Would you like to see them?"

"Yes please...." My voice was cut off with her taking my bag off my shoulder.

"You can leave this here, and please take off your shoes."

I let the beg go and saw that her shoes were already off. So I did the same. But my feet were smelly from travel and had never been that attractive.

"I apologies for the bed sheets, I have just moved in and the store needed a lot of attention. I have books that are coming soon, and my first reading is in three weeks. I need the store opened for about a week. Then there are people to hire, adds interviews." Her voice was racing as her hands talked as well. The wine glass tossed about.

I felt myself move close and kiss her lips. WE were then not two strangers or even friends, but closer. I pulled away and stammered something about it being an impulse and she looked like she needed it. WE both drained our wine.

"I am sorry, but..." She cut me off again, that smile, as my speech failed.

"I am not sorry, your kiss was very nice." Her eyes locked on mine. "What do you think of the bathroom?"

"It has a lot of room, and a lot of light. The skylight gives a lot of light. But is that all a big glass window in the shower? " My voice trembled a little thinking of Julia showering at that window.

"Yes, Michaela, it is all glass. It needs to be cleaned and replaced. The whole room will be redone. That is what I have worked on the most for the apartment. I like to spend a lot of time in the bath. Yes the skylight is wonderful." Her smile was wide as she took my hand to walk to the closet. It was packed with boxes and a few garment bags.

My body shuddered and I skipped a breath when we walked through the makeshift bed sheet boor into the bedroom. It was barren, not what I would have thought of the bedchamber of this woman. Scattered about were boxes and crates, a vanity that needed work with a mirror, and a box spring and mattress, queen size.

"It is not what you were hoping for is it?" Julia's voice was soft and close to my ear.

"No, I thought you would have some grand furniture." My eyes were on some of her clothes in a small pile, a pair of lace panties and a camisole.

"The room is clean and the bed very comfortable" Julia's voice was at my ear now very sweet and soft. It was intoxicating. We stood in silence looking over the room. Her body next to mine.

"You must be sore and tiered from the trip, would you like a nice bath?" That sweet voice was very inviting. "After the bath, I'll do your nails up."

I thought over the bath, I was stiff a little, and tiered, the wine helped, but the bath would be very nice. "Yes, I would like the bath." As my voice trailed off a thought hit me, I have nothing to wear after, not even a dress, or skirt, only the change of underwear.

"Michaela, do not worry about anything." Her sweet voice was smooth.

"I do not even have a night shirt or a blouse. Just some clean panties." I was crying again.

"Shush, sweet love, I will help with that. I have some things you can wear and we can go out in the morning if you would like." She whimpered in my ear, as she held me close. "Now I will run the bath for you. Do you like Lavender, Strawberry, or Vanilla?" Her voice was quiet, here eyes on mine, looking into my soul.

"Strawberry and Vanilla, please."

"A Nice choice." Her teeth reflected back to me, and I just watched her reach over to the water tap at the tub. It was mounted on the fair side in the middle, she had to lean over and her skirt rode up her thighs. She made no move to pull it down, but even looked back to me smiling, she knew I was watching.

Julia took the two empty glasses out with her and let the curtain close. I just stood then got undressed and stepped into the hot bubble bath.

Time and space seemed to slow as the heat filled my body. I just sat there and let it warm me taking the stress and pain away. She was very wonderful, and I was what? I was some messed up kid who things she can write or create something and then even now I ran off to Italy and well what? The trip was fun and I did get to see Italy and France, but I am leaving home, running away? Well maybe I am? Maybe I should start a new! That looser bantered was just that and well I hope he would just be forgotten. I just do not know what to do. I have no cash or even clothes, but what I have there in that miserable pile. She offered to help, but what am I to do? She wants me or well is abreacted to me; am I being slowly seduced? The bath is wonderful, the bubbles, I never got them at home. Maybe I should stay and life here, forget the farm. What would it offer me? I could stay and write. I could help Julia decorate her apartment.

"...Michaela, are you ok? May I come in?" Her voice was soft and sweet as before, standing outside the door curtain.

I had to shake my head and listen again as she called to me, asking to come it! I was fucking naked, well she had given me bubbles. I calmed down, breathed deep and said, "Yes, Julia you can come in."

