tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSweet Lila's Revenge

Sweet Lila's Revenge


Lila could feel the anger oozing from every pour in her body. Never before had she felt such wild and unabated emotion, such an overwhelming need for release that she no longer had control over her senses. Why was it that simply seeing him there, walking casually down the street, was enough to transform her from the shy little girl everyone made fun off, into the murderous beast she had now become?

In the shadows, she waited, and watched. Hidden deep in the alleyway, concealed by the piles of stinking refuse and human waist that seemed to consume the city, she melted almost motionlessly against the wall. Sooner or later, he would come. This was the place, HIS place. The place where he made her feel less then the excrement that covered the ground at her feet. This was the place that Lila saw in her nightmares every night, and haunted her vision every waking moment of her life. It was the place of her death, and it would be the place of her deliverance.

In the street, at the entrance of the alleyway, Lila heard a sound that captured her attention and brought her senses to full attunement. A woman’s giggle, muffled by a smothering kiss, slurred by copulas amounts of liquor, made its way to Lila’s ears. Her eyes narrowed at the memory, the sound of his persuasive cooing echoing in her mind over and over, taunting her, torturing her, never letting her rest. It had been such a tender trap, so inviting, so exciting, so devastating. She fought to still her mind; the time to make her move was not yet, not yet.

They came into view, the soft blond woman, unsteady on her feet, leaning heavily on him for support, and the beast himself, his arm about her middle, cradling her and encouraging her onward. Had this woman been as easy to drug as Lila had been? More then likely, for beasts such as this only hungered for the innocent and naïve, the softest of targets, and the most delicate of nature. Not much further now, just a little further. Lila’s heart pounded in her chest. Fear and hatred gave way to strength of will she never thought possible, and at last they were there. That little place between the lights where darkness kept a tight and steady grip.

A sharp slap echoed down the alley, a gasp and a thud, then a man's low and veracious chuckle. He was a beast of the night, nothing more. Not a man, but an animal that fed on the pain and degradation of the innocent. Lila had been innocent, before he killed her. Oh she was not truly dead, not in a physical sense, but inside, she was as dead as the cat that lay in a half rotted and maggot ridden a few feet away. From the moment she allowed him to manipulate her mind, and lead her into that alleyway, she was dead, just as this blond girl would be if she did not take her revenge soon.

But then, what should she care of this girl who was stupid enough to fall into the monsters trap, just as she had done? Did anyone think to save her from the tentacles of the beast? It meant nothing to her, what became this girl, but then, what a sweet addition to her vengeance, to spoil his pleasures before she watched him die. She would look deep into his eyes, and steal a piece of his soul, curse it beyond redemption, then cast it to the winds, preying to all that is unholy that it never find a place to rest.

She wondered for a moment if the maggots that turned the corpse of the cat into a living thing, would enjoy the flavor of the beast, or if they would simply leave it to melt into dust, finding the taint of such evil unsavory to their otherwise sensitive pallets.

The woman moaned as consciousness returned, and Lila knew the time was almost at hand. A cruel smile played on her lips, her eyes narrowed, and her heart beat at a steady rate. The undoing of a zipper, the ripping of fabric, the startled gasp was all the signal Lila needed.

Like a living shadow she moved forward, slow, silent, invisible. He was so close; she could smell the putrid odor of his cologne. Just another step, and he would be hers. The hunted will be the hunter, the victim will be the victor, and the murdered will transform into the murderer.

There he was, bent over his latest meal, set to feed once again, but it was a delicate morsel he would never delight in the flavor of. As he lowered his form, his very body the weapon with which he was set to tear asunder this woman’s innocence, he was startled to feel the cold steal of the gun barrel pressed against his forehead. He lifted his head slowly, staring unbelievably into the eyes of sweet little Lila. Sweet no more, just dead.

Stammering, his expression filled with fear, his face covered in sweat, he reached out a hand towards her, imploring her with soft words. “Lila sweetheart, what are you doing here? Give me the gun Honey. You don’t want to do anything silly now, do you?”

Lila had to suppress a giggle. SILLY? Wasn’t it a little to late for that? It was then she heard a sound that made her almost burst with laughter, the sound of running water. The bastard was pissing his pants, quite literally. She wondered what it felt like, to be the one who knew that he didn’t stand a chance, after always being the one with the advantage. The spider being eaten by the butterfly, a cruel irony indeed. The look on his face was worth every second she has spent planning this night, and the conclusion would be such sweet reward.

She pushed the gun a little harder against his forehead, forcing him back on his haunches, kneeling before her as if about to prey for mercy. But then, no amount of prayer would save him, for there was nothing to be saved. He had no heart, and with no heart, how could he possibly be alive? The only conclusion was, he was already dead, and all Lila had to do, was remove this undead monster from the world, and make the world a better place. The thought made her feel a little like a super hero, ridding the world of the scum that infested it, but as much as it was an entertaining thought, the only world she was concerned with now, was hers, and he would not live another moment in it. She would show him the same measure of mercy he showed her. NONE.

The woman on the ground groaned softly, rolling a little in her confused and semi-conscious state. The beast became startled, falling back off his haunches, landing on his ass in his own puddle of urine. Lila wished there was more, enough that she could watch him drown in his own piss, just as he has emptied his bladder on her beaten, bloody body when he had done with her. Oh yes, she was going to return that favor as well. She moved a little closer, the cat toying with the mouse, or was it the mouse toying with the cat? Never the less, she was enjoying every moment of the sweet torment that she could claim as her right.