The curtain was pulled back and she stood there, not in the clean well cut suit, but a rich red, chemise. It fell almost to the floor, trimmed in red lace and embroidery. Her hair was down falling over her shoulders. Her smile and eyes just locked on to me.

"Wow, that is so nice, you look so different."

Thanks, I was at a meeting with my banker, and needed to look professional. Not that this is what I will be wearing for shop, but then I would like to be more relaxed." She spoke quietly and just sat on the toilet seat cover. "I hope to have better furnishings, when the room is fully restored, but well I will have to make do."

"It is fine for me. But that chemise, it is just so pretty. Better then anything I ever had, and certainly then what I brought with me." My voice was a little off, a little cracked. I had nothing, she had everything.

"I think you have a lot to offer. Tell me, are you a writer who can keep several thought or stories in your head? To call up details and Ideas about what things are going on?"

"Yes, I can. Even was published to write a serial column, a few years ago, but the paper was bought out. I was let go." My voice trailed some more.

"What would you say to helping me in the shop? To manage the inventory and run the register from time to time, while I work at getting new books and readings?" I have space for you hear, if you want to stay?" Her voice inflections were calling to me. She just watched me as she got up, and let the chemise fal to the floor. First one shoulder then the other, it fell off and she came to sit at the side of the tub.

I was just shocked she was wonderful, clean smooth and perfect. I just wanted to frame her like that sitting at the side of the tub. She started to wash my hair as my head spun. Strong hands working my scalp, I just sat. She said something then I felt warm water falling over my head. More words as she sat again at the edge of the tub.

Julia moved again, from the tub, but as I watched she was getting in her legs sliding beside mine as I just sat shocked.

"You look shocked? Two girls cannot share a bath?" Julia's voice was calm and here eyes fixed. It was her feet lightly touching my thighs that made me squirm.

"No, we can I have never been this close to a woman. The kisses we have shared, this bath, being so open. It is more the n I have shared with any boy." My mind was trying to calm, but my body was not letting it. For that matter she would not as well. Julia, smiled and took my hand, pulling me to her, wrapping her legs around me. Kissing and whispering to me she would take care of me. I could trust her and would be safe. I could say anything my mouth was now on hers kissing exploring wanting. This was different then with a guy. Males wanted less floor play and more action; but Julia had been slowly working me to this point. I enjoyed the kiss and embrace. I was sitting in her lap, her hands all around me holding my ass feeling my whole.

"OHHH Julia, that....."

"Feels good love?" She smiled and cooed a little. "You like your back whole played with?"

"You are the first, but yes." I held her closer and kissed her. Then it was cold, we were standing, she had me in her arms.

"Please get that towel for us Michaela." Julia's tone was soft, but firm.

"Yes." I reached out and took the towel. I dried my lover, was she my lover? Getting there, was I becoming a lesbian girl? That I did not know for certain but I had strong feelings for her. Dried we walked to her bed and laid down.

We stayed there, touching, kissing, scarcely breathing. Eyes closed my hands got to know her wonderful body. Strong arms, and shoulders, soft breasts hard nipples. She was wonderful to be seen with my hands. But I felt a new thing, she was kissing my body down moving to my womanhood. She started to kiss and feel my lips, soft then hard, fast and slow. It was too wonderful my body was already so close, I bucked my hips for her. She grabbed my ass and fingered it, wanting more of me, I gave in to her and my orgasm.

The waves were slowly ebbing away and I opened my eyes, she was next to me in bed. "That was...electric, Julia." My speech still suffering from the orgasm.

"I am glad you liked it, now it is your turn."

"My turn...." I was cut off with her lips on mine and a hand helping me to kiss her body down to her belie. I lingered on her bellybutton, tonguing it like her mouth, but then smiling her sent I slipped my tongue into her sex. Damn this was better then licking some cock. Hot, wet, and smooth, I opened her thighs to find every space. She was very wet, and I was a wonton girl.

"How wonderful, Julia." I staggered between licks. "My Sweet Italian!"


Please leave a comment, as this is the beginning of what I hope could be a very good story.

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