She lowered her aim a little, pointing her weapon of destruction at the very weapon he had used to destroy her. Yes. She would shoot him there, and watch him bleed, just as he had done to her. It seemed right, and in her mind, logical. She wanted to watch him squirm and writhe in agony, watch as his life slipped slowly out over the slime-covered ground. Her thumb moved over the safety clip, her fingers slowly squeezed the trigger back towards herself; her moment of release was now.

In an instant, her advantage was gone. A stray cat screeched, knocking a pile of garbage to the ground, breaking the silence of the night with its high-pitched wail. Lila flinched, the gun fired, and the beast made the most of her lost opportunity. He rolled slightly, taking the bullet high in the thigh, blood, flesh and bone fragments splattered against the pavement. He groaned hoarsely with the pain, but it was not enough to stop him.

Consumed with pain and rage, rage that stemmed from the fear she had made him endure, he kicked out with his other leg, sweeping her feet out from beneath her. She hit the ground with a thud, her breath knocked from her lungs leaving her a little stunned. How could she have been so stupid? How could she have let this happen? She had held onto her control for just a second too long. She had become greedy for his pain, and now paid the price for that greed. Her mind worked fast, but her body was not quite fast enough to follow. Before she had a moment to move, he was upon her, pinning her to the ground with his all of his weight.

His large hand clasped her wrists, holding both of her slender limbs easily in one hand, his other hand reached for the hem of her dress. His eyes burned into hers, tormenting her with their evil and hunger. The demon was in his glory, but she would not feed his appetite, not this time. She lay beneath him, her body as still as iron, and her eyes as cold as the ice that shrouded her heart. She would give him no pleasure in her desperation, no delight in her struggle. He would find no reward in plundering her a second time.

“Oh Sweet Lila, did you miss me? Did you enjoy me so much last time that you had to come back for another taste? You want me, don’t you little Lila? You want me to do you over even better then last time don’t you?” his voice was so smooth, so contemptuous, and so grotesque. It seemed there were no limits to the ways he thought to torture her. It was as if it were her very mind, perhaps even her soul he intended to rape this time, not just her young body.

Lila’s eyes locked with his for just a heartbeat, and the corners of her lips curved up in an ironic smile. She gathered all the fluid her mouth could muster, and flung it at him, catching him fully in the eye. He screwed up his face in disgust then wiped away her saliva before it had a chance to make a trail down his face. “That little act of defiance is going to cost you dearly Lila. Very, very dearly.”

His hand dove between their bodies, reaching for the weapon that was the cause of her inner most agony. His legs forced hers apart, the blood from his wound covering her pale flesh like a thick slime, running down over her thigh in thin trails then seeping into the dirt. The feel of his blood, the stench of his breath, the rancid odor of his excited sweat, was more then she could stand. Her stomach threatened to give, to spill forth its contents, but she fought, and somehow managed to maintain her composure.

She felt him there, hard and forceful against her, and she stiffened beneath him. She knew she cold not resist him long. Her mind was strong, but her body was outmatched. She would not give over to him though; she would never concede and reward him with the one thing he desired most. Her pain. If she was to die this night, then she was going to make damn sure she took him with her, to spend all of eternity looking into the eyes of the one who defied him. That thought gave her a measure of hope, and strength.

His face hovered above hers, taunting her, reaching out with his tentacle like tongue and making a slimy trail across her flesh. Her face remained hard, cold, and motionless. A ball of saliva dripped slowly from his lips, landing on her cheek like a slug, then ran slowly down the side of her neck. Once again her stomach threatened to give, but she fought for control, and won.

His mouth pressed hard against hers, his tongue forcing her lips apart and invading her mouth, then pulled away quickly before she had the chance to bite it off. He threw back his head, his handsome face framed by his sweat soaked hair under the dim glow of the streetlight, deep, soul-shredding laughter erupting from his throat.

A crack split the air, and the laughter was cut short. The face of the beast looked stunned, confused, and then blank. Slowly he rolled to one side, falling into a motionless heap beside Lila. For a moment Lila lay there, not wanting to believe what she had just seen, not daring to consider that it might be over. Unable to grasp the realization that the bullet that had just entered his forehead, and ripped away a fair portion of the back of his skull, had just saved her life, and put an end to her nightmares. Her breath came in short gasps, her mind spun wildly and her body trembled, not from the cold night air, but from the shock of all that had transpired.

A woman’s hand reached out to her, and Lila looked at it for a moment. It was the soft blond. One hand held out to Lila, the other holding the gun that Lila had failed to keep control of. Still, did it matter who brought about the demise of the beast, as long as it was done? And it was her gun that brought him to an end after all, so in a way, she killed him, and that thought made her feel some what better.

The woman’s hand was still extended, and Lila reached out and accepted it. She sat for a moment, and then climbed unsteadily to her feet. “Lila, are you alright? I’m Officer Phoebe Miles, of the City Police Force. We’ve been chasing this guy for quite some time. Thanks to you, I didn’t become another victim tonight. I have to thank you for helping me stop him” from out of nowhere, lights began to flash, and someone wrapped Lila in a warm blanked and led her from the alley way and helped her into that back of a car that would take her home.

For Lila, the demon was dead, but he left within her a legacy that would live on for a very, very long time………. But that’s another story.

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